Fringe Rewatch – 1.20 There’s More Than One Of Everything

Fringe Rewatch - There's More Than One of Everything

Synopsis: Setting the stage for the dramatic and revealing first season finale are a sudden and unexpected attack on someone with close ties to Fringe Division, the return of bioterrorist David Robert Jones and the inexplicable disappearance of Walter. Find out more about the mysterious events surrounding our trio when questions are answered, observations made, loyalties are tested and the elusive William Bell is finally introduced.

Below the jump I share my new observations and perspectives, and take a quick look at the unresolved and closed mysteries from “There’s More Than One of Everything”.

New Observations & Perspectives

Nina1.) Nina’s response to Olivia’s question of what Jones could do with the energy cell: “The question is.. what can’t he do” – very similar to Massive Dynamic’s company slogan: “What do we do? What don’t we do” – not important, but I missed the intent on the initial watch.

2.) Speaking of the energy cell, after Jones stole it, Nina’s arm it started to tremble – was this the result of damage or having the cell removed? Furthermore, could her tremors be linked back to “Ability”, when the same hand was glitching?

3.) So let’s get this straight. The Observer was trying to do one of two things, either:

  1. protect William Bell from Jones.
  2. prevent people (Jones) from passing between realities.

I still believe it’s the latter. Interestingly, the Observer seemed to know how much time remained before Jones would find a successful “soft spot”. In other words, the Observer knew that Reiden Lake would be Jones’ literal window of opportunity. For me, this solidifies my belief that the Observer is both an empath and some kind of “inter-reality policeman”. Even more interesting, in my opinion, is the fact that he himself cannot directly interfere with events – he can only guide key individuals to exert their own freewill on situations. This suggests that the future is not fixed, since the Observer is either trying to preserve fate or change its course. It could be worth reevaluating this suggestion in future seasons.

4.) I love the contrast in Nina’s reaction to Astrid and Peter. With Astrid she’s firm and almost regal in her mannerisms. Whereas with Peter she’s playful, almost admiring. She really is a bizarre woman. Isn’t she great!

5.) I have new-found appreciation for Peter’s early moments in the beach house, particularly when he picks up the family photo and only removes the dust covering his father. It’s as if, subconsciously, he wants to confirm that Walter was really there. I’m interested to find out more about his mom though. I bet she’s nothing like we expect her to be.

6.) Just to clarify for future reference: – at present there are THREE confirmed methods of going to an alternate reality:

  1. Large quantities of LSD (I’m sure there’s more to it, but roll with me, I need to keep this short).
  2. Nurturing young children with Cortexiphan (*shudders* War or no war, Belly has some answering to do).
  3. Large amounts of the right kind of energy, at specific “soft spots” on the earth.

I know which method I’d prefer.

7.) Could Reiden lake be the same ‘lake’ where Bishop Boys almost drowned back in the 80’s? In this episode Walter confirmed that Reiden was where he opened the hole, seemingly when he got/took/borrowed/stole replacement Peter.

(incidentally, why didn’t he plug the hole earlier? Did he think he might need to take Peter back?).

Perhaps the two events – almost drowning in icy waters and bringing Peter from another reality – are one in the same?

Alternatively, if the Observers world is indeed cold..possibly “icy”, as speculated, perhaps that’s the reality Peter was taken from?

Who knows? Admittedly, this is a spur-of-the-moment suggestion, I could be way out with Reiden Lake being the same icy waters that the Bishop’s almost drowned in, but it’s something to consider until we get more information.

8.) According to Walter, the Observer only comes when there are “dire consequences”. Seems to be another nod to him being some kind of temporal or reality policeman. Something similar was alluded by Nina when she visited Phillip in the previous episode. I’m just intrigued as to why Jones was such a threat in the Observer’s eyes, when Belly is living it up on the other-side – did anyone try stop him from crossing over? I guess the new season will explain more.

9.) Heart-breaking moment when Walter placed the coin on Peter-1’s gravestone. But I want to know if this was his way of saying “goodbye”, or “sorry”? Either way, note how quickly he steps back from the gravestone, almost as if he feels ashamed for intruding on what was once his that he can no-longer claim. Fantastic acting/directing.

10.) For a while now I’ve been wondering about the negative affects of crossing between realities, and this is as good a time as any to mention it. William Bell had a portable oxygen mask and canister in his office, and since everything in that end-scene is laced with intent, could it be that he is dying? Has he crossed over one too many times? Watch this space..

Unresolved Mysteries

1.) What is the relevance of Olivia’s near-miss car crash towards the end of the episode? Does it have anything to do with the concept of ‘roads not taken’?

2.) Where is the alternate William Bell?

3.) Did Walter ever get to eat his Berry Boom?

Closed Mysteries

Do you love me know, Belly!?1.) Jones was a former employee of Massive Dynamic – he was let go for reasons unknown.

2.) Jones stole an energy cell that was hidden in Nina’s robotic arm. The cell opens up a portal to a parallel reality when used at certain “soft spots”. These soft spots – where the fabric between realities has decayed – have increased in number due to our advance in technology. “The Pattern”, is seemingly, one cause of this increase. Jones used the coordinates of pattern events in and around the Boston area to locate soft spots where the fabric between “Over Here” and “Over There” was thin enough for him to cross over.

3.) Walter’s device plugged the holes in the universe.

4.) Peter is from another reality, but we knew that already. 😉

Best Moment: Jones saying “goodbye agent Dun-hum” as if “Ability” never happened (makes me laugh does Jones) / Olivia travelling to the other-side during the elevator ride.

Best Performer: John Noble

Retrospective Rating: 9.5/10

Our original “There’s More Than One of Everything” posts can be found here.

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As we come to the end of the hiatus, I’d like to thank everyone who has journeyed with us on this season 1 rewatch of Fringe. Your interesting, challenging, humorous and thought provoking insights have certainly added to the experience. Here’s hoping we all enjoy season 2!


  1. e says

    I *love* the idea that Reidan was the Thanksgiving lake. Never occurred to me before…

    And which method do you prefer? LSD or Soft spots. Because after seeing the soccer player, it’s drugs for me!

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    • says

      Thanks e, I’m looking forward to getting more information so that I can play around with this idea.

      Exactly! I’m generally against drugs but after seeing people getting cut in half, I think the tank and some LSD seems the better opetion 😀

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  2. goodpeter says

    Thank you, D-Roc aka Roco!

    I have enjoyed your astute critical analyses of every episode from this season . These Fringe Rewatches have enhanced my Fringe experience. I look forward to your take on the first episode of the second season. Thank you again and keep ’em comin’!

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    • says

      Ah, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the rewatch goodpeter! It’s been a fantastic team effort with all of the commenters, and I’m glad we managed to get to the end in time for the S2 premiere :) I hope you enjoy the new episode tonight!

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