Fringe Review: 3.08 Entrada

Welcome to our review for episode 8 of Fringe season 3 – “Entrada”.

In this review we give an honest opinion on the good and not so good aspects of the episode. We identify the answers that were provided and the mysteries that remain locked away. We take an in-depth look at the other aspects of the episode that made an impression on us, before rounding off the review with our final thoughts and episode rating.


  • Serialization and Continuity. I love that this episode picked up right where “The Abducted” left off. So rarely do we see this level of serialization where a cliffhanger is seamlessly rescued by a helicopter pilot with a strong arm. In truth, there was no other way to open the episode that would have landed the required punch, but you know, crazy things happen when trying to stave off the standalone beast of beastville. Anyway, good to see and hopefully we’ll get more continuity like this in future.
  • Thematic storytelling. I enjoyed the way the alternate universe story manifested itself in the Blue Universe (and vice-versa). It’s been more prevalent in recent episodes, partly because the story wants to find balance, but there’s also a level of detail that blends so well with the culmination of Olivia’s return home. It works for me on many levels and I think it helps make the story meaningful even for those who don’t necessarily realize what’s going on under the bonnet.
  • Themes. I responded to the themes of the episode, particularly the idea of hope and sacrifice and they way they plugged into Olivia’s journey home.
  • Visuals. I thought some of the visuals were stunning, particularly the ariel shots of the city and the transitions between universes. Really well done.
  • Broylnate. Really glad to see the character being developed and explored. I thought he gave us some valuable insights into the Over There capacity for humanity, and how saving the things one holds dear can be done by plugging into something more hopeful. Given his position in Walternate’s assembly and the love he had for his family, his sacrifice was an admirable one.
  • Murkier Moments. I enjoyed the murkier moments of the episode – Olivia’s markings and her operation made me feel uncomfortable, but it brought the show back to the edge, making Olivia’s survival that bit more rewarding. I only wish they could have given it more breath.
  • The Return. Though not as slick as it might have been, I thought Olivia’s return home was well-earned and meaningful. It feels like she’s been to hell and back, and I’m pleased that she now sees both worlds as her personal responsibility. It’s not just about a boy, it’s about keeping her word.


  • Olivia making yet another escape requires Walternate to be dumb. As much as I wanted Olivia to get home, it’s incredibly contrived that he wouldn’t place tighter security measures after being burned on so many occasions. He’s supposed to be the secretary of defense, yet his facility could pass for the house made of straw from that children’s tale.
  • Weight Loss. The episode didn’t quite deliver the weight that its themes and action points threatened. There was a lack of embellishment in several key areas, particularly the alternate universe story. I put this down to shuttling back and forth between universes in the same episode. Though I wouldn’t change it, I think it drained some of the momentum from the episode, and I can see why the producers decided to go with the more marinating ‘alternating universe structure’ prior to this episode.
  • Walter. In gaining Walternate (albeit still under-developed), we seem to have lost Walter. At times he reminds me of season 1 Walter – and that’s not really a good thing. I appreciate that lunacy is part of his character, but there were times in the episode where it was just a touch overcooked. Like a cake that’s been left in the oven for too long. Outside of that he’s become fairly bland.
  • The one piece of the Vacuum Walternate needed, was a piece we didn’t see the team obtain. Not a major criticism, but it might have carried more force had this mysterious item been explicitly introduced beforehand. I have more problem with Altlivia waiting until now to steal the item – was Walternate keeping her in the field for scraps? Given the stakes, I find that unrealistic on his part. Then again, this is a man who’s idea of security is to empty the Bra & Panties Tank™ while leaving Cortexiphan samples lying around.
  • Altlivia. Is she a deeply complicated character, or under-developed? It’s probably a bit of both, at least in theory. I can certainly appreciate her complexity because there has to be a quite a bit going on underneath her skin, but I also think the character lacks the necessary shading that would have made her more believable as a realized entity. We’ve only really seen beyond her curtains in that washroom scene and when Newton destroyed her in the Battle of Newt. Other than that, it’s difficult to connect with her thought processes or feel for her emotionally because the foundations are made of straw. So while I really enjoy the character, I had hoped she’d become more than a device by now.
  • Harmonic Rod Transfer. Neat idea, but why didn’t Walternate think of this before he tried the steel bridge method in 2.18? And what of the universes needing to be in sync for safer transfer? The methods of travel, and their seemingly lessening implications are already somewhat contrived. I also doubt that Walternate would have been able to get Broylnate back to New York (from Boston) in the, what, 10 or so minutes between Olivia’s return home and Altlivia’s extraction. Not to mention implanting him with harmonic rods and going choppy-chop on his limbs to balance out the mass (though Mother Universe may have seen to that part). Maybe some of the problems can be reasoned away with enough thought, but it still seams rather messy to me. Travel between worlds ain’t what it used to be!
  • Altlivia back to work the very next day. Really? No portable drip or longing for bacon? “Just like nothing ever happened,” indeed! I appreciate the level of duality with that line, and the fact that there wasn’t enough time to really show her recovery process in this episode, it just doesn’t sit well with me. By not touching on the ‘recovery’ and by not having solid pre-established foundations for safe travel without the universes being in sync, it undermines the story somewhat. And she was far too smug for my liking – didn’t she recently show concern at shapeshifter Joe’s willingness to harm more people? What happened to that Altlivia?


  • What is the function of Walternate’s all-important device?
  • How did Walternate transfer Broylnate to the other side New York, when he was in Boston?
  • Who will run AU Fringe Division now that Broylnate is RIP?
  • Will Peter tell Olivia the truth?
  • Will Altlivia tell Frank the truth?
  • What will Walternate do with the Cortexiphan?


  • Altlivia managed to remain undercover for 8 weeks.
  • The Store Owner Guy was promised he would get the use of his legs back in return for his services to the other side.
  • 17 pieces of the Vacuum device have been recovered so far.
  • Altlivia’s primary objective involved retrieving an important piece of the device that Walternate had been unable to find on the other side.
  • It would appear that there are two vacuums – one scattered across each universe. Walternate was unable to find a specific piece on his side, so he tasked Altlivia to find it Over Here – which she duly did. The other scenario is that there is one vacuum, possibly constructed through other parts, with Walternate still needing the piece that he could only obtain from Over Here.
  • The typewriter that communicates between universes is a “quantum entangled telegraph” – according to Walter.
  • Olivia was able to cross back over to her side permanently because she injected herself with the Cortexiphan that Walternate had produced from her own chemistry. The familiarity of the Bra & Panties Tank™ and the absolute need to make it happen may have also helped.
  • It would seem that Walternate planted the harmonic rods originally intended for Olivia into Broylnate and ‘activated’ the transfer to extract Altlivia and send Broylnate to the other side in her place. Olivia ultimately crossed over ‘naturally’ so didn’t require Mother Universe to clean up behind her with a ‘mass for mass’.
  • It seems likely that Broylnate was murdered prior to transfer as gun shots were heard and what looks like a bullet hole can be seen in his head when he arrives Over Here.


  • Very interesting. So not only did the episode pick up right where “The Abducted” so masterfully left off, but we got a bit of overlay in there too. Perhaps this has happened in the past, but I can’t readily recall it happening outside of “White Tulip” or the ‘previously ons’.
  • While this was no doubt employed to contextualize the scene (and help newer viewers), it also plays into the circular nature of this story, where themes, messages, and now scenes come right back around like a BOOMerang.
  • This entire scene was extremely well crafted. Peter’s gradual realization projecting all over his haunted features. And then..and then, Boy Wonder plays it off by deflecting Altlivia’s curiosity with “unprecedented savings” – words preserved through time like some kind of sticky amber. You’re a banker all right, Peter.
  • To be fair, I didn’t have a major problem with Peter’s response here. It was all too soon. He had just heard that the woman he was sleeping next to was stuck in the other universe. Madness! “Let me contemplate on it for, oh I don’t know, two whole hours!”. This is why ‘Proactive Peter’ died in 2.01, folks. 😉
  • But fair play to him, he eventually rouses enough fortitude to go and have a sneak around Altlivia’s stuff. And finally, we get to see Peter in his underpants. I’m sure this is what we all signed up for!
  • I enjoyed seeing Olivia’s little black book. The Joe’s Pizza thing was a nice touch. And the pictures of Peter and Altlivia confirmed what I suspected – they really do have feelings for one another. Contrived or otherwise, that’s one of the implications to come from this little switcheroo. What’s interesting is that Peter, who has Giftshop Lady’s (GSL) message ringing in his ears, still finds the time to tenderly look over the memories.
  • It’s as though he’s unable to let go even though he knows it’s just a matter of time before the Cortexi hits the phan. I guess letting go is hard under any circumstance. I mean, “why can’t she just be Olivia. It was all so perfect.” Right?
  • And while I have a problem with that, it makes sense on some murky level. And I appreciate it, because if the story is going to go in that direction, then we do need to understand why Peter might be harbouring affection for what was, for all intents and purposes, a fantasy.
  • Speaking of which. I think I’ve sussed Peter out – he delivers when he’s being either very emotional or very sinister. There’s not much in-between with him, and while that’s a problem for the 99% of the time when he’s not either of those things, it was interesting to see him tap into his sinister side here.
  • Good on him for catching Craftylocks out with the Greek phrase that bonds him and Olivia. Although it also serves to highlight the contrivance of the situation – has there not been another such occasion where Altlivia wouldn’t know something that only Olivia would? Of course there has, but whatever, let’s roll.

Peter: “It means be a better man than your father”

  • I love how the strings descend like thunder, carrying Peter’s emotional!response. And a smile..a maniacal smile that was all TEETH and no sweetness. Oh, the masks people wear. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to fool Altlivia, who saw right through him. This wasn’t a ‘purple tuxedo’ moment.

Altlivia: “I failed the test, didn’t I?”

  • Let’s face it, you only failed because GSL had the presence of mind to make that call. You shouldn’t feel too bad, Bono can wait. I like that Altlivia was curious enough to want to know what the phrase meant. I don’t like Peter’s response – far too jolly and jovial all things considered. Seriously dude, your ‘suspicions’ have been confirmed and you’re trying to be smart?

Peter: “How’d you do it – how’d you replace our Olivia?”

  • That’s not Peter talking – that’s Petah PRIDE talking. I’m sorry, but THAT’S the FIRST question he asks? Nothing about Olivia’s well-being or whether she was hurt in any way, just something that tends to his pride at being duped? Wow, Peter.
  • While I’m not sure I completely buy Altlivia for the reasons outlined earlier, I find her immensely enjoyable to watch. I loved how she controlled this confrontation with a mixture of menace, regret and naughtiness.

Altlivia: “I can’t give you the answers”

Peter: “This from the woman standing in front of me with pyjamas, who shared the same bed with me. I guess answers is where you draw the line”

  • Thwack! Funny how he didn’t have a problem with her openness until his perception was altered. That being said, he’s right – Altlivia’s morals are as loose as Peter’s IQ score. But it’s clear that she accepted what she had to do a good few weeks ago. Just as Newton won the battle of Dunham long before his death, Altlivia made her mind up as she walked away from Newton’s mercury flooding cell. Along the way she has developed feelings for Peter – call it a holiday romance – but at the end of the day, her world comes first.

  • Which is why Peter’s well-deserved jibe cut through her but it didn’t cause her to bleed. Watch her reaction – she took it like a Dunhamnator, she crumbled but reformed almost instantly as she hands Peter ‘the one she made earlier’ kit.
  • Both characters are concerned with death – or rather, the idea of the other one killing them:

Peter: “So, is this gonna kill me?

Altlivia: “You gonna come after me? You gonna kill me?

  • Again, Altlivia is great to watch. Her first question is delivered with a hint of playfulness – or as I said earlier, naughtiness. It’s a game to her, at least, that’s partly how she’s rationalized her relationship with Peter in order to pull off her mission. Her second question is wrought with fear and realization – she has feelings for Peter, and I detect that she’s not entirely comfortable with the idea of being hated by those she cares about. Newton can hate her because he was a “vacuum cleaner”, as far as she was concerned. But Boy Wonder? He has more suction power, and the thought alone fuels this fear more than the fear of death itself.
  • Peter’s response flies out the traps like a badger with its tail on fire:

Peter: “No, I’m gonna get answers. And if I find out that you did anything to Olivia, then I’m gonna kill you.”

  • Sorry Peter, but I just don’t believe you. Not because you’re not capable, but because you’re in love with this chick – who, as it turns out, kinda digs you too.

  • Peter injects himself rather quickly for someone who wants answers. It’s almost as though he wants to go back to sleep! Because, of course, he’d like to. And what a fantastically creepy way to wrap the scene with Peter caught between being awake and asleep – a perfect metaphor for this Boy Wonder. Altlivia is somewhat brave to put down her gun, but I appreciated her telling Peter that she’s ‘sorry, but she had to’. Because reading between the lines, that’s what I interpreted.
  • Speaking of between the lines:

“Cover Blown. Extraction Needed”

  • LOL at those very to the point sentences. :)
  • I was disappointed by the general reaction of the team to the reveal, not just because they had a mole in their camp for 2 months, but also because their Olivia was still missing in another dimension. Their level of concern didn’t match the extent of their relationships with Olivia. And I guess this means that Nina didn’t suspect Altlivia enough to take it any further. Don’t worry Nina, you did more than most.

Peter: “So how do we get over there, Walter?”

Walter: “Crossing over is out of the question..not without Olivia’s help”

  • Yeah, unless it’s your son who is over there on his own accord. Isn’t that right Walter? Still, he deserves a margin of credit for not repeating mistakes of old.

  • Gosh, this is comedy gold:

Broyles: “Peter, you said she administered the paralytic at 2:15am. Now what were you doing here at 2:15am?

  • Says Broyles in his most curious voice ever. Of course, perpetual liar Walter tries to cover for Peter, but at least Peter had the guts to fess up.

Peter: “Since we came back from over there, Olivia and I became something more than friends”

Broyles: “I see..”

  • LOL at Broyles face! Also worth noting that Peter calls Altlivia “Olivia”. Which is her name, of course, but he could have called her “temptress” or “witch”. Then again, he’s not his father.
  • Altlivia taking Peter’s computer by mistake is a touch contrived, but I guess in the heat of the moment I can buy her not double-checking.

