Fringe Rewatch: 2.05 R.E.D.

Welcome to the rewatch for episode 5 of Fringe season 2 – “Dream Logic”. Join us as we follow the red brick road to its logical outcome.

We have renamed this episode: R.E.D.

Newly Observed Perspectives

  • Olivia returns the pair of blue bowling shoes that she borrowed from Sam –Blue for Over Here – before sending her on an easteregg expedition for the color red. “I hope you don’t have anything against the color red?”
  • “The Problems I have I  can handle.” Touching little response from Olivia, and it taps right into the idea that although she’s rather broken, she’s also immensely capable. Without even knowing how or why, she has the inner strength of one hundred Lions and a thousand robots. She was always the strong one.
  • An episode with another interesting take on perception and how the mind can project itself on reality. Albeit not the most captivating episode in and of itself.
  • More and more in this show, I think we have to consider memories and dreams as alternate realities in their own right.
  • What I still find relatively interesting about this episode, is the fact that Dr. Nayak essentially created a construct of himself – an alter ego. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a feeling that Walter might have done something similar on a more intentional level with the visitor from The Equation possibly being his own creation. And we perhaps shouldn’t forget that the alternate universe is a construct in its own right – be it a natural offshoot brought into being through the accumulation of different choices made, or whether it’s something deeply rooted in some one’s subconscious. Or something else entirely.
  • On the same kind of vibe, Peter’s nightmare is always interesting to rewatch. At this point he doesn’t realize that it’s actually based on reality – a subconscious truth that he had either locked away, or been conditioned to forget. I find it worth mentioning again because while we often talk about Olivia’s memories rising to the surface, perhaps being guided by some kind of inner force, here we see something similar happening to Peter. The cases they are tackling are striking a chord somewhere deep inside. But once again I question whether this is happening to them by chance, or whether there’s something deeper at work?
  • On that subject, it’s interesting to look at what Peter’s subconscious mind was telling him about Walter. From what I can see his nightmare is a brutal one. It’s horrific and savage. Walter doesn’t even speak in the dream, his face obscured, the air tinged with evil. Peter may have gone back home with his ‘father’ by the end of season 2, but inside, his subconscious will not be so easy to forgive (one hopes). It’s that underlying duality that helps make these characters interesting.
  • Just one quick comment on the ‘fatter’ Peter that we see in the nightmare. Obviously casting and continuity come into play when we compare it to the “Peter” episode. But we can also look at this rounder Peter as being an inner projection of himself, and how he relates to his childhood? Furthermore, in the Pilot episode, Walter told him that he thought he’d be fatter – did Peter’s subconscious latch onto that and project this image inside his mind, even though it was possibly inaccurate? If so, that may give us another intriguing look into how impressionable Peter’s subconscious mind might be, and it could even tell us something about why people are constantly using the ‘crazy’ angle when it comes to breaking Olivia.

Best retrospective performer: The color red.

Best retrospective moment: Peter’s nightmare.

Retrospective episode rating: 4/10

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Next rewatch episode – 2.06 “Earthling” – TBA.


  1. Jodie says

    “And we perhaps shouldn’t forget that the alternate universe is a construct in its own right – be it a natural offshoot brought into being through the accumulation of different choices made, or whether it’s something deeply rooted in some one’s subconscious.”

    So, Roco, you think that the AU is an offshoot of this universe? Is that right? I guess I’ve always thought that it was the other way around. I guess it’s because they are ahead of us technologically and that our “soft spots” are their black holes: where they are now is where we will be later on. Why is it that you think that it is the other way around? Or am I just not understanding what you wrote?

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    • Ann_Louise says

      I wondered if the AU was the younger child of this universe because of the disparity in the damage caused by inter-dimensional travel. One trip by Walter starts a chain of world-altering disasters, while a steady stream of AU travellers causes some raised eyebrows (and exploded heads), but no widespread damage. Is “this side” stronger” because it is older, or younger?

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      • Jodie says

        I guess that I thought that younger would be more resilient, but, on the other hand, the original could be more stable. I don’t know, I was wondering what Roco’s thoughts were as to why exactly he thinks that the AU is younger.

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  2. Alex says

    No way, my favourite scenes were Olivia’s story about Charlie (I MISS HIM!!!) and her decoding the message at the end

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  3. number six says

    – “Youre gonna bneefi” Seriously? I think I’ll blame this to her tears, they must have blinded her or something.

    – “His addiction to dreams became his nightmare, one that he couldn’t wake up from.” What a terrible line! Writers, please!

    Other than that, I enjoyed it. I loved everything Walter and Peter related and it was nice to see Olivia mourning Charlie.

    “From the age of eight to almost nineteen… don’t remember a single dream.”
    What happened to Peter at the age of 19, that made the nightmares come back? Was it Elizabeth’s suicide?

    I loves the scene with Walter watching Peter having his nightmare. It was creepy and heartbreaking at the same time.

    Everyone was good here, particularly Walter, so it gets a 7/10.

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  4. says

    The returning blue shoes/search for red thing was definitely intentional, but there was no way to tell what it meant at the time. Not for sure. This is a tricky show.

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