Fringe Review: 3.09 Marionette

Welcome to our review for episode 9 of Fringe season 3 – “Marionette”.

In this review we give an honest opinion on the good and not so good aspects of the episode. We identify the answers that were provided and the mysteries that remain locked away. We take an in-depth look at the other aspects of the episode that made an impression on us, before rounding off the review with our final thoughts and episode rating.


  • Value To Be Had. I enjoyed the allusions and possible foreshadowing that this episode exuded. Strong imagery and interesting parallels continue to make Fringe one of the most intoxicating television experiences, even in an episode that was much less thrilling than recent outings.
  • Truth Be Told. I’m glad Peter told Olivia the truth in this episode. We’ve known about the switcheroo for a while now so it has played its part, and after last season’s big secret I don’t think this one needed dragging out over the course of several episodes. The consequences of Olivia knowing will have far greater emotional impact on both characters. Speaking of which, on a character level Peter earns points for being the better Bishop and showing a growth that can I appreciate.
  • Level-up. Fringe functions on levels, and I thought they added another layer through the exploration of two versions of the same person in a way that they haven’t done before. We’ve seen twins, doppelgangers, dreams and nightmares, subconscious projections, fathers and sons – concepts which have examined the inherent nature of the individual. We can now add Amanda to that list. I thought her reanimation was another fascinating way of exploring human identity, experience, and duality. The resulting message was no less intriguing.
  • Creep Factor. It takes a lot to creep me out, and while I wouldn’t say the episode was scary, the sight of Amanda’s big round Jeepers Peepers did give me one or two Fringebumps. I like that. I’ve always thought the show does well when it conveys fear through humans rather than flying badgers and the like. Again, not a majorly psychological episode, but the themes and imagery provided a useful statement about life, death, and the inbetween-y stuff. (Also, credit to Anja Savcic and the make-up dept.).
  • Heart Matters. The episode had it in bundles. While it was no “Peter” or “White Tulip” in the hanky stakes, it did touch me. And I was willing to be touched because the episode had an honesty about it that allowed me to look past some of the contrivances and embrace the sentiment being offered.
  • The Ending. September never disappoints! I continue to enjoy the way they frame him – Michael Cerveris IS the Observer and no amount of CGI can alter that fact. Just like coffee, there’s nothing like the real thing. More importantly he left us with something other than wet tissues and runny eyeliner to chew on over the break.


  • And The War? It was somewhat disconcerting to see the team investigate anything other than a case involving the alternate universe. Is there nothing they could be doing with the machine, for instance? It’s not like they have a team of people working on it (and if their version of ‘Science Division’ is real, I find it hard to believe that Walter’s ideas wouldn’t come in handy). To their credit, the case-of-the-week worked better than I thought it would and I appreciate that it integrated on an emotional level. But it doesn’t excuse the fact that valuable time is being taken up on Gepetto and Pinocchio when Walternate has a valuable piece of the Vacuum AND Cortexiphan on tap. It’s just a bit unrealistic to see our Fringe Team investigating what could be deemed a mediocre (though reflective) case, even though I can understand the reason behind the ‘reset’.
  • Low Burn. Probably the least invigorating case of the season so far? It was still perfectly functional, it just didn’t have some of the excitement or sheen of the previous outings this season. It was all a bit one-paced and inevitable. Probably too villain-of-the-weeky for my liking. Roland wasn’t fleshed out until the last, and while I was kinda satisfied with what they ultimately did with the character it just seemed a bit lackluster. Probably not the episode to go out on a 6 week Lowatus with.
  • Walter Is My Problem. His humor was more on point than previous episodes – I’ll give him that, but overall I find him a bit MEH these days. He’s almost a caricature of his former self’s former self. Now, I love a good old laugh but at times it feels like Walter is being carted out for a joke or two before being wheeled off stage pulling his pants down. Where’s the heart, Walter? Does he need another great mind to bring the best out of him? Someone call Bellie and tell him to boldly get his ass back here, stat! To be fair, I can see why Walter is being employed in this fashion, but it doesn’t stop him from grating on me.
  • Missing AU. I missed Walternate, Altlivia, and all our friends in the AU. I find Walt-Dog fascinating and Altlivia interesting – even though they’re both relatively underdeveloped. The alternate universe left an impression on me and at times in this episode I hoped we’d do the hokey-toggle and turn it all around. Alas, the blue lights never came. The blue lights never came!


  • Does this spell the end for our star-crossed lovers?
  • Who was September referring to regarding being ‘alive’ – Peter or Walter?
  • Who was September talking to on his phone?
  • Why is September seemingly uncertain about the future of Peter (or Walter) given his ability to see through time?
  • Where did September just come from?


  • The episode title “Marionette” refers to a jointed puppet controlled from above by strings attached to its limbs. This in turn is a reference to Amanda Walsh, who’s donated body parts were put back together again by Roland in a bid to reanimate her.
  • The Yatsko Project – Bellie and Walter created a serum in the mid-seventies to question someone after death.
  • Olivia describes Walternate’s main priority as using her to discover how to cross universes safely. We already knew that but it helps to define things through our protagonist’s eyes.
  • Reanimation is possible in the world of Fringe, just don’t expect uncle Harry to come back as uncle Harry.
  • Death looms over Peter or Walter. Probably the former.
  • Olivia agrees that Peter SHOULD have known. She’s decided to move on.


  • Intriguing opening. Though what would Roland have done had the dude passed out before he reached home? I guess he did his research on his daily routines (very Dexterish) – but still, probability, as we’ve seen, is there to be broken.
  • Does it matter that Roland was a ‘sympathetic organ thief’ who apologized to his victims and kept them alive long enough so that they might survive? I think it depends. Did he do it because it made him feel more comfortable, or out of some genuine sense of compassion? Probably a bit of both – not that either mindset would make his actions any better. Seriously, who steals peoples hearts?…
  • Hmm. I guess Dunham will be taking a few weeks leave before she returns to work, right? WRONG!

Dunhamnator: “I guess you weren’t expecting me back so soon?”

  • Sporting a slight twist on her classical haircut, the Dunhamnator not only returned from the alternate universe, but she brought Broylnate’s office with her on her way back through the void. Is there nothing this woman can’t do? I honestly thought I’d have to RIP that office at some point this season, but wonders never cease to amaze me.
  • Olivia goes on to describe Walternate as seen through her own eyes:

“He is driven. The way he sees things, it’s his world, or ours”

  • A fair description. But is Walt-dog right, or is there a better way? I am wired to believe there’s always another way – the ‘your world, is our world’ philosophy can have altruistic connotations. The implications of such a mindset remains to be seen, but it’s one that Olivia HAS to chase with all her thunder.
  • Olivia wants to see the analysis of the remaining Vacuum parts. Now that’s the Olivia I know. The one who not only follows up on her own work, but on other peoples. Playtime is over for our slackers!
  • Broyles is in the business of looking after all of his agents. He tries to bench Olivia – who, I must say, is looking rather well for someone who’s been trapped in a nightmare for the past 8 weeks:

“To say you’ve experienced a trauma is an understatement. You need to process what you’ve endured over the past two months”

  • I liked the way he put that – “process” what she’s endured. It helps explain why she’s seemingly so okay with things – she’s still processing; working out the events and what they mean internally. It’s not always a conscious thing. It’s something the likes of ‘Projection Peter’ will take care of down below. But these entities need time to reintegrate themselves into the raw material that is her subconscious melting pot. Though one wonders how ‘accessible’ these internal helpers will be now that they’ve passed through the fabric of her consciousness. To borrow a Lane, “sometimes what we wake up, can’t be put back to sleep”.
  • Olivia understands where Broyles is coming from, but she can’t just put her feet up and do nothing. She’s just not built that way:

“I know, but I honestly believe that my ability to do my job, isn’t impaired

  • Lots of fun words here. Her “ability” to do her job is no doubt honest phrasing, but to me it indicates that she now sees her talents as Abilities. She’s no longer just F.B.I., she’s D.O.P.E. (Dunhamator: Omnipresent Protector of Earths). Further to that, she isn’t “impaired” – again, an interesting word given that perception is at the cornea of our story.
  • Olivia reflects. Perhaps for the first time since she cut herself on Astrid’s broken glass, she stops to think about why she’s so driven:

“I’m not going to deny that the last few months haven’t taken their toll. But I made a promise to a friend over there. And I swore that I would do everything I can do heal both worlds. I need to go back to work”

  • Her word is her bond and her bond is a ring of Saturn that encompasses everything. I loved seeing Broyles’ curiosity pique. Actually, he seemed to instantly know who this mysterious “friend” was – carry-over from the previous episode where he had to RIP himself.

  • Meaningful stares give way to curiosity:

Broyles: “This..friend you’re talking about. What was he like?

Olivia: “He wasn’t that unlike you. He was..honorable, committed. He feared for his family. For their future.”

Broyles: “So he had children?”

Olivia: “A son and a daughter. And he was very close to his wife”

Broyles: “They were still married?”

Olivia: “Yes.”

*Broyles searches the folds of his being. It’s not just about his family. It’s about the spectrum of his family*

  • Olivia’s request is approved off-screen. It’s amazing when you think about it – Olivia basically told Broyles that he is inherently good. That nature and nurture has produced a man who is a spectrum of honor and integrity no matter the universe. How many of the other characters could we say that for? Not many. It’s this..proximity to his doppelganger that intrigues me. Sure, there are of course differences; Broylnate was married and still strived to saved his world – he didn’t make THAT sacrifice. Although in the end, he kinda did. Sometimes what we have in common is just as useful as the ways in which we differ.
  • What does this say about Broyles? Does this confirm his deepest fears that he lost the love of his life unnecessarily? Was there another way he could have gone about things to be with his family for longer? If the alternate universe represents the internal functions of the human condition (which I believe it does on its strongest level), then he will conclude what he already knew – that things could have been different?
  • But where is life without the context? There is no vacuum here; as fate and other forces also play a part in shaping individuals. Never Never Land is what it is, but I hope Broyles uses this information positively – after all, that’s what it’s there for. Whether through design, culminative effect, of the construct of someone’s mind, his life was different from Broylnate’s. He shouldn’t allow himself to feel undermined or as though he failed in some way. There are many paths to take and some of them may lead to the same place, if not physically, then perhaps spiritually.
  • Who knows, perhaps knowing about his double and using his sacrifice as a framework, Broyles can find a measure of peace. Because, as often as we don’t talk about it, I believe that it is something he also needs. Everyone is searching for something.
  • Anyway, great stuff from Olivia. She delivered her message with warmth – as though it was her Broyles who sacrificed himself for her out there in the trenches. Because of course, in a manner of speaking, it was.

  • Ah, the Bishop Boys. And Walter’s up to his usual nonsense. Did I dream that he received the keys to Massive Dynamic? William Bell must have been out of his mind. Though I don’t deny that the hour glass on Walter’s proactivity has yet to empty.
  • Good to know that Peter called Olivia the night before, but he looks far too chirpy here for my liking. Do I detect an element of relief that Olivia is bed-bound after her AU exertions? And did Peter really let Olivia unknowingly sleep in the sheets of Altliv? Charming, Peter. Real charming.
  • Walter knows all too well the dangers of keeping secrets from those you care about. In fairness to him he does the right thing – he encourages Peter to be better than himself. Though we have to give 100 points to Peter as he’s not planning on keeping the truth from her.
  • I do wonder whether a deep, dank part of Walter sees Peter’s current pain as an opportunity to repair his own relationship with his son? Nothing wrong with that on the surface, but it could be argued to be ‘Peteploitation’ – moving in when his defences are down. Again, nothing entirely sinister – we do want Walter to be there for Peter – but it’s interesting to observe the subconscious metal-detector at work.

Walter: “You understand better than most, the pain a lie can inflict”

Peter: “Which is why, even though it’s going to change the way she fundamentally feels about me, I am going to tell Olivia everything”

Walter: “You’re a good man Peter. She knows that”

  • Peter can indeed be admirable. Do I sense a measure of..not disappointment necessarily, but of regret in Walter’s voice? While he knows all too well the damage a lie can do, he also knows that the truth can be just as destructive. He’s quietly projecting the idea that good deeds don’t always get rewarded. That’s the nature of sacrifice – you do it because it’s the right thing to do, not out of expectancy.
  • Does Peter truly understand these stakes? I don’t know, but I am proud that he’s not putting his own needs first. Olivia deserves to know the truth, however much it hurts her. I don’t subscribe to the notion that ignorance is bliss, not in matters of the heart.

  • Peter’s reaction to seeing Olivia? A mixture of joy, relief, and ‘argh sh..oot!’.

Peter: “Shouldn’t you be restin’?”

  • LOL! What he’s actually saying here folks, is: “What the hell are you doing here!? I’m not ready to deal with all of this right now. Get back into your box. Love you. Wow, you look hawt, kinda like other Oliv..oh crap, crap, crap!”
  • Okay, so I exaggerated a tiny bit there, but his reaction wasn’t one of a completely loving boyfriend, was it. It goes without saying that he was happy to see her, but as I’ve said before, the instinctive mind can be muddy terrain. So imagine what the heart looks like down there. And I’m sure that later on, when Olivia recounts every single word he’s said to her, she’ll relive this slightly off-exchange as being a signpost for what was to come.

Broyles: “Agent Dunham has been cleared for duty”

Peter’s Mind: “Crap. Well, in that case, please don’t kill me?”

  • Peter then TRAILS  behind Olivia and the group so much, I thought he was a movie.
  • And of course, the heart of the matter manifests itself into their reality, as if someone put it there to reflect their internal function. Who would do such a thing? I suspect robots:

Broyles: “They found the victim strapped to a table, chest cavity open and his heart missing. But then after they discovered him in that condition the victim regained consciousness and spoke, and died three minutes later”

  • Walter relishes this reflective opportunity. It’s as though the mad doctor knows the value of repairing what lies below. Except when it involves Peter chasing his destiny, of course.
  • Walter acknowledges the precision of the heart extraction and we get more embellishment to the idea that our villain of the week is not ruthless organ thief.
  • The thing that really tips the Bishop Boys off on Roland’s trail? The first victim previously had heart surgery. Roland removed his new heart. Perhaps this idea will further play into our overarching Peter story, depending on how mach credence you give the “Brown Betty” episode.

Olivia: “Okay, what if someone is harvesting organs on the black market?”

Peter: “Unlikely..”

