Fringe Rewatch: 1.07 Jonesing For Mr. Jones

Today our rewatch tour takes us to Germany Land where we meet Mr. Jones and all his charm. Our mission is clear – new perspectives and connections, and maybe a sarcastic poke or two along the way.

To us, this episode will always be called “Jonesing for Mr. Jones”, because aren’t we all, dear friends, aren’t we all.

New Perspectives

  • Mitchell Loeb. One word. Dedicated. Another word. Insane.
  • Broyles gets sentimental: “The man lying in that room is not just a colleague. He’s a friend”. Man, he sure knows how to choose them! Loeb, Harris, who else, Big Eddie?
  • Olivia/Astrid Watch: Olivia actually speaks to Astrid. Incredible rare footage!
  • Samantha Loeb comes off really fake in her scene with Olivia. It’s somewhat surprising that Olivia didn’t suss her out there and then. I mean, obviously Samantha was worried about Mitchell, but there was also something insincere about her. I guess Olivia wanted to help these two ‘love-birds’. Something about that must have appealed to her.
  • Walter’s talk about the parasite’s signature and the repeating pattern being the mark of a creator got me thinking again about the two universes (and possible ‘multiverse’) and the commonalities that they share. “Too organized to be accidental, too perfect to be natural”, according to Walter. If we apply this to the wider story, what or who created the two universes? Are we looking at the result of a ‘Big Bang’, or a benevolent hand? Or perhaps one universe gave ‘birth’ to the other – in-line with the ‘road not taken’ premise? Are “Over Here” or “Over There” derivitive works, or the originals? I guess it totally depends on which way they want to go, but it’s possible that at least one of the universes we encounter will be held up as being the first. Would that make it any more ‘real’ than the other universes?
  • Broyles: “Agent Dunham there is much you haven’t been made aware of regarding the Pattern”. Oh Broyles, you kidder, you!
  • Broyles: “You got superpowers you ain’t been telling me about?” She sure has. She also has an ex-boyfriend in Germany.
  • Ex-boyfriend dude. Red tie. Just sayin’.
  • Olivia really likes a man in uniform. Peter better dust off that Robin outfit he bought for that fancy dress party!
  • New idea for a Fringe spin-off: Walter jabbers on about some random thing while Broyles just stands there staring at him as if he wants to throw up through his eyes. I’d watch.
  • Peter: “There’s no master switch. I can’t flick and turn him into the man I wish had raised me”. I just thought this was pretty poignant.
  • When Broyles said: “Another Mole in this office?”, my heart skipped a beat as visions of Molebaby flashed past my eyes. Thanks episode 2.02..thanks!
  • Olivia and Ex-boyfriend dude back at his place after he promised to cook up a storm: I see plenty of kissing but not much cooking going on. Lucas, you lied to me. Damn you! (I guess they had already eaten. Even so, I don’t trust him).
  • It seems clear that Jones knew exactly who Olivia was. His first words to her highlight this point: “What a pleasure this is”. Although he may just have been desperate for visitors – but I doubt that was the insinuation.
  • Jones claims that there is something more valuable than his freedom and that he wasn’t responsible for agent Loeb’s infection. The second one I get since Mitchell infected himself. Are we to assume that getting revenge on William Bell was more important than his freedom? Not sure that tallies, to be honest.
  • Walter hands Astrid a needle. Thankfully she sees it coming this time. He then hands her an even bigger needle and her eyes momentarily glaze over. Poor lamb.
  • Jones: “The people I work with are loyal to the end”. This idea of ‘loyalty’ has always interested me, particularly regarding the alternate universe storyline. Peter furthered this idea towards the end of season 2 when he questioned his place in the universe. Despite being taken from the other side against his will, his allegiance, he felt, belonged to Olivia and Walter. The very people who unhinged him with their deception, were also the glue that brought him back. Of course, there may be other factors, such as his displacement on the other side and feeling like a pawn to Walternate’s Weapon, but it will be interesting to see this question expanded as the trials and tribulations of the struggle erode and rebuild relationships.
  • Jones presses Olivia: “TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK”. Oh Jones, I do miss you, you crazy loon! 😀
  • Interesting that Jones honored his request to provide the cure upon receiving the answer. Though in actual fact he wasn’t being a gentleman, he still needed Mitchell alive to arrange his teleportation from prison.

