Fringe Rewatch: 2.06 To Protect You

Welcome to the rewatch for episode 6 of Fringe season 2 – “Earthling”. In this episode we look for new perspectives and little green men on bicycles.

We have renamed this episode: To Protect You.

Newly Observed Perspectives

  • With all the crazy stuff that Fringe does, this episode is perhaps one of the most supernatural.
  • Another episode, which at its very core is about people doing whatever it takes for family – a thankless task for both Timur and Broyles. The most interesting aspect of it for me is that given the opportunity, Broyles didn’t hesitate to kill the Aleks/The Organism. It was personal to him. Perhaps this will inform us about Broyles, who’s in the habit of protecting things close to his heart.
  • Walter shows Peter up for being small-minded, while providing commentary on the idea of parallel earth:

“Just because they”re from the other side of the world, Peter, is it so hard to believe that they would have their own stripe of the inconceivable?”

  • Although this episode lacked weight and probably wont be followed up in future, it would be cool if they somehow tied it together with the alternate universe. Perhaps on the other side, their advanced space programme created an organism which managed to cross over into the  solar system over here and fused with Timur’s brother? Just a random idea, wouldn’t need an entire episode.
  • The other piece of value that I continue to take from this episode is the idea of projections. The shadow organism essentially projected itself from the cosmonaut’s body without ever leaving. This idea has several different levels of use within Fringe, whether we’re talking about the subconscious mind or the alternate universe, etc.
  • “I took this job to make the world a safer place for my family. Instead I lost them.” As Broyles spoke those words, around a million doves cried. :( I think this moment is our link to when Broyles calls Olivia and Peter his ‘like family to me’ in 2.12. In every way he’s a man married to his job, and the Bishops, Dunham, Farnsworth and even that old cow Gene, have become his new family – his only emotional center in a job which cost him his wife and kids. I really wish we could explore Broyles some more.
  • Ah yes, the crumbling ash caused by the organism represents the falling apart of Broyles’ marriage. Not sure if I made that connection before.
  • You gotta love Broyles. He was so pleased when he thought he had closed the case. Even though he knew it wouldn’t change anything, he still wanted to tell his ex-wife, as though in some way he felt he still owed her that much. And he did it with such grace and dignity. And how nice is it to hear another person actually call him by his first name: PHILLIP.
  • Did the writers choose this particular theme (which touched on aliens, let’s be honest), just in case the alternate universe story crashed and burned?

Best retrospective performer: Lance Reddick.

Best retrospective moment: Broyles delivering the news to his ex-wife / CIA Guy encounter.

Retrospective episode rating: 2/10

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Next rewatch episode – 2.07 “Of Human Action” – TBA.


  1. YourPique says

    Pretty sure aliens will be tied into the story eventually. We had this episode, Unearthed, and Walter’s comment in “Over There pt. 1” about how he suspects aliens are responsible for removing the inherent abilities in everyone, that Cortexiphan was supposed to retain in children. And maybe not X-files aliens, but maybe someone as familiar as the Observers?

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  2. QuoteGirl says

    Aliens are long overdue.

    This episode made me want to fast-forward and just be done with it. Weirder than weird.

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  3. number six says

    I consider this one a mistake. It had great special effects and a wonderful scene at the lab with Walter being melodramatic, Peter looking at him with so much love and Astrid trying to get out of this way, but other than that this episode does nothing for me. I get that Broyles needed some character development, but I think that “What Lies Below” accomplished that much better.

    5/10 because, in spite of how boring this episode is, Broyles is still cool.

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