Fringe Rewatch: 2.02 The Lyfe And Crymes Of Moley The Molebaby

Welcome to the rewatch for episode 2 of Fringe season 2 – “Night Of Desirable Objects”. Join us as we burrow for new perspectives before going face to mole with the nemesis that is Molebaby.

We have renamed this episode: The Lyfe And Crymes Of Moley The Molebaby.

Newly Observed Perspectives

  • Molebabies were hurt in the making of this episode.
  • This is the episode where Olivia gets her Jedi cane. It’s always nice to see Olivia accessorize.
  • Interesting line from Olivia that I don’t think I noticed before:

“Anything I’ve forgotten they can keep”

  • Nothing earth-shattering in that, but the use of “they” – who is she really referring to here? It’s actually quite a fitting little reference because she’s struggling to remember her meeting with William Bell and her mind is in self-protect mode, preventing her from remembering. Little did she know that her inability to remember was the only thing keeping her alive at this point. Once again we’re looking at the power of the subconscious mind and how it seeks to guide and protect our heroes.
  • Olivia: “I’m no good at sitting around.” Oh really?
  • Walter (or the writers) describes the ‘infinite number’ of universes “changed over time on the accumulation of our choices.” Again, nothing universe-melting, but it’s perhaps useful to remind ourselves that they seem to be going with the idea that all of the universes started out exactly the same (or rather, that all of the universe spawned from a source universe). Choices made at the dawn of consciousness influenced the changes between universes, however subtle. But given the Observers ability to stand outside of time as we perceive it, who’s to say these early choices weren’t influenced in some way by our bald headed guardians? Why, they are probably observing Gods benevolent hand creating life or the ‘Big Bang’ (take your pick) as we speak.
  • More dream references, this time from agent OD:

“I know that I went somewhere. I think I met with someone. But the rest is like a dream that I just can’t quite remember.”

  • Don’t know about you but I’ve always found the idea that the alternate universe is often difficult to distinguish from a dream interesting. It’s something they’ve played with quite a bit in season 2 (for example, Peter’s nightmare). Although it’s not uncommon for other realms to be portrayed with dream-like qualities, could the other side be a dream? What about “Over Here”?

  • Moley, Moley, Moley. I guess it’s time that we do this. We have have never seen eye to eye, I think we can both agree on that. I know that you didn’t ask for this life. I understand that in some ways you’re a product of your environment – a decision made by your father echoing Peter’s own bad daddy situation. But Moley, all you did was savage and murder people. And you did it in a tricky way, luring innocent folk down into your Mole Cave. Then, to top it off, you tried to eat Dunham. Are you insane!? The universe promptly responded by sending a car crashing down on top of you. Your life of cryme was short lived, but you inflicted enough damage on the Fringeverse to last a thousand mole years. I’ll try to move on and forget your ridiculousness, but you were a shell..a caricature that deserved to be treated as such. That said, I hope all is well down there in Molebaby Hell.
  • Nina gets an absolute eyeful of Olivia’s bare back. It looks like she liked what she saw. Gotta love our Nina. 😉 She goes on to imply that Olivia’s mind is holding out on her. She knows that it has gone into self-protect mode. This is also when she recommends that she visit her own Jedi Trainer, Sam Weiss. “He’s not a psychologist”.
  • I know I’m not alone in thinking this, but I have always wondered just how much of a fantasy, Sam Weiss actually is.
  • Interesting to look back on Shapeshifter Charlie’s communications with his commander on the other side, who we now know to be Walternate – the man behind the mirror. We’ve already covered this a fair bit just a few months ago, but it is perhaps eye-opening to consider that Walternate already knew about Olivia’s threat long before they met in the season 2 finale – he tried to sabotage her meeting with Bell in the season 1 finale, for a start. It’s likely that he picked up on communications between Bell and Nina when they were arranging the meeting. Since then he’s gained even more feedback on Olivia from Newton and his other spies, so it will be interesting to see what approach he adopts now that he had her locked in a cell.

Best retrospective performer: Molebaby’s whiskers.

Best retrospective moment: Olivia meeting Weiss.

Retrospective episode rating: 2/10

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Next rewatch episode – 2.03 “Fracture” – TBA.


  1. Bishop Takes Queen says

    “Molebabies were hurt in the making of this episode.”