Remaining Mysteries & Possible Answers

  • Why did Walter hook Peter up to car batteries as a kid?
  • My opinion: Probably to make him better after kidnapping the poor kid (did he suffer adverse affects we don’t yet know about?). Or maybe he was trying to make him special (weapon-related?). Perhaps he wanted to find out just how special this version of Peter was – particularly in light of September’s hint?

Newly Observed Clues

  • The infamous number 8: Apparently, Joe Smith went back and forth from Budapest 8 times in past 12 months.

Theme Tracker

Dreams & Sleep

  • Broyles advises Olivia to ‘get some sleep while you can’.

Quote Terrific

  • “You got superpowers you ain’t been telling me about?”

Best Retrospective Performer: Jared Harris

Best Retrospective Moment: The end scene with the Loebs and their twinkling eyes of treachery.

Retrospective Rating: 7.5/10

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Next Rewatch Episode – 1.08 “The Equation”, Monday, August 9, 2010.


  1. says

    Yeah, Olivia likes a man in a uniform all right! Not to get too Freudian, but between this character and John Scott, I have to wonder if she was looking for the good father she never had as a child.

    Great episode.

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  2. Sean says

    “Jones claims that there is something more valuable than his freedom and that he wasn’t responsible for agent Loeb’s infection. The second one I get since Mitchell infected himself. Are we to assume that getting revenge on William Bell was more important than his freedom? Not sure that tallies, to be honest.”

    I believe that Jones’ goal was to “awaken” Olivia, and that’s what he was talking about. In fact, I don’t really believe that Jones was after Bell at all. I think it was a cover-up for MD to do the dirty work they couldn’t do in the open, in order to test weapons to use against the AU, and prepare their “soldiers.”

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  3. number six says

    Now, that’s how you do villains. The Loebs are really good in their story arch and then there is awesome Mr. Jones, who did a more refined version of Hannibal Lecter impression with great results.

    The best part of the episode for me are the Bishops, though. I still can’t believe that something as awful as a father torturing his son can make me laugh that much, but I was really torn between feeling sorry for Peter and laughter. Seriously though, Walter Bishop shocked his not-son and experimented on him, when he was a kid. Why? Was he trying to discover, why the Observers think he’s important? Did he do the same to his own son, before he fell sick?

    Another awesome scene is the one with Broyles talking to the Bishops, it’s so amusing to see how he tries to keep his cool against Walter’s fruit cocktail and Peter’s wonderful rant.

    “Hello Peter, this is me, your father. Walter Bishop.” “Thank you Walter. I know who you are.” These two are just too much 😀

    “Daddy?” Aaaww! I know it doesn’t count, because Peter is heavily drugged. And tied to a chair. And in the middle of a torture session. But the first time I watched the episode, I wanted Peter to call Walter dad willingly. Wish fulfilled. Ow, my heart!

    ZFT! Off to Germany and confrontation with Mr. Jones. I just love how gleefully manipulative he is. “The people I work with are loyal to the end. Can you say the same?” Indeed!

    Olivia’s German is better than Peter’s, judging by how he says the whole title of ZFT later.

    The way Olivia was clinging so desperately to that door, when her 14 minutes were over, was very cartoonish. Good stuff!

    Walter gets sad, when the “spectacular” parasite starts dying.

    Once again, our Fringies succeed in their mission… Oh wait!

    I’m still confused about the need to go to such lengths to get the “Little Hill” answer. Couldn’t Mitchell Loeb just have asked Smith, instead of infecting himself with the parasite?

    All in all, it’s a very exciting and enjoyable episode. My rating: 9/10

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  4. Pwnsauce says

    When Jones says “What a pleasure this is”, I feel like this goes along with all these other references to the fact that it seems that many individuals know so much about Olivia’s past in terms of her abilities/cortexiphan strength. Olivia must be some heralded prodigy that lots of prominent figures had heard about. It’s almost like Jones treats her as a celebrity. I just wonder what exactly the legend is, but this watch through of the early episodes of Season 1, I’ve noticed it much more how much they hinted at Olivia’s abilities being known of by higher ups.