  • I’ve long wondered what Store Owner Guy (SOG) had been waiting for. When we first met him through ‘Evil Charlie’ (the shapeshifter) I thought he had a ticket to the other side promised to him in return for his services. But it turns out he wants his legs back. Simple, slightly underwhelming, but it’s a pretty solid reveal given the scientific breakthroughs Over There. That being said, his: “I’m not waiting forever” cry from back in season 2 doesn’t quite carry the threat-level it once did.

SOG: “Your kind, isn’t so good at keeping promises. But I guess you’ve got it all under control”

  • Your kind? Really? And no, she doesn’t have it under control. To borrow a phrase from one of our old pals, “she’s in over her head”. Gosh, I miss Newton so much that I’ll borrow his phrase again later.
  • It was interesting seeing Walternate and Brandonate discuss how to extract Altlivia. Narrowing the field by doing a harmonic Olivia for Olivia swap is a simple yet good idea. My main problem is that it seemed as though it was the first time they had had such discussions. It also carries some contrivances.
  • I was also intrigued and heartened by Walternate’s desire to get Altlivia back. I had wondered how important she’d be to him once her mission was over, so it was pleasing to see that he still valued her. Of course, that value may be because of the information she holds, and because the plot required Altlivia to return.

  • That being said, it was telling that it was Brandonate who suggested they kill Olivia and use her organs for study. Absolutely appalling – and this from a man who showed hints of compassion at the start of the season. How can this be? Is it a character contrivance or are we just seeing the overriding attributes of his character? I’m willing to think it’s the latter.
  • Either way, it does perhaps tell us that killing Olivia never really entered Walternate’s mind. Cool, but it doesn’t take away the fact that he went with Brandonate’s idea. War or no war, this is no way to treat another human-being. I realize that their world is crumbling – heck, my sympathy lies snugly in their bosom, but this was not a necessary act. They had what they wanted, yet they wanted to bleed the Dunhamnator dry?
  • And isn’t that ironic. In a season where we’ve examined Olivia’s DNA and what it means to be a unique individual, Walternate attempts to put her under the knife to study her parts.

Walternate: “Someone helped her get past our patrols onto this island. Whoever the traitor is they don’t understand the cause. To save our world from destruction, our people, our families. I know you know this as well as I do, Phillip.”

  • How fantastic is that? The very man who helped her, knows as well as Walternate does just how important it is for them to stop Olivia. For me, not only is this a golden moment, but it turns Walternate’s approach to the problem inside out. Because, if Broylnate understands as well as he does, yet he helps the so-called enemy, then perhaps this suggests that Walternate’s Way is not the only. It will be useful to see whether Broylnate’s actions cause even the tiniest shift within Walternate.
  • So why is it that these two men cut from similar cloths are acting so differently in this situation? As I suggested in my “The Abducted” review, it may come down to perspective. There’s nothing more perspective-shifting than someone you consider to be your opponent doing something incredibly sweet for you. Especially when their act comes not from self-interest, but through pure, instinctive goodness on their part. Broylnate sampled this in “The Abducted”, and I keep thinking that if only Walternate could get a cup of love or a hug from Mother, both sides would have a better chance. He needs something to alter his world view.

  • And that’s not to take anything away from Broylnate. It also takes a level of compassion to allow yourself to be affected. Just look at Peter, for example, who knew something was different about ‘Olivia’ yet did squat all about it. Here we see Broylnate not only question his part in Walternate’s agenda, but he does something about it. He boils himself down until he finds the truth within. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
  • It interesting though, watching Broyles wear a mask as Walternate rambled on like a blinkered old man. I thought he displayed his conflicting emotions a bit too much on the surface, and I thought Walternate may have detected his part in assisting Olivia. But I guess, like Nina, his suspicions were not quite strong enough to warrant action.
  • Olivia gets dragged kicking and screaming to the doll factory just as Broynate is passing by. Very convenient!

  • So, Walter had another hit of the ol’ Brown Betty? Ah, how comforting. All we need now is Ella to rewrite his ending for him. One that doesn’t include gorging himself on cakes that Altlivia bought him while calling her a “temptress”. Hypocrite, much? Anyway, I somehow sensed those boxes of sugary gifts would come back into play.

Walter: “She used my stomach, to get through to my heart”

  • And his internal guide (or that hit of Brown Betty) reveals itself in the form of a clue:

Astrid: “Hey Walter, didn’t she tell you she always brought these back when she went to the federal building. This bakery is in the Bronx. Why would she go there?”

  • I’m glad my question about the typewriter was answered. Altlivia does have to wait, sometimes long periods, for Walternate to respond. It was a bit foolish for Altlivia to leave Peter’s computer lying around though. Looks like someone’s getting “sloppy”.

  • A nice scene with Broylnate and the AUians on the 20th anniversary of the East River Vortex. Very poignant, and it played into Broylnate’s decision to go check on Olivia. He knew that Walternate’s policy wrong, but he needed a reason to make a stand. She tells him that he just wanted to make himself feel more comfortable, and while that’s true, I do believe he was searching for a reason. Sometimes it can be difficult to stand up for what you know is right out of fear of being wrong. And of course, he had his entire world at stake. How could he put the promises of one woman over that?
  • He could do it because he’s someone who believes in something beyond the physical. We know that he’s a man of faith and that detail in the previous episode helps explain his inclination. Perhaps it’s also this hopefulness that makes him different from Walternate? In my previous review I pondered whether Walternate had given up on repairing his relationship wit Peter. It seems that this idea might not be too far from the mark, as there does appear to be hope missing from his agenda. Sure, he may see merit in his methods, but I’d question whether that really is hope, or just the act of doing ‘something’, the act of fulfilling a need, the act of getting even. We’ll see.
  • Anyway, love this scene. Love how deeply intense Livvy is here. Also, can we give her a badge with the word: “Awesome”? She only went and asked how Christopher was. Seriously, she’s about to be sliced and diced like a Joe’s pizza and the woman has the kindness to ask after others? And Peter didn’t realize she was gone? Really?

Olivia: “They’re going to cut out my brain and study it. Please help me, if you can get me out of here I can get myself home”

Broylnate: “I can’t, my world is dying because of what your side is doing to us. If I help you escape..”

Olivia: “No, despite what you think, my universe is not at war with yours. This all began because a man came over here to save a boy, and 25 years later I came back to save that same boy. But if you let me die, then we will strike back and we will fight. But if you let me go, both universes can survive. There must be another way. I promise you I will find it”

  • Loving the cyclical nature of the story in unbridled action! Olivia’s impassioned plea was incredibly moving – only did I leave the spiral when she started talking about her universe striking back. Not sure I quite buy the idea that Over Here has the ability to fight – heck, they can barely contain molebabies! And who knows what the situation is post-Van Horn.  Perhaps Olivia was just saying that to sway Broylnate – it was slightly manipulative, but she knows how to get through to him because he’s similar to her Broyles.
  • The other thing that keeps hitting me is the idea Broylnate genuinely believes that Olivia’s universe is at war with his. Again, while he’s clearly been sipping too much of the Walternate juice, I do kinda think that he was looking for Olivia to dispel his lingering fears.

Broylnate: “And if you’re lying? You’d say anything right now because your life depends on it. But what if your side has every intention of our destruction – am I just supposed to HOPE that you’re telling the truth?”

Olivia: “If you don’t trust me, then there is no hope”

  • Beautiful. Can we seal this in an air-tight container? The power comes from the words, the way they are put together, the meaning behind them, but also the pay-off. This hope thing we keep hearing about carries so much weight in this story. And personally, I love the idea that the capacity to have hope can lead to positive solutions. It’s also amazing to see that Broylnate doesn’t have the cynicism that one might expect him to have considering the nature of his job.

  • Speaking of hope, how hopeless did Olivia look once Broylnate said “I’m sorry”? It wasn’t anger or disappointment, it was broken hope. Where does one go from there?
  • Broylnate continues to seek the push he needs:

Broylnate: “..who am I to play God with other peoples lives? Who am I to make that choice?”

Diane: “Twenty years ago I knew that you were the right man to protect our world. After all these years, I never stopped believing that. I think this in as much pain as it can stand. We need to restore hope

  • There’s a lot going on there – Broylnate’s reluctance to play God is interesting and contrasts with Walter past and Walternate present. His self-doubt is revealing – he does this job not because he wants to be a hero, but because he wants to protect people. There’s a difference, and it’s a strand also seen in Olivia.

  • I also love Diane in this; she not only gives her man the support he needs, but she reads what he’s projecting – and delivers him the gift of his own truth in a quite beautiful way. That’s a healthy marriage right there. (Well it was, until her got Walternated).
  • The notion that the world as a collective – almost human entity – is in as much pain as it can stand, is very moving. The idea that they need to restore hope also tells us that for many people Over There it has been lost. By taking us down to this perspective, I think the writers emphasized both the measure of Broylnate’s upcoming sacrifice and the believability of it. Because when hope is lost, the first thing you need in order to get back on the hope.
  • Interesting to see Broyles trying to instill a measure of hope within Peter. I wasn’t impressed by Boy Wonder’s bluntness, but then his pride has been bruised.
  • Olivia on the operating table – how terrifying and synthetic. I had no idea they were already making ‘Dunham Dolls’. The markings on her skin like a map indicating buried devices. But the parallels don’t stop there. Olivia’s stasis mirrors Peter’s earlier paralysis. The directing here is very effective, though I do wish we got to experience a bit more of this scene.
  • Super Broylnate to the rescue – POW! And the man had the grace to only tranq Brandonate.

Olivia: “You came back for me”

Broylnate: “Don’t thank me yet I have to give you adrenaline”

Olivia: “No wait, please don….”


  • Comedy gold in moments of incredible tension. Love it! :)
  • And of course Walternate hasn’t changed the security codes. Because once bitten, twice never shy. At least he had the wherewithal to empty the Bra & Panties Tank™.
  • Ever the gentleman, Broylnate hands Olivia a hanky. Can we get this man a medal, or something? Maybe a statue?
  • Things Altlivia will miss about Over Here: The coffee. That’s right, they don’t make ’em like that over there.
  • So glad they squeezed in another shapeshifter moment:

Shapeshifter Luke: “Y’know, I sometimes dream about it. The other side. Sadly, for my kind, coming here is a one way ticket.”

  • This is great because I’m certainly not done with the shifties – my well is in need of mercury. It’s interesting to know that this particular shapeshifter dreams of a home that seems less of a home to him than Over Here. Though less fervent than Newton, Luke seems to accept his purpose in life. But I like the fact that he’s curious enough to wonder.

Altlivia: “I thought your kind didn’t care?”

  • Clearly, Miss Altliv hasn’t met enough shapeshifters. It’s her ignorance that disappoints me more than anything. It’s bone-headed. But perhaps she also needs to get out there and get to really know these ‘vacuum cleaners’, as she loves to call them. Because the same thing could be said of her – “Oh, look. She’s screwed Peter over, and she doesn’t care!” But we know that isn’t quite true.

Shapeshifter Luke: “Eight identities in the last five years. But, this has been my favorite. I seem to be a big hit with the ladies.”

  • Like Ray, Luke has come to like the skin he’s currently in. It’s a shapeshifter thing, but it’s also a human thing – how many people learn to truly love themselves once they’ve found the people, places, things, or state of soul that just seems to fit. So you can see how finding the right identity is a take on the human condition. Again, masterfully done – sneaking in more of the good stuff while we’re drunk on miniature harmonic rods.
  • And Peter murders a shapeshifter – I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the over here tree in that regard. If Luke were human, would he have killed him?

  • Altlivia’s reaction was priceless. While she’s a character of contrivance, I’m starting to understand her as a person who is just wired a little bit differently. She’s highly motivated in the extreme, but she accepts that failure can be around the corner at any moment. And though it’s not been as clearly mapped from A to Z, we saw evidence of this in Over There – Part 1, when she basically grinned at the prospect of getting quarantined. Is this kind of preparedness indicative of the ‘hopelessness’ of her world?
  • At any rate, there’s also the idea that she genuinely loves Boy Wonder. And I’ll go along with that despite it being more of a plot thing than an actually explored development.
  • Peter’s little ‘evil whisper’ may have made him feel better but by caressing Altlivia’s face in the same way he once did Olivia’s he just makes himself look worse, in my eyes. He’s trying to be mean but he’s also showing tenderness? Did he get a kick out of it? I think so. That being said, this confirms my belief that Peter does have strong feelings towards Altlivia – a part of him wants to believe that her feelings for him were real, and even now he’s still searching. What’s a boy to do?
  • Because let’s face it, it’s impossible to just switch feelings off like that. Although I wonder sometimes, I think it’s safe to say that Peter is not a robot. Olivia took him to a certain place, but Altlivia took him further. Thunder and anger will form, but as he’s shown with Walter, you can’t just render those emotional experiences meaningless. They’ll be with Peter forever, they’ll shape his outlook, they’ll affect him negatively or positively. They key for his own sake, is whether or not he believes that Altlivia is telling the truth about her feelings. And of course, how the re-entry of Olivia changes things.
  • It’s all too easy (and contrived) to think that they’ll pick up where they left off. “You belong with me,” becomes, “but you f****** slept with HER!”. Sorry, but there’s very little way back from that. Not only will Olivia be hurt (regardless of whether Peter knew or not, fact is he SHOULD have known!), but how will her pride ever allow her to let her guard down around him again? The one person she trusted ended up breaking her little heart into a thousand little pieces. While she was over there projecting Peter, fighting not only for the two universes but their multiverse of love, he was over here believing that a copy/paste was her. Is Olivia so easy to duplicate, Peter?
  • And it’s not just Olivia. Peter’s heart is split in two. He went there with Olivia over the course of two years. It took Altlivia two months. Sure, she piggybacked on the foundations that had been set up, but Peter can’t ignore the connection, the feelings that he experienced with Altlivia. There’s something about this version of Olivia that appeals to him. Is it because she’s less broken? Is it because she’s more accepting and less haunted? Is it, Peter, is it? Peter has a lot of soul searching to do before he even attempts to get back in the saddle with Olivia.
  • Now, I’ve never bought that they were right for one another and maybe the writers are not going for the cliched love story. So what we have here is a chance to be real about it. Olivia deserves to be loved, but Peter has so far shown that he can’t love her in the way that she needs. I’d say she needs someone who can bring her out of herself and reflect all of her goodness, but also someone who loves and appreciates the fact that she’s just a little bit broken. It may sound morbid, but actually I think it’s quite the opposite. You can’t pick and choose which aspects of a person you love, it’s all or nothing, surely.
  • This isn’t to rag on Peter. He’s nearly that guy – and maybe Olivia will think that after all she’s been through, nearly is good enough. But..he didn’t know you were even gone, Livvy. He didn’t miss your two fisted-ness. He didn’t wonder why you weren’t drinking yourself stupid. He didn’t remember that you have an amazing memory. He didn’t notice that suddenly your eyes had more sparkle while your soul had less fire. He didn’t realize that you stopped protecting others in the way that you used to. He stopped noticing these little things that make up everything that you are. Sorry Pete, but it’s true.