  • No really, listen to the woman, Peter.
  • Has Peter ever conflicted Olivia like this in a case before? They’ve often had opposing approaches, but it’s almost as though this early ‘disagreement’ happened so automatically. Of course, the writing is creeping to the surface here in its need to tell a specific story, but I also like to think their subconscious elements are poking their heads up from their holes.
  • Olivia is a super-heightened individual and Peter is feeling mega-guilty – I’d guess that their internal functions were well aware of what Peter did long before he consciously tells Olivia the truth in the next scene. In a sense we have ‘Projection Peter’ doing battle with ‘Protection Peter’. Though of course, Olivia’s internal has many different ‘characters’ that guard her well-being – Projection Peter is one of many.

  • And so the moment has finally arrived – their first chance to really ‘catch-up’ on all the crazy happenings that disrupted their union. Olivia not only has her man back, but she’s already seeing the world differently – appreciating meagre cups of coffee like never before. She’s a changed woman! Except..she’s not, she’s still Olivia. She’d still drink you under the table. People change, but it rarely happens overnight. Or over eight weeks.
  • And without rehashing too much, I’ll just reiterate my point – In my opinion, Peter should have known that Altlivia wasn’t *his* Olivia. Why was their more onus on him to figure it out than Walter or Broyles or Astrid? Because he is the one who’s supposed to be in love with her. He is the reason she risked life and split-ends to retrieve him from the AU. The rest of the team have not made that kind of intimate commitment with Olivia. They have not kissed her or cupped her face with all the tenderness of a feather. If it was any one’s responsibility (yes, responsibility) to notice she was gone, then it was Peter’s.
  • I think it’s an extremely solid point of view – certainly not the only one, but a solid one.

Olivia: “You know when you go on vacation and you come back and some things are a revelation. Like, coffee or my favorite shoes. And then other things are just.. My mail was opened, it’s kinda disconcerting knowing that somebody else has been living your life.”

  • I’m glad to get this from Olivia as I thought she was taking it all a bit too well up to this point. I’m also glad that one of the season’s core themes is brought to the surface in a pretty simple way – the battle of self. While this storyline has many different degrees from which it can be viewed, I’ve found it most interesting to go beneath the surface of what is being described. Shapeshifters, alternate universes, et al – they are fantastical notions that allow us to consider ‘being human’ without even realizing it.
  • Because that’s another thing – if we view Olivia and Altlivia as inherently being the same person (which I think we must do, in conjunction with viewing them as distinct identities), this is exploring the notion of people being their own worst enemies. How much control do people have over their own lives? Are there internal elements as well as external ones that cause people to lose who they are from time to time? How do people reconcile the way they see themselves with the way others do?

Peter’s Heart: “There’s something that I have to talk to you about”

  • Oh, Okay, interrupt me why don’t you!

Peter’s Nether regions: “..about her”

  • Olivia’s heart sinks. I had wondered why she hadn’t even considered the possibility that Peter and Altlivia had ‘relations’ while she was gone, but of course she had. Of course she HAD. It’s just that some things we tuck away. The moment Peter mentions ‘her’ the envelope opens like the jaws of a hungry Burlap Bear.

Peter’s Memory: “I noticed…changes. Small changes. They were definitely there. She’s….

  • Oh crumbs, tread carefully Peter, please for all that is moley, tread carefully!

Peter’s Defense System: “[she’s]..much quicker with a smile..and less..less intense, maybe. She said that when she was over there, when she saw her other life, it made her want to change, to be happier. And I believed her because that made sense.

  • Oh dear. The Cortexi has not only hit the phan, it’s splattered all over Peter and will take weeks to come off! Now, I appreciate his honesty, he is absolutely doing the right thing by telling her. But, “quicker with a smile”? OUCH!
  • It’s not that truth hurts (although there is that), but it’s that he’s undermining who Olivia is – just as I suggested earlier in the season. It’s one thing that Peter noticed these apparently ‘small changes’ and didn’t find them odd enough to realize that they didn’t belong to *his* Olivia, but it’s another thing that these changes are seen as improvements to him. As I’ve been saying, there’s no doubt in my mind that he *enjoys* these traits that Altlivia has.

  • Peter went to places with Altlivia that he couldn’t have gone with Olivia. So how is Olivia supposed to take the news that her double has qualities that a). are not attributes that she herself has, and b). caused Peter to ignore the alarm bells because he enjoyed the smiley Olivia doll?
  • This isn’t to bash Peter. In fact, I’m quite interested in exploring the ideas being presented here. By hook or by crook ‘the powers that be’ have given us a storyline that is incredibly intricate in terms of how its woven around our heroes hearts.
  • To me, the fact that Peter’s love for Olivia transferred over to Altlivia, implies that his feelings for madame are genuine. How far those feelings can be separated is primed for debate, but it plays into the question of how much we really love the people we love. Do we love each and every single dimension of their being to the ultimate degree – without prejudice of the fact that they leave the seat down, or always burn the toast? Or do we love some shades of their being more than others? Do these shades override their ‘lesser’ qualities or help complete ours? These are not questions we necessarily think about consciously, but I sense that they are processed somewhere.
  • For me, it’s a question of how closely the edges of Peter’s being matches the respective edges of Altlivia and Olivia. I’d say that when it comes down to it, he cares for them both in different ways. And while that’s probably an honest description of how people can love the different sides to a singular person (loving each attribute to different degrees), it’s still worrying to me in the context that Peter doesn’t necessarily value Olivia’s ‘intensity’ as much as I feel she needs him to.
  • Because, guess what? It’s who she is. She’s pretty intense, she’s the freakin’ Dunhamnator and she’ll rip you a new one in a cake shop if she has to. To be told that you don’t quite match up to your doppelganger is akin to being told that someone kinda digs you on Monday to Fridays, but REALLY loves you at the weekends. It still hurts because maybe you’re not a weekend person most of the time. Maybe you prefer Fridays the most?
  • Olivia leaps to Peter’s own defence – in truth, she’s also defending her own hemorrhaging heart:

Olivia: “There was no way for you to know. Everything happened so fast, I couldn’t even tell you how they did it. You know it’s OK. I’m here now”

  • Aw. You are indeed, Livvy. But I fear that you’ve only just stepped into Altliv’s domain. I can barely watch the hammer blow..

Peter: “When you asked me to come back to this world with you, you said..

*Olivia takes the baton*

Olivia: “..that you belonged with me”

Peter: “..and so I came back for you..for us. And we started seeing each other, and I explained away the differences because our relationship was different. I thought she was you Olivia”

  • Hmm..maybe she didn’t quite expect that after all. I find Peter’s style of storytelling interesting. He gives a straight account for the most part, before dipping into “and we started seeing each other”. Poor lamb, he’s already lived the future he was supposed to share with Olivia.
  • Olivia’s first question, after about  a million questions zapped through her mind? “Does everyone know?”. The first instinct is to barricade the heart – she wants to make sure that pride remains intact. Unfortunately, the cat was out of the bag before poor whiskers was put inside the bag.

Peter: “Olivia, I’m sorry”

Oh, Livia: “You know, she had a really full life, really sweet boyfriend, and if he hadn’t have been outta town, then who knows what could have happened. She had friends, people who loved her. People who risked their lives to help her. They, all believed that I was her, so I can understand how that..”

  • Perhaps the most tragic thing I’ve seen in Fringe since The Newt drowned in a puddle of his own mercury. Because Olivia is actually telling Peter why Altlivia’s life has enabled her to be a degree brighter, while also letting him know that unlike him, she didn’t sleep with the wrong person. Perhaps Peter needs his own ‘Projection Peter’ to keep him on the straight and narrow?

  • And that right there – Olivia’s response to this devastating news – is perhaps the number #1 reason why Peter should have known: because clearly it matters quite a lot to Olivia.
  • Of course, throughout all of this there’s the underlying theme of ‘second chances’. We see it with Roland’s victims – who were each given another chance through Amanda’s organ donations; and Roland himself, who wanted to bring his ballerina back to life. But are second chances all their cracked up to be? Can Olivia and Peter reconcile their pain to see one another in the same light as before – or has that initial perception been tainted too much to ever recapture the brief, yet vibrant, glow?
  • It’s like lightening in a bottle. But it’s even more complicated because I believe that Peter’s heart has already been stolen – partially, at least – by Altlivia. So it’s also a question of how much does Peter want Olivia now that he’s grazed in the green, green grass of her other side?
  • The serum used by Roland to slow down cell degradation in his victims – could this idea tie in with Peter’s untold back story? There’s still much we don’t know, especially in light of Bellie’s comment in the season 2 finale. Perhaps it relates to something more recent, like the Sleep Me injection Altlivia made him take?

Peter: “Why bother to slow down his death, they already stole his heart?”

Walter: “I’m betting it hepled our organ thief sleep well at night”

  • It’s interesting that Roland displayed more of a conscience for his actions than Walter did when he stole Peter from his double. I guess it could be argued that Walter’s efforts to hide his technology is an example of his conscience at work, but how much of that was for the alternate universe, and how much was for his own world and the things he holds dear? Granted, the two worlds are so entangled that it’s difficult to separate any action being exclusively for one or the other. But I’m interested in character motivations.

  • Want to know how well Peter knows Olivia? All the proof is in this icky pudding:

Walter: “How did she react?”

Peter: “Surprisingly well”

  • Say, WHAT? If he thought that was Olivia taking it “well” then the man is even more far gone than I thought. I love Walter here though, he actually said something REALLY funny. Look!:

Walt-HA!: “Do you think possibly they replaced her with a robot?”

  • Haha, Walter! :) Even he knows that Olivia wouldn’t take the whole Altlivia thing well. Walter is more perceptive than Peter. That’s it, we’re all screwed. To make matters worse, Peter actually ponders the robot theory. And Bad Robot is a real life person. The End. Actually, there’s a little bad robot in each of us, but that’s for another time.

Walter: “Peter, what time is it?”

Peter: “Do not speak to me of time, for there is no such thing!”

  • The (other) moment we’ve all been waiting for – Olivia burns her house down…with her mind! Well, not quite. Call off the hoses, people. But, she does give her clothes and bed sheets a good spin wash. And what’s this? Oh, it’s Peter’s M.I.T. shirt (stands for Man In Trouble).
  • Poor, poor Olivia. She probably doesn’t know what’s worse, being trapped in Walternate’s void, or coming back to this. Seeing, what is effectively, Peter’s ‘superhero costume’ was the last straw because it probably represented one of her own idealistic fantasies – perhaps she even thought she would one day get to wear it and Peter would comment on the fact it was too big for her, but they would laugh because it was cute. Aw.
  • Instead, she gets a visual clue on just how comfortable her Nemesis and Boy Wonder made themselves in her absence. It took this to bring her to tears. The last time she was this drenched she was in the Bra and Panties Tank™! (Oh, B&P Tank™, will your usefulness ever fade?).
  • And not just any tears. Silent, deadly tears – ancients say those are the worst kind because they’re internal. Heck, if we had an x-ray machine we’d probably see Projection Peter crying somewhere inside her too; wiping his shiny eyes with the sleeve of that jacket. Gotta love the director on this as he backs the camera operator the hell out of there. “We’ll come back in the morning, Dunham” *walks backwards*.
  • As we saw earlier, Olivia has a hankering for coffee since she got back. I guess she spent enough time thinking she was their Olivia to have built up such an appreciation for its scarcity on the other side. And finally, Olivia and Astrid say more than two words to each other. Seriously, they BARELY ever talk! Is it contrived that suddenly there’s room for them to bond? Yes, of course. They needed someone (possibly a woman) to have the sensitivity to see that Olivia was hurting. Peter’s usually the one who plays that role, but um, “Peter’s unavailable right now, can I take a message?
  • That being said, I didn’t really mind because sometimes you can’t have it both ways (although I’m sure Peter would like to. What?).

Astrid: “Bad night?”

Olivia: “I had a lot of laundry to go through”

*smile smile smile*

  • It’s revealing that Olivia doesn’t waste much time in putting her Peter Problem out in the open. It starts off as a pride thing, and perhaps professional reflex – but it descends into desperate curiosity:

Olivia: “You saw them together. What was he like with her”

  • Gawd, all I could think about was Newton’s “now I know how weak you are!” taunt from last season. This is such a moment of vulnerability from Olivia. She’s so damn intrigued that she’s openly going against her own grain and asking Astrid whether Peter was happier with her Nemesis than with her. Talk about putting someone on the spot.

Olivia: “He didn’t seem different, or like, happier?”

  • From this I get that Olivia is now extremely conscious of her own lack of swiftness with a smile. Not that she wasn’t before necessarily, but before it wasn’t a problem for Peter. She was just herself and there were no expectations. Now that’s all gone to sunshine and it’s easy to see how introspective her lens has become. Her curiosity also shows that she cares about Peter’s happiness. That’s the first thing she asks Astrid – because to her its the most important thing. Did she ever make Peter happy, or could she only take him to a certain level before the baton had to be passed to her Olympic Champion double?
  • And by the way, let me just say that perhaps Peter might want to consider the quality of a smile and not the quantity? And I know, I know, Peter didn’t mean to be mean. But for the love of Fringe, way to give someone a complex.
  • Bless Astrid. It can’t be easy. I get that, but I’m not sure I liked this:

Astrid: “Olivia wait. He thought she was you”

Olivia: “I understand, it’s fine”

Astrid: “It’s not fine. Whatever feelings Peter had, they were not about her. They were about you. And they were real. They still are”

  • I didn’t like it because as valid as the possibility is, I don’t agree with it in this particular instance, and I’m not sure Astrid did either. I mean, is she really qualified to speak on Peter’s behalf? It’s not as though she was any the wiser to Altlivia’s sneakery. Just how informed is Astrid? What’s the basis of her belief? Now, if it was Newton saying all this I’d be more confident. That man could read people like a Kindle.

  • Now naturally, Peter’s feelings began with Olivia and he still has strong emotions for her. But to essentially say that he doesn’t have any real feelings for Altlivia is Astrid closing her eyes, sticking her fingers in her ears while humming the Fringe theme tune. Because in those eight weeks Peter became visibly happier. Even if it started as a lie, he went places that he found extremely meaningful.
  • But it does continue to raise the interesting question of what is real and what isn’t? Contrived or otherwise, Peter has experienced different levels of love with two versions of the same person that cannot be untangled – not without open heart surgery. Falling in love with someone is only the beginning – the extension of that voyage is to travel that emotion, stay in it, and fall deeper. Peter, at the very least, remained in love with Olivia through Altlivia. To me that says a lot. It tells me that he didn’t miss Olivia’s definable and indefinable qualities enough.
  • That being said, relationships change, and things evolve along the way – connections; the intricate threads that bind people together in the first place are capable of shifting. These roots can grow into something else or they can become invisible through the layers of new experience. That in itself is an interesting point. But it just seems that Peter lost all sight of the fundamental elements that brought him and Olivia together in the first place. Imagine if Olivia and Altlivia were literally one person, it could be argued that their relationship hit new heights from the moment she changed.
  • So basically, this story also asks whether a person should have to fundamentally change in order to make someone else happy? Is change the only way for Olivia to take Peter to the dizzy heights, or does she have enough in her own locker to achieve the same effect using her distinctive natural attributes? I think that’s the seed of hope here – the very real idea that there’s more than one way to a persons heart.

