Fringe Rewatch – 1.14 Ability

Fringe rewatch - Ability
Synopsis: German agents question Olivia about her “relationship” with David Robert Jones, an escaped prisoner questioned months earlier now living in the U.S. Meanwhile, the Fringe Division investigates a threatening case where victims die faceless from their orifices suddenly sealing. With few leads and many questions, German authorities turn to Olivia, Peter and Walter to help makes sense of the return of Mr. Jones and the foreboding mysterious occurrences. As the investigation unfolds, Olivia is put to test.

Below the jump I share my new observations and perspectives, and take a quick look at the unresolved and closed mysteries from “Ability.

New Observations & Perspectives

Hi Loeb, orange really suits you. 1.) Loeb’s confession that Jones was just a “part of the army” goes some way to show that he was somewhat of a renegade caught up in personal vendettas.

2.) I’m still not sure what to make of Olivia’s puppy dog eyes when getting Peter to do her a favor. It seems out of character, more Rachel’s thing. Perhaps Rachel and Peter’s ‘connection’ in 1.13 made Olivia lose her mind? :)

3.) Harris’ ZFT-ties seem really obvious in retrospect – when he asks whether Jones had said “anything else?”, he stumbles his words nervously, as if he has something to hide. As we eventually find out, he may well have been working with Jones (or at least working in the same circles). This is tempered by the fact that they don’t appear to ‘know’ each other when they’re alone in the interrogation room – were they playing for the cameras, or was Harris recruited later by Jones?

Harris literally handing over his ‘watch’ to Jones reinforces this possibility. Alternatively, perhaps Harris was part of a rival faction? All three possibilities would make sense. I guess I’ll focus more on this in the 1.19 rewatch post.

4.) Jones’ mention of the “unadvertised side-effects” indicates that he was unaware that using the teleporter would cause him to gradually disintegrate. I’m really glad about this, because at least in my own mind I can put Jones’ sudden arc-turning ambition to kill Bell down to his  personal race against time. If he had more time he probably would have focused more on recruiting Olivia as he was doing in this episode.

5.) Some foreshadowing, noticed first time around, but worth mentioning again:

Peter: “I think I’ve got a weird connection”

Peter (to Olivia): “Using all of you magic powers, I guess”

6.) I enjoyed seeing the first light test scene again, especially when Olivia’s concentration is broken by her phone ringing – the telephone, of course, invented by Alexander Bell is probably coincidence but you have to love how it can work in your favour.

7.) Interesting how Olivia refers to the light test as “the flashing lights” (they don’t even flash), seeing as that description is closer to the term we used to described the blue lights (which do flash).

8.) I have to wonder why Nina didn’t tell Olivia about her Cortexiphaned past straight away. More mind games or just wanted an excuse to call Olivia after dark? Who knows..

9.) Interesting that Jones should hold Walter in such high regard (he was in awe) yet despise William Bell to the point of wanting to murder him.

10.) Looking back at it, the light box is a nice metaphor – not only did is serve as a warm-up to Olivia’s real test with the bomb, but we can take it a step further and see that the entire first season is a test or a prologue in itself.

11.) During the bomb scene – I love how Olivia appears as though she’s about to out of dodge, everyone follows her lead, until Peter realises she’s only taking her coat off. Funny in itself, but what makes me laugh is Charlie – dude just keeps on rollin’! I can picture him thinking: “I loves ya Liv, but I don’t wanna die tonight!”. LOL, Charlie, it’s the things you don’t say that make you a winner.

12.) For a long time I’ve wanted to know why (or how) Astrid could forgive Walter for basically attacking her in Arrival. Although I still believe this needed more explanation at the time, one particular scene in “Ability” made it clear to me that Astrid is fascinated by Walter, and she probably loves him just a wee bit. Don’t we all. 😉

13.) Not at all important, but I’m curious – rewatching the season I’m surprised at how often there’s an Olivia/alcohol reference. Almost as many as Walter’s food references.

Closed Mysteries

1.) Olivia was kidnapped so that Jones could test her for Cortexiphan.

2.) Cortexiphan is a drug designed to prevent the undoing of the unlimited potential displayed in children.

3.) ZFT was written on Walter’s typewriter.

Unresolved Mysteries

The new pocket-hand-mirror, in shops soon!1.) Why the symmetry between both Jones and Nina’s hand “acting up”? I have a few ideas, but the show has left this mystery hanging.