  • Now I actually feel sorry for Peter. Clearly he’s also a victim here. But I don’t think we can reward stupidity. Maybe that’s harsh, but I’ve never left my love in an alternate universe. I’m afraid Peter has to take this one like a man. He’s hurting too, but as I’ve said since this storyline developed, he should have known. Just make up your mind which Dunham Doll you really want, Peter.
  • As for Altlivia. What can I say? Does she even remember who Frank is. You know, avocado man? I found it interesting that she packed the snaps of her and Peter to take back home. I think she’s a disgrace, to be honest. As I intimated in earlier reviews, out of all the shapeshifters we’ve seen this season, she is the character with the most identities, the most masks. She’s the candy woman and she’ll rot your teeth and grin at you while your in the dentist’s chair.
  • Also, props on the ‘Newton death music’ over that scene, very effective at bookending the Peter/Altlivia fling (if indeed it is over). Oh, and it’s a nice reminder that the Newt was right – she was indeed in over her head. 😉

  • Back to the other side, and I really like the fact that Olivia uses her own Cortexiphan to help her return home. It has the same kind of significance as when her abilities enabled her to cross universes to meet her ‘maker’, William Bell. It’s about reclamation and empowerment, and using the things done to you in positive ways. Bravo, Liv.

Broylnate: “I’ve seen war, but if what you’re saying is true, in the end I have to believe in hope. Please make this worth it”

  • Very poignant stuff from Broylnate. Because, in the end, surely we are all defined by those fleeting moments that reveal our core nature. Perhaps it’s not so much a case of how we get to those places, but that we get there when all is said and done.
  • Sometimes, the road travelled just doesn’t feel right, and I think this is where Broylnate is coming from – he’s seen the same old story play out time and time again. He knows that he’s about something else.  And in the end, he did the right thing, he listened to his heart. The rest is out of his hands – that’s faith right there.
  • Olivia’s glorious return home was filled with weight, water and meaning. Interesting that there was no shimmer-shimmer this time, just a snap back to reality, oops there goes gravity. Classic Fringe.

  • So sad to see that Broylnate’s sacrifice cost him his life. Walternate is a monster for ordering his death (I assume that’s what happened considering the bullet hole in his skull). Seeing Broyles look down on his alter-self carried a truckload of weight. I imagine he must have wondered what his life was like on the other side. It must have made him think about his own mortality, and whether he too will fall victim to the same fate?
  • This experience could fundamentally change the way that Broyles thinks, feels and experiences life. Broyles knows that his double died making the ultimate sacrifice to help TWO universes survive. It must be his responsibility to be as good a man as he was – he’s not far off. I also loved his momentary hesitation when closing Broylnate’s eyes – in every way, it’s as though he was putting a part of himself to SLEEP forever.
  • RIP Broylnate. You wore tight shirts because you could. You had an office, unlike Broyles. You rocked baseball caps like a champ. You protected your world and protected Olivia. We are all grateful. You were married. You didn’t let the job break that. You saved your son by allowing yourself to see him differently. You didn’t eat breakfast. You questioned Walternate. You had faith. You believed that one person could make a difference. Master. Commander. Captain. Colonel. Rest in peace, never in pieces. :(
  • Nice little scene between the Store Owner and The Librarian. Though shouldn’t SOG be in custody? They just let him go, really? That being said, I appreciated the bit of back-story we got on him. The fact that he’s been sick his entire life explains his motivation for helping the other side in return for his legs back. I think he was also convincing himself that he had just cause. The idea that his childhood fears gripped him in adulthood, and that they were the final thing standing between him being able to walk again, was also somewhat interesting.
  • It  was also interesting that he expected the ‘healing process’ to be more extensive than it actually was:

The Librarian: “Go ahead, try them out”

SOG: “That’s it?”

The Librarian: “Only one way to find out”

  • But what is the price for selling your soul? I doubt, when all is said and done, that anything comes that easily. Not when his act was purely self-interested. He doesn’t care about the war or what delivering the device to the other side will do. He’s just glad that he got something back that mother nature, or fate, or whatever, deprived him.
  • He’s just an example of the fact that there is always someone who is willing to risk the well-being of others for something they care about. He’s Walter without the use of his legs. Except, now he’s got them, of course. Can we blame him? Yes and no. Yes, because he’s a fool and has no idea what he’s done. No, because when temptation comes calling, how many of us can resist having a rub of the magic lamp? Doesn’t make it right though. Every action has a consequence.
  • The Librarian himself is also an interesting character. I really enjoyed his small part and the way he looked at the device. Nicely played, hope we get to see him again.

  • Aaaand, the Dunhamnator is back:

Olivia: “Petah” *smile smile*

  • Naturally, Petah has mixed emotions. He’s happy to see Olivia alive, he has an awful weight on his shoulders, his ego’s been bruised, and he’s probably missing his other-flavored Dunham. Which order these conflicting emotions fall in is anyone’s guess – including Petah’s.

Peter: “I’m sorry, Olivia”

  • I think we all are, Peter.

Olivia: “Don’t apologize”

  • No, really, he must.

Olivia: “You were the only thing that got me through”

  • Exsqueeze me? I know you’re feeling hazy, Liv, but have you forgotten your mind in the AU? What about Super Henry and Captain Broylnate? They not only helped you physically but they believed in your whimsical tales of parallel universes where the grass is green and molebabies frolic on little hills.
  • I appreciate that she’s just being extra sweet to Peter – and that she’s assigning her love for him as the primary factor for making it out of Walternate’s Void, but even Projection Peter was HER subconscious. Peter did nothing except Altlivia. I know, I know, in time Olivia will surely come to learn that reality of the situation, but this notion of Peter as the hero undermines her own internal self, who she surely has to start recognizing as being her best little helper.

Oh Livia: “If it wasn’t for you I would never have made it back”

  • Ugh! Projections come in all shapes and sizes, Liv. 😉 Heck, maybe you should buy Walter some cakes for your inner mind projecting as him for 2 seconds? Point is, I’m sure Olivia would have found a way back regardless. And let’s not forget it was Ella’s birthday that gave her the biggest kick to realize who she really was. I’m not denying that her love for Peter had a very important role to play, but if ever Boy Wonder didn’t deserve any credit, it’s right here, right now. I never thought I’d have to say this to her, but, WAKE UP OLIVIA!

Olivia: “You saved my life”

  • Again, I think there’s a discussion to be had on the idea that people can save others without even knowing it. I can buy that, because it’s about ideas and perceptions, feelings and emotions – things that the subconscious latches on to when it’s in search for the missing pieces that can only be found in other people. There’s no denying that this is largely what love is about. And in that sense, Peter deserves a crown. But it’s made out of tinfoil  because, a) he doesn’t know his own woman and, b) I’m not convinced that he actually loves Olivia more than her bubbly-doubly.
  • But hey, I’m all for Olivia finding strength wherever she needs it. She’ll take what she can get, right? I just hope that with time, coffee, and a bottle of the strong stuff, she realizes that there were people who really helped her find her way home, not least herself.
  • To close, as much as I’ve enjoyed having Dunham out-fox the old fox Over There, I’m pleased to have her back in her own surroundings. She’s a survivor is that one. And it’s somewhat comforting to know that there’s someone to put a rocket up Walter’s whatchamacallit when he gets silly and to keep the team focused on important issues rather than breakfast in bed. Welcome home Olivia. Rest now because tomorrow you might be hurling a few projectiles down the toilet. Literally.


I thought this was a very good episode that did well to juggle so many balls in the air before bringing Olivia home and concluding the first part of this season’s story. The stakes seem even higher now that Walternate has what he wants and Olivia has the chance to use her enhanced perspective to not only save her world, but to keep a promise. It’s possibly the most important shred from the episode for me, because if Olivia breaks that promise then the whole thing shatters with it.

It’s all personal on the Fringe.

As for the episode title – “Entrada” or Enter. As a retitle, I’d call it “Exit”, because as one returned, the other high-tailed it out. Mother Nature can sleep tonight.

Best Performer: Anna Torv.

Best Line“I’ve seen war, but if what you’re saying is true, in the end I have to believe in hope. Please make this worth it” – Broylnate.

Best Moment: Olivia returning home like a wet straggly mermaid creature.

Episode Rating 8.5/10

You can find all of our reviews here. Our episode Observations can be found here.


  1. Emily says

    Ah, Roco- here’s where I disagree with you:
    I think you’re being a little hard on Peter here…I don’t think that he is at all in love with Altivia. He is in love with Olivia (notice his obvious distress in the car ride to the station, and his anxiousness when he heard that Olivia returned). Oh and also the “That would be so much easier to believe if you weren’t in handcuffs right now” line is classic Peter cheekiness that Altivia totally deseved. That being said, I think Altivia might have developed some feelings for Peter, hence why she was planning on bringing their pictures back with her.
    It’s sad that you seem to like Walternate’s character more than Walter’s! I mean, after what Walternate did to Broylenate and Olivia (plus Walter used the awesome word “Vagenda”) :) But I do agree that Walter has been lacking a little bit of character depth lately.
    “No, I’m going to get answers. And if I find out you did anything to our Olivia, then I’m going to kill you.” I know you didn’t find this believeable, Roco, but I sure did. Great acting by Joshua Jackson. He’s very good at playing the quiet fury characteristic of Peter (see-The Man From the Other Side). I also think he cares more about Olivia and less about Altivia than you give him credit for.
    I also liked how Peter took a page out of Olivia’s book and shot that shapeshifter through the forehead; see, sometimes his IQ shines through! (sometimes).
    Finally, just a side note-
    “I also doubt that Walternate would have been able to get Broylnate back to New York (from Boston) in the, what, 10 or so minutes between Olivia’s return home and Altlivia’s extraction.” I don’t believe that the locations must be the same on both sides (in The Man From the Other Side, Walter just explained that it’s whatever is in the middle of the triangles), so I think as long as the triangle was around Broylnate, wherever he was, the transformation should have worked. And about the universes being in synch? Well, again from the Man From the Other Side, Newton (miss him too!) said they wouldnt “get the chance again for another seven months.” Maybe seven months had passed?

    “I have more problem with Altlivia waiting until now to steal the item .” I think this made sense- Altivia couldn’t really rush the operation (her cover would have been worse than it already was :D), and of course time was needed to discover/unearth the machine components. Just my theory though.

    And I do agree that Olivia was wonderful in this episode. It’s great to have her back. Overall, all of the actors did fantastic jobs! And RIP Broylenate.

    I would give it a 9.5/10 and rank it up there with my favorite Fringe episodes.

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  2. Flick McManagan says

    I think you’re coming down too hard on Peter. As someone who likes his character, it’s hard to read your reviews lately.

    Like: Thumb up 1

    • says

      One way to look (another perspective) at Roco’s assessment of season 3 Peter is to say he is perturbed with the people that write for Peter. I have to admit I am also a big fan of Peter, but I have not been a fan of how season 3 Peter has been written. Seriously, the show wants us to forget about 2 years of character development. I don’t know if it is because they are trying to tell a story that they (the writers and producers) originally wanted to tell over the course of 2 seasons all in 1, but we have to admit, Peter had the blinders on a little too long. Believe me, I’m sure there were plenty of “test” moments before the Greek phrase, and I’m not talking about mixing up the stars of the movie Casablanca.

      Peter is better than that, and there were some liberties taken with his Character so far this season.

      Like: Thumb up 0

      • annon says

        Well said. For someone who likes all the characters, it saddens me how much the writers change Peter to suit where they want the story to go. It really takes me out of the show at times, because for me it has really impacted on the show. Peter is the third wheel of Fringe and if he is not a real character as such, then I think it makes it harder for a viewer to accept his part in the whole thing.

        Yes, they’ve totally ripped his character apart this season. He would never be that oblivious and then of course once he knows about Bolivia, all of a sudden he is back to the old Peter again. Contrivance much and I agree Peter is better than that.

        Like: Thumb up 1

        • Irishbird says

          I have to say I agree with everything that Roco said about Peter in his review. I don’t wish to. I was a fan of Peter’s at the beginning but I’m afraid in Season 3 he has not lived up to the man that is worthy of Olivia. The writers will have to do some seriously good writing to redeem him. I hate to say it but he just doesn’t seem to truly value Olivia enough.

          Subconsciously he knows that he fits better with Altlivia and even though he hasn’t admitted it that is the direction he is going in. This is what ultimately stopped him from acknowledging the truth about Altivia these past 8weeks because in doing so would have required him to stop the relationship.

          Poor Olivia, my heart went out to her in that hospital bed yet again crossing universes & declaring her love and the guilt of no longer being so sure of his own feelings was written all over Peter’s face. That’s why he will come clean to Olivia as soon as he can so he can halt the relationship until he can get his head around it all. The relationship he thought he wanted… the one he is not so sure about anymore. To quote boy wonder himself i think this falls in to the category of be careful what you wish for!!!

          Like: Thumb up 1

          • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

            It makes me wonder if the writers don’t know Peter well enough or maybe WE the audience don’t know Peter as well as we thought we did….

            Like: Thumb up 1

          • annon says

            Not sure I agree with what you are saying. Here’s why.
            Does he really know that he fits better with Altlivia? He doesn’t know Altlivia. Her saw the real person when she was discovered and to me he hated her. Wouldn’t you, if you found out somebody had been playing you all this time. Peter loves Olivia and he thought all along that he was having a relationship with her. He thought she had changed because she was in a new relationship with him. (That’s what the actors have said). It wasn’t Altlivia he was in a relationship with, it was Altlivia being how she thought Olivia would be.

            The guilt on his face was because he knows he will hurt Olivia when she finds out, the fact that he got so hugely duped, the fact that the relationship that he was enjoying was pure fantasy and not the one he thought he was having. I think there is no doubt he loves Olivia but he knows when she finds out, there is a good possibility that the real relationship that he wants may never happen. I think that was in his facial expression as well, that sadness of what’s to come.