  • Give a man an awesome office and you give him back his swagger:

Broyles: “Yes it’s urgent, immediately means urgent”

  • I’m so going have to borrow that one.
  • Roland’s belief that the organs didn’t belong to his victims is interesting. He’s right, but it wasn’t his decision to make. This plays into Walter stealing Peter from Walternate. There’s no doubting that the former was wrong to do what he did (there was another way), but now that Peter’s an adult, does Walternate have a right to try and get him back? Of course, Walternate has another agenda, but it will be interesting to see if he continues to give Peter the ‘choices’ he did at the end of last season.
  • Poor Peter, he’s really trying to avoid those eggshells. Mere mention of the word “dating” turns him into jelly. The scene with Amanda’s mother is when we really get some context as to why the case informs what’s happening personally to Olivia (and Peter). Like Olivia, Amanda didn’t have many friends. Her reassembled organs represent both the demands being placed on Olivia and the gradual piecing together of her identity. There’s also the fact that only one thing really made her happy – ballet.
  • Which begs the question, what really makes Olivia ‘happy’? Drinking large quantities of alcohol? Nah, that’s something to dampen the raw emotions, not turn them upside down. Other than roller-coasting with The Littlest Ella, I can only think of two things – her job and, I guess, Peter. But even saving people is a different kind of happiness, it’s really more of a responsibility. So that leaves Peter. So that leaves…a whole lot of pain.

Peter: “Mrs Walsh, how did your daughter die?”

Mrs. Walsh: “She took her own life”

*Peter and Olivia exchange concerned looks as things get a bit too close to home*

Mrs. Walsh: “My daughter was..clinically depressed”

  • So her world stopped spinning despite the ballet. We’ve examined depression on Fringe before, but this one lives in its own space. At this point I didn’t really feel anything for Amanda, but I could detect the relevance it had for Olivia and Peter. Olivia always identifies herself with the female victims, and Peter doesn’t want to send her over the edge. Because he cares about her, but also because he’s experienced his own mother take her life and has seen the damage mental illness has done to Walter.
  • The ‘Look! We’re using Sprint!’ product placement was very on the nose, but I’ll happily let it slide if it gives Fringe Division some extra cash. Maybe Broyles will get to keep his office?
  • Amanda’s mother? It seemed a bit too clean and easy, didn’t find her believable. But who knows what goes on behind closed doors?
  • Annnd, Walter eats Amanda. I found Astrid’s “O.M.G” and Peter’s “That’s a person!” more amusing. But fear not folks, Walter didn’t in fact eat a person. It was only concrete and some other stuff. Delicious concrete. No wonder that man always has digestive issues.

Walter: “I believe whoever is stealing these organs is trying to put this girl back together again”

  • But can you fix what is broken? Perhaps more to the point, did Roland have a right to bring Amanda back after she chose to end her own life? It’s an uncomfortable question, but I imagine the answer will sit somewhere in the middle. It’s good to have someone who will do anything for you, but to what point? To the point where it overrides your own freewill? I think this may have been a point in making Amanda 17. Hate to be so brief on a delicate subject, but one must proceed..

  • Needless to say I found the ‘Pinnochio‘ scene disturbing, but no less interesting. It really illustrated how Roland had idealized memories of Amanda. He didn’t just want to bring her back, he wanted to see her dance. On some level it’s about control. The heavy wires went against the essence and effortlessness of ballet, but he was making her dance, he was guiding her through the steps that he wanted her to make.
  • I think this scene was very effective at contrasting that fine line between love and control, particularly in relation to dealing with grief. Clearly Roland loved this girl – weird and creepy as that is – but I think it’s fair to say that he gained the illusion of power in his actions. Underscoring all of this is that fact that he hurt others and ‘Amanda’ to achieve his goal. A goal which failed.
  • Side thought: Will it turn out that, like Amanda, Robert Bishop’s body was also stolen? Surely we have to get more on that story at some point?

Astrid: “You don’t really believe that it’s possible to bring a dead person back to life, do you?”

Walter: “No. Not for lack of trying. Bellie and I dabbled in that area for years. But alas, we never could revive Yatsko. Peter just loved that cocker spaniel”

  • I’m surprised Astrid asked that question – considering all that she’s seen. Walter’s response was even more surprising. Fair enough, it’s in-line with the previously implied ‘rules of Fringe‘, but we’ve seen things that come very close, such as that shapeshifter embryo they revived from the dead. Doesn’t that count?

  • Ah, the fall-out continues. Olivia is very much in CONTROL in this scene and she’s making sure that Peter knows all about it. Projection Peter has never been so deeply buried. Hell, he’s getting murdered down there.

Peter: “You’d think that someone who was working so hard at being OK would get some sort of pay-off”

*long stare*

Ouch Livia: “Well, it doesn’t always work like that”

  • Peter being Peter doesn’t realize that Olivia is projecting. Or, he’s choosing to ignore it – take your pick. Olivia uses this opportunity to explain to Peter why he should have known in his bones that she was missing.

Olivia: “Profiling is not just about checking off the facts, you have to weigh them, you’ve got to feel it in your gut”

Peter: “So what don’t you fe..”

Olivia: “He doesn’t love her”


Olivia: “Whoever’s out there fighting to give Amanda back her life, even though she chose to end it, loves her. Okay!”

  • Gotta say, I love the “okay” at the end there, Olivia. Your point has been made in terms that even Peter can understand. I do feel sorry for Peter though.

Peter: “Don’t be, let’s just move on”

  • Don’t be like that, Peter. I mean, perhaps there’s also a point in saying that Olivia expects too much of you? I don’t think she’s wrong to do that, but there you go.

  • Perhaps the second most meaningful moment of the entire episode as Roland brings Amanda back to life:

“Amanda, Amanda it’s me, it’s Roland. You made a terrible mistake, it’s okay now, you’re back. I always told you I was going to be there for you the way you were there for me, remember?”

  • As he cups her face in his hands and looks into her eyes, he sees it. Or rather, he fails to see it. The recognition, the spark, the intuition. This…thing is more unique than a fingerprint or DNA. It’s that knowing that Olivia mentioned earlier. Roland realized it was gone within seconds. He brought back the wrong person.
  • Which is why this scene deserves so much praise for its conception and portrayal. It crystallizes, without any words, the absence that Peter failed to observe in Altlivia.
  • Now, I do think there’s still an issue regarding Roland’s ‘shock, horror’ moment. I mean, he’s essentially caused another version of Amanda huge pain and distress. This was made somewhat neater by the fact that his horror was interrupted by the team.
  • I have a lot of time for thoughts on the soul and whether Roland was too hasty in his reaction. I guess we can consider the soul to be distinct in that it went along with the original Amanda. The absence of spark could be argued to be the absence of the original Amanda’s soul. Which implies that the soul leaves with the original bearer. Maybe that’s a better way to look at it – we are defined by our souls? All interpretation of course, but I find it interesting when Fringe tiptoes in those corners.
  • But yeah, very creepy. He essentially brought back a stranger – a Tabula Rasa.
  • Roland – probably the world’s most adept re-animator. Definitely the world’s worst escape artist. Seriously dude, make LOTS of noise and run with your head down straight into the great wall of Dunham. You’re really going places! Jail, to be precise.
  • I enjoyed Broyles slowly turning the door knob, followed by the spooky dungeon search.

Roland: “I was trying to correct a wrong. She made a mistake”

Olivia: “What was your relationship with her?”

Roland: “I just wanted her to have another chance. I wanted her to life her life. Her eyes. When I looked into her eyes, it wasn’t Amanda.”

  • I’m glad he mentioned the eyes because ties right into something I spoke about regarding Olivia in the previous episode.

Roland: “I don’t know what I brought back but I know it wasn’t her”

  • So there you have it. Once again we have one of our central character’s internal issues being reflected on the world around them. It’s a hybrid of the storytelling mechanics – making the stories more interesting and meaningful. It may also tell us something about whose eyes we are mostly seeing the show through – whose perspective do the writers want to mostly engage us with? But it’s also something that is true of life – perception influences reality.
  • How we feel inside often has a bearing on the world around us – if not actually, then certainly the way in which we see it. That we cannot control the ability may be down to other conflicts (such as logic), a lack of awareness, or maybe the aliens shut down our powers. Who knows, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Fringe is most powerful when it keeps the drama flowing through the characters we care about.  It’s reflective in more ways than one.
  • RIP Amanda. You had strings to hold you down, to make you fret, and make you frown. You had strings, but now you’re free, you’ve got no strings on you.
  • Amanda’s second death must have touched Walter in a significant way as well. I mean, he’s already lost his son once, it’s clear that not allowing history to repeat itself is never far from his mind.

Walter: “Strawberry milkshake..with extra whipped cream”

Pete-HA: “Don’t push it!”

  • Peter, I..I laughed.

  • My smile quickly faded as I saw Olivia looking as lost as I’ve ever seen her, hands in a prayer-like position. An important statement, perhaps? She’s never really been a woman of faith; she couldn’t understand how Mother could believe in spite of all that she went through. But she’s seen faith now, she’s seen the trust that people on the other side have placed in hope and in her. Her body language suggests that she’s more instinctively open to miracles than she was before she took one giant leap for Peterkind.
  • Of course, the main point here is that she’s currently in the Garden of Broken Hearts and she doesn’t want Peter touching her shoulder. That doesn’t work any more, Peter. You are indeed powerful, but those walls are too high for you to scale right now. Like I said in my “Entrada”  review – how can Olivia ever let her guard down around Peter again? It may happen eventually, but it’s got to be brick by brick, and even then he may find that she’s constructed a great Wall of China.
  • What is also telling is that Olivia covers her face/holds her head in her hands. She can’t even pretend to be okay, because she’s not. It’s all coming out now, the one thing that gave her the strength to come home turns out to be the one thing that could hurt her this much.

Peter: “What is it?”

Olivia: “You know what Barrett said. He said that he looked into her eyes and he knew that it wasn’t her”

Peter: “Olivia..”

Olivia: “I understand the facts, I know that she had reams of information about me, about my life and about the people that were close to me. And I understand that if she slipped up, she would have a completely reasonable explanation for it. And I guess to expect you to have seen past that is perhaps asking a little too much. But when I was over there I thought about you. And you were just an figment of my imagination. But I held onto you and it wasn’t reasonable, and it wasn’t logical, but I did it, so..why didn’t you?

*Peter computes*

Olivia: “She wasn’t me”

*Bring it home, girl*

Olivia: “How could you not see that? Now she’s everywhere, she’s in my house, my job, my bed, and I don’t want to wear my clothes anymore, I don’t want to life in my apartment, and I don’t want to be with you”

  • But Olivia, you’ve still got..

Olivia: “She’s taken everything”

  • Olivia exits the garden. Peter never stood a chance, this was an encounter he just has to soak up and take. It would have helped had he looked marginaly more interested in what Olivia was saying, but there was not much else he could do. “You belong with me” has never looked so far away. In fact, it’s so distant I hear they’re renaming Pluto after it.

Peter: “…………………………………………………………I’m sorry”

  • It’s a small gesture, but it goes a long way. Does it matter that Olivia couldn’t hear it? Not really, I’m sure he’ll get more chances to tell her in person. To express such regret when no reward or recognition is in sight? That’s something all of us Peter fans can cling on to. Let’s face it, the boy was flat out with the ref just about to send him to the locker room. But those words, those two little words delivered to the Garden Fairy are like medicine to the soul.
  • There’s a lot to be reconciled here. We know that Peter is sorry and of course he didn’t mean any of this to happen, on a conscious level. But he could have been smarter. He could have known Olivia a little better, because goodness knows he used to.
  • As for Olivia, well you have to feel desperately sorry for her. How could things get any worse after John Scott? But as much as this hurts right now, and may do for a long time to come, she has to remember that it was her capacity to love that saved her life. She did that. Maybe she needs to learn to love herself a bit more – to appreciate who she is? That being said, her road looks difficult. But there’s no reason why she can’t grow from this – that in itself is a form of change. Everything that has happened so far has a sort of rhythm to it. Perhaps learning from this entire experience while keeping hold of her true self is what she has to do next.
  • After all, who is Olivia if she isn’t many people in her own right? It’s just about finding the balance, and who knows, perhaps Peter will have a role to play if he still wants it.
  • Because that’s my big question – how much does he love Altlivia? Not to go on about it, but it’s something that I would like to see explored because the writing has taken it there so far. To scrub it out and say that Peter only has eyes for Olivia would be, I think, to undermine the interesting themes that have bubbled to the surface. I think it just depends on how the writers explore the ramifications – multiple paths are open as long as Peter’s relationships with both Olivias are examined.
  • September, you little rascal, you. Love the over-the-shoulder- cam, and the sound of his gizmo is..heavenly.

“I have arrived”

  • Three words containing so much meaning. Did you travel by foot or gust of wind?

“Yes, I am looking at him as we speak. He is still..alive”

  • I take it he’s referring to Peter? Which would mean that we’re going to get some follow-up on Bellie’s comment about being surprised at how Peter was holding up. Or perhaps September’s comment relates to the Sleep Me serum Peter was made to inject himself with in the previous episode?
  • This is even more interesting because it implies that Peter could just as easily be dead right now. Despite perceiving the future, September is only able to confirm Peter’s ‘health bar’ now that he’s captured the moment. Is there something blocking September’s perception of Peter’s future? Has a new time-line recently been triggered – one that is somewhat obscured to our bald friends? Is this even *our* September?
  • Of course it is, look at those eyes.


Marionette. Not the best episode ever to be injected into my veins, but it had a function to perform which it did well. My lasting impression centers around the idea that though leaving can be painful, returning can be just as difficult. There’s also the idea that we are defined by something more than just our physical shells. Memories continue to play an important part in our story, and the spiritual connotations continue to percolate. But perhaps most of all, there’s the importance of hope – of not losing it, and of keeping the fire alive long enough to see past the next bend.

