FRINGE Season 3 Soundtrack Release Date, Tracklisting & Pre-Ordering Details


The release date for the Fringe Season 3 Soundtrack has been announced. Details, tracklisting and pre-ordering info follows below the jump.

FRINGE Season 3 Original Television Soundtrack

Music Composed by

Immersive.  Compelling.  Hypnotic.  Brilliantly imaginative.  Endlessly thrilling.  Pick your term.  The mystery of the universes deepens in the critically acclaimed 22-episode third season of FRINGE, television’s most exciting sci-fi.  The Fringe team escapes from the parallel universe — except for Olivia, trapped in the other world and replaced in ours by her double, who turns Peter and Olivia’s tentative relationship into a love affair.  Then Olivia returns, bonds of trust fray, ever more bizarre and terrifying phenomena occur and secrets that stretch back to 1985 threaten to destroy our universe. Or theirs.

“Fringe continues its hot streak known as Season 3. It’s been firing on all cylinders all season.” (Andrew Hanson,

Chris Tilton is back with his most emotional and involved score yet.

FRINGE Season 3 is available now on Warner Home Video, while Season 4 is currently running on Fox.

Varese Sarabande Catalog # 302 067 132 2
Release Date: 04/03/12

Track List:

1. The Escape From Liberty Island (2:17)
2. Slow Motion Sickness (1:46)
3. Newton’s Last Mission (1:50)
4. May The Best World Win (4:56)
5. Sneaking Sense Of Liberty (3:13)
6. Hot Brief Injection (1:22)
7. Capturing The Dunhams (3:39)
8. Take It To The Tank (2:08)
9. The Original Dunham (1:01)
10. I Thought She Was You (1:28)
11. My So-Called Strife (1:12)
12. Olivia (2:18)
13. The Firefly (1:44)
14. Best Chase Scenario (3:37)
15. The Observers (1:52)
16. Reciprocity (3:27)
17. The Persistence Of Walternate’s Vision (2:16)
18. Imagination Building (3:19)
19. The House Of Birth  (4:45)
20. Oppenheimer Maneuvers (1:00)
21. WWPD (1:22)
22. Singe And Surge (1:53)
23. Peter (1:59)
24. Apocalypse In Judgement (:41)
25. As The Crowbar Flies (1:09)
26. Wake Up And Smell The Catastrophe (1:33)
27. The Way The World Crumbles (4:50)
28. Walter Skelter (:35)
29. A Universe For A Universe (2:24)
30. Funeral Pyre Straits (2:26)
31. The Mourning After (1:05)
32. We Are A Strange Loop (2:02)
33. The Vanishing Bishop (3:57)
34. Fringe Division (1:10)

You can guarantee your copy by pre-ordering from Amazon.

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  1. Cortexifan says

    Pre-ordered mine.
    I love Fringe soundtracks. They play at my house all the time, in my car too, along with the Violet Sedan Chair album and other music that is played during episodes.

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  2. Altair says

    Curse you America, and your messed up way of displaying the date! I got excited there for a second, thinking that the album comes out tomorrow – until my friend reminded me that over there you guys display the month before the day. As I said, curse you!

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  3. James says

    By the way guys, similarly to Season Four, we were VERY lucky to get this soundtrack, as Season Two’s sold just about enough.

    Please make sure to support this release and not just download it for nothing.

    A lot of work goes into these sort of things, and it would help in getting more soundtracks and more merchandise.

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    • Cortexifan says

      You are so right!
      I always buy the hard copies even though I also downloaded S2 soundtrack from itunes. (just because I couldn’t wait for it to come out on CD).
      I have 2 sets DVDs for each season and will do so for S4 as well (already on pre-order for that too) so I can lend one out for people to catch up if I have to.
      I own an official Fringe t-shirt, mouse pad and coffee mug from Warner Brother shop site as well. I will buy more official merch to support Fringe.

      Keep spreading the word.
      Fringe Rocks and it needs to stay!

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  4. Kyle says

    Is this album only available via amazon? I’ve been trying to find it on iTunes but it doesn’t seem to be there yet.

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