            Like: Thumb up 1

  3. Alexia says

    Probably your greatest review to date :)

    And the “Rip Broylesnate” part was beautiful,heart breaking,but beautiful <3

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • says

      It was a very nice part of Roco’s review. I can’t shake my desire to see the Fringe team have a funeral for Broylesnate. Or at least allude to some kind of ceremony in a future episode, and it’s for all the reason’s Roco stated.

      In my mind, the team will hold a small memorial service at their favorite watering hole. Olivia tells Broyles what his alternate did, and what he sacrificed. Yes, and our Olivia even has a DRINK in his honor.

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  4. Isa says

    Great review, Rocco! :)
    About the final scene: I don’t think Olivia was saying that Peter literally saved her or something. She is just expressing her love for him (a huge step for the Dunhamnator, btw). I think she is saying that it was the idea of his love that wake her up, which is all very sad, tragic and ironically due to his involvement with Altlivia. Besides, it’s classic Olivia to not to take credit for her own acts. Anna Torv said something really important in an interview: that what was really sad for Olivia is that she will think that Peter doesn’t really know her, that for him she’s just a face, not a soul. So I guess Peter will have to work on that. And btw I think it’s pretty delusional to think Peter and Olivia will not end up together in the end of the show. This has been set up since day one, even with John-argh-Scott still hanging in Olivia’s memories. There is no place for another caracther and Olivia wont end up alone.

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  5. altveronica says

    So much on comedic gold this episode, and yet no mention of “vagenda”? I am disappointed! 😉

    I always look forward to your reviews, Roco. Amazing!

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • Isa says

      Yeah, I was sad too there was no room for the vagenda line. It might have been Walter’s most funny line ever!

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    • says

      “Vagenda” is a classic and will live on outside of this show because it rolls off the tongue so nicely. I mean there are so many ways in a day to use “vagenda”. There are so many contexts outside of it’s obvious sexual connotations. Plus, I just like saying it… Vagenda, Vagenda,VAGENDA!

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  6. J. Jackson says

    How about you leave Peter alone? He’s doing the best he can. He had his eyes on Olivia from when she kissed him almost right up to when they returned home last season. Do you honestly think his first assumption would be that she wasn’t really Olivia? Also, yes, she was acting differently, but so was the real Olivia – crossing universes to tell him she loved him. He’s bound to expect a little weirdness from her.

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • says

      “Also, yes, she was acting differently, but so was the real Olivia – crossing universes to tell him she loved him. He’s bound to expect a little weirdness from her.”

      Good point, and that would explain things like abstaining from alcohol, and her new appreciation for music. However, it doesn’t really make up for her frequent forgetfulness and not recognizing people and names. That in itself should raise some red flags because the point has been drilled into our heads for the last 3 seasons that Olivia has an impeccable, photographic memory. This is purely going off of what’s been shown on the show, not any assumptions about what happens in the Fringe universe that we don’t see.

      Like: Thumb up 1

    • SF says

      Actually I think her crossing universes to save him is entirely in character with how far she will go to save a life. Olivia has acted entirely in character except for when she kept Walter’s secret for him. I think Roco might have been a little harsh on Peter, but then from day one of this storyline (Peter and AltLiv)I’ve been saying it’s not realistic that someone in love changes their basic nature. They can become happier, but really, like Roco says, that fire in Olivia’s soul should have burned stronger and brighter, not more dully, in love.

      Like: Thumb up 1

      • annon says

        I think we can all agree that the writing for the Bolivia/Peter get together, just didn’t work on many levels. It was just painful to watch and I’m not sure that was the writers intention.

        I hope by the end of the season, we can all understand why the writers needed to do it and why they chose to go there, but at the moment I think we are having trouble understanding why.

        Surely, there could of been another way of tearing Olivia down, that the writers could of taken. That’s what they have done and I’m sure once she’s hit bottom she will rebuild herself again.

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  7. Hatch says

    I don’t always agree with some of your points Roco, but your reviews and “observations” actually make the show that much more enjoyable. I always feel the need to re-watch the episode with new perspectives after reading your stuff. Standing ovation, I think this is your best piece to date.

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  8. Anjali says

    Excellent review Roco.
    Just one disagreement: I doubt Peter is in love w/ Altlivia, I think he just feels something for her. His true love lies with our Olivia. I think we’ll know more about his state of mimd in the next episode.

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • Isa says

      I agree with you and I don’t think Altlivia has feelings for him either. She may feel simpathetic towards him, but that’s it. She way too arrogant to fall for a guy like Peter.

      I think this is just Rocco’s mind thinking against Peter and Olivia as a couple… But don’t worry true love will prevail! 😛

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  9. says

    “Though shouldn’t SOG be in custody? They just let him go, really?”

    You know, I never thought about that. Now that you mention it, I’m sure there was another way to tell the story without that plot contrivance. Anywho, it’s par for the course on this show. Who knows, maybe it is a contrivance to set up another appearance by SOG.

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    • LizW65 says

      That was something that bothered me about the story as well. It could maybe be handwaved by the fact that they were pressed for time, but I’m hoping to see him in custody in the near future. And did anyone but me think the injection at the end was going to kill rather than cure him?

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      • runthegamut says

        That’s what I thought too. When he said he didn’t like needles, my comment was, “don’t worry, this will be your last.”

        I think it’s possible that they held him and questioned him for a time, but didn’t have enough evidence to keep him. I don’t know, trying not to see more plot holes is hard.

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      • mlj102 says

        Count me as one of the ones who fully expected the typewriter guy to be killed by the end of the episode. At first I thought the injection would kill him. Then, after he was starting to walk, and I saw him reaching for the box, i thought he was going to pull out a gun and shoot him. That would have made sense: they would have been true to their word and would have given him what they promised… but then they would have silenced him. I was quite surprised that the Librarian guy seemed content with the honest exchange. Will we see typewriter guy again?

        Like: Thumb up 0

    • John Y. says

      I think there would have been a problem with proving anything against him. What would they charge him with – aiding agents of an alternate universe’s Secretary of Defense? Is there a law against that? He knew that something strange was going on but all he was doing was giving them access to a typewriter – why should he think they were planning to destroy our universe? Of course if our guys were smarter he would have been under observation and the Librarian guy would now be in custody.

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  10. annon says

    Roco, you and Peter are more alike than you think. The sarcasm in your reviews! So, much sarcasm in this review. Abit more than I can take.

    Peter wasn’t the only person who didn’t notice the switch. They ALL didn’t notice and nobody picked up on the differences. A few questioned a few things, but really there was no reason to even think that the Olivias had been switched. It was put down to the trauma of going over to the other side. They had alot on their minds with the machine etc and Bolivia always coming up with good excuses for things. While I agree that the whole not noticing thing is rediculous, that’s what the writers have done and we just have to go with it. They had to have everybody oblivious for Bolivia to reek havoc on this side and I think we are going to see the repercussions of that for everybody concerned for the second part of the season.

    With regards to Peter and Olivia. Peter is in love with Olivia. He went into that relationship because of his love for her. Bolivia rode on that love. She was portraying Olivia how she thought Olivia was, based on file notes etc. Lucky for her Peter and Olivia had never actually been in a relationship. So, Peter had nothing to go on in that respect and he thought she was different because they were in a new relationship (even the actors have said that). So, in essence the Peter and Bolivia thing was a fantasy. If Peter had known from the outset that it was Bolivia, then nothing would have happened. Peter only saw the real Bolivia when she was discovered. So, I can’t see the notion of him being in love with Bolivia, because that’s not who she was portraying and if he is (which I don’t agree with), then he is in love with a fantasy. The Peter hallucinations were not real for Olivia either. Her images of him, was not the real Peter. So, again we see parallels. Not a fan of the way the writers have portrayed the whole Bolivia/Peter thing. It goes against the way Peter has been portrayed in previous seasons. So, again the writers changing Peter to facilitate the story of Olivia that they want to tell.

    Of course, Olivia will be devastated. Olivia should be angry with everyone, not just Peter. Bolivia duped them all. It will be interesting to see what the writers have Peter say to her. There seems to be alot of different interpretations about the Peter/Bolivia thing. So, I’m hoping that the writers clear that up next episode so that we can see what direction they are going to go, in building up their relationship again, in whatever form it takes.

    Sorry to see altBroyles go. I really liked his character and find it interesting that the writers fleshed him out more than they have ever done for Broyles.

    Glad to see this arc over as I think they dragged it out for too long. Look forward to seeing where they go now, that the teams are back to normal. Hope they now try to move the mythology on abit, as I have felt we were in a holding pattern for most of the season, because of the alternating episodes.

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • says

      ” It will be interesting to see what the writers have Peter say to her. There seems to be alot of different interpretations about the Peter/Bolivia thing. So, I’m hoping that the writers clear that up next episode so that we can see what direction they are going to go, in building up their relationship again, in whatever form it takes.”

      Whether Peter was in “love” with Altlivia or the idea of being with “Olivia”, who knows. That is of no consequence to me, it is how he is going to tell her that not only were seeing each other, but they were having sex. That is what will cut deep.

      Also to your point, I agree that Olivia should have reservations about everyone in her life after this debacle. No one, absolutely no one questioned anything. Universe traveling or not, who hasn’t been asked a dozen times when their having an off day, “are you feeling okay? You don’t seem like yourself?” I don’t even have an “evil” twin and that is an annoying question to be asked. Of course I am still me, no dopplegangers here, but in the Fringe Universe that is a reality and the Fringies should watch their backs because their Olivia, Our Olivia doesn’t forget.

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  11. Aimee says

    As Broyles said “eight weeks, and NONE of us knew.” Give Peter a break, he went into his full fury when he learned the truth.

    We are our own worse enemies.

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  12. Sid says

    Great review. Roco, you’re a poet! I, too, found Walter very annoying in this episode – here’s a man, who is essentially a genius and he grumbled, mumbled and fumbled the whole episode about Olivia being gone and Altivia in her stead. But I have to give Walter 5 stars for his “vagenda” phrase – I think it’s my favourite word for 2010.

    RE: Peter – I think Peter is in love with the idea of being in love with Olivia and that’s the reason he was blinded by Altivia. This switcheroo begs the question – how well does Peter know her? does he not recognize Olivia’s spirit? in fact, I think John Scott knew Olivia better than Peter (at least, John had a mind meld with Olivia). There’s guilt and then there’s stupidity. I like Josh but Peter these last few weeks was unbearable. I think the next half of this season will need to redeem Peter (otherwise, there’ll be a danger of him being a very boring, two-dimensional character).
    I loved Anna Torv in this episode (actually, I love Anna Torv in every episode). She rocked both worlds!! 😉
    Overall, I think it was a brilliant episode, albeit some elements were contrived but necessarily so. Broylenate was awesome with Diane being the push he needed.

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    • number six says

      “how well does Peter know her? does he not recognize Olivia’s spirit? in fact, I think John Scott knew Olivia better than Peter (at least, John had a mind meld with Olivia).”
      Peter knows her as much as she let him know her. That thing about Olivia’s spirit is a very romantic idea, but hardly practical. We, as viewers, know Olivia better than anyone else in the show, including Rachel and Ella, because we are able to see her on every facet of her life and yet, I doubt we all share the same view on her or on what her spirit, whatever that implies, is. For instance, the fire of her soul, that has been mentioned… I couldn’t help but laugh. What fire? I’m sure some people can see it, but not everyone is going to agree and we’re all watching the same show.

      I’m pretty sure John Scott knew her much better than Peter. He had a relationship with her unlike Peter. Not that it stopped him from being deceitful, but that’s not the point. Olivia doesn’t know Peter, either if Projection Peter is any indication.

      “I like Josh but Peter these last few weeks was unbearable. I think the next half of this season will need to redeem Peter.”
      Actually, he’s come off as the most multidimensional character so far this season, in my opinion. Walter has been rather neglected for some reason, so we haven’t seen him to his full potential. Peter has been the most human character of them all, instead of a stereotype of what we think a genius should be. Duped against all logic because of love and his own arrogance, that he brought about some of those changes in Olivia. Taking responsibility over the machine and building it knowing, he’s playing into Walternate’s hands. Springing into action, when he finally realized the truth about Altlivia and a long etc. Although I didn’t like seeing him with Altlivia, I loved to see his softer side for a while, because I doubt, we’ll ever see him like this again, just like I enjoyed Olivia living a happy life on the other side, even if she was actually Altlivia. The only frustrating part of the story is, that it has been stretched beyond credibility in both universes.

      The part of Peter needing to be redeemed is what baffles me. What crime has he committed recently, that I haven’t been aware of? I hope the storyline doesn’t go the “Peter needs to gain Olivia’s sexual favors” route, please.

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      • Sid says

        This is the great thing about this site – we can all have our opinions. I think you make great points – I just don’t agree with them. With regards to your point about “Olivia’s spirit” – it’s what makes you, you. Even though you may not quite know the people you work with or the people you hang out, because they “don’t let you in” (as you put it) – it doesn’t mean that you don’t recognize when things are “off”. That’s perception.

        And you’re absolutely right, we all have different interpretations of the same events and wonder if we’re all watching the same show – that’s the brilliance of the show.

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      • jacksonheights says

        “how well does Peter know her? does he not recognize Olivia’s spirit? in fact, I think John Scott knew Olivia better than Peter (at least, John had a mind meld with Olivia).”
        Well put number six. When we saw her in bed with John Scott she was smililng and acting coy. She went on a date with John Scott and we actually saw them as legitimate love interests.
        As far as Peter is concerned before she went to the other side and confessed her love she almost kissed him in Jacksonville, she may have run away from their date at the end of Jacksonville when she saw he was from the other side and then she distanced herself from Peter so as not to tell him that he was from the other side. I certainly saw no burning desire for her to be with him.
        Perception is in the eyes of the fans who want the P/O relationship whether or not it makes sense. I feel that their love story is a contrivance. I love Olivia being a strong woman on her own without the benefit of a love interest. I enjoy her interactions with the men on the show but she is so much more interesting when she is the Dunhamator rather than when she is Peters girl.

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        • Isa says

          I don’t think we can compare Olivia from the first episodes with the Olivia from the rest of the show. I don’t think both the writers and Anna Torv knew exactly what they were creating in the beginning of the show. I see those scenes with Olivia and John on bed and it seems so off and phony, totally out of character. It doesn’t seem like the Olivia we now know. Like Broyles in the pilot, when he is acting totally out of character possible because the writers didn’t know exactly who he was. Of course this is just my opinion, but I’m guessing that if Anna was to play those scenes with John again we would see another Olivia, the Olivia that we know now. Even if we don’t know how Olivia would act in a relationship.