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    • SF says

      I picked up on this too, on my first rewatch of the episode awhile ago (after seeing S1 through first). I think Jones knows who Olivia is. I don’t know how they arranged it, but since Loeb later captures Olivia for Jones, to test her for cortexiphan, I think they planned for Loeb to infect himself so that Jones could meet Olivia, and Loeb and Jones could get where the chamber was going to be for Jones to put himself together after teleportation. I think Loeb had tried to see Jones but couldn’t get in to the prison, and they decided to test Olivia to see if she could get results (ie into the prison) when no one else could, since she was the only one solving the Pattern cases that were related to ZFT. Perhaps that is how she came to their attention, maybe Jones had known about her name from even earlier, we are never told.

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      • SF says

        I don’t know why they couldn’t just ask Smith themselves, though! That’s why I think it was all a set-up to meet the wunderwoman who was solving all the Pattern cases. I have wondered if there are different cells of ZFT who work independently, so maybe Loeb and Jones don’t know one another, although I think they do because in the next episode he’s working on the equation that will help zap Jones over. Another unexplained Fringe question!!

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        • Maggie says

          I find it interesting, too…because the ‘equation’ kidnappings have been going on for like, 10 years or somthing, right? So…did they recently pay the girl for the equasion? or have they also been after it all this time? (if they just payed her…why was she after it?) And if so, just because? Or did they know they needed it to break into thoes banks in order to get walters teleport device? did they want walters device because of the technology? or were they planning on using it is a specific way?

          SO MANY QUESTIONS! with this episode/pattern arc. interesting, but confusing for me!

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  5. fedorafadares says

    When I was rewatching, I got hung up on something odd: the airport in Germany.

    The first scene there is Olivia walking through a concourse. On one side, there’s a mural depicting a planet with a burst on its left side and a person to the right “observing” it. On the opposite wall, a mural depicts a city scene with a taxi and tall buildings. And smack dab in the middle is a sculpture reminiscent of a dna model, with a guard dressed in yellow (odd security color) standing with its back to the sculpture, guarding it.

    The way the scene is shot, you can see a clock with two faces, one pointing to the left, the other to the right. It’s sort of a mirror image shot.

    This may be a naive question, but has anyone flown into Germany who know if this is the actual decor of the concourse or has the Fringe set design team really outdone themselves?

    The set design and camera work of this show is so impressive…

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  6. SF says

    “Jones: “The people I work with are loyal to the end”. This idea of ‘loyalty’ has always interested me, particularly regarding the alternate universe storyline. Peter furthered this idea towards the end of season 2 when he questioned his place in the universe. Despite being taken from the other side against his will, his allegiance, he felt, belonged to Olivia and Walter. The very people who unhinged him with their deception, were also the glue that brought him back.”

    My friend Fin and I were discussing this when we rewatched this episode the other night for this rewatch. I think Jones was hinting at the FBI – he knew there was a mole there, since he was working (or about to) with him – Loeb. Was he trying to warn Olivia? See how loyal she was to the bureau? Maybe. I also think it was directly about her team, and about Olivia herself. Who does she trust? Does she trust her team? And she doesn’t even blink. Harris brings this up again later in Bound, and again, she shows that she trusts her team – or at least, if she has any doubts, she won’t admit them to anyone else. Loyalty is very important to Olivia. I also think this comes down to Olivia herself, and her capacity to judge people instantly, to seize them up and know if she can trust them or not. In the end her judgement of John is proven right in her eyes (I still don’t trust everything he did), and so is her trust in Walter and Peter that they won’t let her down. For me,this question of loyalty is also bound up with trust.

    It’s interesting that right up until he flees, Peter does everything he can to not let her down. It might be the first time as an adult that he does this, and I think it’s important to his character that despite having a shady past, he as proven he is willing to do anything for her, that he is trustworthy. I think Olivia’s capacity to trust also brings out the best in people she works with. And despite her not telling him the truth about him, when Peter asks her outright how long she knew, she tells him the truth, restoring some trust between them. I think that is an important moment for both Olivia and Peter. It’s going to be interesting how loyal they are to one another in different universes!

