FRINGE Season 4 Finale: Two Endings Filmed, Season 5 Story Clue Dropping Soon


Today’s big news (no, not that big news, yet): Fringe is rolling into this year’s finale with two endings up its sleeve — but what does it mean? Also, new cast interviews from Broyles’ office follow..

Info on the two endings filmed for this year’s finale — and the Season 5 story clue — have already been posted over at Seriable.

Here are some new interviews with Anna Torv, Seth Gabel and Joshua Jackson, reflecting on recent events and looking ahead to the final run of Season 4 episodes (may contain spoilers):



  1. FringeCharacter says

    Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5! Season 5!

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  2. JM says

    I know I have already posted my thoughts on Joshua Jackson’s comments on another post, but as this is the appropriate one, ill do so again…but summarised: “glossing over” = cop out

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    • earthbrah says

      Man, I agree. Jackson said those words numerous times in this interview.

      If we ultimately get no kind of answers about, say, where Peter was when he had been erased, or how he can be home when only Olivia has memories of his ever having existed in the first place, then I will feel some disappointment.

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        • scully8 says

          Betty, Mm too . . . it’s a tv show with only so many hours in the season. I’m sure they needed to ‘gloss’ over some parts to reveal the most impactful stuff.

          I am so darn excited for the final episodes. We have got to get a season 5!

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      • Rick Terry says

        If you really want a good answer to those questions, then I suggest you visit the DC comics website and search for Beyond the Fringe (Peter and the Machine) This was said to be canonical by Pinkner and Wyman this past summer, and it was penned by Josh Jackson himself. I can ‘gloss-over’ the specifics with you if you’d like.

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        • shidey17 says

          I generally have trouble following comics, but your posts have swayed me to check this one out. It sounds like it’s worth it.

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          • Rick Terry says

            I think they have a physical copy of it now too. I paid the $.99 apiece for the four issues that you can read online. It is the “A” story ones not the “B” story ones. just do a search for Beyond the Fringe.

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  3. Ben says

    As a show all about the ‘Road Not Taken’ concept, I guess having an alternate ending is quite appropriate πŸ˜›

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  4. Kira says

    Lovely actors.
    On Seth’s video, in the related list watch this one: Fringie Birds Short “The Early Nerd Bird Catches The Bacon” LOL

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  5. lilli says

    Man….I totally bought Olivia’s journey until Jackson said that thing about her self sufficiency and giving it up for love. I hate you Jackson. I really do.

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