2.) Who defused the bomb? I have my ideas on that, which I might as well stick with for now.

3.) How did Jones escape from the hospital? Again, I have my ideas, some of which are still relevant post-finale.

Best Performer: Anna Torv & Jared Harris

Best Moment: Jones’ “Hello you!” to an out-foxed Olivia. That is up there with his “tick-tock” in episode 1.07. Did I ever say how much I love Jones?

Retrospective Rating: 9/10

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Next Rewatch Episode: “Inner Child”. This episode can be viewed for free on the Fox Fringe player, or on Hulu (also free) – US restrictions.


  1. mlj102 says

    I think it goes without saying that Ability is generally considered to be one of the best episodes of season 1. So I was excited to get to this point in the re-watch and to see it again. And it’s still a spectacular episode – very well done.

    Regarding Olivia’s “puppy dog eyes”: I can see where you’re coming from and how it can appear to be rather unusual coming from her. For me, I get the impression that Olivia is not accustomed to asking favors from people very often. 99% of the time, she can either do things for herself, or she can delegate as a leader. Even more rare are the times that she has had to specifically ask Peter for something. Typically, either he volunteers to do something, or, as the person in charge, she can tell him to do something. But asking someone to do something that is kind of outside the usual way the FBI works means that she can’t ask in the way she normally would as the leader of the team. So it was out of her comfort zone. Off the top of my head, the only other time I can remember her asking what could be considered a personal favor of Peter is in the Pilot when she tried to get him to come back to the states so that she could see Walter. And, as we remember, he wasn’t very willing to agree to that one. So what I’m saying is that I think it’s just that she’s not very used to asking people for personal favors and, given her past experience with Peter, she probably wasn’t sure if he would be very willing to cooperate.

    As for Harris and Jones, I really didn’t get the impression that they were working together. Even if they were expert in hiding it, I would expect there to be some acknowledgement that they were on the same side. That said, count me in as being of the opinion that they are rivals. We know that there are many factions of ZFT, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find that Jones and Harris were both in ZFT, but on different teams – with different opinions and different approaches. Jones seemed genuinely surprised when he saw Harris – as if he recognized him but hadn’t expected to see him there. They also both seemed to regard the other with a certain degree of contempt or distrust. Jones asking for Harris’ watch seemed to be almost like a dare. And it all seemed even more apparent in this re-watch, knowing what we know about both Harris and Jones. I think that them being rivals is the option that makes the most sense.

    I’m kind of torn about what Jones knew about the dis-rey prior to using it to escape prison. As you pointed out, Jones mentioning the “unadvertised side-effects” seems to indicate that he was unaware of what would happen. But at the same time, it seems rather ignorant and foolish of him to go ahead and use some experimental device without having a pretty good idea of what would happen as a result. He’s obviously well aware of things in fringe science, so he has to know that things like teleportation usually don’t come without some sort of price. Also, he was able to learn enough about the device to know that he had to go into a decompression chamber after the transport. You’d think that if he was able to find out that much information about the dis-rey that he would have also come across some sort of information regarding the side-effects of the machine.

    But whether or not he knew what the resulting consequences of his transport out of prison would be, I think it’s safe to say that he knew that it was a risky thing to attempt. That fact would seem to suggest that, whatever his goal was after getting out of prison, it was something that he considered important enough to be worth the risk. We know that Jones has men who work for him. It seems as if it had been relatively simple enough for him to communicate with those men and to continue to tell them what to do, even when he was in prison. But for some reason, he felt that these things needed to be handled personally. It seems that he had two main goals after escaping: one, to locate and test Olivia, and, two, to find William Bell and have his revenge. I wonder how these two goals might be connected and why he seemed to believe them both to be so important.

    Keeping to the topic of Jones, he said something that really struck me as odd. It was when he was with Olivia and Olivia noticed his condition and commented that he needed medical attention. To this, Jones replied, “All the assistance in this world could not cure me… Who knows, perhaps this task I have for you could lead to something that might help me.” The first part I found to be significant in that he said “all the assistance in THIS world” couldn’t help him. Perhaps he believes that the alternate reality is further advanced and would be able to help him. Or there’s someone in that reality that knows something that could help him. William Bell? But the second part is what I really found to be intriguing – what would make Jones think that Olivia completing the test could help to cure him?

