Fringe Season 1 DVD & Blu-Ray Available for Pre-Order!

Fringe Season 1 DVDFringe Season 1 BluRay

The complete first season of Fringe is now available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-Ray! The cover art (above) is pretty decent, even if they did take some inspiration from Fringe-Forum‘s banners 😉 Those in the US and Canada can pre-order from Amazon. Those in the UK can sign up for Amazon email notification when the DVD become available for order. I’m going to reserve my copy now.

USA: Fringe -The Complete First Season DVD Here – $41.99 [saving of $17.99]
USA: Fringe- The Complete First Season [Blu-ray] – $55.99 [saving of 23.99]
UK: Fringe – Season 1 DVD Here – [Price not yet known]

We’ll update you with more info as and when we get it.


  1. says

    Well, without any extras I just don’t see why I would buy the first version… I mean, I hope they make something with extra features that make this worth $50.
    I know, the fans want it, and I’m a fan but… Would it hurt if they added some stuff and some clues?

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  2. FringeBlogger Monica1236 says

    To be honest, I agree. I love Fringe, but I am not sure I am going to dish out that much money, especially when it’s not even the length (# of episodes) of a typical show.

    I haven’t spent almost $50.00 on a tv show in a long time. A lot of times, FOX’s DVD sets are more expensive, I am not sure why.

    I know I want to get it though at some point. I agree though, if they added a ton of extras then it might be more worth getting.

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  3. says

    Good point guys. I assumed it would be stacked with additional features. I imagine that there would have to be a ton load of them (commentaries, easteregg sections, behind the scenes, bloopers, etc) to justify the price.

    Hopefully we’ll find out more details soon.

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  4. says

    Unfortunately, according to Amazon the pack only has 1 disc… That’s what made me think that there wouldn’t be any extras…

    Come on, X-Files first season here in Portugal has 7 discs and I paid €20 for it… I know we can’t compare because Fringe is brand new, but only one DVD wouldn’t make me spend all those bucks in a TV show, even if it’s Fringe.

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  5. neoxer says

    I believe the Amazon listing is just a placeholder of sorts since there hasn’t actually been an official press release yet. Even the cover art may be subject to change (though I dig both versions).

    The DVD releases of Bad Robot shows tend to have loads of special features (well, Alias and Lost have at least) so I’d be very surprised if this one didn’t. Potential DVD extras are also sometimes mentioned at Paley Festival panels (where Fringe folk will be at later this week; damn, how I wish I could go), so we may find out something before a press release.

    Plus, there’s no way you could fit 21 episodes on one DVD unless the quality was crap.

    In short, I wouldn’t over-analyze the Amazon listing just yet. :)

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    • says

      Yeah, I think you’re right. I can’t imagine them putting all of those episodes on one DVD, and without any extras.

      DVD releases for shows such as “Fringe” are like ‘events’ in the calendar of fans – those concerned would be missing a big trick if they failed to give us the ‘extended Universe’ that the fanbase craves. :)

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  6. says

    I hope you’re right…

    Anyway, does anyone know when it’s due to be released in the USA? According to Amazon, in the UK is around September 20th ( I don’t remember the exact day), which means that in Portugal probably won’t be for sale before October ou November. It sucks not living over there when it concerns TV shows or movies…

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