Fringe Rewatch: 2.21 Worlds Apart – Part 1

Welcome to the rewatch for episode 21 of Fringe season 2 – “Over There – Part 1”. Join us as we go undercover on the other side in search of Peter and any new perspectives.

We have renamed this episode: Worlds Apart – Part 1.

Newly Observed Perspectives

  • Not a new perspective, but I do think it’s interesting just how public the alternate universe Fringe Division are compared to their counterparts on the other side. It says a lot about the respective worlds.
  • In rewatching this episode with new eyes, alternate Fringe Division’s preparedness to sacrifice themselves at the site of the anomaly now seems less extreme. I think it’s because I have a better understanding of the consequences that the other side has to deal with. Altlivia and company are so at ease with the risks that their job entails because they have to be, and they’re used to it. In some ways it can be compared to Olivia and Peter’s preparedness to risk their lives at the bomb site in “Ability“. In other words, you don’t know what you’re capable of until you have to do it. So I find that interesting to see further evidence that it really is a matter of perspective – what may seem strange form a certain lens, is not so strange once you look at it from a different position.
  • Walter adds weight to the idea that the subconscious, or the “primal part of the brain” is capable of projecting itself on the world in different manifestations.
  • Walters says that “we all had these abilities” until something was done to us in a moment in history when they were “shut down”. Interesting to hear that line again. There’s the established notion that human still have such abilities in the moments after birth, but I think Walter is basically alluding to the limitation being the ‘shut down’. He suspects aliens, that means it’s likely to be humans who are behind it. It also makes me wonder whether people could cross universes before the limitation came into effect?
  • Peter:

“I love bacon.”

  • What a shame he didn’t love his mom enough to stay for a bit longer.

Best retrospective performer: John Noble.

Best retrospective moment: Peter meeting his mom.

Retrospective episode rating: 9/10

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Next rewatch episode – 2.22 “Over There – Part 2” – TBA.


  1. Anjali says

    “What a shame he didn’t love his mom enough to stay for a bit longer.”
    You really are holding that against Peter, aren’t you? :)

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    • Ann_Louise says

      Yeah, Peter made just as abrupt a decision to leave our world and everyone he knew here without a look back. So his leaving the Other Side just as quickly isn’t so bizarre. I mean, I was more ticked at the way he described his second “mom” as basically a weakling compared to RealMom – there wasn’t a lot (if any) compassion in that statement.

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  2. Elaine says

    I can’t believe you’re actually going to finish the re-watch before the premiere tonight. I would imagine you’re on ‘Fringe’ overload trying to meet the deadline, plus the extras you’ve thrown in for us to enjoy. Amazing job, brotha’. :)

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  3. number six says

    I think that the security camera footage showing Walternate and Peter disappear looked staged and was unnecessary. How could they disappear so easily? As far as we know, Newton and company can’t do it without the vibrating devices and whatnot. If they needed to have Walter angsting over Peter leaving with Walternate, the video footage could have simply shown them leaving the motel and the implications would still be obvious.

    I don’t like the way they retconned Peter’s kidnapping into a good thing. So the Observers told Walter that Peter shouldn’t return to his world. How convenient. Were the writers trying to let Walter off the hook for kidnapping Peter? It can’t be to give Walter and Olivia a reason to go over there and rescue him, because the drawing was a good enough reason.

    Other than these two nitpicks and the Cortexiphan kids, also known as the saddest redshirts ever, this episode is fantastic.

    The best part, Peter’s reunion with his mother. Orla Brady needs to be in S3. Beautiful woman and wonderful actress.


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  4. Ari says

    again I drift to compare the quality Peter’s connections to the people in his life (both Blue and Red) akin to those of people who only come to learn of being adopted as adults. The first impulse to resent the deception, and attribute your disconnections to the fact that it is not your natural family. Then the impulse and curiosity to find your “real” family (Peter agrees to go with Walternate) and only to find that there are bonds created in the shared experience with the adopted family that can be just a real and important as those of biology and that one’s feeling of disconnection may just be one’s own natural human condition. I know this doesn’t feed the mythology we love to bask in here, but drawing from that psychological processing of an adoptee it seems perfectly natural to me that Peter would decide to go there and then come back “leaving his mom again”.. Afterall, if you just realized your real dad wanted to use you as a detonating device, maybe the love of a mom you haven’t seen for 2 plus decades may not be enough to convince you to stay, particularly if the window of opportunity to escape was just barely temporary and if essentially you just have a minute to decide you can live without your Dhunamator.

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  5. Alex says

    Don’t diss the “I love bacon” line. That scene was choc-full of meaningless lines that carried so much weight because of how the characters said them and the meaning that was behind them. That reunion was gold, and Orla Brady is a gem.

    But seriously, Peter’s snap decision to just leave was so unbelievable in a terrible way.

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