          And of course Olivia distanced herself from Peter after she knew he was from the other side. It was world shattering information. She didn’t know what to do, so she just avoided doing it, and the best way of avoiding it was avoiding Peter. The whole “Peter is from the other side” was much more important by then than if she was going to kiss him or not. And then Peter created an excuse for why she was acting like that. As always, Peter is blinded to certain things, especially in regard to Olivia. He sees what he wants to see in order to protect her. Remember “Bad Dreams”? Peter kept saying it was just a dream, when Olivia was saying that she was there somehow killing people with her dreams, and after all signs led to the fact that Olivia had been treated with cortexiphan, Peter kept saying that she didn’t until it was just too obvious that she did.

          The fact that she didn’t tell him the secret when she knew she should have, because that was the right thing to, well, I think that tells so much on how torn she was. She had so deeply feelings towards him, she was unable to do the right thing. And the right thing is what Olivia does on a daily basis.

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          • Jacksonheights says

            Although I am sure you are correct that both the writers and Anna torv didn’t know where they were going with their characters early on but I must disagree that the John Scott love scene seemed phony. When you are with someone you trust and loveyou let your guard down and sometimes you act childlike or silly. None of this came to mind when you saw Olivia and Peter but I did see it in altivia with Peter. Sorry the burning spirit didn’t shine through.

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  13. Page 48 says

    I, too, found Walter very annoying in this episode

    Ditto! Cartoons belong on Saturday mornings. I don’t mind a little eccentricity here and there, but with Walter it’s always the same standup routine. If I wanted Henny Youngman, I’d watch Henny Youngman.

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  14. Mireya says

    I love your reviews. I’m so glad I found this site. It’s helped me love Fringe even more, if that’s possible. 😉

    I don’t know if I’d hold it against Peter to have waited in bed for two hours before he started looking through Alt-Livia’s computer. I thought he wanted to make sure she was completely asleep so she wouldn’t suspect anything. Not that I’m defending Peter too much. I kept saying Olivia needed to set him on fire for what he did. Lol! Maybe that’s too harsh, but he’s going to need to do a lot of grovelling to get back on Olivia’s good side. 😉

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  15. says

    Beautiful review, Roco. Tough on Peter, but someone has to be. I can justify Peter’s shooting the shapeshifter in eye-for-an-eye terms (“she” was only “she” because “he” had murdered “she”), but he really has let Olivia down.

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  16. ndolo says

    So…Pacific Central Station is a good place to cross over. I’ll try to remember that next time I take the train to Seattle.
    Also, the typewriter shop should be somewhere in New Westminster.

    Btw, amazing length (and depth) to your review roco.
    Props from east van!

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  17. FinChase says

    “suddenly your eyes had more sparkle while your soul had less fire.”

    Wow, Roco! That perfectly captures the difference between the two Olivias. Bravo!

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  18. Aimee says

    Poor Peter, He even told Altlivia in “The Box” that meeting her, as Olivia’s alternate, was like looking into a carnival funhouse mirror.
    It’s all a matter of perception in the end, isn’t it.

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  19. hal says

    i just realized. that image of the piece of the device looks an awful lot like a front x-ray view of the two hemispheres of the brain… maybe that was obvious 😉 but yeah. also, with the eyeball thingy that dude from star trek over it

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  20. mlj102 says

    “Olivia making yet another escape requires Walternate to be dumb.”

    While I understand and somewhat agree with what you’re saying here, I actually thought they did a pretty good job at covering their bases by showing Walternate responding and taking precautions, while still making it possible for Olivia to return home. I thought it was good the way they had the tank emptied, and also how Walternate had changed the water patrols. It showed that he was doing something and it gave more emphasis to the fact that alternate Broyles was key in Olivia’s eventual return home. If not for him getting her out and helping her get back to the lab, she probably wouldn’t have made it back. So in that way, it was believable for me. Yes, there were still contrivances, but they’re not distracting to me because they did show some effort.

    “I can see why the producers decided to go with the more marinating ‘alternating universe structure’ prior to this episode.”

    I thought the same thing after watching this episode. While it was a fantastic episode, it was a bit rushed and didn’t quite get to explore either story quite as much as I would have liked. I think it worked for this episode, but I think it would have been a big mistake to try to do the whole season while going back and forth between the two sides in one episode.

    “Olivia was able to cross back over to her side permanently because she injected herself with the Cortexiphan that Walternate had produced from her own chemistry. The familiarity of the Bra & Panties Tank™ and the absolute need to make it happen may have also helped.”

    While this is all very true, I still think that another thing that helped her be able to cross over is the continual “practice” and exposure to crossing over. She has now crossed over several times and I think she gets more used to it and gains greater control with each attempt.

    “Seriously, she’s about to be sliced and diced like a Joe’s pizza and the woman has the kindness to ask after others?”

    I loved her for that. She asked about Christopher and I thought “That is just like our Olivia.” It’s the little things like that that make her so amazing.

    “Not sure I quite buy the idea that Over Here has the ability to fight … Perhaps Olivia was just saying that to sway Broylnate – it was slightly manipulative”

    I think she was simply pointing out that, while our side isn’t currently at war with their side, if over there did anything to initiate conflict with over here, we wouldn’t just sit back and let it happen. As things are right now, our side is not at war with them, but there would be a war if over there took aggressive action on our side. It was a matter of fact as much as it was any sort of method of intimidation.

    Shapeshifter Luke: “I sometimes dream about it. The other side. Sadly, for my kind, coming here is a one way ticket.”

    What I found interesting about this comment is that they consider over there to be home. From what I understand, the Shapeshifters are “born” over here. So what makes them so fond of over there? Have they experienced anything over there? Have they had any sort of life? Or is it all a matter of programming in order to make them more loyal? I just wonder what it is about over there that they cling to and fight for when over here isn’t so different. Or when he says he dreams about it, is he saying he imagines what it would be like? Does he dream of it being some sort of better paradise?

    “I know you’re feeling hazy, Liv, but have you forgotten your mind in the AU? What about Super Henry and Captain Broylnate?”

    I think Olivia remembers quite clearly the role those two played in helping her get back. And I don’t think she trivializes what they did for her. But I think the significance in her comment here is that they wouldn’t have mattered or wouldn’t have been necessary if she hadn’t first regained the knowledge of who she is. And from her perspective, it was Peter who was responsible for sticking with her and helping her remember. Despite the fact that Projection Peter came from her own mind, she still sees that experience as being connected to him. Perhaps it was the strength of her love for him or her trust in him, but I think her memories of him are what motivated her to hang on. He was somewhat responsible for that, however indirectly that might be. If not for that connection which ultimately allowed her to remember who she was, all the Henrys and Broylnates of the world wouldn’t have mattered because she wouldn’t have been trying to get home. And that’s what I think is so tragically ironic about the whole thing: In a way, Peter played a key role in her journey home… But at the same time, Peter abandoned her in the worst possible way by not knowing that she had been replaced.

    “What’s interesting is that Peter, who has Giftshop Lady’s (GSL) message ringing in his ears, still finds the time to tenderly look over the memories…It’s as though he’s unable to let go”

    I saved the biggest topic for last. This is just one of many comments from your review on this particular topic and I see where you’re coming from, but I completely disagree. I interpreted Peter’s response and his actions quite differently than you did, and I think you were rather harsh on Peter here. I have a lot to say on this topic, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to organize my thoughts very well… But I’ll try.

    Take this particular instance, for example. When he found those pictures, I didn’t see that as him “tenderly looking over the memories”. Rather, I saw his emotions as sorrowful, hurt, and confused. I think he was completely blindsighted by the revelation that he was not with his Olivia, and he was struggling to process that knowledge. It hurt because he was happy, but he found out that it was all just a lie. That’s why it doesn’t bother me so much that his first question was to ask how she replaced our Olivia. It makes sense to me that, after having his blissful reality turned upside down, he would want to know how it happened. I can’t blame him for that. I may not like that he was unaware that she wasn’t Olivia, but that’s how it was. And since that’s the case, why wouldn’t he feel hurt and sad and be asking himself how this happened? But that doesn’t mean he had any sort of attachment to alternate Olivia. If he did, would he really have turned on her so quickly?

    Which brings me to my next point. I don’t think he struggled to let go. Quite the opposite, actually… I kind of expected there to be a hint of regret or hesitation or uncertainty from him regarding which Olivia he was going to side with. But the minute he had the doubt that she was who she said she was, he pulled away from her. He was cold, distanced, sarcastic, spiteful, threatening… There was no trace of that love or fondness or attachment from him. I felt that he made it quite clear that his loyalty and his concern and his love was for our Olivia. You claim that he developed feelings for alternate Olivia, but I just don’t buy it. I don’t see it. That whole relationship was based on the assumption that she was our Olivia. Take that away, and the whole thing falls apart. He doesn’t know alternate Olivia — how could he love her?

    Yes, there’s the whole problem that he didn’t realize that she wasn’t Olivia. And you and I both agree on the point that he should have realized it, and for him to be ignorant of the switch greatly damages what has been established between them over the last two seasons. And that bothers me. A lot. But more than anything, I see that as a contrivance set up by the writers/producers for the purpose of the story. They wanted her to remain undercover undetected. They wanted this unique love triangle. And personally, I am 100% opposed to all that. I think it severely ruined relationships to have no one notice, and in general I really dislike the approach they took to the over here story. But that’s what they chose to do. And because of that, in this particular instance, I don’t think we can read too much into the fact that Peter didn’t see that she was a different person, because that was nothing more than a necessary evil of what needed to happen to tell the story they wanted to tell.

    I don’t think Peter is going to look back on his time with alternate Olivia. I expect him to devote himself to making it up to Olivia. He clearly feels guilty and ashamed. And he should feel that way. Would he feel that way if he truly had feelings for alternate Olivia? I am glad it seems like he is going to be honest with Olivia. That’s got to count for something. And if he truly works to reestablish the relationship with Olivia, then I think there’s still a chance for them. But if there’s any hint of wistfulness or longing or missing alternate Olivia, then I say it should be closed off for good. I don’t want to see that, and Olivia definitely deserves better than that. But I think Peter genuinely regrets not noticing the difference, and I think he will try to make up for that. And if he does, I think he should get a second chance.

    I had more I was going to say about this episode, but I think I’ve made this long enough as it is… Sorry!

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    • FringeFanatic says

      I definitely agree with you Peter thing.

      I always love your reviews Roco, but come on now, give the poor guy a break.

      Of course we all were frustrated that Peter didn’t see it, which he should have, but no one else on the team saw it either.

      I also don’t think Peter is in love with Altlivia. At all. Once he found out the truth about her, his number one priority was to get Olivia home. I think he showed how guilty he felt in the car scene and even the hospital scene at the end. He looked like he was about to cry! Was it just me that also got a little teary eyed? When Liv finds out, I think it will be one of the most heart-breaking episodes ever.

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    • MeghanCL says

      MLJ, I look forward to your comments as much as Roco’s – please feel free to post the rest of your thoughts! :)

      I totally agree with your points on Peter. How could he be in love with Altlivia? Even he must realize that any feelings he has are for someone who doesn’t exist – Altlivia’s interpretation of Olivia. He’s spent 5 minutes with Altliv as herself, and all he could think about was our Olivia. Will this whole fiasco make him reevaluate what it is he sees in Olivia and whether he’s really in love with her or just the idea of her? Sure, I can buy that. But I don’t think this is going to turn into Peter longing for Altliv. She lied to him and betrayed him and ruined the only real relationship/friendship he has in his life. I’ve been lied to, used, and tossed aside, and I gotta say you’ve got to be a pretty epically screwed up individual to want that person back. He won’t look on those memories with longing – he will look at them with disgust and self-loathing (that is, if the writers turn him back into a person instead of a plot-device).

      I think it will and should take a loooooong time for P&O to get back what they had, but I think it’s possible. Although he’s been inexcusably an idiot for 8 weeks, he also has 2 years of evidence on his side that he does know and appreciate who she is. I plead temporary insanity for him, heh. I think he’ll have to do a LOT to prove that he is that person again, the one who can glance at her and know something’s wrong, who can read between the lines and pull out what she’s thinking and feeling, but he’s already proven he has the ability. He just has to find it and use it again …. and spend a long time in the dog house!

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  21. cortexifan says

    Great Review Roco.
    It’s the highlight besides watching the episodes over and over. Just finished watching “What lies below”. At the end Peter apologizes to Olivia. She says “You weren’t yourself”. To which Peter replies “Lucky for me that you were”.

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  22. annon says

    Well said mlj102. I loved everything you said and completely agree.

    Sure in our minds Peter should have known, BUT the writers didn’t go there. For the story to work and Bolivia to cause havoc, they had to have him oblivious for that to happen as well as everybody else. The whole time Peter thought it was Olivia.

    In some ways I wish the writers had not had them picking up on things, only to dismiss it. I think it made the whole duping thing worse. I think they only did that, to plant the idea that Peter knew and was playing her. They put those things in there, so that people would be surprised further down the track that he didn’t know. The conversation where him being a conman was brought up, I think, went towards manifesting that idea in some viewers minds. There were alot of comments from people saying “I think he knows and he is playing her”. The writers were definitely being ambiguous early on.

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  23. Charlotte says

    Hey Roco, thanks for the great review! Just a couple of points from me.

    You write: “I have more problem with Altlivia waiting until now to steal the item.” In the conversation in Liberty Island, Brandonate tells Walternate that “Agent Dunham hasn’t completed her mission yet.” So logically she was waiting until they had more pieces she needed, and grabbed whatever was available when her cover was blown.

    You also write: “That being said, it was telling that it was Brandonate who suggested they kill Olivia and use her organs for study. Absolutely appalling – and this from a man who showed hints of compassion at the start of the season. (…) Is it a character contrivance or are we just seeing the overriding attributes of his character?” I think this is in line with the show’s theme of science run amok, especially when combined with power. Brandonate now knows how much power he wields as a scientist, so there’s nothing to stop him. To me this refers to a process Walter himself went through in the past – he used to work on the side of power to CREATE new science. Now he’s still working on the side of power, but trying to counteract the effects of new science, which I guess is what makes him a better person.

    As a side note, the scene of Olivia on the operating table freaked me out. Preparing to vivisect someone, with a bone saw no less? I seriously doubt that ZFT in the AU has a chapter on ethics, but if it does, they seem to have missed a few crucial principles.