    Nice coincidence about the phone ringing and interrupting Olivia’s concentration in the light test and how the phone was invented by Alexander Bell – I never would’ve thought of that!

    I also like how you pointed out how Charlie just kept on leaving when Olivia and Peter stayed. I had noticed that this time around, too. I was thinking “Wait a minute – where did Charlie go?” The way you described it was rather amusing.

    In the closed mysteries section, don’t forget that we aren’t positive that testing Olivia for cortexiphan was the only reason Olivia was kidnapped. I still believe there was more going on there than a spinal tap to test her. And we have no way of knowing what else would’ve been done to her if she had stayed. Sure, Jones said that they would have tried to convince her, but how? And to what end?

    You said that ZFT was written on Walter’s typewriter, and I took that literally and thought you meant that the actual letters ZFT were physically written somewhere on the typewriter. It took me a minute to figure out what you actually meant by that, but I get it now!

    As for Nina – she confused me in this episode. I’m convinced that Nina is extremely aware of Olivia and exactly who she is and what she’s capable of, which would suggest that she would be very familiar with the cortexiphan trials. If that’s the case, it seems unlikely that she would have to refer to her admittedly awesome device in order to look up information about it, and even more unlikely that she wouldn’t know the details such as where the trials happened. But if that’s the case, what was the purpose of playing ignorant and saying she didn’t know, just to go ahead and give out more information later on the same day? The only thing I can think of is if she initially didn’t know if it was information she should divulge to Olivia, but she later got permission from William Bell? I don’t know – it definitely was an odd thing to have happen. It was fun to see Olivia just as bewildered about Nina’s behavior as I was.

    Speaking of which, the whole hand thing. Yeah, that’s definitely odd and I’m not sure what we were supposed to get from that. It seems very similar to the near car crash in the finale – something that just completely stood out in the episode and seemed to make no sense whatsoever. Hopefully we will get some sort of explanation for that later on.

    Random Thoughts:

    I think there have been a lot of theories to come out of this episode, so I feel like, as far as theories are concerned, they’ve already been visited and revisited several times. As a result, many of the things I noticed in the re-watch aren’t so much theories, but little, nit-picky things that probably don’t mean anything, but still seemed odd.

    First, I decided to compare the two $2 bills. I found it odd, that they are essentially the same. The serial number between the two is off by only one number. So it was obviously two separate bills that were used. And yet, on both bills, there was the number ‘94’ written on the front. Now I know that it’s not uncommon for there to be random writing on bills, but it is unusual for two separate bills to have the same writing in the exact same place. I wonder if it was some sort of marking system so that Jones and his people would know it was a contaminated bill and not to touch it.

    Also, I noticed something really strange in the scene where the random agent got infected and is lying on the floor while Olivia and team try to save him. I don’t really know how to describe it, but if you look closely, you’ll notice that the pattern of the floor changes. I initially thought that it must just look different due to the camera occasionally being zoomed up very close to the floor while at other times it’s more distant, but I compared them and they look like two completely different floors. Does anyone else see that, or am I just seeing things? Either way, I imagine it’s just a goof or the result of piecing together the scene that was maybe filmed in two different ways, but it still was strange to notice that.

    Here’s another random thing that I noticed. So when Olivia goes to the location to find the box of tests, the alley way has all sorts of shops and signs around it, one of which says “Pina Colada”. I imagine it’s just a coincidence, but it made me laugh because a couple of episodes later we get the mini-story of Peter and Rachel trying to remember the name of the “Pina Colada” song.

    I thought it was rather cruel of Jones and his people to rub things into Olivia’s face by renting the van under Olivia’s name. That’s got to hurt! Here’s a really out-there sort of theory (I think I read this somewhere else): what if Olivia Dunham really did rent the van – alter-Olivia? That would be crazy! (though quite unlikely)

    I wonder if Tommy (the newspaper guy) was an intentional target or if they just picked the first person they could find. I would expect them to use something like that to target people they wanted to get rid of, but then why Tommy? Is he somehow connected to ZFT/the Pattern? Or was he really just some innocent bystander? I suppose we’ll never know, but I can still ask, right?

