Fringe Ratings Update: 2.17 White Tulip

With Fringe renewed for another season it’s easy to forget that ratings still matter. So what of last week’s Fringe ratings? Find out the Nielsen numbers below the jump.

Last week’s episode of Fringe increased FOX ratings for that night, scoring a 2.5 adults 18-49 rating watched by 6.675 million Nielsen observers (up vs the previous week’s 2.3 rating):



  1. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    I don’t pretend to know what the numbers mean as far as ratings are concerned. It looks like there were more viewers but the ratings and share versus a SNL compilation show were disappointing. I guess. The upside? Thomas Yatsko’s work for the episode. This was my favorite episode of the season and I’m directing all the kudos to Mr. Yatsko. He’s normally the director of photography and I think this was his first time in the directors chair. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of his work as Director. I truly feel he “gets” this show.

    Ok FOX get to work and pump up this show. It’s a winner.

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  2. says

    I will never, EVER understand how a show like Survivor can net itself 12 million viewers, while a well-crafted and intriguing story like Fringe can only gain half of that. There is something wrong with the world.

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  3. LMH says

    Same here. I find shows like Survivor SO BORING, and frankly obnoxious. I’ll never understand why people prefer them, but I agree that does have a lot to do with the effort involved in watching. Fringe actually requires some investment on the part of the viewer (and honestly for newbies the show probably seems “too weird”). It’s the difference between Lost and The Bachelor (UGH): one is fascinating and complex the other is “dishwashing” tv, the kind you can half pay attention to and still be able to follow the story.
    Fringe is also more taste-specific; I’d say very taste specific compared to these other shows.

    At least Vampire Diaries is lower (though in different time slot). That would make me cry. Can’t believe Fringe got the same score as a repeat of The Mentalist (SIGH).

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  4. says

    Yeah, but if you look at the ratings “Fringe” actually did well, scoring 2.5 against a special “Saturday Night Live in the 2000’s” on “NBC”. “CSI” had higher numbers, but “CSI” is on it’s last legs. “Bones”, a well-established show, scored 2.9, and finished second in its time slot, which is expected.

    If CBS doesn’t come up with a brand-spanking new “hit” series, “Fringe” is going to capture the time slot.

    I think the move to Thursday was brilliant for “Fringe”, and FOX wants it to suceed.

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