    Finally, about Olivia being able to cross over from the Harvard lab. You attribute it to the Cortexiphan, “the familiarity of the Bra & Panties Tank™ and the absolute need to make it happen.” I think the clue as to why it happened was planted a long time ago, in Walter’s lab notes from episode 1.20 “There’s more than one of everything.” Remember those pieces of a greyish picture with bits of a Fibonacci spiral in the lab notes? Walter kept emphasising that the proportions of the lab were important in some way. The 1.20 lab notes ended with: “All I had to do was follow the Golden Spiral to its centre, and there it was – buried, right where the tank used to be. A hole in the fabric of the universe.” So the reason Olivia was able to cross is that the tank was an APPROPRIATE place to cross all along.

    Reading the lab notes, I thought I should look up this S.S. Kresge, after whom the lab building is named, since Walter’s notes state: “S.S. Kresge would have understood. After all, it was he who specified the precise dimensions of the lab.” I expected to find some other mad scientist, which would refer to Walter, but not at all. Kresge was a very successful businessman who founded the Kmart discount department stores – so that rather refers to William Bell. And – you’re going to love this – the Kmart stores were apparently known for moments when store workers would light up mobile police lights to announce surprise discounts on a specific department of the store. These were called “Blue Light Specials.” How’s that?

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    • Charlotte says

      By the way I also find it interesting that you would write: “Peter’s heart is split in two.” Was that a deliberate reference to “Brown Betty” or are you so fringed that you can’t help yourself?

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      • runpaceyrun says

        Charlotte…i too was totally freaked out by Olivia on the operating table. It freaked me out that Brandonate was taking to her with a bone saw whilst she was conscious. And your point about the ZFT in the AU…..awesome …..and well put. Just where do ethics fit in in the AU? Or are ethics and conscience not a valued commodity? AltBroyles had a conscience and look where it landed him! Im glad i reside in the blue universe.

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  24. runpaceyrun says

    Roco i have to say that this review was huge…and filled with lots of observations. But for the most part i disagree with you. I read your review 3 times and i can tell you i am feeling a little unsettled. You came down so hard on Peter that i was actually starting to talk back to my computer screen… though i was actually talking to you!
    Ok, i get that you think that Peter should have realised that Altliv was not Olivia. But no one else did either. The writers chose it that way. And yes i can understand that there were little hints and clues along the way BUT they were put into the story by the writers….and yes we viewers noticed….but we were meant to! Was it the writers intention to make us question who Peter is? I dont know. But it didnt work with me. Peter is Peter….and yes i am somewhat annoyed that the writers have messed with Peters character…but there is nothing i can do about it. So im going along with it. Im sorry if im a bit incoherent …im feeling a little firey about this issue….and i cant quite get my thoughts out clearly!
    Ive written this previously but i will restate it……i dont see how anyone could think that Peter has feelings for Altliv! Once he found out that he had been deceived…he stewed over it for nearly 2 hours. I can imagine what was going through his head. He would have been feeling guilt, remorse, regret, fury, rage…and massively concerned for Olivia (and what had happened to her). I dont think it was silly of him to ask when the switch occurred….thats a question id ask….id want to know just exactly when the deception started. And then id be trying to piece together what happened at that exact moment. But Alt-liv wasnt about to give Peter any info. And nor she should. Shes on a mission…and very clearly focussed. She wasnt about to give anything away. Dont get me wrong im not defending her…i loathe her! But at least the writers didnt mess with her character……she stayed the same cocky self assured woman all the way through!
    And as for her having feelings for Peter…i say never. She was on a mission pure and simple. She was out to cause as much havoc and mayhem as she could…..and she did. Walternate wanted her to locate the missing piece of the device….and she did. I dont think he ever asked her to form a relationship with Peter. That was something she chose to do. And to me she showed that she is a manipulator and somewhat heartless (not the word i want but cant think of the word that best fits here). She jumped in boots and all…….what about Frank? God i feel sorry for him. Now, thats one Over There storyline i would like the writers to follow. Does Altliv go back and continue on as if things are completely normal? Does this woman actually have a conscience? I mean…if it were me and id done that to someone i loved then i wouldnt be able to look them in the eye. But this is Altliv we’re talking about…so she may be fine with it.
    Roco i quote you here ” Its all too easy (and contrived) to think that the’ll pick up where they left off”
    Roco, this is Fringe…and look at the storyline we have just been through. The writers have deliberately messed with the Peter / Olivia relationship. And i believe they have tried to break down both Peter and Olivias characters and spirits. Now comes the rebuilding of them both. Yes, Peter will man up and tell Olivia what happened between him and Altliv. He couldnt live with a lie……even Walter wants him to tell her. So we know its going to happen. What will be interesting is how the writers treat this part of the storyline. I think it will be done well. They will not resume their budding relationship…..they will start with their working relationship, their friendship, rebuild trust…and that could take a long time.
    I will say that i never wanted Peter and Olivia to get together….i agreed with Josh Jackson on this point. He said that he felt like they were in a brother / sister relationship rather than a ‘couples’ relationship. So whilst this storyline may have been written in for the fans…..i actually loved it. The writers did a brilliant job here of creating a relationship….just the wrong one, sort of. It had me full of angst, rage…..and stressed me out to the max. And if a tv show can do that then i say..well done! It was written so well and acted so brilliantly that i now want them to be in a ‘couples’ relationship. They won me over! But i still loathe Altliv!
    But for the time being…whilst relationships are being rebuilt for all the members of the Fringe team…..Peter has a job to do and so does Olivia. Peter has to keep working on figuring out what exactly the device is, how it works, what it does and what exactly his role in it is. Olivia….well she has a promise to keep to AltBroyles. And keep it she will. We know her to be a focussed person…and she will keep her word and she will do everything she can to ensure that both universes do survive. And thats the point at where Peter and Olivia may be able to rebuild their relationship. They BOTH want to save both universes…they dont want to see lives lost. It may sound a bit cheesy but hey…thats just my opinion.
    Bravo to AltBroyles …….i find it quite heartening that after all he was told and lead to believe (about our universe and the monsters that live in it)..that in the end he chose to believe in someone from our universe (he believed in one of those monsters in our skins). The theme of hope running through this episode was quite compelling….and i believe that it is something that rings true for all of us. We all have hope in something or someone.
    Finally, i have to say that i loved the few Walter moments in this episode (sorry Roco). The camera shot of him holding Peters hand, trying in some way to comfort his son….well that was so Walter. Walter trying to cover for Peter when Broyles asked him why he was at Olivias apartment at 2.15am…priceless. Calling Altlivia a temptress, a Mata Hari with a vagenda….awesome! I watch Fringe because of the father son relationship…..and i so want this one repaired. For me this relationship is the heart of this show. And yes i agree, Walternate has given up on repairing his relationship with Peter. In actual fact i dont think he ever wanted to repair it….ultimately i think he wants to use Peter….but thats just my opinion. To me, Walter always was and always will be Peters true father..his dad!
    I could go on…but Fringe has just started on tv. I live in Australia…Amber 31422 is on. Although all aussie Fringe fans are up to date with the latest eps on download…we still watch the eps on tv. Doing our bit for Fringe ratings over here! And Peter has just said….”im not a lingering symptom…you cant ignore me’. Indeed i cant…and i wont!

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    • number six says

      Besides being his usual wonderful funny self 😀 I think that Walter had some great character development in this episode. For once he behaved like a father. He was there supporting and protecting his son. He wasn’t his usual needy self and he didn’t freak out. Peter didn’t have to look after him or calm him down. Think about it! It’s amazing!

      I tried to give Walternate a chance, I really did. I still understand, where he’s coming from and I’m sorry that Walter caused him so much pain. However, and I’m going to keep this about Peter only, because I don’t want to go off in a rant about his behavior towards Olivia, he has never shown any interest in wanting Peter as a son. Walternate left him, when Peter was recovering from crossing universes. Can you imagine Walter doing that? He immediately tasked Peter with figuring out the machine and he lied to him. He didn’t ask any kind of personal questions, like Elizabeth did. Let’s not forget that Altlivia’s deception was Walternate’s mission. All of this shows me, that Walternate never intended to reconnect with Peter at all. Those glimpses of him touching Peter’s clothes or the newspaper cut have given him some depth, but his behavior with the actual person, his son, is rather malevolent.

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      • runpaceyrun says

        Number six…..i agree with you about Walternate. Although unlike you…i was never going to give Walternate a chance. I so adore my original Fringe team…..and Walter and all his quirks won me over from the very first episode. I just feel that at no stage has Walternate shown any love for his son but Walter has consistently done so…..he would do anything for Peter. And i somehow suspect that somewhere down the road….he just may be asked to do something huge for Peter…maybe a sacrifice of some sort. And whilst i can see Walter doing that…i cant see Walternate doing that. He has no attachment to Peter.

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  25. sileowyn says

    Great review, Roco!The short wait for this particular review only made me realize how addicted to them I’ve become!
    Now, I agree with other people here that Walter’s security isn’t as lax as you make it and that Olivia must have learnt the new code for the lift — but it’s true that Walter should have told the guards to be extra careful when moving her from one room to another, by blindfolding her for example…
    Also, like many other people, but for other reasons, I don’t agree with your take on Peter and Olivia’s relationship. To me, it seems that their story only exemplifies on a very literal level what happens to many couples, which is that they realize once they’ve begun a romantic relationship with someone that that person is quite different from what they believed her/him to be…You’ve pointed out repeatedly, and with good reason, that Peter doesn’t know Olivia very well if he was fooled by Altlivia. But you never said anything about Olivia’s perception of Peter, visible in Projection Peter, which is quite flawed too, for Projection Peter is much more cheerful and energetic (the scene in the car) or, alternately, sinister (as when he first appeared to her) than she has ever seen him to be. Which makes me wonder whether, had she been in Peter’s situation and been given an Altpeter that corresponded to “her” Peter, she would have noticed the changes — or been willing to notice them.
    And here comes the other reason why I, for one, rather like this thread of the story, despite the contrivances. Like I said, what happened to them is a metaphor of something that happens in many couples, who then learn to love the person and not the ideal — or not. So this is the big test for protagonists, something which might finally make them “earn it” as you said in an earlier post, better so than any fantastical twist in the story (like Peter finding a way to save her from the Other Side). It may seem a little pedestrian at first sight, but I think there is potential for some truly extraordinary behaviour for both characters. I just hope the writers don’t mess with their material here.

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  26. TomC says

    When did peter become such a good shot? obviously he had time for lessons inbetween dealing with Altlivia’s vagenda!?!?!

    Now the olivia’s are back to their proper places, fingers crossed it wont be going back to molebabies for 5 weeks then a ‘proper’ episode for one.

    And stop picking on Peter, he’s going to need some time to heal his Alter-Heart and everytime Astrid says his name should it be written as ‘Pee-Terr’?

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    • LizW65 says

      “When did peter become such a good shot? obviously he had time for lessons inbetween dealing with Altlivia’s vagenda!?!?!”

      The fact that we’ve never seen him shoot anyone before doesn’t mean he was incapable of doing so; in fact, given his previous life it’s likely that he would be a very good shot indeed. And remember that in “Northwest Passage” he bought a couple of guns and was modding the bullets, which suggests some familiarity with the subject, so I did not have any problem with this development at all.

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    • number six says

      He proved to be a great shot in August, when he used the Observer’s gun and shot that killer. That’s the only example I can think of, because he has rarely used a gun in the show.

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      • TomC says

        Oh yeah forgot he shot observer assassin.
        I guessed that he may have used guns in the past with his background but just the accuracy of it got me thinking. It can’t have been that easy a shot with the distance and altlivias forehead (he must have been tempted) so close as well.
        Maybe thats another one of his powers tehehe

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          • runpaceyrun says

            I always assumed that Peter was handy with a gun. I mean Peter was introduced to us as a charcter with a shady past (pilot). Look at the places he has been! He would have always had to have been able to defend himself….against Big Eddie for starters. When he was around Olivia he just never needed one. He said several times ..’you’re the one with the gun’.

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            • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

              Just look at the firepower he was packing in Northwest Passage!! He was armed for a zombie uprising!

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  27. Angel says

    I thought i missed your review. Thanks! But you didn’t find the use of “vagenda” in your sentences? Please try them in your observations…

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  28. entrada says

    Great review !


    but I am beginning to think that you hate peter and the fringe team over here because of what’s happening to olivia

    I am sorry to say that but somehow you should be objective;; I used to read your reviews I admit that I adore them,… I mean everybody does , so I hope you give the caracters the same concerne I agree the fact that the fringe team should have known but THIS IS THE STORYLINE the writers wanted to give us it’s A DRAMA …

    And it doesn’t mean that peter weren’t hilarius, so believable , sorrowful , in the first scene and did a great smart job in this episode (including the shooting of the shapeshifter ) and it doesn’t mean walter weren’t funnnnnyy as usual (I didn’t like the usually liar caracterization that you gave him) ….

    and I wanted to add that you shouldn’t ignore the brilliant performances of all the actors this episode , Lance and Joshua were also brilliant emotional and they really rocked it !!!!

    to sum up I really like your reviews and I would apreciate that you could be more fair dealing with the caracters but that doesn’t deny that this was a wonderful review!

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  29. megan says

    So glad I discovered your blog. I usually read Ken Tucker’s review at, and while I enjoy his reviews, you go into so much more depths. I agree with your rating. I thought Olivia and Broylnate getting out of the DOD was way so easy…coming on Walternate, you’re the SecDEF, get with it! I feel bad for Peter too, but you’re right, he SHOULD have known! He’s got to serious explaining to do this week.

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  30. real1 says

    Very great preview :)

    I have a comment about Alt-Olivia’s development , she is on mission and she was following Walternate’s order , if she really has any feeling for Peter .. that’s not good , she was committed with Frank and loves him , so if the one will be far away from his/her lover will fall in to an other one ?

    As for Peter , he loves Olivia not Alt-Olivia , and if he has any feeling for Alt-Olivia it was because he was thinking that this one is his Olivia not the other one , and if he truly loving Olivia he will not change on her and he must be hating Alt-Olivia not to have feeling for her because she did deceive him at the first place and all his reaction to her because he was thinking that she is his Olivia .