    I loved how in the end scene with the bomb, Peter initially wasn’t going to stay, but he couldn’t bring himself to just walk away like that, so he came back. I think that says huge things about Peter! I mean, seriously, it was an extremely selfless act. I can’t say it was an act of trust because he didn’t think Olivia would be able to turn off the lights (and who can blame him – I dare say that even Olivia didn’t believe she would be able to do it). But that’s what makes it all the more impressive. He had absolutely no reason to believe that she would be able to turn off the lights in time, so by all accounts, he walked back there while being pretty positive that he would die as a result. That’s a big deal!

    Probably the comment that stood out the most to me in this episode was when Jones told Olivia, “If I wanted to hurt you, I would have – long ago.” It was very ominous! It implies that Jones has known who Olivia was for a long time, which is pretty creepy. But it also makes me wonder what all he knows about her and what her role is in this whole thing, and why he thinks she’s so valuable (or, as Jones puts it, “a rare commodity”).

    Finally, this was yet another fantastic performance by Anna Torv – she was so believable. The way she portrayed the emotions of the lightbox scene was outstanding – the pressure and helplessness Olivia felt – how she didn’t for a minute think she could actually do it, but knew it was the only hope, so she stayed anyway – so powerful! And then the way she stared at those lights – I would imagine it’s not that easy to look at a bunch of lights and make it look very interesting, but she made it seem as if something was actually happening there. You could even see the look on her face change as she “zoned in” to the lights. It was a very unique expression. There was even a distinct difference in the way she looked at the lights the first time she tried it, when she was faking it to trick Jones, and when it was the real deal. I never knew there were that many ways you could look at a bunch of lights! And then her fear and relief and disbelief she showed when she actually “passed the test”. It all made that scene so real and so powerful!

    Reflections: There were many wonderful ones in this episode. First was when Tommy got infected by the skin growing toxin – there was a mirror behind him in his little shop and you could see all sorts of reflections throughout the scene there, as well as his own reflection when he saw what was happening to him. There were also the classic reflections in the window of the interrogation room as Olivia and others were looking in on Jones. Those ones can be really clear sometimes! And at the end when Olivia and the rest of the group are walking up to the bomb, you can see the reflections of everyone in the large window in front of them. I thought that was a really neat one. Finally, though it’s not an actual reflection, when Harris is observing Olivia interrogating Jones, there are at least four monitors showing the same scene of what’s going on.

    Favorite moment: As usual, it’s debatable. There are so many great parts in this episode. I loved when Charlie and Broyles found out that Jones had turned himself in. Their reactions were so priceless. And in general, it was a very unexpected move. I mean, honestly, who expected that to happen? I definitely hadn’t seen that one coming! My other favorite is when Olivia is talking to Harris about how Jones got out of prison and she says how Jones was “clever enough to Star Trek himself out of prison”. I grew up watching Star Trek and, as a result, I’m rather fond of the show, so I thought that line was great and so appropriate (seriously – you can’t have a transporter and neglect to make a Star Trek reference!).

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    • says

      Interesting point about Olivia – I guess asking for help is outside of her comfort zone. I still found it a little strange though.

      I agree, Harris and Jones being rivals does seem the more likely outcome at this stage, for all the reasons you mention. There’s only the lightbox test that would firmly tie them together, but perhaps that’s just standard issue throughout all factions of ZFT?

      I like your question on Jones’ main two motivations (Olivia and Bell) – another possibility is that he was trying to use Bell’s own ‘soldiers’ against him – were there others he tried to recruit? I guess Nick Lane could be one (afterall, who was the guy with glasses who approached him at the hospital?) and the twin from 1.19 could be another – although these people could easily be targets of the other factions, or even Bell himself. But yeah, there’s definitely scope for more explanation with that one.

      Nice catch on Jones hinting that he could find assistance in the OTHER world – I noticed this first time round but I’m glad you mentioned it as it’s definitely worth looking at now that we have a full season under our belts. I agree, btw, he was alluding to the idea that he could find a cure on the other side..which perhaps gives him another reason to cross over, other than the ‘senseless’ killing of Bellie. In response to your second question on that topic – I think that Olivia comes into Jones’ plan because she (being a Cortexiphan kid) has the ability to corss over into these other worlds – it seems possible that Jones knew this and wanted to use Olivia for that reason?

      Good point about Olivia’s capture – Cortexiphan may have been only one of several reasons why she was captured.