She’ll be alright. No-one can bend it like Dunham.

Best Performer: Anna Torv.

Best Line“She’s taken everything” – Olivia.

Best Moment: Olivia and Peter in the Garden of Broken Hearts.

Episode Rating 7/10

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  1. William Bishop says

    Hey Roco, why did you take so long in this review? Because of the Holidays, or like Roland you built it piece by piece? =)
    It was great like always, but I was really surprised by the fact you took it easy with Peter (at least less hard than usual, Christmas miracle?).
    In “The Bad” part you said that this wasn’t the best episode to start a Lowatus, I agree with you, but the thing is, it couldn’t be the one to start after the Lowatus (and Fringe Fridays), it was more like a “necessary evil” episode (not that I can call a Fringe episode bad), because it showed how the characters reacted after the events in “Entrada” and the producers need a great episode (which “Firefly” will probably be) to re-start after all this time, to keep moving on the story and the episode was “nothing” more than this and now we need just to wait for the end of the Lowatus with “Firefly”.

    And Merry Christmas for all of you in Fringe Bloggers! Let’s see if we get a new season as gift!

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    • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

      “but the thing is, it couldn’t be the one to start after the Lowatus (and Fringe Fridays), it was more like a “necessary evil” episode”

      Like maybe a ‘Midnight in the Garden of Good and Necessary Evil’ episode???

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    • says

      “Hey Roco, why did you take so long in this review? Because of the Holidays, or like Roland you built it piece by piece?”

      Ha. You could say that. Yeah, the holidays caught up with us at FB Towers.

      Happy holidays peeps, looking forward to your various views!

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  2. says

    Wonderful review Roco….

    I thought Anna and Josh acted very well during the garden scene… Anna let it all out and Josh played his restrained look very well.

    Merry Christmas FringeBloggers readers!!!!

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  3. runpaceyrun says

    Oh Roco….what a surprise Christmas present to wake up to on Christmas morning. (its 6.00am…i guess im a little excited!)
    Wishing you and all my fellow Fringe friends an awesome Christmas….all the way from Australia.
    May everyone one in the blue and red universe have a fabulous and peaceful day.
    Merry Christmas!

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  4. Sharon says

    Wonderful review again Roco. Thanks! What a nice Xmas present to be able to read about Fringe. Can’t wait for 1/21/11!! Loved that you said that maybe Olivia prefers Fridays the most!! And I also enjoyed: “Oh dear. The Cortexi has not only hit the phan, it’s splattered all over Peter and will take weeks to come off!”

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  5. runpaceyrun says

    Roco, i have just finished reading your review….very bleary eyed given my early start to Christmas morning. Your review was well worth the wait…and it made me relive all the feelings i had whilst watching Marionette. To say that i cried buckets of tears would be an acurate sumation of my feelings. I loved the way the writers paralelled the themes in this episode because it at least gave me a quick heads up as to what i was in store for.
    I couldnt wait to watch this episode…but when i got home and had downloaded it….i paused a while…because i knew what was coming….and yes i knew i would cry. I dont like to see my Fringe friends in pain. But i was conflicted…as this depth of drama and feeling that we see in Fringe is exactly why i am addicted to it.
    I will say that this episode really creeped me out…Roland and his live donor organ harvesting really shocked me…..and then when he operated Amanda as a marionette…well i nearly vomited. I know we have seen some extrodinary things on Fringe, and i have never questioned them….i believed in them. But this,…oh it was just so downright creepy. It was Amandas choice to end her life…and i think the fact that Roland felt that he was correcting her mistake was him inflicting his feelings on her. He should have just grieved for her and let her go. You cant decide to correct a mistake you think someone has made..But there we have it…Fringe and the theme of ‘choices’ and how we make them and what we do with them. I love it!
    But it did make me realise that we can all be puppets in this world…and yes Walternate is a puppet master…and i believe Altlivia was too (and the Newt as well). And each of these puppet masters will continue to have an effect on our main characters for quite some time to come.
    I wont go into Peter and Olivia’s relationship too much as i have written so much previously. All i will say is that (IMO) Peter does love Olivia (not Altlivia). I did not want the writers to have Peter and Olivia fall in love as i thought this would ruin the storyline…..but i will say what they did with Peter/Olivia/Altlivia relationship wise was an awesome storyline and one i wouldnt have missed for anything. It caused me such heartache and many a tear. It has made this show even stronger than it was before. The relationships and themes within Fringe make this show AWESOME, BRILLIANT and addictive….and i love it! I cannot wait for episode 3.10 Firefly.
    Just to add to my pain, Australian tv has put Fringe on Sumer lowatus as well. They have only screened 5 episodes so we still await 6955Khz. Networks everywhere are conspiring to torture Fringe fans. Thankgod we have the internet or else i would would be a huddled mass in the corner of a room rocking back and forth!
    Once again, Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all have a fantatsic day!

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  6. real1 says

    ……../So basically, this story also asks whether a person should have to fundamentally change in order to make someone else happy? Is change the only way for Olivia to take Peter to the dizzy heights, or does she have enough in her own locker to achieve the same effect using her distinctive natural attributes? I think that’s the seed of hope here – the very real idea that there’s more than one way to a persons heart. …………/

    I think Peter should work hard to prove his love and to make her happier not the other way around , and if his feeling did change to Alt-Olivia .. I think he doesn’t deserve our Olivia , after all .. he is from another universe and he is powering the machine to ruin our universe … back to this point why he is still in our universe now ? he can be back to his universe and be with Alt-Olivia and face his father , Olivia didn’t deserve that .

    Merry Christmas :)

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  7. ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

    The question I take away from Marionette is, “Who is the one really pulling the strings in the Fringe universe?” Walter? The Observers? Walternate? William Bell? Massive D?

    I also got an inkling of a thought from this episode, maybe Peter did not notice the Olivia switcheroo because HE’s been “brought back” (from the dead? From the Other Side? From ???) and they don’t really know who it is they “brought back”.

    Thanks for the review and Merry Xmas!!

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  8. McFly says

    Thank you so much Roco for all that you do, what a wonderful Christmas present, I hope you have a wonderful Holiday !

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  9. anzetse maloba says

    Merry Christmas Fringe Bloggers My Only Wish Is For The Writers To Go Easy On Olive The Girl Deserves A Break And Better Like Roco Said Quality Over Quantity

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  10. says

    “if we view Olivia and Altlivia as inherently being the same person (which I think we must do, in conjunction with viewing them as distinct identities)”

    Yup. Agree. When after all that has happened, I hope they do explore the duality in Olivia Dunham.

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  11. anzetse maloba says

    Just Out Of Curiousity How Does Boy Wonder Feel Knowing That Fakey Actual Had A Boyfriend In The Altuniverse After Hitting Olive With All The Quick To Smile & Less Intense Nonsense

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  12. lena says

    thanks for this great review, roco- as always! you really took your time with this one, but I have to admit it was worth the wait!
    I really needed to read your review because I felt kinda left alone with all this emotional stuff. I have to agree here, you really took it easy with Peter. I am not sure how I feel about him. of course, he should have seen that it wasn’t her but I mean how? Olivia is really tight as a clam most of the times. don’t get me wrong I ADORE Olivia but I don’t think she is easy to get along with. however, as I am writing this I realise that is the thing he should have recognised! mhm.
    Nevertheless, I still have hope for these two. with all that is to come they have to rely on each other and cannot be arguing or be passive aggressive monsters all the time (although I really liked that scene ! “He doesn’t love her!” You’re right, Roco; what a “BOOM!”)
    so let’s hope Peter finds a way to reconnect with her. she needs that and, above all, him. although she would probably prefer projection Peter at the moment 😉

    merry christmas to you all!

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    • says

      Cheers for sharing your mind, lena.

      “I have to agree here, you really took it easy with Peter.”

      Well, I always keep it real. Honest opinions. In this particular episode I felt no need to really Roconate Peter. I said what I needed to say about his shortcomings and what he needs to do, and even poked at him with the pokey stick, but he told Olivia the truth and apologized. That’s big.

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  13. Flyfisherwiz says

    I’m still intrigued by the first peoples vacuum device … the one in the alternate universe reacted to Peters DNA right? What about the one in this universe? with whose DNA does it react to? Olivias maybe??

    Speaking of the machine and Peters DNA, What if Altiv ends up being preggo by Peter then they, in the alternate universe, will have Peters DNA … could provide an interesting twist in future episodes?

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  14. cortexifan says

    Roco, again thank you so much for all the effort you put in these review. I’ve attempted to do that and share mine with my Fringies at work but I’m not anywhere near where you are although I’m getting better in looking “behind the scene”. Loved the M.I.T. Man in Trouble.
    It was worth the wait.
    Merry Fringmas

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  15. mlj102 says

    Wow. I was not expecting you to post this review today… I was expecting it to come sometime in early January. You never cease to surprise me!

    “Speaking of which, on a character level Peter earns points for being the better Bishop and showing a growth that can I appreciate.”

    We’ve got to give him credit for that, right? He has certainly taken that phrase “Be a better man than your father” to heart. He made a mistake — an unintentional one, but a big one — but he’s willing to admit that. And I really have been impressed with that aspect of his character these last few episodes. He has been willing to take responsibility despite the consequences. And that takes a lot of courage on his part.

    “I’ve always thought the show does well when it conveys fear through humans rather than flying badgers and the like.”

    Flying badgers?! I must have missed that episode!

    “the Dunhamnator not only returned from the alternate universe, but she brought Broylnate’s office back with her way through the void. Is there nothing this woman can’t do?”

    Your humor never gets old… I seriously love the humor in your reviews!

    “It’s not that truth hurts (although there is that), but it’s that he’s undermining who Olivia is”

    Well said. It’s true that by not recognizing she wasn’t there, he was essentially undermining who she truly is. I still don’t think he loves alternate Olivia, though. I agree that he liked certain traits she has — who doesn’t like a happy person who smiles a lot? But I think it was his love for Olivia that allowed him to begin the relationship with alternate Olivia. He may like aspects of alternate Olivia, but his love for Olivia came first and, whether he realizes it or not, it’s those fundamental qualities Olivia has that alternate Olivia doesn’t have that caused him to love her. He was with alternate Olivia over there and didn’t seem to be attracted to her then. It was only when he thought she was a changed version of his Olivia that he liked her. I just don’t think we can claim he loves alternate Olivia — he loves aspects of her and what she represents and the relationship he should have had with Olivia.

    (By the way, how heartbreaking was Olivia’s reaction when Peter was describing alternate Olivia? She had this look on her face that was rather perplexed, and a bit insulted. Yeah, he definitely didn’t handle that in the best way…)

    “If he thought that was Olivia taking it “well” then the man is even more far gone than I thought.”

    To be fair to Peter, I don’t think that he was saying that Olivia didn’t have any problem with the news, or that she didn’t care. He knew that it mattered to her and that it bothered her… I think that his response of “surprisingly well” was simply saying that it had gone better than he had expected it to. And if you think about it, it had gone pretty well, all considering. Olivia may not have liked it, but she took the news and stood against it pretty well. After all, she was still talking to him, which was probably more than he had hoped. So in truth, she did handle the news rather well, even though it cut her to the center. Her reaction was pretty mild. I don’t think Peter was dismissing the fact that she was hurt by the news, simply saying that she reacted rather well. Which is the truth.

    “Now naturally, Peter’s feelings began with Olivia and he still has strong emotions for her. But to essentially say that he doesn’t have any real feelings for Altlivia is Astrid closing her eyes, sticking her fingers in her ears while humming the Fringe theme tune.”

    I disagree. Why should Peter have any feelings for alternate Olivia? He doesn’t know her. He knows nothing about her: Her life, her job, even her world. All he knows it the alternate Olivia pretending to be Olivia. He knows the subtle differences. But that doesn’t mean he loves her. If he truly had feelings for her, would he have been able to shut them down and turn against her as quickly as he did when he found out she wasn’t Olivia? If he really had feelings for her, I would have expected him to be more torn. But the fact that he instantly switched sides and was determined to get our Olivia back tells me his loyalty and his love is with our Olivia 100%. He was just foolish enough to convince himself that the differences were still our Olivia.

    Don’t get me wrong. I completely agree with you that Peter should have known and it bugs me to no end that he didn’t pick up on the switch. It bothers me that he “didn’t miss Olivia’s definable and indefinable qualities.” But I don’t think that just because he didn’t realize she was a different person, it means he loves the substitute person he was with.

    “Other than roller-coasting with The Littlest Ella, I can only think of two things – her job and, I guess, Peter.”

    I can’t believe you actually said that. I never thought I’d see the day when you would actually acknowledge that about Olivia’s feelings for Peter. This is a huge step for you, Roco!

    As for the future of Peter and Olivia, they’re walking a careful line right now. I don’t want Fringe to take the “will they won’t they” approach that so many shows have taken. I do want them to slowly repair their relationship — I am one of those who happens to believe that they do belong together and I want to see them reach their happily ever after — but I do not want that aspect to become the full focus of the show. Don’t completely focus on that story, but don’t ignore it, either, and I’ll be happy.

    Watching this episode, I couldn’t help but compare it to other shows (*cough* Bones) and it made it clear to me how Fringe is just so much higher quality than those other shows. Fringe has taken this common story development but has approached it and addressed it in a way so much more believable and emotional than shows usually manage to achieve. After the episode, I thought that Bones (and other shows) could really benefit from learning a few lessons from Fringe. For anyone who watches both shows, Bones also had a very character-centric episode the week Marionette aired. It was an episode very focused on the “could have been” relationship between the two characters. And while it was well done, I didn’t think it was nearly to the same level that Fringe achieved in this episode. And if Fringe can continue to deliver this sort of progress and story and development, I think it will be a huge success.

    Moving on to other things, I wanted to point out how I loved the emotional, meaningful character interactions in this episode. Olivia and Broyles brought some needed yet also heartfelt continuity. It helped bridge the two episodes while providing the opportunity for both Olivia and Broyles to reflect on alternate Broyles and to strengthen their own relationship. I love how they followed through with that. Similarly, Olivia and Astrid talking about Peter was a great moment between those two. You may not have cared for it, but I thought it was fitting and appropriate. It worked. And though I’m not a huge Astrid fan, I thought her responses to Olivia’s questions were right on the mark.

    “Probably not the episode to go out on a 6 week Lowatus with.”