    Haha, Roco. I knew you’d be at the top of your game for this episode.

    I’ve personally got my fingers crossed for more molebaby action from the alternate universe, or perhaps an entire different universe where everyone is a molebaby…oh the possibilities!

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  2. hal says

    i dunno if you noticed this, but my sister told me the part just before olivia nearly blows peter’s head off you see the shadow of the molebaby go by if you pay close attention.. i haven’t personally investigated this.. and maybe you noticed this long ago in observations

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  3. says

    Roco! Only a mere 2 out of 10?!?
    You made Molebaby into pure cult on this site; how can it get only 2/10?
    C’mon: at least, give it 2.47, for ‘old times’ sake.

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  4. FinChase says

    Ok, I probably shouldn’t have read this one at work. I started laughing and people starting turning around to see what I was doing. Great stuff!

    I like the scene where Olivia meets Sam, although I enjoy their interaction in “Fracture” more. I think my favorite scene is Walter and Olivia in the lab. I wonder if that’s the first time they’ve met since her accident? It was rather touching when he told her how much she meant to him, and it was obvious that she was both surprised and touched. I was also struck by how STILL Olivia is in this episode, especially this scene. She’s never a particularly noisy character, but she’s markedly different here. And I also like the fact that they did not haver her get over her injuries too quickly. How many times have we seen the hero of a show be shot one week and the next week he/she is back as if nothing has happened?

    Not a great episode, and I agree molebaby is laughable, but I like the character moments in this episode and I usually find it entertaining.

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  5. Ann_Louise says

    My husband and I are watching our Fringe “two-a-days” to get ready for season three, and found “Molebaby” (that’s what we call it now) was perfect fodder for the MST3K treatment. Perhaps on a double-bill with “Attack of the Mole People”.

    More seriously, for all of the “Watlernate and Altlivia aren’t bad, just misunderstood” arguments – Walternate was ordering a hit on Olivia, for crying out loud!

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  6. number six says

    As stand-alones go, this one was just ok. It had the worst MOTW in S2 and Olivia’s superhearing was just as bad as the molebaby. But on the positive side, both were unintentionally hilarious. Olivia being dragged by that stiff puppet and the following fight get me every time. And then those bubbles during Olivia’s bath sounded like something else entirely.

    However, I found the rest quite enjoyable, particularly:

    – Broyles fulfilling Peter’s demands. It’s always nice to see Broyles doing more than the daily word of advice to Olivia.

    – Although he’s bad news to Olivia, I actually enjoy the shapeshifter as Charlie, maybe better than the original Charlie. He’s creepy in a good way.

    – Olivia shooting Peter. That look on Peter’s face is priceless. I also love how he covered for her and how Broyles suspected as much.

    – I really like how Olivia rejected Peter’s help at the hospital, very much in character, as was her being a terrible interrogator and not getting much from Hugues.

    – “We’re all mutants. What’s more remarkable… is how many of us appear to be normal.” Walter gives Peter a quick look, as he’s saying this. Interesting.

    – Peter’s trend of kicking down doors begins here. I love it, more of this in S3, please.

    – And the best scene: Peter’s story about how he tried to bond with Walter, when he was a kid and actually bonding with his father now. Those two are just wonderful.

    The wonderful Bishops made this one a 6.5/10

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  7. Interdimensional Dave says

    When I went to Mole-Con a few months ago in Allentown I actually got to meet the body double for the Mole baby. We talked for a while, took some pictures, he was a really cool guy.

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  8. LizW65 says

    Hah–this was actually the first episode I ever got around to watching in its entirety, and the one that hooked me on Fringe. I guess I have REALLY low standards. 😀

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  9. Ann_Louise says

    “And then those bubbles during Olivia’s bath sounded like something else entirely.”

    I’m glad we weren’t the only ones making jokes about that. Yeah, this was not the best episode to get my LOST-fanatic husband really hooked on Fringe.

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  10. BB37 says

    I know I’m not alone in thinking this, but I have always wondered just how much of a fantasy, Sam Weiss actually is.
    Rocco, I did not notice this the first time I watched, but this time I noticed “Dear Mr. Fantasy” playing in the bowling alley when Olivia first meets Sam Weiss. Maybe something to support the your thought.

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