FRINGE SEASON 4: Jeff Pinkner Teases Different Future


EP Jeff Pinkner teases the narrative structure of the upcoming fourth season of Fringe. Spoilers follow.

Pinkner says that the 2026 future glimpsed during last season’s finale was put to bed when Peter crashed the future, but teases a “different future” and more flashbacks:

“The future that we saw in 2026 will now not have happened, because by altering the past, inevitably you set in motion a new chain of events that lead to a different future.

There will definitely be [flashback] episodes, but the past would be different as well because Peter wasn’t a part of it, but he would be in the future.”

Source: TV Guide


      • says

        I’ve read your response and I do agree with you. I hope Fringe doesn’t end the way Twin Peaks did…. an open end and leaving the fans with a lot of WTF? and questions behind….

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    • J.P. says

      Exactly! I was thinking the same thing! Don’t get me wrong, LOST is my favourite TV series, but it looks like FRINGE continues to reuse old ideas that LOST made popular (or unpopular, in the case of the Flash-Sideways), and putting their own spin on it. We’ve heard this new timeline will be like an “alternate reality”, and Peter’s going to have to make us remember him…
      We might as well just get Michael Giacchino to come back and use his old remembering themes as well…

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  1. Observette MARCH says

    Well obviously the future was changed the minute Peter made a different choice in the machine, so what we saw in “the day we died” in 2026 doesn’t come to pass because Peter now never destroyed the other side. Bring on Season 4, I can’t wait!

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    • Dylan says

      The glaring issue with that though is that how was the machine sent back into the past without the worm hole, which was caused the breaking down of our side?

      It either means that the destruction is inevitable, or Walter was wrong and they’re not the First People.

      And exactly why did Peter making a change then erase everything beforehand (his existence)?

      I’m hoping all of this is revealed, because there are clearly bits of information missing here.

      Those sneaky observers… and their hats.

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      • Real1 says

        I agree Dylan , 2026 is never existed but it existed by sending back the BBM through the time wormhole , in the new past Peter never existed but in the new future he is .. which mean in the present he will be … but if he will be in the present doesn’t that mean 2026 will be ?

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  2. Dylan says

    “but the past would be different as well because Peter wasn’t a part of it, but he would be in the future.”

    uh…come again?

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    • JM says

      I think he means that, because peter has moved from the original timeline to this new timeline, he cant be in the past because in the new timeline he didnt exist. But now he is in the new timeline, he can be in the future, because he does exist now….. ugh … think i just confused myself… does that help in anyway? lol

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  3. Fringeee says

    Why do I have the feeling that Jeff is twisting words, oh right because they’s done that more than one. Okay, does he mean what we’ll see on first episodes of s4 is what he refers to as ‘the past’, means it’s a flashback, means Peter is still in some other future and he’d simply make a different, different choice again?

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    • Real1 says

      I think he meant the 3 seasons were the past ! not sure …

      Maybe what we did see and will see is just not real …. i mean … we are sticking by the paradox …. it’s a game of the Observers ! …. there is no time no real .. it’s a loop … over .. over … and over again … till S6 !

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  4. Bianca says

    I feel slightly disappointed with this news for some reason. I also thought an official trailer would be released last Friday and still isn’t here. This Fringie is sad :( :(

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  5. Olivia73 says

    so… the only way he can exist in the future and not exist in the present is by being born in the present and be a rapid growing baby that becomes an adult or he exist in the red universe and has his life there so he exists in the future of the red world, but the blue world will see him later???… another thing then the “he never existed” in not valid anymore??? I guess the question is he never existed, but where?

    I hope that in the first couple of episodes they take the time to explain the rules of the game b/c it is confusing enough now for us, for them to introduce new things without being explained properly

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    • K-right says

      I wouldn’t say it’s the only way. I liken it to a train being diverted onto a new set of tracks. The original set of tracks our train was on included a “red” Peter in the blue world where he had originally died as a boy, our Fringe team, the machine, and a pair of soon-to-be dead worlds. Peter’s actions somehow completely diverted our train onto a new set of tracks. This set of tracks has two dead Peters in its past (or simply non-existent ones), two worlds still in trouble, but an open-ended future. Somehow, our original Peter has followed the train onto the new tracks *at the moment of the divergence*. He isn’t just red-world Peter, now. He is now old-world Peter in our brave new world. There is no Peter in the past; there is only Peter arriving with our newly diverged timeline to live out his future.

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      • Observette MARCH says

        Well said K-right! As much as all this *never existed* stuff is bending my mind into a *new dimension* your theory makes the most sense to me :-)

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  6. Adam says

    Where did this quote come from? You cite TVGuide but then just link to, which isn’t at all useful.

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  7. fringeobsessed says

    Notice in the P/O photo ROCO posted here all the YELLOW shading their comforter-another bit of foreshadowing of the yellow place “beacuse (yellow’s) more cheerful” as our Liv/FauxLiv told Marilyn Dunham in “Olivia.”

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  8. J.P. says

    Please, please, please, please… make this worth it. And, I can’t believe I just said that, either, because I’ve always had faith in Pinkner & Wyman — they are the Lindelof & Cuse of the FRINGE universe! But… as Observer1 has also noticed… first we have flashbacks, then flashforwards, and now a “flash-sideways” because they tried to change the future.
    As amazing as FRINGE is, I hope it can find a way to FULLY come out of LOST’s shadow, and embrace the spotlight just as LOST did, as the most original show on television.

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  9. Bryan J says

    Just finished season 3 and boy do I love time travel. Really confused on how he does exist but looking forward to the 23rd.

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