    And for Olivia , yes if it wasn’t for the projecting Peter she will not be able to find who she is , the projecting Peter said : am part of you which you should hold on , and Olivia said : you are in my mind …… , which let me think for now that there is something in our Olivia from Peter ! I don’t know .. am just saying some theory no more .

    If there is any one that we can blame for this mess it will be Walternate and Alt-Olivia , then Peter , cuz he should notice the difference between his Olivia and the other one , not to develop some feeling for her .

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    • real1 says

      I would like to add this : When Olivia working on any case Peter is helping her but at the end it’s Olivia who can resolve it , with Alt-Olivia .. Peter who was resolving the case .

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  31. Peanut says

    Thanks Roco for the great Fringe reviews including this one. Great to have Olivia back. It’s too bad that the heroic Broylesnate (RIP) didn’t live to help reconcile the two worlds.

    “Scarlie,” as I have seen him called, was more suspicious about Olivia’s identity than anyone on this side—maybe because he’d been bopped over the head by Olivia before. Even with the plausible excuse for her uncharacteristic behavior of suffering from a psychotic break caused by head trauma, he was still skeptical. While on the other side, Peter easily detected the differences between the Olivias within, like, five minutes of meeting Bolivia—jumping back & forth between universes maybe damaged some of his brain cells? As if Olivia could have ever forgotten Markham (or however you spell it)!

    I really wonder about Olivia getting Bolivia’s memories. How did they do that? If memories were extracted from Bolivia, wouldn’t Bolivia be lacking those same memories—unless there’s a handy-dandy memory cloner available on the other side? There wasn’t much time for the swap of the Olivias at the theater so Bolivia’s memories must have been already on file before she crossed over with our guys—are all of the team members’ memories routinely copied & why (wow, what a lack of privacy if the altguvmint has your memories!)?

    If it was her mission to bring back a crucial piece of the Death Machine (DM)—why was Bolivia, who I have seen referred to as “HOlivia” staying behind—maybe she was stalling to spend more quality time with Petah? Our guys can instantly recognize a quantum entangled telegraph, but couldn’t ID a crucial piece of the DM—& why are these pieces languishing in a warehouse—shouldn’t Walter & Co. & MD be working 24/7 to figure out how the DM operates?

    Letting SOG remain free would have made sense if the FBI had been conducting surveillance on the shop—which seems to be Shapeshifter Central, at least lately. Then the part could have been recovered & more shapeshifters could have been caught. Maybe the agents who should have been watching the typewriter store were over at the pastry shop instead, eating some of those yummy malasadas & enjoying some of this side’s great coffee?

    There is definitely some larger arc underlying the relationship between Peter & Olivia that will require both of them to save the universes, I think—a symbiotic combination of Peter’s specialness & Olivia’s unique powers? Hope that they can find a way to get along.

    Olivia & Peter are both limited in the possibilities for suitable significant others. It does make sense pragmatically that they belong with each other (although I have some reservations about the relationship too). It would be difficult for Peter to bring a normal girl home to meet dear old (crazy) dad Walter; Walter does not faze Olivia at all, a definite plus. Then what does Olivia say about her occupation to a potential date? “I track down molebabies & travel to alternate universes.” Conversation stopper, if she could tell the truth—while she can share her weird work experiences with Peter.

    I wonder Frank & Lincoln Lee might be suitable possible partners for Olivia? Maybe we could swap out Peter for Frank or LL. Doesn’t Olivia deserve a good-looking guy like Frank who will cook, clean, & give her back rubs after a hard day saving the universe(s)? We know that Lincoln (BTW where is our version of LL?) is crushing on Bolivia so maybe he would like Olivia too.

    Olivia not only is going to have to go all Firestarter on the bed—at least the bedding, but she will also need to destroy her wardrobe. Dang, HOlivia, did you have to wear Olivia’s Northwestern t-shirt while you were in bed with Petah? Only Olivia & kid-Observer get to wear that–& maybe Ella when she gets older.

    Small point, but I take it that the Bra & Panties Tank™ was full of water on this side—ready for any universe hoppers that happen to drop in? I hope that the water was fresh when Olivia arrived. Maybe Olivia should start carrying a bathing suit with her at all times, just in case.

    Couldn’t the other side have sent over a bag of sand (or salt or something else?) instead of Broylesnate if it’s just an exchange of mass for Bolivia? Remember that Brandonate was going to substitute so that he could keep some of Olivia’s organs (ugh)–why not the whole thing?

    I thought that Cortexiphan was yellow, & that’s why Olivia dislikes the color so much? Guess it’s not a big deal—red symbolic for the other side? What is Walter going to do with the Cortexiphan? I thought that the point was to use it on children (Walternate launches “Invasion of the Cortexitots”?) before they lose their childhood abilities. BTW, what happened to the Ohio Cortexicans? Did just the Jacksonville folks (a smaller trial group) matter more because of Olivia (maybe Ohio folks=Cortexican’ts)?

    I hope that someday we will meet our side’s Henry Higgins (maybe this time, Olivia will actually pay for the guy’s breakfast, & did she ever pay him for the cab rides?) & Lincoln Lee & their side’s Nina Sharp.

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  32. Pierce says

    Wow, Roco…this two Olivia’s/Peter storyline has really gotten under your skin, hasn’t it?

    You came down pretty hard on Peter, and while I share some of your frustration behind his cluelessness, I can’t help but see the parallels the writers were attempting to create (with varying degrees of success) between Olivia and Peter’s state of mind throughout this arc.

    Olivia temporarily losing herself in the alternate Olivia’s memories paralleled Peter’s willingness to consciously ignore the differences he noticed in the Olivia he returned with but not for. Subconsciously, they both had truths prodding them along until their fantasies were shattered.

    I believe this sets up the latter half of the season wonderfully in playing out the consequences of what’s transpired personally and on the grander scale of this impending war. It appears Peter will tell Olivia the truth of what happened between himself and her alternate, which is going to rip her heart out, but it’s also the right thing to do. All is not lost between those two, and Peter, no matter how much one may want to label him the devil in this scenario is suddenly unworthy of Olivia. He made a huge miscalculation, but one so unique it begs a bit more consideration than some tool of a guy stepping out every chance he gets on a good woman.

    I do, however, agree wholeheartedly with you on Altlvia as a character separate from this love triangle. I want to believe the writers intend to provide the necessary shading for her character in the latter half of the season, but I feel a bit more was needed during this arc in order to connect and relate to her cause. Perhaps if we’d been given more insight into what she was thinking or feeling it would have given the whole imposter amongst the team more depth. Of course, if it was the writers intention was to show us just a shadow of what’s lurking underneath only to leave us with the impression that maybe her character isn’t prone to deep thought, then job accomplished. I haven’t quite made up my which one it is, so, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    One other thing–I’m concerned about Walter’s character as well, but for different reasons. Throughout the series, we’ve seen Walter resort to food or drugs when plagued with guilt and stress, and discovering the truth about the Olivia’s was no exception. My concern is as Peter keeps an emotional distance between them and inevitably begins to focus on that machine more, not to mention whatever crazy that’s coming down the pike for the team he’s going to start to slip back into madness via the drugs and his crippling guilt over his part in tension between the universes. Whatever the case, I’m sure John Noble will break my heart in his portrayal.

    To borrow a line from ‘The Hunt For the Red October’ in regards your current disdain towards Peter, “It’s up to you, but you might want to think about giving the kid a break.” He may have been duped, but he’s hardly the only one, and he’s going to carry the most shame and guilt over not knowing he was sleeping with the enemy…literally.

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    • runpaceyrun says

      Pierce, in an interview very early on in the season John Noble said that he thought Walter may descend into madness this season. He may have had a little insight into what was going to happen plotwise with Walter. He stated that he thought Walter may get back into using drugs a bit more than usual and that circumstances in the show may push him to the brink. But ultimately Walter would become a better and stronger person as a result. Perhaps…..this season is all about our 3 main leads being broken down and rebuilt.
      All i do know is that it has made for compelling viewing!

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  33. says

    I thought it was interesting that they took Broylenate’s left arm, which would’ve had his wedding ring on it. It might’ve done something for Broyles to see that. I don’t know…

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  34. Cerulean says

    Gosh we sound like a bunch of fangirls fighting over who likes/loves/has a crush on who!
    I totally agree that they should hold a memorial service for Broylnate. Olivia knows that he sacrificed something for her, and though it was kinda a given that he would die, she doesn’t know that for sure yet. She went from tank to hospital, no stops in between and no stopping at GO to collect $200, so she hasn’t seen Broylnate’s body yet. A service would be a good chance for her to say good-bye and thank you to him.
    As for Peter (who loves Olivia!), he will probably turn around after “learning his lesson”. I predict a super-observant Peter in future episodes. Olivia still has Bolivia’s memories and personality running about in her head so Peter might be the one to notice the little slip-ups if Olivia shifts into Bolivia mode. This could be very important cause last time Olivia had someone else in her head it drove her a little bonkers!

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  35. Irishbird says

    One of the things that really caught my attention in this episode was when Altlivia says to Peter something along the lines ‘It’s not unrealistic to think that I would do what I came here to do’ and as she is saying it hands him the needle/drug kit. All set up and ready to go. It gave me an eery feeling that maybe giving Peter that drug was her mission, or at least a cruical part of it. Does anybody else think there could be more to that scene that initially meets the eye? I was hoping Roco that you would have delved deeper in your review in to what that scene could be potentially foreshadowing. Any thoughts?

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    • John Y. says

      Very nice thought. It does seem strange that she would be keeping a paralysis drug handy and also that she knew the precise dosage appropriate for Peter. I think you’re on to something …

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  36. jophan says

    I want to know where the extra four weeks went. As far as I could calculate from dialog, no more than four weeks passed from OT2 to the end of The Abducted.

    “The one piece of the Vacuum Walternate needed, was a piece we didn’t see the team obtain. Not a major criticism, but it might have carried more force had this mysterious item been explicitly introduced beforehand. I have more problem with Altlivia waiting until now to steal the item – was Walternate keeping her in the field for scraps?”
    Walternate was missing more than one piece. Altlivia was waiting for all of them to be found, but because she was discovered early she only took the one that was available. Now, neither side can complete the machine.

    I’ve had my problems with the way the writers have handled Olivia’s abilities as well as how they handled Peter’s obtuseness. I’m not saying her crossing should be easy, but I thought her return to Liberty Island was near-suicidal, considering that her prior trips from their had all been brief and uncontrolled. And why go all the way to Boston to the original Bra-and-Panties tank? Isn’t there some other body of water that’s present on both sides? that won’t risk hours of travel while pursued by soldiers? Pah!

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  37. Janet says

    Well, I agree with some people who think you are being very hard with the boy… I know he failed to Olivia… she did it all for him and he just didn´t notice… but thinking in cold I see that Peter was alone in all this situation.. I mean, why only blame him when Broyles who have worked with her so close these years haven´t notice either… or Astrid… there weren´t nor Rachel or Ella, they were vanished al of this time… I think if Charlie was alive I think he would notice inmediately the switch because Charlie knew Dunham better than anyone… Peter never knew an Olivia Dunham in love… also he was very distracted with the vacuum stuff… he was also dealing with Walter´s rejection to the device while he was trying to find a way to stop the destruction of one world by understanding how that machine could work… Peter is been dealing with many things since he was Over There and came back… and to find some sort of Light in his relationship with the woman he loves just made him vulnerable to every single difference noticed in Olivia, because in fact she is Olivia Dunham, not a twin sister, nor a shapshifter… she is Olivia Dunham… with some differences but come on… Peter won´t be playing “find the seven differences” with Olivia…
    He knows he failed her and now he sees how stupid he was but before who would ever know… Olivia will be torn but in the end I think she will forgive him… but it will be difficult for Peter to forgive himself…
    I didn´t see the necessity for the writers in doing this to the Peter´s character… I feel like they put Peter in a bad predicament… I only can supposse that they did this to him because that is the only way he could understand Walter and forgive him… the more he knows Walternate the more he loves Walter…
    that is my point of view about this situation… Peter was fooled yes, but he was alone, no one else noticed the changes… and also he was doing Olivia´s job over here because Altlivia was not very in action, not like our Dunhamnator…

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  38. Jody says

    I appreciated the hint of humor that went along with Walter hammering down on Altlivia for her “Mata Hariesque female wiles” and her “evil vagenda,” but I did NOT like the fact that Walter pins ALL the blame on her. Don’t get me wrong, I hate Bolivia too, but hey, it’s your own fault for not noticing her blatant manipulations, the extremely out-of-place eyeliner, and her very bad acting job. Walter would much rather pile all the blame on her so he doesn’t have to feel the guilt for his own actions. I find this incredibly cowardly. Now, I don’t like to give Peter too much credit because he’s made QUITE a few blunders (purposefully an understatement) of his own, but at least he manned up and shouldered the blame. Notice how he admits his relationship with Altlivia to Broyles, brushes off Walter’s ridiculous words of comfort, and doesn’t get angry at Bolivia for deceiving him, but instead directs that anger inward for letting himself be deceived. Props, Peter. You need all the browny points you can gather.
    As for the entire team not noticing Olivia’s gaping absence, I’m extremely disappointed with them all. But does this mean we should be more lenient and forgiving to Peter? In my opinion, no. Sure, he wasn’t the only one that screwed up, but hey, nobody else was SLEEPING with Altlivia. Nobody else was having intimate conversations with her or sharing the same bathroom. No. Roco (and everyone else) has a right to be upset and hard on Peter. He dug his own grave and now he’s going to have to climb out of it on his own.
    BUT, that said, I’m now going to have to backtrack and say, Roco, you WERE a little hard on Peter. Even I, who’s current wallpaper is a picture of Peter and Olivia with a big, fat, red ‘X’ going through Peter’s face, think so. Back it down a smidge (just a tiny, tiny smidge) and you’ll have given him the lashing he deserves.

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  39. ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

    I really can’t believe they dragged this out for 8 weeks!! With that being said, Peter really had no idea whether or not Olivia was coming back from the alternate universe. I thought in this episode that he was also struggling with the notion that maybe he COULD live with Olivia version 1.2, if he really had to. Even though she wasn’t the same person, she still kinda was. And I thought he really wanted to shoot Altlivia instead of the shapeshifter, but thank goodness (!?!) he was able to pull it a little to the left…

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    • runpaceyrun says

      As much as i loathe Altliv there is no way i would have wanted Peter to shoot her. He wouldnt have been able to do it anyway. At that time all he wanted was to get Olivia back….and he thought Altliv had answers on where Olivia was and how they could get her back. Turns out she didn’t! But Peter wanted Olivia back….and Altliv looks just like her…he wouldnt have been able to shoot someone who looked like the person he was desperate to get back. God i hope that makes sense?
      Pulling the gun a little to the left kept Altliv alive and kicking……and hopefully Peter and Olivia can both kick her ass when they catch up with her.
      And yes i realise that Olivia was able to shoot Shapeshifter Charlie…but that was in different circumstances……….and she knew he was a shapeshifter…but still it was hard for her….and she did feel really torn up about it.

