Fringe Rewatch: 2.22 Worlds Apart – Part 2

Welcome to the rewatch for episode 22 of Fringe season 2 – “Over There – Part 2″. Join us as we infiltrate the other side in search of any remaining perspectives before we mount a rescue attempt for Olivia.

We have renamed this episode: Worlds Apart – Part 2.

Newly Observed Perspectives

  • I think an important question has to be asked here: will Walternate’s Dooms day machine really solve the problem? It might well destroy one universe but will it safeguard the other reality, or just slow down the problems that are already underway? I also wonder if there’s another consideration – if one universe is taken out of the equation, what impact will that have on the notion of balance, and the multiverse?
  • I’m really interested to see Altlivia and Newton working together on the other side. Which one of them will show the most independent thought? Who’s perspective will undergo the most change from being Over Here? Sure, Newton’s been ‘Over Here’ for longer, but I still believe that there could be other elements to his character worthy of exploration.
  • The Doomsday machine is apparently based on William Bell’s design. The assumption seems to be that Walternate got hold of the design and constructed the device after Peter was abducted. If this is the case, is the fact that Peter can control the weapon completely Walternate’s idea? Of course, there’s an outside chance that Bell was the one who stole the design during one of his espionage glimpses into the other side.
  • Considering that the mirror and Selectric 251 typewriter must have been in place for many years, not to mention Newton’s head, and the fact that Kibner saw shapeshifters back in her youth, Walternate has been a very, very patient man. What must it take to be that patient. All that resentment and heartache fueling him..
  • Seeing Walternate turn out the lights and pull those blinds down on Olivia reminded me of the time she had trouble sleeping without the lights on. It’s only a small detail, but since this is mostly about new perspectives, I found that to be an interesting little connection (intentional or otherwise) that helped me to get better sense of her fear.

Best retrospective performer: Anna Torv.

Best retrospective moment: The double cliff-hange with sneaky Altlivia and Walternate/Olivia.

Retrospective episode rating: 9.5/10

Useful Links

And that, my friends, is that – the rewatch is complete! If you’ve made it this far then you are a true warrior. I’d like to thank everyone who has followed along and taken the time out to leave comments and share thoughts – it’s been great fun to read and consider everyone’s different views on this journey back to the gates of Fringe.

I’d also like to thank everyone who has tweeted our posts, sent me various tidbits, general emails, and shared your thoughts on the show. You all know who you are, and it has been a pleasure the serve out this Lowatus with you all.

See ya on the other side. 😉


  1. gil_cdn says

    Wow Roco, you are banging these re-watch out like rapid fire, how many episodes did you watch on this mini Fringe marathon today. Be sure to safe some appetite for tonight’s Season 3 premiere!

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  2. Fran says

    Almost every day of this 4 month lowatus I came to FringeBloggers and was never disappointed. Thank you so much Roco for the time and care that is evident in all of your posts !

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  3. Melanie says

    Roco, thank you so much for all the effort you put into this. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the deeper aspects of this show, and going over everything in such detail has made me much more observant. Can’t wait for your review of tonight’s episode!!!

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  4. jophan says

    “will Walternate’s Dooms day machine really solve the problem?”
    If it would make things worse instead of better, that might explain the Observers’ fascination and willingness to go beyond their usual standoffishness.

    I lean toward the idea that Bell copied the machine’s design, rather than originating it. On the one hand, Nina says it was his design, but Walternate called it “old tech”. I also wonder when it was that Bell first crossed!

    I also think that if Walternate had originated the device, he could have made anyone, including himself, the interface. It would be pretty perverted to force this destiny on a child of his own unless it was essential. (We have seen Penrose and Carson as examples of that sort of attitude.) I conclude that the interface specifications (exact DNA match) already existed and could not be adapted, so a boy had to be engineered to match them.

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  5. Anjali says

    Thank you so much for these!! We really appreciate this!

    And thank you sooo much for making the lowatus bearable!!

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  6. Ann_Louise says

    I’ll join in the round of thank-you’s, Roco! The wait is finally over, and visiting Fringe Bloggers helped make it bearable. Voting on the awards was my favorite – esp. the winning strawberry-flavored death!

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  7. Ann_Louise says

    “Walternate has been a very, very patient man. What must it take to be that patient. All that resentment and heartache fueling him..” In the Peter episode, our Walter tried to tell his wife (and himself) that they’d have see the Peter on the other side as consolation for their loss. But they couldn’t content themselves with knowing that “a” Peter was alive somewhere.
    Walternate has apparently had many years and many methodds for keeping track of “our side” – it’s interesting to think that he also (probably) knew that Peter was alive but could not stop himself…think of all the things he created or caused to be created Over There for the sole aim of getting his son – or getting revenge.

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  8. fedorafadares says

    Thank you for keeping us Fringed throughout the summer. I always enjoy reading your work — you’re a fun, informative and entertaining writer!

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  9. Shar says

    Wow, I can’t believe I finished the rewatch last night! I’m so glad I did. And I really enjoyed reading your new observations. Thanks! Yay Fringe on in 1 1/2 hours here on the West Coast.

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