      LOL re: “ZFT” on Walter’s typewriter! 😀

      Hmm, I didn’t notice the pattern on the floors changing. I’ll have to go back and watch that scene – I’ll let you know if I notice anything strange!

      Interesting theory about alterlivia renting the van. They could open up a real can of worms if they re-contextualise certain scenes from season 1, but it’s possible. If they do decide to take that route I think they’ll have to illustrate the majorchanges/differences – i.e. Alterlivia doing things in the other reality that will really impact the story in some way. But there’s no harm in speculating – that’s where some of the best ideas are found!

      That’s an interesting question – Personally, I think that Tommy was a very intentional target, in the sense that he was a civilian, and someone who provided the news, at that. I think Jones wanted to cause a stir – taking out a likeable fellow like Tommy would certainly have made the front pages (Jones loves irony) – an indiscriminate attack seems to generate more fear than “pattern groups” going after each other. I guess it also made it personal – for us, the viewers – as he was basically one of us, one of the people.

      I agree. Peter = totally selfless in that moment. Did he actually believe that Olivia could do it, or did he doubt Jones’? OR, did Peter believe that he could deactivate the bomb? Hmm…

      Good catch with Jones’ comment about hurting Olivia a “long time ago” had he wanted – it also made me think that he’s known about Olivia for ages – although why would he need to test her for Cortexiphan if this was the case? Hmm..

      Anna Torv – I agree, definitely one of her best performances of the season.

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  2. Page 48 says

    Re: Puppy Dog Eyes.

    Just get a load of the exchange btw. Olivia and Peter in their final scene in the Pilot. That look she’s giving Peter after Walter asks “are we leaving?” and Peter appears to be weighing his options made me feel like I should leave the room and give them some privacy. Call it puppy dog eyes or feminine wiles, if I’m Peter, it’s working for me (or on me). Olivia may use it sparingly, but she uses it effectively. That’s an arrow Broyles doesn’t have in his quiver.

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  3. says

    Now that you mention it, the scene from the Pilot is similar.

    What may have surprised me with her 1.14 ‘pleading’, is the idea that they had moved beyond that stage – they know each other a lot better 14 episodes on, and let’s face it, Olivia knows (albeit, quietly) that she has Peter under her thumb.

    I guess she uses her powers of persuation as a friendly gesture – rather that than her ruthless side.

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  4. FlashWriter says


    Before I say anything about “Ability”, I just want to mark the rerun tonight on FOX. I CAN’T WAIT. “The Road Not Taken” is one of the stand-outs in the season and the Twitter thing is interesting in that I have no idea how that’s going to turn out. I love these experiments where they throw something against the wall just to see if it will stick.

    I have to admit that “Ability” has been so thoroughly analyzed that I’m having a bit of a problem figuring out some aspect about this episode that wouldn’t be worn out. So, let me wonder down the isles of the episode and just pick out a few things that have interested me since I saw it the fist time, and point out bits and pieces that few(er) people have mentioned.


    One of the ways that Jasika Nicole has elevated the Astrid character far above where, I suspect, anybody thought she would be, was that she is such a GREAT reactor to other characters. Case in point in “Ability”: when they’re doing the autopsy and she and Walter are gagging on the trapped gas that Walter was filling the I.V. bag with. Walter looks up at an Astrid who is just this side of throwing up:

    Oh, dear God, that is putrid…


    On a separate topic, do you like coffee cake?


    It was only an instant, but Jasika communicated this “How can you possibly say that?” look at Walter that put a “Sold” sticker on this whole scene for me. They don’t give her much screen time for her to do her magic, but those instances in the lab with her reacting are priceless.

    While we’re on the topic of priceless looks, how about the one that Olivia gave Harris after she came back from the “raid”? They gave Anna a little more time for this (and her ability to hold that look is a testament to how good she really is), but that look of utter disgust and thinly veiled contempt just about burned a line on my TV screen as she made her way across the frame. This short scene earned another one of those “Sold” stamps which wasn’t tied to anything the writers put in the script, but was a pure testament to the actors in this cast.


    Another thing that interested me about this episode, really more than all the others, was the sheer amount of quotable lines.

    In Walter’s Lab near the beginning of the Episode:

    How come when nobody knows and it doesn’t make sense, they come to us?
    In the bookstore after Peter screwed up Markam’s deal:

    Was that really necessary?

    You know me, Markam. Friend of the people.

    What about me? Aren’t I people?