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      • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

        I wouldn’t have wanted Peter to shoot Alt-Liv either, I think it would have really broken him down even further and I can’t see how much further down he can go without spiraling into madness. Broyles told Peter not to shoot himself when he handed him the gun, so even he felt that Peter was in a pretty dark place.

        Yes, they better kick some Alt-Livia butt when they see her again!!

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  40. lilli says

    “That thing about Olivia’s spirit is a very romantic idea, but hardly practical. We, as viewers, know Olivia better than anyone else in the show, including Rachel and Ella, because we are able to see her on every facet of her life and yet, I doubt we all share the same view on her or on what her spirit, whatever that implies, is. ”
    I found this very illuminating…because it is profoundly true. We often forget that we know all of our characters, but they don’t. So we become impatient and unforgiving towards them.
    Surely, talking about the “fire”, Peter should have noticed that Olivia lacked the passion and the commitment she usually showed in the cases. But aren’t we entitled to a break sometimes?There have been cases where she invested less than usual…even before!
    Probably the only thing that should have ring a bell was the sudden, definitve change in her attitude. Troubled for ages and then happy and serene all of a sudden?
    But agan,in real life,who has the guts to ask about such things?The best we can usually do is notify to the person that we saw the change,as Peter did. But if the person gives us an explanation, what right do we have to question it?Especially if it’s a person we love…and trust.
    Here’s the problem. To REALLY know her deeply, Peter should have had a chance to see more of her inside of a relationship. He was at the START of his love for her. More of a wish and a raw feeling than a deep feeling. Olivia, however, as Walter said, was already able “to see right through him”. She was already beyond the raw feeling. She knew, loved and esteemed him better than he did. But that was no one’s fault.
    We all start relationship being in different places. Only we don’t notice that because than we catch up with each other, usually. But they didn’t have that chance. Instead of her, he got to know her Hakuna Matata version. And now, for that strong feeling she put forward, betrayed more by destiny than by him, she’ll be heartbroken. Because she had the unwanted chance to see what we thankfully dont get to see at the start of our relationships: that he didn’t know her as much as she did. She maybe believed/wished their feelings were at the same place. That he loved her and knew her deeply already, as much as she did. And now that she’ll learn how he loved a different version of her, she’ll think that maybe he never did love HER.
    Or maybe, after a while, she will just see that only time and space was against them, and deprived them of a real chance. But after all, in a Fringe world, do time and space really matter? 😉

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  41. runpaceyrun says

    lilli, i agree with you. I have always believed that Peter never really knew Olivia that well. And im not attacking him for it. No-one knew her that well. So i wont hang Peter out to dry. I have faith in him. Olivia is a very guarded person …… and its in her nature to not let people get too close. Peter is also like this. And i can assosciate with them both……after all once you get hurt its easier to put up defences and barriers than to let people in. You tend not to get hurt that way. Unfortunately for Olivia and Peter, they both decided to let someone in……and once again they both got hurt. This time, im afraid, they will have to go through a lot of pain, angst, guilt, regret, anger and self forgiveness before either of them get anywhere close to having some kind of normal relationship.
    Geez, i just reread this and i sound a bit like a therapist.
    Anyone want to pull up a chair?

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  42. MeghanCL says

    I’ve been watching some S1 episodes and was struck, looking back, at how different Olivia was when she was with John. We were shown a handful of scenes either in the pilot or through B&P Tank flashbacks where she is with John and very happy, open, and really a whole different person. So I think saying that being in a relationship would bring out a different side of her isn’t that far off – we’ve seen evidence of it. Now, Peter didn’t know her back then so it doesn’t let him off the hook, but I find it more believable now than I did before going back and re-watching S1.

    Also, look at Peter! He really is a whole different person in a relationship. Cluelessness notwithstanding, he’s also happy, smiley, thoughtful, and slightly cloying ;-). Shouldn’t we be wondering if he’s an alternate or a shapeshifter? No, he’s just happy for the first time (if, arguably, poorly written). It makes it a little more believable that the people who knew Olivia was now in a relationship (Broyles, Nina, you have no excuse!) would write off a lot of the changes as being because of that.

    Again like I said in a previous post, I’m not letting Peter off the hook or implying they should get back together next week. But I do think if we look at this fiasco in the context of the story, it’s a little more believable.

    (As an aside, to anyone saying to Roco “You’re being to hard on Peter, he wouldn’t act this way if it weren’t for the writers and the contrived plot” — well, Peter wouldn’t act any way if it weren’t for the writers! 😉 We can complain about their portrayal of him, but when it comes to his behavior within the context of the show, we have to look at what the other characters see and they don’t see a poorly written character, they see their friend and colleague. So whether Roco is being too hard on him or not, he is reviewing the characters actions within the context of the show. It’s apples and oranges.)

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    • Isa says

      It’s funny that you have mentioned this, Meghan, because I’m rewatching season 1 as well and that also called my attention. But I think this has more to do with Anna’s acting than anything else. I don’t think that at that point Anna really understood who Olivia was. Looking now those scenes with John Scott, Olivia smiling and all seem so out of character, and I have to say I think it’s just bad acting, writing and directing…. Anna’s been so incredible this season because the writing is better now but also because she now knows who Olivia is. She said several times that playing Altlivia made her see Olivia more clearly.

      I have a big problem with the whole John Scott plotline. The plot is lame and Anna wasn’t really good back then. I think she has always been good with cold-hearted Olivia, but in the beginning she really had issues on how to deal with emotional Olivia. It’s only from the half of season 2 that she understood how to handle both cold and emotional Olivia. She really raised her acting from S1 to now.

      But, though I said all this, I do think Olivia would act differently if she was in a relationship with Peter. Not like those scenes with John, but differently. I take this from the final scene of Entrada, when she is in the hospital. She’s really touching and emotional. You can see she loves Peter deeply. And Anna nailed it completely.

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      • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

        Isa said: “But I think this has more to do with Anna’s acting than anything else. I don’t think that at that point Anna really understood who Olivia was.”

        I don’t think it’s fair to say Anna’s acting was “bad” back in Season 1 per se, she had just barely stepped into the character’s shoes and didn’t know her well enough to know exactly what Olivia would do in certain situations. And she only had what the writers had given her not 3 years of stories and circumstances to base it on. I think the writers didn’t know who Olivia was back then and the “coldness” is Anna’s take on this character after getting to know her a bit better. After 3 seasons, she’s had a good amount of time to get to know this Olivia person and her motivations. So I could see her being cute and open and free in a relationship like she was with John Scott, but then again Peter didn’t know her then!!! So I throw my hands up in resignation, I’m just along for the ride and hope it will be explained post-haste.

        Broyles has known her the longest (not including Walter), so I just can’t imagine he didn’t have SOME suspicions…. Sigh. So I throw my hands up in resignation, I’m just along for the ride and hope it will be explained post-haste!!

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        • Isa says

          “I don’t think it’s fair to say Anna’s acting was “bad” back in Season 1 per se, she had just barely stepped into the character’s shoes and didn’t know her well enough to know exactly what Olivia would do in certain situations”

          I guess we’re saying the same thing. I never said Anna’s acting was bad per se. In my opinion, she had trouble approaching the character and the writing back then was not good enough.

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          • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

            After I wrote that I realized you weren’t saying that she was a bad actor. We were just circling around the same point!! Don’t mess with Anna!!

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  43. Lindsay says

    Hopefully now we can see ‘our’ Peter come back because truely this season I have not recogonised him. After spending 2 seasons getting to know him I feel agrieved the writers felt they could just change his personality to fit into the Olivia story. Surely they could have found a way of playing out this story without asking us as viewers to forget everything we have learned about the character? For me personally it would have enhanced the story and my viewing pleasure if I found Peters actions more believable. That said I look forward to where the writers are going to take us in the rest of the season.

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  44. says

    Roco, oustanding review, as always. I may not agree with everything you said, but you certainly make the experience of Fringe infinitely more enjoyable!! Thank you.

    I’m not going to even touch the whole P/O/AO triangle at this point. So much has been said, so many good points on all sides. I don’t need to revisit it.

    Roco, in your Answers section you wrote: “Altlivia’s primary objective involved retrieving an important piece of the device that Walternate had been unable to find on the other side.” I think it’s too early to call this an answer. In my opinion, Altlivia’s objective was two-fold: 1) to lead the team to find the peices of the device planted on this side and 2) to get close to Peter so that he might possibly want to follow her back to the other side. And the reasons for wanting the peices of the device found over here are not altogether clear yet. Does Walternate want them to complete his machine over there? Or does he want Peter to assemble the entire machine over here. It seems odd to me that Walternate would want it for himself over there because he’s had shapeshifters over here for years and apparently has known all about where the peices were (since he was the one who led our team to them). If that’s the case he surely could have retrieved them at any time he wanted. And let’s remember that Altlivia did not bring that specific peice back over with her. Granted, she might have just been using precausion knowing there was a chance that she would be captured, but she left it in the hands of SOG to give to someone. And that someone, Library guy, may or may not be sympathetic to Walternate and his universe (even though they are wanting us to assume so based on his very bright red Mr. Rogers sweater). Isn’t there a remote possiblity that Altlivia has started to see through Walternate and his plans and has decided to intervene and make it so that neither device can be completed? I personally think that Library guy is a First People person given the obvious reverence he gave to the object. Shapeshifters, while being able to assimilate some human qualities, do not seem the type to revere anything. And did anyone notice that the easteregg backwards message we heard was uttered by Library guy, “Only one way to find out.” This has to be significant in some way.

    “Super Broylnate to the rescue – POW! And the man had the grace to only tranq Brandonate. ” Really?! Because I totally saw blood. I had the very distinct impression that Brandonate was history.

    Shapeshifter Luke: I share your intrigue with the shapeshifters. And when he mentioned being happy with impressing the ladies it made me wonder if they are androgenous at the start but then grow to prefer one gender over the other. Mlj, loved your observation about how they dream of the otherside but are “born” here. Never thought of it that way. I think it’s interesting how they portray Altlivia’s behaviour towards the SS. Her attitudes seem almost racist. As if she cannot fathom them having any human attributes at all. Apparently they do exist and perform some functions on the otherside but (if Altlivia is a sample of the larger population) they are regarded as second class citizens. Which makes me wonder all the more why they would want to go back over there. You’d think they’d prefer being a legitimate human over here to being a vacuum cleaner over there.

    I’m very much looking foward to the next episode tonight! Hopefully we’ll get to see all the angst and pain from the fallout of the truth.

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    • ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

      Schwakamole said: “I’m very much looking forward to the next episode tonight! Hopefully we’ll get to see all the angst and pain from the fallout of the truth.”

      Me too!! I can’t wait, like always!! Hopefully it will shape up better than the last time we got to see the “angst & pain from the fallout of the truth”.

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  45. Another Fan says

    Reading all of your above reviews makes me to think more about relationships, humanity and more!

    Thanks for all the input you have.

    English is my second language (although I live in US), so I can not write long essays like you guys do.

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    • runpaceyrun says

      Another Fan……its fair to say that we Fringies have a great love for this show. Thats why we write so much…and are so vocal about our favourite characters. Our passion shows through in our comments! Fringe is AWESOME!!!

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  46. bluelights30 says


    I have to say that lately this 3rd season was too dreamy for my taste.
    The personalities & loyaties had a hard fall from grace.
    Thank GOD for a kick of reality on this episode!
    Peter was way too blind and bone-headed than ever, I can’t believe
    that anyone noticed the CHANGES!
    I tought that Walter noticed something, but maybe he didn’t.
    What a disappointment, but what a relieve that Olivia is back
    home! I’ve never missed her in here this much!

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  47. Peanut says

    So Peter only gets a gun when Olivia isn’t around (tee hee)? He got to carry one in this episode, courtesy of Broyles, & in “Northwest Passage” (2.20) too. Then his gun-toting privileges must have been revoked in “Marionette” (3.09) when Olivia is back on the scene.

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    • Peanut says

      When Broyles told Peter not to shoot himself, I took it as a joke—not that Broyles was afraid that Peter might commit suicide. I thought that Broyles was kidding Peter about his gun-handling skillz; Broyles must (I hope!) have been familiar enough with Peter’s background to know that he could be trusted at a crime scene with a gun. And, of course, no gun for Walter!

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  48. Tallulah says

    I’ve been late on the Fringe scene, only been watching it the last few months. I’ve been reading these incredible, poignant and thought-provoking reviews for a while, but commenting 2 or 3 years after the last comment is a little awkward.

    4 months will have to do =P

    This: “This isn’t to rag on Peter. He’s nearly that guy – and maybe Olivia will think that after all she’s been through, nearly is good enough. But..he didn’t know you were even gone, Livvy. He didn’t miss your two fisted-ness. He didn’t wonder why you weren’t drinking yourself stupid. He didn’t remember that you have an amazing memory. He didn’t notice that suddenly your eyes had more sparkle while your soul had less fire. He didn’t realize that you stopped protecting others in the way that you used to. He stopped noticing these little things that make up everything that you are. Sorry Pete, but it’s true.”

    I consider myself a P/O shipper but right now…Peter does not even remotely deserve out lovely Liv. At the end of S2 I was thinking; “if they fall for alt-liv for longer than 10 minutes, I will be severely disappointed.”

    So you can imagine how I’ve been feeling. Just – ALL of them – as someone said, it’s almost undoing two years of character and relationship development. Creepy and disgusting, really.

    BUT: as someone else was discussing, I don’t really believe Peter is in love with Altliv (though she obviously has feelings for him. Love? Probably not). Maybe it’s just me hoping for a shred of Peter’s respectability in that he recognises that all he loved about her was that she was like Our Olivia, and it’s actually Ourliv he loves, and it all really has nothing to do with Altliv.

    Also, Broylenate’s eulogy? Love.

    I also recognise that my comments will most likely seem extremely silly and naive in light that you’ve all practically finished season 3, but whatever =D

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