Fringe Season 3 Premiere Deleted Scene – ‘My Name’s Olivia..’

Fox has released a deleted scene from the Fringe season 3 premiere episode – 3.01 “Olivia”, which you can watch below the jump.

Fringe 3.01 “Olivia” deleted scene



  1. says

    The scene would have worked very well in the episode, for sure.
    However, i’m glad it was not aired, because it only would have convinced people more thet the alternate (red) universe is very evil.
    Since we (the audience) have to be softened up to them (AU) it’s good it was deleted.

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  2. FlashWriter says

    Since this scene looks all slicked up and ready to air, it looks like this was cut VERY late in the process. It sure looks like TPTB looked long and hard at this before they actually got out the scissors. Too bad, this short snip really works and in this small scene really projects all that anyone would feel in that situation. Anna Torv surely is being allowed to show us what a tallent she is. BTW, the music track on this was especially good–almost up to Mark Snow’s level… :)

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    • LMH says

      I agree, the music was fantastic! Would want it in the ep just for that. Love Mark Snow. This scene definitely would have added to the creepy factor and our emotional pain for Olivia (smart girl trying to humanize herself to the scientists). But I agree with Observer1 that it also could add to the perception that the other side is evil. Conversely though, we could just assume the AU scientist was avoiding a bond with her to preserve himself against feelings of being evil or immoral. Denial, in a word.

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  3. Pam says

    Did anybody notice the glyph at the end of the scene – it is an unknown glyph – should stand either for “Q” or “X”. I wonder what it was, given that the episode 1 glyph spelled “Amber”

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  4. mlj102 says

    I guess I’m in the minority here as I actually prefer the episode without this little scene. As others have mentioned, it’s a good scene with wonderful acting and powerful music, and it adds a very emotional tone, not to mention an exceptionally eerie and creepy tone, to the events of the episode. It sets things up well, but something about it just felt off to me and I didn’t care for it.

    Something about Olivia smiling and trying to be personable with the guy just didn’t work for me. I understand that they were showing her trying to be brave and to connect with the guy by being friendly, but it just felt odd to me. Maybe it’s because our Olivia typically isn’t like that in even the most ideal situations, let alone when she’s a hostage. I much preferred the episode as it was, showing Olivia vulnerable and scared, but tough and clever in the way she was able to escape, and true to herself. I just didn’t like seeing her have to sink lower and compromise who she is in an attempt to connect with her captors. But that’s just how I viewed the scene… This was still neat to watch, I just don’t feel like it would have fit in the episode.

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  5. Catherine says

    Aw, that’s heartbreaking. She’s trying to get “them” to see her as a person and have compassion, rather than as a prisoner/test subject. Indeed, a chilling scene.

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  6. FinChase says

    I like the scene in that it reinforces that Olivia will do anything in order to survive, whether it’s pleading weakness with her captors or trying to connect on a human level. Did she pick up from Walternate and AltLiv that they look at her as something less than human? It was worth a try and it cost her nothing but a little pride.

    However, I agree with MLJ that the scene was unnecessary. I think the episode plays better without it.

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