    People who shower…

    (Later on in the conversation when Markham was guessing things on Olivia’s nightstand)

    Five dollars I could name at least one item on your nightstand, Olivia Dunham. Don’t tell me. You’re gonna like this, I’m never wrong. It’s a gift. Okay. Tony Morrison novel, something by Obama and/or the current issue of Bon Appetit.

    I’m reading Advanced Forensic Science by Anaman. I keep it next to my gun.

    Olivia can be sooooo charming at times. J


    (Behind the mirror in the interrogation room to Harris)

    The man was clever enough to Star Trek himself out of a maximum security German prison…

    (After the interview with Jones, as she leaves to find the “The Test”)

    …in the mean time I need two hours alone.

    Why? Where you goin’?

    OLIVIA (Not wanting to say anything to Harris and beginning to run out of patience)
    To get a massage.

    (When Jones was being wheeled into the lab by the paramedics)

    Astrid! Set up the EKG!

    WALTER (Leading Gene back to her stall)
    Is this a patient?

    Walter, put the cow away, would,ya?

    What is this place?

    PETER (Guiding him away from where he was looking)
    It’s a freak show. Thanks for your help…

    Like I said, this episode is just loaded with these quotable lines.

    Another Observation: I really think that David Jones was the only bad guy that we’ve seen so far who could keep up with Olivia. Part of his charm, I guess, and part of why I’m going to miss him.

    For me, though, this show led us right up to the edge of the rabbit hole. It was impeccably put together and should be used in screenwriting classes as an example of how to structure a dramatic TV story. It’s not until “Bad Dreams”– where we actually jump into the hole–where we actually know for sure that Olivia is a Cortexiphan kid. But by the end of this episode we all really knew it. In “Ability” the things that Olivia and company have been investigating suddenly became personal. It went from external investigations to internal analysis, and we could only sit on the edge of our seats and wonder where things would go from here. 10/10

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    • mlj102 says

      I know exactly what you mean about having a hard time knowing what to say because you feel like it’s all already been said numerous times over. That being the case, I really enjoyed your comment. I especially like the way you described the scenes with both Astrid and Olivia. You have a great way with words that really serves to capture what made the scene magical and captivating. So thanks for sharing!

      I agree — there were many great quotes and memorable moments in this episode. That’s part of what makes it stand out to me as so spectacular.

      I like how you described this episode as “leading up to the edge of the rabbit hole” — that’s a very accurate description for this episode, and, in my opinion, for this season as a whole (though, like you said, in many ways the last four or so episodes actually found us jumping into the hole). So I guess that, following with that analogy, season 2 will find us exploring around the rabbit hole. I can’t wait!

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  5. Elaine says

    Dude! Let a broad know when you decide to do another re-watch…a’ight? 😉

    Ah, Ability. I just re-watched this episode the other day. Had to watch it on my computer, because for some reason I decided to loan out my DVD set. Anyway, one of my favorite episodes from S1. I do so miss Mr. Jones. So British, so homicidal yet so polite. “Tea, please.” I was a little dismayed that the unadvertised side effects hastened his efforts to get to the other side. Would have loved more interaction between he and Olivia. He seemed geniunely in awe of whatever abilities she posseses. Makes me wonder exactly what did Jones witness while the Cortexiphan trials were being performed. I’m assuming he was either a part of them, or became familiar once he began working for MD.

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  6. says

    Haha, I will 😉

    Rule #1 of Fringe – never loan your Fringe DVD’s out! :)

    Jones was great for the very reasons you describe. I loved his “Tea, Please” and his “Try again, please”. Why, he was the original Mr. Cordial before Newton came along.

    I really wish the writers didn’t drop the Jones/Olivia storyline which they seemed to be building up to. As you mentioned, the mind boggles as to what secrets Jones knew..and he must have known quite a bit to know where Nina hid her energy cell.

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  7. Elaine says

    The energy cell hidden in Nina’s robotic arm. The pieces of Walter’s brain that contained the know how in opening a coorider to an alternate universe tucked away inside the brains of three random people. And we thought Walter had a eccentric filing system. :-)

    I figured the Jones/Olivia storyline was dropped because of Jones physical deterioration. He wasn’t long for this world, so crossing over was extremely vital to him surviving at all. Besides, I doubt he would have provided her with any more information than what she already had…which is to say, not much.

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