FRINGE: Reward Wire, Truth Church, Technology Infiltration Videos & Screenshots


Fox has uploaded three of the protocol videos from the Reward Wire viral site. Watch them all below along with easter egg screenshots.

Check out a collection of the easter eggs below:

HT: @jonxproductions


  1. FringeSci says

    I have 2 theories as to who Donald is:
    1. Sam Weiss. Donald was described as a man in his thirties. In the picture of him being dragged away by Observers he is wearing the exact same outfit he wore in “6:02 AM EST” and “The Last Sam Weiss”.
    2. Someone working for William Bell. He was said to be waiting for a scientist and we’re led to assume that is Walter, but it could very well be William Bell. This would provide a way to bring William Bell back into the story without actually having to have Leonard Nimoy be back.
    I hope at least one of these is true (or who knows, both of them) as they would be good additions to the story.

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