    I agree that it’s not like our typical Fringe episodes… The case really did take a role of less focus and significance than most episodes. And this case was clearly developed for the obvious parallels surrounding Olivia. This episode was entirely about character. And for that reason, I loved this episode.

    No, it may not have been the best episode to start off the Lowatus — it wasn’t action packed or loaded with mythology — but it was an episode that had to happen. And I think it works much better as the beginning of a Lowatus as opposed to the end of one. We had to see this episode to address Olivia returning to her life and realizing what had happened to it while she was gone. And they did an amazing job of addressing all of that. It was heartbreaking to watch her journey throughout this episode, starting out hopeful and optimistic and just happy to be home, to realizing that her very life itself had been taken from her. And though it didn’t leave off with a huge, obvious cliffhanger like other episodes have done, it still left with a deep question: Will Olivia be able to resume her life? What are the repercussions of Alternate Olivia having infiltrated her life? Will she be able to reclaim what is hers? And I’m excited to see her journey over the remainder of the season as she works at doing just that (who wants to bet she goes to see Sam Weiss shortly after Fringe returns in January?). This episode effectively tied up the loose ends from the main story running through the first half of the season, and for Olivia, it set the stage for what we can expect in the last half. And for that reason, I think it was a very good episode and it was a logical episode to use as the episode before the Lowatus.

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    • real1 says

      “””” the fact that he instantly switched sides and was determined to get our Olivia back tells me his loyalty and his love is with our Olivia 100%. He was just foolish enough to convince himself that the differences were still our Olivia. “””””

      I really would like to take it as how you did it .. but i can’t , yes Peter is loving our Olivia but fall in love with Alt-Olivia and he couldn’t see the difference between the 2 , peter proved his stupidity once again when he took Olivia’s words as it’s fine .. we are good , beat me but if he is still have a feeling for her ain’t he will call her back ? or at least say anything about his feeling to her ?

      Alt-olivia was plying Olivia but that not mean our Olivia will react the same way which Alt-Olivia did react simply because she wasn’t her , if any one is knowing who is Alt-Olivia it will be our Olivia but no one can know who is our Olivia . in fact i can give some credit to Alt-Broyles he did sacrifice himself to Olivia in order to heal both universe , and Peter sacrifice himself for Alt-Olivia no less !! I didn’t hear a bad word from peter’s mouth to describe her !! the opposite he was smiling when he was talking about her and even in the “Entrada ” he was so soft with her !!! don’t get me wrong am all for Peter as long as he will redeem himself .. there is a hope at the end ! .. but for now .. i can’t stand Peter !

      For the idea : why Olivia didn’t thought that Peter and Alt-Olivia may have a relation .. I think Olivia isn’t that easy woman to take her so quickly to bed ! It took from her tow years to admit her love and care for Peter , and I don’t think the next step will be so easy , so even if she thought that peter may try to take the next step Alt-olivia will not … she has a boyfriend and she isn’t that easy to fall in love or to take the next step . which is why Olivia was hurting so much .. and gave it right : she is taken every thing . IMO

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  16. RedOne says

    “Because that’s my big question – how much does he love Altlivia?”

    Peter doesn’t love her. He doesn’t know her, she was just playing a character, Olivia’s character.

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    • GeigerCounter says

      But she wasn’t playing her that convincingly. The little “changes” Peter noticed were the things he liked the most and those were the real Altlivia.

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      • real1 says

        But first of all he was liking Olivia as how she was , he did agree to be back with her without that little change , he said at 3.04 you are completely a different person , so it’s not a little change I think ? but he admitted that he likes this change , and secondly … Alt-Olivia who did invite Peter to her home .. I don’t think that our Olivia will do that ! … Peter was loving the new Olivia by Alt-Olivia , and Alt-Olivia wasn’t going to that step .. but Newton did push her too , if Alt-Olivia did hold any feeling for Peter later that’s a testing for her loyalty for Franck , but for Peter .. he was thinking that he is with his Olivia .. so how on earth he would be in love with Alt-Olivia or hold any feeling for her ? she did deceive him then fall in love with him while she had a boyfriend ???? how Peter is thinking ? so love is blind ???? how ? if Peter’s feeling were at first place for our Olivia not Alt-Olivia .

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  17. Ann_Louise says

    Thank You for an early (for us Midwesterners at least) Christmas gift. Even when I don’t agree with you Roco, you present your views concisely and point out things in every epiode that relate to the big picture.

    As a horror fan, I think I’d rate Marionette a bit that than most – watching that poor girl forced to dance to her masters’ tune was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen on Fringe. I love it when the show edges close to the gross-out (the teaser), and the truly disturbing (Amanda’s dance of death). Her reaction after reanimation, her inability to speak and horror at her situation – reminded me of the Bride of Frankenstein’s Monster.
    “I’ve always thought the show does well when it conveys fear through humans rather than flying badgers and the like.”

    “Flying badgers?! I must have missed that episode!”
    No Kidding! Make it flying VAMPIRIC badgers under the control of Molebaby and we have ourselves a classic!

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  18. KLA says

    As always, great review, great insights, and great comments.

    I guess the question that still lingers for me is that given that Olivia knew that Altlivia was in her universe with a mission, why is she so surpised that Altlivia would inflitrate her life, job, friends, man, etc . . . I mean Altlivia did not come here to hide in the woodworks to accomplish her mission, because if so, why send her and not have some shapeshifter already here do the job. She had to have expected it, and it would not be that hard, especially given how she so easily fooled Charlie into thinking she was Altlivia in Over There part 2 (and that was just ten minutes after she dyed and cut here hair). Sheesh.

    Second, poor Peter. 2 things. He has now crossed “over” three times– the same number as Olivia. When He crossed at the end of Season 2 his mom said he was asleep for 3 days and he needed an IV. Then he crossed back again, seemingly unscathed and not needing an extended nap as he was all chipper when being debriefed. Is going one way harder on the body than the other?? Perhaps that third crossing dulled his senses such that he really truly could not see the obvious changes in Olivia or his genetic structure was somehow altered. I mean aren’t there consequences in crossing over??? I know, weak, but maybe there is more to Peters issues than meets the eye.

    Second, as I looked back at some of the episodes this season, there is no doubt that Peter should have known it was not Olivia, apart from the luvy-duvy stuff. First, it was patently obvious that Olivia lacked the bull-dog tenancity which which she pursued every single aspect of old cases. You know, the “leave no stone unturned” mentality. That alone should have been a huge tip-off, and it is hard to beleive that everyone missed that, and most of all Peter who seemed to comment on that frequently in the past. Next, remember in 6955 kHZ when Olivia shoved the shapeshifter out of the window, and when Peter got upstairs she was acting all scared and hugging Peter saying “Peter– I was so scared? WTF???? Olivia has never exhibited that kind of fear and weakness in such situations, and she has been beat up (by fake Charlie, no less), tackled, and all sorts of things, but has always been “alright”. It should have been clear to Peter that something was amiss. Last, Olivia has repeatedly told Peter that she has “a freakishly good memory.” But she did not rember the numbers or the identity of the book store guy

    My Point?? Peter should have known. End of story. No excuses.

    Hopefully she and Peter will make amends. Perhaps Olivia will end up saving Peter from the machine, September, and Walternate, and once see how hapless he really is, she will see how much she loves him.

    Just under a month to go for a new episode!!!

    Happy New Year!!!!

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  19. Peter Bishop Must Die says

    Things are looking pretty hopeless in terms of them ever becoming anything other than friends now. However I can’t help feeling like, if this rips them apart, Altlivia will have won. Could this perhaps (going out on a limb here) have been one of Bolivia’s missions? Perhaps one that Walternate assigned her because he thought them too dangerous together? This is Fringe, after all, and anything is possible. And what would Peter and Olivia’s reaction be if they knew this? To me, Peter and Olivia represent the two universes. Both at odds, both hurting from decisions and losses that are not completely black and white. I feel as if the only way both universes can co-exist is if Peter and Olivia can fight through their differences, their pain, and learn to trust each other and work together again despite their past. That, to me, would be the ultimate picture of hope. After all, if our two main characters can’t learn to work through their passed wrongs, how can we possibly expect two WORLDS to? Also the show has almost blatantly pointed out that, if they are not together (not necessarily romantically), the two worlds cannot survive. There is no hope. They NEED each other.

    That being said, Olivia and Peter both deserve happiness. I can’t see the series ending without them being happy, and I also can’t see the show bringing in two new love interests for them. Of course the other option is death for one or both characters. But even then I couldn’t really see either dying without being at peace with the other.

    Food for thought.

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    • Aimee says

      I’ve always thought that Walternate knows that Olivia and Peter together is bad news for his plans. I’m actually hoping that was the real idea behind the switch. Sometimes when you break a bond, those electrons go into hyper-mode seeking an attachment that may end up much stronger than before 😉

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  20. Bluelights30 says


    I was thinking about this… that in the 6955kHz episode(I believe) altivia says something interesting when they found the new artifact… that they had to protect THEIR world… or something similar. It was like a speech of destiny thinking about that they’re both from the other universe, and they like each other… like they’re meant to be for reasons of “destiny”.
    That left me thinking about our poor olivia… and the dead peter…
    And that all those little details will take greater scenario in the future…
    Only september knows…

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  21. giorgio - Greece says

    Merry Christmas to all!

    I just can’t understand how that woman does it. When I saw her in this episode, she was OUR Olivia once more, you could see it in her every move, her smile, the way she was talking and looking at things. My God, what a great actress she is.

    Although Marionette wasn’t one of the best episodes aired, I must agree that it served a purpose and it did just that, very well.

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    • wongwizard101 says

      I agree – I don’t know how Anna Torv has managed to do it. She plays her characters so well it’s mind boggling

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  22. jophan says

    It’s been funny seeing how impatient folks have gotten about this review. I’ll take what I can get when it comes. You certainly put a lot of thought into these.

    it’s still worrying to me in the context that Peter doesn’t necessarily value Olivia’s ‘intensity’ as much as I feel she needs him to. …

    But it just seems that Peter lost all sight of the fundamental elements that brought him and Olivia together in the first place.

    I don’t think Peter values Olivia’s intensity at its current level. Rewatch the first few S1 episodes, excepting “The Cure”, and see where she was then versus now. He thinks it’s dangerous for her and repeatedly tries to get her to calm down somewhat, to confide in him and let him help. (Broyles is the same way, sometimes; how many times has he asked her, “Are you all right?”) His, “I explained away the differences because our relationship was different” indicates that he thought that their relationship could help her be healthier, even as it make him happier. The surprise (in “Shapeshifters”) was that it didn’t take more work.

    from anzetse maloba’s comment:
    Just Out Of Curiousity How Does Boy Wonder Feel Knowing That Fakey Actual Had A Boyfriend In The Altuniverse After Hitting Olive With All The Quick To Smile & Less Intense Nonsense

    There’s been a lot of discussion about how Peter’s starting off with “quicker with a smile and less intense” was unconsciously cruel, but Olivia’s quick reminder to him that BOlivia was completely playing him is just as much. Remembering that the last time she spoke to him, she included “taking care of Walter” in the list of reasons for him to return, even though he’d have been justified in never wanting to speak to the man again… Neither of these two is particularly good at choosing their words to meet the other’s emotional state.

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    • Pierce says

      I was just re-watching the first couple of episodes from S1 the other day, and I noticed that Olivia often snapped at Peter or brushed aside his attempts to get her to relax and smile a bit. Yes, this was shortly after John died, but it’s amazing how he handled her less than gracious moments back then in comparison to now. Peter’s a lot more invested in Olivia, emotionally speaking, and I thought the scene where they’re going through the files is an intriguing display of the emotional pain that sits between them and how ill-prepared they are in dealing with it. Peter pushes back against Olivia’s passive agressive approach in addressing what’s going on between them. I don’t think we’ve ever seen her take that approach, or for Peter to be so intolerant of her behavior. It went to show, as you mentioned that neither are particularly good at chosing their words at times. At the same time, it gives the relationship these interesting, complicated layers. Juicy stuff. 😉

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  23. Pierce says

    And The War? It was somewhat disconcerting to see the team investigate anything other than a case involving the alternate universe. Is there nothing they could be doing with the machine, for instance?

    It’s interesting because I had the exact opposite thought. I’ve been wondering throughout the the season if the team was ever going to investigate a case that wasn’t tied to Walternate, the impending war and the alternate universe. Aren’t there people on this side still preparing for this war? ZFT zealouts? The man in the horn rimmed glasses that keep prematurely activating Cortexiphen children? Don’t those loose strings need to be tied back into the story at some point? Besides, I doubt they would have gotten this case if the man whose heart was removed hadn’t woken and spoke afterwards. As exciting and invigorating as the alternate universe storyline has been, I think it may be a bit naive to believe every episode going forward will deal with the mythology so heavily. Afterall, it wasn’t ignored in this episode, it just wasn’t the primary focus, and it didn’t need to be. The story needed a moment to breath and deal with the emotional fallout from all the previous events, and it handled them splendidly.

    I loved seeing Broyles’ curiosity pique. Actually, he seemed to instantly know who this mysterious “friend” was – carry-over from the previous episode where he had to RIP himself.

    I thought the writers did a fantastic job bonding those two scenes across episodes together by addressing Broyles curiosity and grief over the loss of his alternate. His expression as he listened to Olivia describe his doppleganger looked to be one of reflection and regret. It’s difficult to say for which man…I suppose it doesn’t really matter. It was a great moment between the two.

    Ah, the Bishop Boys. And Walter’s up to his usual nonsense. Did I dream that he received the keys to Massive Dynamic? William Bell must have been out of his mind. Though I don’t deny that the hour glass on Walter’s proactivity has yet to empty.

    Wow, you really have come to loathe Walter’s character, haven’t you? I can’t say I understand your stance, because it seems to me without Walter’s past actions, his horrrible mistakes and hubris, his struggles to try to right them now while constantly being confronted with those ugly truths, we wouldn’t have much of a show to watch. But, to each his or her own.

    A few things on Olivia and the Peter/Olivia situation:

    From this I get that Olivia is now extremely conscious of her own lack of swiftness with a smile. Not that she wasn’t before necessarily, but before it wasn’t a problem for Peter. She was just herself and there were no expectations.

