FRINGE: Rebecca Mader Finds [SPOILER] In Season 4 Finale


Rebecca Mader will guest in the Season 4 finale. Mild spoilers follow..

The LOST alum will appear in the 2-part finale as Jessica — a brave, strong woman with a link to David Robert Jones.

Jessica will visit Olivia and go on to interact with both Peter and Walter.

J.H. Wyman notes:

“She will have an emotional connection with Olivia. They may find out they have more in common then they first thought.”

As for whether Jessica is a love interest for Peter or if she could return in the potential fifth season, Jeff Pinkner adds:

“To answer those questions would reveal a little too much. The finale in many ways is our characters’ final battle.”

Source: TV Guide


    • Polivia says

      OPS, that was a reply to the first comment!
      Anyway, Rebecca Mader is a GREAT an HOT actress and will certainly be a wonderful addition to Fringe!. I can’t wait to see what happens!!
      But what is it with the interviewer’s question about the love interest for Peter?

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  1. says

    “Final Battle”? What does he mean by that? When I think about this and the fact that Pinker has alluded to the fact that there is not really a cliff hanger in the finale, I’m worried that the show won’t be coming back for a 5th season. :(

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    • willg says

      I am starting to feel the same way the more they talk about it. Kinda depressing really. There is always hope…until there isn’t.

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      • shidey17 says

        I am staying hopeful, even though the realist in me recognizes this could very well be our last season. I do remember an interview where they said this season’s ending could function either as a season finale or series finale….I think they are just trying to play it safe in case it doesn’t get renewed, although from everything I have read so far, it seems like our chances of renewal are greater now than they have been the past couple months…

        Let’s all keep our fingers crossed…

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    • Polivia says

      Where did Pinker mention that there is no cliffhanger? I must have missed that one.
      Overall, the final arc in every season always represents a final battle. So I’m still hopeful. In s1 it was against DRJ, s2 bringing Peter back and the first interactions between the two parallel universes, and in s3 the war and the end of the world…

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  2. RB says

    It isn’t April’s fool yet, so producers stop suggesting a new love interest for Peter!
    I am getting tired of this back and forth between peter and olivia..

    And a new character? NO we have more than enough good ones.

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    • lafra08 says

      I don’t know really what to think about it!?possible love intrest for Peter ????it does Not make sense!No No No No! Peter and Olivia belong together for ever this must be and everything will be ok remember?PLEASE do NOT PUT THEM once again apart it will be not more healty frustration!!!!!! What about a love intrest for Lincoln?

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  3. says

    She’s awesome, I’m loving the Lost cast on Fringe… I hope we get another season, there’s so many icons of sci fi that could be a guest star on Fringe!

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    • says

      In Lost, Charlotte was recruited by Matthew Abaddon (Lance Reddick)
      Do you think Broyles has anything to do with the introduction of this new character ?

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  4. James says

    Fed up with all these guest star news stories.

    We have a perfectly good cast, with a limited amount of episodes left.

    Let’s focus on them please and resolve their stories and not throw new nobodies into the mix.

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  5. DeepRunner says

    Another love interest for Peter? REALLY??? The P/O fans will be pretty P-O’d.

    So many people are showing up from LOST, but only Kevin Weisman from Alias. It would be great to see Ron Rifkin as a bad guy in an episode, or maybe Victor Garber as Olivia’s father. Or Merrin Dungey as a love interest for Lincoln or Broyles. Or Sydney as a new partner for Fauxlivia.

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  6. Amanda says

    I think she is Olvia’s mom. That’s why Jones know her, and, that’s why we never saw her before. I don’t think she’s really dead, could be part of a scientifc experimentation of Jones, I think.

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  7. lost_stef says

    she is going to be Olivia’a daughter who has come from the future to help her! lol just jk but seriously maybe

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  8. vlada_vvv says

    Does anyone else think that this Jessica may very well be Meana’s (alternate Nina) daughter? She does look the type. Hence, the emotional connection to Olivia.

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  9. Charlotte Ariadne says

    I don’t know whether to be happy (because she was great on Lost) or sad (because every show she was on after Lost has been cancelled).

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