    I think you are right, Roco: we are about to see this question blown up and explored to its fullest in S3. Who do you trust? Who do any of our characters trust? Where do their loyalties lie, and why? Thanks, because I hadn’t made the leap to the AU in this question, I had been thinking in terms of the bureau and her team, only. But of course, with fauxLivia on our side, this question is going to be essential in the coming season,for every character on Fringe.

    I think Jones was also talking about ZFT loyalty, about the people he worked with, another clue to how determined the ZFT group were to making what was in the manual come to pass. I really missed ZFT in the second season, and I’m hoping that with the AU also having a ZFT manual (even if it is different!), means that we will meet alternate Jones and some ZFT cells over there, who are aware that the barrier between universes has been broken. Wouldn’t it be cool if Bell had started ZFT groups over there, and that’s who gets in touch with Olivia and help her escape from Walternate, and hide her in the AU, or help her cross back to our universe? Now that would be an interesting twist!

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    • Maggie says

      I have missed the ZFT, too. I know there cant really be ‘monster of the week’ episodes but i do whish they would reference the ZFT/pattern once in a while…i think there are still a lot of unanswered questions/ideas re. them. but, also, as you mentioned, maybe we will see more of ’em again with the 2 universe stuff going on now.

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      • LMH says

        I’d been looking for ZFT on the horizon throughout season 2, so when I saw Walternate holding that book in the finale that had those 3 letters I squealed a big “YESSSSS!!!!!” Tell me more, tell me more (please?)!

        On my first s1 rewatch (when I got the dvd) I got the biggest kick out of Broyles’ superpowers line. Fantastic! Just like the line in “The Arrival” where Peter tells Olivia “There’s nothing special about me!” oh Peter.

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    • Elaine says

      OMG! I would love if that happened! It’s funny, on the re-watch, I got to thinking about Jones determination to get to the other side, and wondered if his doppleganger took a similiar path in his determination to cross universes. It would be amazing if the David Robert Jones of the alt/verse wasn’t a criminal mastermind but one knowledgable about our universe, and is sympathetic to the plight of both worlds rather than wanting to destroy one so the other can survive. I don’t know…it could be fun to play around with.

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  7. LMH says

    OK, I don’t know if this is completely from left field, but the last time I saw this ep I realized I hadn’t ever paid much attention to Broyles’ question “what the hell weighs 7 pounds?” (probably b/c Loeb was falling to the floor with his ‘heart attack’). Then sometime after it hit me (though I never asked on here): A HEAD weighs 7-8 pounds! That shipment from the beginning was originally from Germany (!) where Mitchell was prior to the case, likely plotting with his pal Jones. The load was switched right before Loeb’s team arrived (obviously convenient). Joseph Smith (and presumably Loeb) was involved with packing/transporting the shipping container in Germany. My question is: was there anything else in this episode that could account for the 7 pounds? Or is it possible that they were transporting Newton’s head for safekeeping? (keep in mind we still don’t know when/how/why Newton died). ZFT was/is presumably working to protect this universe by preparing/activating special people for soldiering duty in their own disturbing way right? Am I off my rocker or is this possible? Any suggestions would be great, this was bothering me since I first thought of it but I just assumed I missed something while watching since no one brought it up (far as I’m aware). But I’m bringing it up now, so help me with it please!
    Also, I believe the stolen heads in 2.4 were transported in similar trucks (although you could easily argue that trucks are just the necessary mode of transport).

    “Weight of the container after pickup was 1306 pounds. Weight when it arrived in Germany for shipping, 1299. That’s 7 pounds, what the hell weighs 7 pounds?”

    Something was added to the container in Germany. ooohhh….

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  8. LMH says

    Also, the file of David Robert Jones says he’s 47 yrs old. Love them 47s.
    I can’t wait for episode 47. That would be ep 3.4

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  9. Jophan says

    I’ve recently begun wondering if it were Jones, while employed by MD, who removed the list of Cortexiphan subjects from the files. Of course, that assumes that Nina is telling the truth about it being missing!

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  10. Jimbo says

    This may have already been pointed out – I apologize if it has. David Robert Jones is David Bowie’s real name.

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