    Ah, but doesn’t that automatically (perhaps unintentionally) change when the relationship become something…more? I really like how the writers have in a way played things foward and are having the characters work their way back to the beginning. Naturally, I believe we all have some level of expectation of another person when we enter into a relationship with them, even if it’s not a romantic one. Olivia was denied the right to navigate her way through the beginnings of her relationship with Peter. Peter, in a way was too since it was all an assignment for the other Olivia. It was difficult to see both characters trying to sort through the debris of what should have been their relationship, but it was a necessary evil, IMO.

    Say what you will about Peter’s comment regarding the other Olivia being quicker with a smile and less intense, the truth is…he’s correct. However, I’ve never been under the notion that because Peter enjoyed that about her (believing she was his Olivia) means he didn’t or doesn’t appreciate or value those qualities in Olivia. The truth is, as great as those attributes are, they make it difficult to truly get close to Olivia, and I believe that’s all Peter meant. Given Olivia’s reaction, I believe she knew he was right. As someone else mentioned, who isn’t happy to see someone who’s usually so intense and serious more playful and jovial? Theres no crime or blame in that, which is why I think it collapses as an argument that Peter should have known that wasn’t his Olivia.

    It’s also why I think the parallel between Roland realizing that reanimating Amanda wasn’t really bringing her back is an unfair comparison to Olivia’s argument that Peter should have been able to look into the other Olivia’s eyes and seen it wasn’t her. Roland brought back functioning tissue from the dead…a Tabula Rasa as you stated. Peter returned with a living, breathing, thinking, red blooded woman who is genetically identical to his Olivia.

    I get Olivia’s pain. It’s relatable and valid. She’s embarrassed, hurt and feeling extremely violated. While it’s coming from two different perspectives, her pain is not disimilar to Peter’s. He was violated, used, tricked and hurt as well. He’s also burdened with guilt that he’s hurt Olivia even more. The devastation is across the board. It will be interesting to see how (or if) they will be able to overcome what’s happened.

    One more thing:

    I didn’t like it because as valid as the possibility is, I don’t agree with it in this particular instance, and I’m not sure Astrid did either. I mean, is she really qualified to speak on Peter’s behalf? It’s not as though she was any the wiser to Altlivia’s sneakery. Just how informed is Astrid? What’s the basis of her belief? Now, if it was Newton saying all this I’d be more confident. That man could read people like a Kindle.

    I was surprised you took this perspective because from your previous reviews, I figured you would appreicate Olivia and Astrid finally having a conversation that wasn’t strictly work related. mlj, said it best, but I thought having Olivia step out of her comfort zone and inquire about Peter’s happiness with her alternate through Astrid was perfectly played. Olivia’s wound is too new to see or accept this, but Astrid was correct. What Peter came to feel wasn’t about alternate Olivia, it was about her. Astrid has likely observed the two of them, noticed the little things over the course of two years. This isn’t the first time Astrid has stepped in and offered her personal advice to Olivia, and she wasn’t incorrect the first time she did. It’s easier to be objective when you’re not as emotionally involved, but close enough to empathize with what’s going on. I thought Astrid served that purpose well.

    Introspective review as always.

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  24. Count Screwloose says

    I especially liked how there were two empty chairs near Peter as he apologized, stand-ins for the two people he currently feels estranged from.

    Also, what if we’ve got this topsy-turvy and it’s Peter who is The Vacuum and the machines are the power source?

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  25. Jane says

    I liked this ep… the way it was paralleled to Olivia and Peter´s situation… As I´ve been saying before I completely understand Olivia´s pain… I support her… but I am not able to blame Peter at all… He is as victim as Olivia in all this matter… they were used by Walternate… That Peter should have know? maybe… but… how? I mean… I am very stressed with kids around… I don´t like kids… worst babies… but I have now my 5 months old nephew… and I love him so much… I don´t care if he vomits upon me… Have I changed? yes and no… I am still me, me meaning me, not other person… have I changed my point of view about babies? no, I haven´t, I still don´t like kids… but I am now less harden with them… my nephew changed me in some way… We, the people change when we enter in a different situation… and Olivia Dunham is still Olivia Dunham wheter she is from our universe or other universe… I understand Peter and his blindness about Olivia… but he knows now how fool he was… Seeing our Olivia again was like a big hit into his stomach and face…. our Olivia does´t bang her hair… now if Observers let him Peter must work very hard (again) to win Olivia´s trust and love… because if I were Olivia I surely won´t forgive him not easily… he let another one to touch him when I was about to die for him… that hurts!!!

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  26. megan says

    Finally! So glad you got this up. I enjoyed the episode but of course the best parts were when Peter and Olivia spoke. I don’t have much else to say cause you said it all…lol. Looking forward to next month!

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  27. SF says

    Gosh, I hate Peter’s lame “I’m sorry” at the end! I don’t care if he says it with no one hearing! Lame, lame, lame! He’s devastated the woman he loves, and admits he likes her alternate’s easy smile and less intensity better……ignored the differences in favour of the easy way, no questions ma’am, and all he can really say is “I’m sorry.” I love Peter, I love Olivia, and I still feel like smacking him when I read those words! Yes, it goes a little way to helping understand that he is sorry he hurt her. But I don’t believe he feels it in his gut, because he’s not walking around dazed and confused like she is, he’s too busy constructing reasons why he liked the alternate version of her enough to ignore his qualms. Yes, I’m still mad at him, and I’m so glad Olivia told him off. I”m not sure he deserves her anymore, because he liked her with less intensity, and yet that is who she is. She is intense. She’s driven. And you either love her or you don’t, Peter. I’m very curious to find out if he does – I think he does, but I think he was so angry at her not telling him the truth way back when in S2, that even though he came back for and with her, that anger coloured his mind too, so that he couldn’t perceive her clearly either. Which neither of them have discussed yet, what happened back with Walter’s secret. So if Fringe is going along the storylines of betrayal, which it has from the very first episode with John’s betrayal of Olivia – and I will always think he did because he didn’t tell her the truth about what he did – then we have seen Olivia betray Peter, and now him betray her on a fundamental level. So, the question is, can they come back from this? I think Olivia can, because she forgave John. Has Peter forgiven Olivia? it seems so, he came back to be with her, only it wasn’t her. So now we will see how strong their love really is, and if it really existed or was only just a perception of a reality, an idea.

    Thanks, Roco, because it’s only with your review that I was finally able to put in perspective (yes, ha, I know!) what Olivia and Peter’s story could possibly be drawing from, too.

    I hope we see him cry, because then I’ll know he really loves our Olivia, and not Althussy (my nickname for AltLiv). Come on Peter! make amends!!!!

    And if Santa and the writers that be are good to us Fringe fans, maybe we’ll get to see Olivia race to the ends of the world to save Peter (again! because she’s our Olivia) from whatever September is hinting at……

    All in all an excellent review, Roco. Happy Holidays (because Christmas is over now, so I hope Santa was good to you)!!!

    A very creepy episode, with the dancing girl at the end horrible and dreadfully fascinating too. I like how Roland knows instantly it’s not his Amanda. Take that, Peter! A madman knows better than you what’s real in person. An emotionally intense episode that lets us and the characters catch up a little with events, I think. We’re all ‘processing’ this first part of S3.

    I’m also going to confess that when Olivia broke down crying by her washer, and later in the garden when she is revealing her pain, I cried along with her. To have believed someone loved you, that which makes you you, and then to discover they didn’t, is heartbreaking. Well done, Fringe writers.

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    • runpaceyrun says

      Oh SF, i know you said you liked Peter…but ouch! I adore Peter and Olivia too and i cried so much during this episode that i have been unable to watch it again. I cried when they both sat in the hospital cafeteria, when Olivia found Peters MIT t-shirt (that really hurt), when Roland was talking about Amanda and looking into her eyes and when Olivia was talking to Peter at the end…”she taken everything”. But unlike you i cried even more when Peter said ‘i’m sorry’…right at the end. It just broke my heart.
      God, i even have tears in my eyes just typing this.
      This episode was beautiful….and heart breaking. The relationships in Fringe seem to be just that…beautiful and heartbreaking…..and the very reason i love this show so much.

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      • Lila says

        Yeah, words can’t describe just how much sorry I feel for Olivia now, but when Peter said ‘I’m sorry’ it was so heartbreaking! (i didn’t cry though xD) They are both in real pain and I’m not sure if se can really compare them (if you get what I mean). Feeling guilty is just so hard, specially when you know you are wrong and that there’s probably no turning back, and also, that you probably ruined the person you love’s life for good… It’s a very hard situation for both parts, but still, now that the truth was told time can try to do it’s magic and maybe fix it?

        Btw Roco great review! Absolutely worth the wait, I think it was the best if this season =)

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    • real1 says

      “””””I think he does, but I think he was so angry at her not telling him the truth way back when in S2, that even though he came back for and with her, that anger coloured his mind too, so that he couldn’t perceive her clearly either. Which neither of them have discussed yet, what happened back with Walter’s secret. So if Fringe is going along the storylines of betrayal, which it has from the very first episode with John’s betrayal of Olivia – and I will always think he did because he didn’t tell her the truth about what he did – then we have seen Olivia betray Peter, and now him betray her on a fundamental level. So, the question is, can they come back from this? I think Olivia can, because she forgave John. Has Peter forgiven Olivia? it seems so, he came back to be with her, only it wasn’t her. “””””

      i disagree , Olivia didn’t betray Peter , she did keep a secret from him because of Walter , it was Walter’s call not Olivia’s call to tell Peter the truth , it’s like Broyles was going to tell Olivia about Peter and the Alt-Olivia and Peter tell him no don’t tell her give me a time and I will tell her !! so it’s not Broyles call it’s Peter call , same thing it’s not olivia’s call it’s Walter call , so I can’t blame Olivia for that or concerted as a betrayal . same thing Peter didn’t betray Olivia he was thinking it was her , Olivia didn’t take as betrayal either .. but I think Olivia much more sensible and she was talking about the feelings and the deep meaning of love not doing the love , there is difference between feeling the love or make the love .. for Olivia it goes with meaning and feeling more than making it . IMO .

      Also , Olivia was going to find out the truth without Peter , sooner or later she will read all the reports and will find out what did happen , .

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    • runthegamut says

      “I hope we see him cry, because then I’ll know he really loves our Olivia, and not Althussy (my nickname for AltLiv). Come on Peter! make amends!!!! ”

      I felt the same way. He was so close to tears in the garden scene, it would have really completed it for me if he’d actually gone ahead and cried. What bothered me more than anything is that he seemingly got up from that, shook it off, and went on with his life, as we saw in the next scene. As others have commented, he’s the one who seems to be taking all this surprisingly well. I hope future eps address that.

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  28. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    I didn’t realize there were so many romantics contributing to this site. So much commentary for the Peter/Olivia imbrolio! Ok, me too, here’s my take. This may be a little out there but we are talking Fringe. I recently submitted to the Fringe podcast the reason why Peter got along so well with Altlivia is that they resonate well together. And I mean that on a subatomic level. Perhaps being denizens of the same dimension allows them to be better “in tune” with each other. In String Theory the strings are said to vibrate much like a violin string does. We’ve several references to frequency and harmonics recently. Such as “6955 khz” and the tiny subcutaneous tuning forks or beacons located in Altlivia that allowed her to be “beamed back” in Entrada. Any thoughts?

    As for flying Wooden Badgers here is the predecessor from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

    The Wooden Badger was conceived in large part due to the failure of the Trojan Rabbit.
    Merry Christmas (belated) and a Happy New Year to the best blog contributors in either dimension!

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  29. KLA says

    I am going to go with SF’s comment above and agree that given how badly Peter was deceived and given how he knows how badly he devastated Olivia, he should be walking around dazed and confused, and if I may, completely devastated. I mean what he went through with both Olivia’s is a big whammy alone. But, let’s not forget that in a few months time he found out found out that both his fathers lied to him, and he abandoned his precious mom when he came back the universe. So, I am surprised they guy has not hit the bottle (more than usual) or had a nervous breakdown yet.

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  30. Tammy says

    Hi fellow Fringe lovers! This is my first time posting. I have stayed away from season 3 of Fringe until this weekend and watched all the season 3 episodes and now wish I hadn’t cause I have to wait until Jan for a new episode! So I have a few things I just want to put out there. Poor Olivia and Poor Peter. I am mad at Peter with all the irrational reasons a heart can think of but come on he should have known! I love the way this story has played out definetly an interesting twist and not the regular will they won’t they that shows play with so for that i’m glad BUT why did they have to break Olivia’s heart and make Peter look even dumber?? Peter hooking up with Altolivia is something he will never be able to get over..and everyone knows he was played..and worst of all he knows it. The reasons why I hate the way this played out are the same reasons why I love it. Not only are Peter and Olivia both going through turmoil I find myself going through it too. My rational side understands it completely and accepts how this mistake could have been made but the irrational part doesn’t understand why he couldn’t just tell. After watching these 2 for 2 seasons I thought they were superhuman nothing could stop these 2 than *WAM!* you get hit with nope.. not superhuman no super no mistakes made kinda love..just 2 people that can and do make mistakes.

    Peter’s excuse for not knowing really isn’t an excuse it is a valid and believable answer. The moment you enter a relationship you begin to notice things you didn’t before or that person becomes more open to you or whateva..and both Peter and Olivia have been through some and more and you know what he was vulnerable and Walternate/Altolivia played on that although I don’t really see her reason for sleeping with it keep your enemies closer or was there more to it than than? And I don’t mean feelings wise.

    Olivia’s scene in the garden was great and summed up everything no need for long drawn out discussions she told him exactly how she felt, how I felt. I think it showed how much of a let down it was for her and obviously she thought he should have known because thats how deep of a connection she feels with him. I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out but her lines to him were very clear..

    “But when I was over there I thought about you. And you were just an figment of my imagination. But I held onto you and it wasn’t reasonable, and it wasn’t logical, but I did it, so..why didn’t you?”

    Yea Peter why didn’t you? She thought she was losing her mind but she knew Peter and she held on to him. So, Peter here you are on FRINGE! Knowing and seeing crazy things all the time and this new version of Olivia didn’t send your Petey senses tingling? OK, so people change but they don’t change over night..yea Peter has been through a lot and so has Olivia so you can explain some things away but it should have left a lingering feeling that something was off that maybe you should investigate a a little test here and there..something..anything but makeout! That I think was the big heartbreak for Olivia. I think if Peter/AltOlivia hooked up with AltOlivia soon after returning or had a casual fling then it may have played out different but they didn’t they built a relationship, spent time together, and he didn’t do anything about the weird vibes he was getting on.

