FRINGE Season 4 DVD Bonus Features – Gag Reel, Bloopers, More!


Bonus features from today’s release of Fringe Season 4 on DVD and Blu-ray have arrived online — including gag reel, bloopers, and more. Watch them below.

Gag Reel

The Observers Featurette

4.15 “A Short Story About Love” Deleted Scene – “Loss”

4.15 “A Short Story About Love” Deleted Scene – “Fading Memories”:

A World Without Peter Featurette:

Beyond The Comic Book:

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  1. Surun Tunne says

    michael cerveris really is an amazing actor!
    I love september as much as olive, peter, wally, astro, broyles and nina.

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 14

  2. number six says

    Joshua Jackson is always the funniest in the bloopers, but Blair Brown made me laugh out loud too. I missed Lance Reddick and his “Can I do that again?”. Anyway, I found it too short.

    Except for the Comic Book and the Observers videos, the rest are a big MEH!

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    • Lincless says

      I have to agree.
      The “A World Without Peter” feature almost made me think worse about the Season than before. I especially disliked David Fury’s “many fans hated Lincoln/Olivia but we are so much smarter than them, haha” attitude…
      “The Observer” feature was better, but lacked connection to previous season’s events. It seems like the character is really owed to Michael Cerveris.

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  3. James says

    It kind of worries me that they mentioned that the Observer character blossomed AFTER Cerveris joined.

    So the Observer plot wasn’t mapped out at the start?!

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    • Surun Tunne says

      why exactly does that worry you?
      I really doesn’t matter now if they have planned it since the beginning or not, doesn’t change the fact that it turned out great! (in my opinion)

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8

    • TFT says

      They planned it out pretty quick with Walter saying the Observer saved Peter in episode 4 and Raymond Gordon saying they planned an invasion (s02e03)

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  4. Jacko says

    Can someone explain to me how the whole machine/peter traveling through time (how did he do that anyway?) to set the pieces/ that advanced civilization/ Peter dissapearing all connect? I never really understood from the comic and the show how Peter made a different choice than before, why he was erased from time after he fixed the universe (Wouldn’t that cause the bridge to NOT be formed) and all of that confusing things with the First People?

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