    Peter in general..when are we going to learn why Peter is so special or what is so special about him? I feel like we still haven’t learned anything real interesting about him other than he can power a machine. I thought he was special! and I want to be proven right! Couldn’t he tell she wasn’t the real Olivia with a touch? I’m grasping at straws here but maybe they didn’t have sex? OMG! please say they didn’t really do it!

    Hey maybe Projection Peter was Peter’s special powers? He knew something was off and his special powers allowed him to cross over mentally while he was sleeping.. I don’t know what I’m talking about I said..straws!

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    • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

      “Hey maybe Projection Peter was Peter’s special powers? He knew something was off and his special powers allowed him to cross over mentally while he was sleeping.. I don’t know what I’m talking about I said..straws!”

      Maybe that’s why Peter couldn’t “see” that Altlivia was not Olivia because he was somehow mentally divided because he was trying to subconsciously help Olivia in the other universe… and didn’t know it!! As Projection Peter, he did say to Olivia that he was “real”, maybe it took a lot out of him to do that, thus leaving no mental capacity left to realize something was rotten in Denmark. Straws!!!

      But I do understand what you are saying, straws are all we have at this point!! I’m glad you caught up, even though it WAS pretty bad timing with the lowatus and all….

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      • runpaceyrun says

        Hey Tammy….glad to have you on Fringebloggers….its a fantastic universe to be in. I absolutely understand the statement you made –
        “‘Not only are Peter and Olivia going through turmoil i find myself going through it to'”
        God i went through absolute heartbreak with these two…it was like it was actually happening to me. I can tell you now that many a tissue was used especially in Entrada and the Marionette. So much so that i have been unable to rewatch Marionette.
        All i do know is that the next episodes will be equally as awesome as what we have already seen. And the wait for Jan 21st is going to be absolute torture.

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  31. anzetse maloba says

    What Bugs Me About The Altverse Storyline Is That They Always Seem To Be Ahead Of The Blue Universe Nearly About Everything And That Totally Sucks

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  32. Tammy says

    Hey guys..thanks for responding to my post! I’m so happy someone out there made sense of my rambling! I just keep on asking why? There has to be a reason why Peter didn’t pick up on a vibe..there just has to be..this is Fringe after all and maybe he will be able to redeem himself in some way.. and I use the word redeem very lightly because I don’t believe Peter did anything wrong and his intentions we definetly not to cause arm but why Peter??? or How Peter… you didn’t piece it together on your own!!! For 8 weeks that thought never once crossed your mind? Come on you had the clues you admitted that much but you didn’t follow through.. ok I’m going to stop because I can ramble on forever! So I have accepted the outcomes (1) Peter is just a person like everyone else and he made a mistake.. (2) Peter really didn’t hook up with her and he was truly distracted by helping the other Olivia (only his subconsious knows this) so he wasn’t really all there plus he could have caused Olivia more harm if Walternate found out his Olivia’s cover was blown? I don’t know but I’m willing to buy anything right now.

    Maybe it was my haste to watch all the episodes and get rid of AltOlivia but did Peter seem off to anyone else? He has gone through a lot and maybe I’m grasping here but he seemed a little when AltOlivia would say something I would think he got her now! He would look like he did but then nothing so whateva guess I was fooled..

    I know this isn’t the episode for this but have we figured out why Peter is special or he is just special because he is Peter? Does he have any special abilities? For the 1st 2 season I thought he did with touch and being able to read people as far as if they were holding back with information but did that all go away in season 3? I’m so lost!!

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    • runpaceyrun says

      Tammy, to be quite honest i think that writers messed with Peter’s character a bit so that they could make this story line work. Yes Peter was a very perceptive person in the first 2 seasons….and we cant explain that away. But as soon as Peter found out about Altlivia…his perception came back! I hope that the writers can come up with something to explain that away!
      BUT if Peter was perceptive this season…..the Altliv/Peter/Olivia situation would not have worked or come about. So, whilst i am a little disappointed in Peter’s character being change i was prepared to go along with it….because season 3 episodes have so far been AWESOME! And yes i cried bucket loads of tears…..and geez i loathe Altliv…..she’s messed up everything!

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  33. Peanut says

    Roco, I’m glad that you brought up Robert Bishop. John Mosley (1.04, “Arrival”) seems to have known him but appears to have been too young to have been alive during Robert’s lifetime; in 1.05 “Power Hungry,” Walter mentions that Mosley seemed familiar. Robert Bishop died several years before Walter was born (continuity error? cloning? test-tube baby?). The grave marker inscription shows that Robert died in 1944, & according to the pilot, Walter was born in 1946. According to Walter’s timeline, Robert came to the United States in 1943 so he would have lived only another year after that; he died at the relatively young age of 32 (about the same age that Peter is now—coincidence)? Is Robert really dead, or is he like the formerly well-preserved 100-year-old Alfred Hoffman? Did Robert die of the same mysterious disease (genetic or bird flu?) that Peter had/has?

    In 2.05, “Dream Logic,” Peter & Olivia are in Seattle & have a pajama party in Olivia’s motel room to work on a case. Olivia was wearing her Northwestern t-shirt (which Bolivia wore while holding a gun on Peter in “Entrada,” 3.08), while Peter was wearing the MIT shirt that Olivia later found in her washing machine in “Marionette” (3.09). In the Seattle episode, Olivia makes a snarky comment to Peter about his t-shirt. During the time that he was with Bolivia, Peter must have expected Olivia (photographic memory!) to refer to the earlier pajama party, which only Peter & Olivia would have known about—another opportunity missed for Peter to recognize the imposter. Remembering that earlier occasion must have made finding Peter’s shirt in the wash in her apartment, post-Bolivia, that much more painful for Olivia.

    I do have some sympathy for Peter, who gets dumped by two different versions of the same woman. Olivia still owes Peter an apology for not telling him that he was from Over There.

    Roco, I also wondered about Peter “trailing” behind the group at the crime scene in this episode—especially when he usually walks shoulder to shoulder with Olivia, chatting about the case (& she didn’t pick up on this?)—Petah was practically in another zip code—slowly working his way out to (or beyond?) Pluto, as Roco might say.

    I wonder about something that Peter said to Bolivia about Olivia in “Over There—Part II” (2.23) that she was always trying to right some imaginary wrong, which makes me think that he is likening her to Don Quixote (which would make him Sancho Panza?). I wonder why he said imaginary (imaginary—really, Peter)? Aren’t the wrongs that they encounter pretty darn real (well, within the Fringe universe(s) framework they are—I must admit that I haven’t seen any molebabies lately in my universe, to my profound relief).

    If you accept that love is blind & that’s why Peter couldn’t detect the differences in Olivia & Bolivia in his personal life, I still question why Peter couldn’t distinguish between Bolivia & Olivia on the job? Based on what people in the AU said about her, Bolivia, like Olivia, is tough, brave, & smart. But Bolivia ain’t Olivia. Roco, you mentioned Peter challenging Olivia on this case (Marionette, 3.09). My interpretation is that Peter was having to readjust to the real Olivia after two months of the ineffective Bolivia (who, unbeknownst to the team, was actually sabotaging & manipulating their cases). During Bolivia’s tenure Over Here, Peter was used to being more involved & in charge. He forgot how the real Olivia (steam)rolls. Over Here, I would say that Olivia is the team leader while Bolivia is apparently a junior agent, with Lincoln being the team leader, Over There. Over There, Linc wondered about Olivia’s sudden bossiness & knowledge of science (she’s had two years of trying to keep up with the Bishop boys, after all)—evidently not typical of Bolivia; Scarlie remarked on Olivia being a daredevil—true of both Olivias? Bolivia herself says that Olivia is nothing like her in “Over There—Part II” (2.23).

    Heck, the Over Here Fringies must have felt as if they were on vacation while Bolivia was on the team! After Bolivia’s initial MD visit, I bet that she gave the “sharp”-eyed Nina a wide berth. Surely Nina should have been even more suspicious afterward—several months pass without Olivia stomping into Nina’s office & demanding answers. By the way, I hope for more Nina in upcoming “Fringe” episodes!

    Broyles should have been alarmed by the quiet. No Olivia barging into his office without knocking (well, maybe that’s because he didn’t get his office back until Olivia returned?)? He apparently never even needed to give his standard, patented Olivia lecture during the entire eight weeks to Bolivia (but while Olivia was in the AU, Broylesnate used it): “Do you know how many protocols you broke? Blah, blah, etc…. Good job.”

    I suppose Walter was not going to notice the Bolivia-for-Olivia substitution as long as Bolivia was fueling his sugar addiction. The most likely Fringie to have noticed the substitution, as I see it, was Astrid, who had a more objective point of view than Peter & also seems to have considerable people skills—not sure why she didn’t see the change.

    It struck me that Olivia thrives on adversity. In fact, except for Walternate trying to turn her into pork chops, she could have stayed in the AU, solving cases with her usual tenacity & having a better personal life (although I’m sure that she would have missed Ella). She survived Walternate’s schemes & managed to up her game to the point that she can now Star Trek herself across universes—take that, David Robert Jones (RIP)! (& now we’ve lost another great villain, The Newt—& I miss him).

    Happy New Year to Roco & all fringe bloggers, across the universes, from Over Here—where molebabies frolic on the distant hills & flying badgers glide gently through the green valleys. (Roco, are you just trying to see if we’re paying attention? Otherwise, I must have missed the flying-badger episode.)

    I guess that poor Olivia just needs a few sessions working on her computer & going over files, AT HER NEW APARTMENT (start looking now Olivia!), accompanied by some Liv Specials (whiskey & cereal), & she’ll have that “Bowflex of Doom” (thanks for that term, Therese Odell) thing figured out in no time.

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    • mlj102 says

      Great comment!

      “Olivia still owes Peter an apology for not telling him that he was from Over There.”

      In all fairness, she never really had a chance. Peter up and left without even giving her a chance to talk to him about it. And she did try after she found him Over There, but he quickly interrupted and put an end to that discussion. After that, she never had a chance as she was trapped Over There. And he never seemed to require any sort of apology from alternate Olivia when he thought she was Olivia. In my opinion, that’s an old story and they’ve both moved past it now, so that it would actually be harmful to open up past wounds again. Best to just move on at this point. But Olivia is one who believes in being responsible for your own choices so she’s the last one who would neglect to apologize when necessary. She would have apologized if he’d given her the chance… but now I think it’s no longer an issue. I don’t think anyone should hold that against her.

      “Roco, you mentioned Peter challenging Olivia on this case (Marionette, 3.09). My interpretation is that Peter was having to readjust to the real Olivia after two months of the ineffective Bolivia”

      I like this interpretation. Though I can’t understand how no one picked up on the different approaches between the two Olivias when alternate Olivia initially switched over, it seems reasonable to believe that they subconsciously adapted to her different approach, and now they’re having to adjust to our Olivia’s more direct and more determined approach.

      “Roco, are you just trying to see if we’re paying attention? Otherwise, I must have missed the flying-badger episode.”

      That was my initial thought as well, but now that you mention it again, I’m thinking maybe Roco is predicting the future. Should we expect a flying badger episode in the last half of Season 3? I can only imagine how much Roco would love that episode!

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      • Peanut says

        I think that the apology from Olivia would really be more for her sake than for his, & I should have said so. Of course, right now would not be the time. I know that she did attempt to discuss the matter with Peter previously & that the decision did cause her considerable mental anguish. The fact remains that she made the wrong decision. Roco covered this situation at some length in his postings, & I agree with him that, in this case, she was not following her ethical compass. Olivia discovered that the world is not a fair place at an early age &, in my opinion, designed her own moral code accordingly. It usually corresponds to the societal norm but not always—& thus the standard, patented lectures from Broyles she receives when she deviates from the established order. She does what she thinks is right, regardless of the rules & regardless of what other people think—another way in which she is different from Bolivia. In keeping Peter’s origins a secret, Olivia was in conflict with her own beliefs–illustrated by the fact that she said that if it were her, she would want to be told.

        I should have mentioned that I viewed Peter’s challenging Olivia on the case as also having an ego component. In his personal relationship with Bolivia, he was taking credit for making “Olivia” happier, which built up his ego. On the job, it probably also gratified his ego to have a more important role with the team while Bolivia was around—but the real Olivia is not one to play second banana, so to speak, & can’t help taking charge–hey, she even goes toe-to-to with Broyles when she needs to. Possibly a bit of jockeying for position is going on—not to mention the underlying personal relationship problems, which Roco mentioned, that are affecting their professional relationship, at least in the short run. If they are unable to repair their friendship, it may be a worse blow to both of them than their failed almost romance; until now, they could at least turn to each other as friends when they had problems.

        Love the idea of a future MOTW episode devoted to flying badgers. Being “Fringe,” it would have to be giant flying badgers cross-bred with saber-toothed tigers or something like that.

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        • Pierce says

          “I should have mentioned that I viewed Peter’s challenging Olivia on the case as also having an ego component. In his personal relationship with Bolivia, he was taking credit for making “Olivia” happier, which built up his ego. On the job, it probably also gratified his ego to have a more important role with the team while Bolivia was around–”

          How true.

          I was re-watching ‘6955kHz’ the other night, and it dawned on me that Peter as well as Astrid and Walter almost subconsciously took on a more prominent role with their Olivia missing. I doubt they even realized they intuitively adjusted to the abscence of how Olivia is known to investigate a case by supplying more of the answers or those little things, which are more gut feeling to crack the case.

          Peter having to readjust to Olivia is likely playing more than havoc with is ego. There’s his guilt and shame to contend with.

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          • Peanut says

            Based on your remarks, I went back & looked at the Season 3 Over Here transcripts on Fringepedia & noticed that Broyles worked on site for ALL of the cases while Olivia was in the AU–I don’t think that he normally goes to the crime scenes like that. Of course, he was going to be involved in the case that concerned his friend Van Horn–maybe he was working the other cases because they were all considered to be Pattern events? Broyles’s participation in the cases certainly would have created a different team dynamic, & his contributions probably made Olivia’s absence less noticeable too.

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    • Peanut says

      One thing more that the team should definitely have noticed. “Olivia” goes eight weeks without saying, “Walter,!” with the tone of exasperation while sometimes pounding her fist on the table? You know what I mean. I know that Bolivia was more patient with Walter, but come on!

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    • Peanut says

      One correction about Peter’s MIT t-shirts–he must have a stash because the red & gray one in this episode is not the same as the one in the Seattle case. In fact, the colors for MIT are red & gray, but Petah’s t-shirt in “Dream Logic,” in my observation, was gray & purple–which, of course, meant that it matched Olivia’s gray & purple t-shirt (purple being a Northwestern school color).

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  34. jacksonheights says

    I have always wondered what would have happened had Bolvia’s Frank not been called away with a small pox epidemic. I understand the writers point of view that the fans may not have accepted a Frank/Olivia romance but I would have loved to hear the ways they would have tried to keep them apart or better yet how they would be able to reconcile the Dunhamtors return after a romantic romp with Frank. It would have been so messy but equally fun to watch the fallout.

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    • mlj102 says

      Personally, I’m both relieved and grateful that they chose to take Frank out of the mix. From the minute speculation began after Olivia got trapped Over There while alternate Olivia returned here, I was against the idea of any sort of triangle or romance between alternate Olivia and Peter. While they have handled the story well and they have used it to explore some very intriguing themes of identity, I still don’t like it. I’m bitter that they had to turn Peter into a contrivance in order to make it work. Peter from Season 2 would have quickly realized it wasn’t Olivia, yet Season 3 Peter was completely oblivious. And no matter how many excuses we come up with for him, that story has still damaged his character as well as the relationship that had been established between them up to the point of the switch. And that really bothers me. I’m willing to accept it as a contrivance for the purpose of the story, but that doesn’t mean I like it any better.

      There are so many other things they could have explored without going there with Peter and alternate Olivia. They could have shown more fallout between Peter and Walter. They could have shown alternate Olivia discovering our side more and reacting to differences. They could have shown who she is – vulnerabilities and all – and humanized her. They could have shown her come to truly care about our team and to have them come to care about her, even though they had realized who she was. Not as a replacement for Olivia (which is how it comes across since they didn’t recognize it wasn’t her) but they could have began to appreciate her as a separate person who has her own different strengths and weaknesses. As it is, I feel like I don’t know her at all, and what I do know makes her come across as a cocky, arrogant villain. All the relationships she has with people over here feel fake and like she never really cared about any of it. Even though I think the writers were trying to make a point that she really did come to care about Peter and others, that’s not the impression I get when I watch her.

      It feels like they sacrificed some pretty big things in order to focus on the Peter/alternate Olivia romance, and I think that’s a real shame. So I’m glad they took Frank out of the picture. If they had kept him there and had focused on that same concept Over There with Olivia, I think that would have been making the same mistake in the Over There episodes. As it is, I loved every one of the Over There episodes. I would have been very disappointed if they had to remove some of those fantastic aspects of those episodes in order to focus on an unnecessary romance between Olivia and Frank.

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  35. says

    I am so looking forward to the fallout between Altlivia and Frank (and I pray we get to see it!). Is she going to tell him or will she keep it quiet? She’s already shown a history of not telling him all the details of her job so will this be one big detail that she keeps to herself? And, did/does she have a true love for Frank or did she truly fall in love with Peter while over here? There is so much of that side of the story to flesh out that I hope we will get to see.

    Also, Olivia has lived as Altlivia and presumably remembers how she felt when she was overtaken by Altlivia’s memories. Will this be a card she can hold over Peter if/when she finds that he did fall for Altlivia? Will she be able to recall Altlivia’s memories of her love for Frank and tell Peter that Altlivia never could have really loved him because she had a loving relationship with a boyfriend from over there? Or, when (in the distant future) they start to move towards a romance again (and they will without doubt resume their relationship even if it is the last episode or two of the very last season) will Olivia draw on her memories of being Altlivia and be quicker with a smile and less intense, knowing that those are attributes that Peter is drawn to? So many delicious opportunities with this love triangle.

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    • real1 says

      I think Walternate did order to let frank be out town , to preserve Alt-olivia’s life , Walternate is caring about her and doesn’t want to ruin her life , she is doing a great job for him .

      I still can’t get how on earth that Peter may hold any feeling for Alt-Olivia ? if his feelings were about Olivia in first place .. how he can be changed ?

      I think maybe .. maybe … Peter was under drugs too ??? he was sleeping for 2 days in the over there part 1 and there was iv , could possibly that Walternate did inject Peter with some drugs ? it’s 8 weeks only that Peter did come back and Alt-olivia was taking care of him ….. and we don’t even know what’s the consequences for what Alt-olivia did inject him too .

      So that’s can be an good excuse for Peter .. for not knowing Olivia from Alt-Olivia while peter from s1 and s2 can figure it out in a second ???

      Could be peter now is changing depending the drugs and he will support his universe ? and no coming back from that .. only if Olivia will discover the plan in the right time to save Peter from himself ?

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        • KLA says

          Real1. Interesting theory about Peter. I have wondered how it is he was down 2-3 days when he crossed over, but was seemingly fine when he came back. For that matter, Walter was fine too, so what gives??? Anyway, if Peter was drugged over there and that caused him to be oblivious and clueless over here, then that would partially get Peter off the hook with me.

          Now you have me wondering if this was the plan all along– to get Peter over there, inject him, and send him back for the next part of the plan. Can’t wait for the next show.

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          • real1 says

            Actually KLA , it’s just matter of theory ! I don’t know … I just would like to find something for Peter .. something logical .. I still feel in deep he is smart and to be that stupid .. i guess that will ruin his character ! .. Walternate plan still vague , and he is determent that’s one world will survive , he said to Peter you must choose one world and Peter at first did choose his world then he changed his choice to our after Olivia talked to him , but Walternate was clear if Peter did choose his world he will not be allowed to be back again to ours . so Walternate is knowing what to do to let Peter be in his world .

            I think that’s logic , but but … what if Peter is not the same Peter from the red universe ? what if Peter is a collection from our Peter and Alt-Peter ? I don’t know ! just some theory to make excuses for Peter ! ( I can’t believe that am doing this for Peter because am very upset from him LOOL ! ) … any way , we have to wait and see what they will do , I like this show and I think there is so many issues which needs to be resolved that’s why they are needing more seasons 2 more seasons at least to discover all things and get answers for so many questions . :)

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  36. Peanut says

    We know that Peter is ailing or in danger or possibly both. We know that September, Roco’s favorite Observer, is on the scene. Thanks to Roco, we know that Olivia’s stepfather is coming back. Then what do upcoming episodes, based on what little we know from this episode & previous episodes & previews, have in store for us? I’m probably way off, but I’m throwin’ (as Bolivia might say) some theories out there. Can you say conspiracy?

    According to what I have read in an online transcription of some of the ZFT material, assuming the information is accurate, the cortexikids were chosen because they already had traits that could be enhanced by Cortexiphan. These traits, according to the transcript, tend to RUN IN FAMILIES, giving these traits a genetic basis, which makes sense. In addition, in the case of the Jacksonville children, they had at least one military parent, which means that the children were more likely than the general population to already have soldierly characteristics that were probably enhanced by the military environment (nature + nurture). “Fringe” focuses on the smaller Jacksonville trials, rather than the Ohio trials, at least so far, probably because of Olivia’s involvement. The drug trials at “Spock & Denethor’s Nightmare Daycare,” ON CHILDREN OF MILITARY PERSONNEL ON A MILITARY BASE, were probably done with the knowledge of the military. Several projects with super-soldier implications have been featured on “Fringe,” & the cortexikids were probably another one of these projects. The organization that Walter worked for must be based on the actual DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), which has been around since 1958 & came about during the Cold-War competition with the former Soviet Union. If the cortexikids were a DOD project, there must have been a list of participants unless the information was DELIBERATELY deleted—we’re talking bureaucrats, people—lots of paper generated!

    Why would these parents let the ethically challenged dynamic duo of Bell & Bishop experiment on their young children—for the greater good? Imagine how traumatized little Olive was after she returned home from seeing an alternate universe & incinerating a room (& what happened to the unfortunate Brenner?)! (Think about the ensuing conversation at the dinner table: “What did you do in daycare today, Olive”?) And her parents let her go back? Definite parenting fail.
    I’ve already mentioned the lack of consistency in Robert Bishop’s timeline in a previous posting along with his connection to John Mosley. “The Bishop Revival” (BR) (2.14) episode makes me think that the Bishops, possibly going back to Dr. Robert Bishop, were perhaps involved with Olivia’s family & probably other Cortexiphan families in a cabal (ZFT or anti-ZFT or even two warring factions?). As has been previously pointed out, the aleph symbol that was on Olivia’s uncle’s kayak (Pilot, 1.01) was also worn by David Esterbrook (“The Cure,” 1.06), who was also conducting experimental drug trials as Bell & Bishop had done (& Bell continued experimenting after he started Massive Dynamic). Who was Olivia’s uncle? Who were Olivia’s parents? Olivia stated that her sister is close in age, & although several siblings were in the cortexikid group, R@chel does not seem to have been one of them—Olivia maybe adopted or R@chel maybe a half-sister or just didn’t inherit the traits or just too young (& Ella a possible mini-Olivia)? What happened to Olivia’s father—maybe he died in the line of duty? What really happened to her mother who died when Olivia was 14—& then Olivia goes to boarding school? We have a lot of “Fringe” characters—including Olivia’s parents, Peter’s Over-Here Mother, Robert Bishop, & Carla Warren—dying relatively young under questionable circumstances or being mysteriously absent. The AU episodes were not helpful in fleshing out the Dunham family because there was no mention of Bolivia’s father & Mother Dunham Over There must not have remarried so there was no stepfather involved.

    Then there are the mysterious absences of William Bell—although we know that he was in the AU at least some of that time—but he didn’t even attend Over Here Peter’s funeral. What was he up to Over There? He said that he was trying to prevent a war; wasn’t inventing shapeshifters more likely to CAUSE a war? I know that he said he was trying to remain useful to Walternate—couldn’t he have invented something a bit less hazardous to the Over-Here world to serve that goal? How was he traveling between universes—with the same technology that allowed him to snatch up Olivia & transport her Over There? Presumably NOT with the machine that Walter had dispersed in safe-deposit boxes across the country. Bell said that no more than a handful of people had ever successfully crossed over. We know that group included Bell himself, Walter, & Olivia. Presumably, there were a couple of others. Who were they?

    Nina Sharp has a connection, not yet disclosed, to Peter & probably Olivia as well. Based on Nina’s “high”-minded conversation with Walter in “6955 kHz” (3.06), it is likely that Walter & Nina, & probably Bell, were friends going back to at least their college days. Think about this—how did Bell know the Greek phrase that Peter’s mother quoted to him at bedtime?—presumably not even Walter knew about that ritual. Bell specifically told Olivia that she needed Peter at her side—what did Bell know about Peter’s abilities? Why isn’t Walter telling Peter what he needs to know (too dangerous, doesn’t remember, or just plot contrivance?).

    It seems likely that Peter was also experimented on (experiments that caused his illness or treated his illness?), & what exactly was that illness? Why didn’t the toxin that affected Walter in BR affect Peter also—maybe because of these possible experiments, or is Peter a clone or hybrid of some kind? Although Peter is Walternate’s son (at least, we think that he is!), Walternate & Walter should be genetically identical, according to the show’s conventions, so the toxin SHOULD have affected Peter also. The toxin could have been engineered by Albert Hoffman to affect only Walter, but why not wipe out the entire (known) family of the “traitor”? Walter mentions that his wife spoke of Peter’s having Robert Bishop’s “noble brow,” but from the dates given (which I think are wrong), she could not have ever met him—although she could have been using a photo as a basis for comparison (but I doubt that). Walter’s accounts of his past have to be taken with a grain of salt—particularly when it comes to family matters. Rebecca Kibner, the shapeshifter detector, saw Peter when he was a baby, which had to be the Over Here version, & seemed to detect something different about him even then. This was before present-day Peter was kidnapped & brought Over Here—were both versions of Peter unusual, in some way, from birth? The “Bowflex of Doom” is ancient technology, which I interpret to mean that it was engineered to be compatible with Peter’s DNA LONG BEFORE there was a Peter. By the way, fun thought: Walter could now tinker a bit with the Diz-Ray (or however you spell it) machine to eliminate its side effects, go back in time, & cure his original son.

    What if the Cortexicans have some First People ancestry? This could account for why they are different. Then we have Sam Weiss who must be linked to the First People somehow, maybe a descendant also? He said that Olivia was one of the few good people that he knows, which indicates that he is possibly not a big fan of the human race in general & might not be too broken up if we wipe ourselves out. How did he meet Nina Sharp?—a relationship that could tie him into the heart of the cabal.

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    • Cortexifan says

      Peanut, that was awesome, you just asked some of the same questions I have but have not been able to articulate. Great post.

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    • real1 says

      I like what you are saying , somehow it’s how am also thinking , that’s Peter a collection from every Peter from any universe ! and our Olivia is unique too , only Walter can answer that .. but … he did forget ! bring William Bell back ! :)

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    • Peanut says

      A correction: The Nazi dude was Alfred Hoffman, not Albert Hoffman.

      Out of the 16 children on the Jacksonville height chart, only 8 are still alive; James Heath killed 5, 1 of the pyrokinetic twins burned up, & 2, including Heath, died during the Over-There mission to rescue Peter. I don’t know who Sally Clark, a member of the team on the Over-There trip, was–maybe supposed to be the remaining pyrokinetic twin whose name was previously Nancy Lewis or maybe one of the Ohio kids? Pyrokinesis would seem to be common among the Cortexicans because the twins, Sally Clark, & “Olive” have all demonstrated that ability.

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    • Cerulean says

      I think the First People engineered the genetic disease Peter(s) suffered from to ensure their device (the Vacuum) would not be used again. That’s why September was in Walternate’s lab, trying to witness the “big event” of Walternate inventing the cure for the genetic disease. The cure would mean the Vacuum could then be operated. Peter was said to have a rare, unnamed genetic disease, so maybe it only occurs in the few who’s DNA matches the requirements of the Vacuum.

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  37. Cerulean says

    Has anyone noticed that Broyles called himself “Colonel” and that office is straight from “Over There”? Is Olivia really back or is this another one of Walternate’s tricks?

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  38. Jenn Hoff says

    Ok, Roco, you had me cracking up all through that review! Very well done.
    It’s interesting, though… I agreed with you through the whole thing and then completely disagreed at the very last point! I was rooting for poor Peter until he WAITED till she was gone to say, “…….sorry.” COWARD! (I actually yelled that at the television. I’m not crazy). I thought that was a total cop-out and it made me mad! I was surprised reading this to find a completely opposite idea of what happened from the same 2 little words. That’s what’s so great about the show, I suppose.

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  39. Isa says

    I think that makes sense! And probabaly Bolivia didn’t even know about Walternate plans regarding Peter, I guess he asked Newton to talk her into it.

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