FRINGE Producers: ‘We Have Ideas For Seven Seasons’, New ‘Back To Where’ Sneak Peek


A new preview from Friday’s winter premiere sneaks its way online, and the exec producers respond to those cancellation fears — saying there’s plenty of story to be told beyond season 4. Head past the jump for the ins and outs.

Watch the latest ‘winter premiere’ sneak peek in the player below — Peter tries to sweet-talk Walt:

Further to their earlier comments on the this season’s finale and Kevin Reilly’s ‘money pit’ proclamations, Pinkner and Wyman go into a bit more depth on the state of Fringe in this newly-pressed interview with Huff Post. Observe..

On their reaction to the threat of cancellation:

Joel Wyman: I mean, it’s funny — if you remember, ever since we moved from Tuesday nights, people have been saying that we’re gone, but here we are. We’ve consistently said that the network has been transparent with us always. We have no reason to believe that we’re not in the same game that anybody else is in in the world of television. You’ve got to get numbers; you’ve got to do a certain number; how much does it cost to make the show? The question becomes, “Is there a way to make ‘Fringe’ that makes financial sense?” Jeff and I are both producers that always and have always rolled up our sleeves in order to be financially responsible. You never know.

The most important thing is the following: We’re not changing our plan, nor have we ever. We know where we’re going every season. We believe that the most important thing to our fans is to leave them satiated and to make them feel like there’s an ending that they can wrap their minds and hearts around and say, “I love that ending. I totally understand. I feel like I’ve watched an incredible saga and it’s come to a natural conclusion that I believe in.” That’s our main goal. At the end of each season, fortunately for us, we’ve always closed a chapter and opened up a new one. We have ideas where we would go if there was a fifth season and a sixth season and a seventh season. There’s plenty of story to be told. The question is, can we close a chapter and allow it to be a finale that lets everybody in their hearts go on and say, “I can imagine where it would have gone, but yet, I feel strangely satisfied.” That’s what we feel we have right now. We’re not going to change anything. We’re going to tell the story that we’ve been telling since the beginning. We feel that if we were the viewers and we were presented with an ending like what we have, that we would be very satisfied.

On what fans can do to help the show:

JP: The truth is, to a degree, as Joel said, there’s some horse trading involved. Some people were shocked by the announcement; the good news is, we were not. To a certain degree, Warner Brothers produces the show for Fox; there’s a license fee involved. That is always up for negotiation every year. It’s what the studios and the networks do, they haggle over who’s going to pay for the show and how much. Then, as Joel said, it’s our job to produce the show for the budget that we’re given or that we’re asked to produce the show for.

As far as what can fans do … the only real way to affect this decision is to watch the show live. We recognize that many people sort of program their own week and watch all television on DVR, so we’re certainly not in the business of begging our fans to save the show by watching live. But that’s always the thing the fans can do. The good news is, even in Kevin’s statement, creatively they’re thrilled with the show. We’re not in a situation where the network or the studio are asking us to go in one direction and we’re kicking and screaming and refusing and this is about creative differences. It’s not at all. We’ve had, as Joel said, the same degree of support at the network and the studio since we began … We’re so entirely grateful. At the end of the day, it’s a business decision. I think that what our fans can do is not freak out, feel secure in the knowledge that we’re very, very happy with the story we’re telling. We’re not freaking out and if things change, we’ll let them know.

Moving on to more story matters — on whether Peter’s goal in trying to get back to Kansas is attainable:

JP: Well, Peter obviously has returned to a timeline where none of the characters know him because in the timeline that he has returned to, he died at age eight … twice. So, as far as he’s concerned, he’s Dorothy — sorry for the sex change — who has awoken into Oz and he’s trying desperately to find his way back home. Certainly, that’s his goal. As we say and as we’ve said, one of the major thematics of this season is sort of like the effect that your life has had on other people. So, we’re meeting a version of the characters that we’ve known, that Peter knew, unaffected by his adult presence. It’s been really interesting to us to explore how his being there, being with them, affects them.

You can find the entire interview at Huffington Post.


  1. says

    If you haven’t yet, I’d take the time to click the link and make the jump over to read the full article. The producers make some fine points regarding the future of the show. Some points of interest:

    Ratings: it wouldn’t be the first time in recent history that any fan, or TV industry insider has commented on the antiquated way that ratings are tabulated. Of all the useless things media conglomerates throw their weight behind in the US, I am amazed that their hasn’t been a more a aggressive and swifter push to reevaluate “The Neilsens”.
    It is interesting to me that very demographics advertisers covet that spend their disposable income on DVRS, high speed Internet, smart phones, and tablets are totally alienated. Not to mention the tens of millions of viewers that don’t have Neilsen boxes. It’s amazing that at the very least, all set-top cable boxes are also tracking ratings.

    The Story: The most important element in the interview is the very adept way both JP&JW reassure the interviewer that there is a plan. As far as they are concerned, everything is going according to plan in the storytelling department. I took comfort in their words, but I wouldn’t expect them to admit that there has been a Season 4 lull (compared to the first 7 epsiodes of S3) when there is so much up in the air regarding future seasons.

    All in all, I’m not going anywhere guys. I’ve been here since day 1 and I intend to be here till a natural conclusion is met. I will be honest, I cannot watch live every Friday. That is why I pay my cable operator extra money every month for DVR, and when they mess up (or I have too much clogging my DVR queue), thankfully there is a plethora of Internet options so that I don’t miss an episode.

    Personal note: Fringe has been awesome for me(28) to enjoy with my mom (50)and dad(61) [Crunch those demo numbers advertisers :-)]. We all live in different states, and I am married with 2 tots now. Fringe is one of the few things that we all get super hyped over, can’t wait to talk about, and that is like our own personal time machine. Fringe allows us to have our “family tv night” full of lively debate, and laughter like when I was a kid. So I will personally hold Warner Bros, Fox, and FRINGE’s producers to their “Seven Seasons of story”.

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 26

    • Maris says

      “Fringe is one of the few things that we all get super hyped over, can’t wait to talk about, and that is like our own personal time machine. Fringe allows us to have our “family tv night” full of lively debate, and laughter like when I was a kid. So I will personally hold Warner Bros, Fox, and FRINGE’s producers to their “Seven Seasons of story”.”

      I totally agree with you!! I feel the same way !!!!XD

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  2. Pwnsauce says

    The quote about the Nielsen box was pretty funny. It’s so true, too. We have been sort of in limbo these first 7 episodes of S4, but I will say that I respect the fact that Pinkner and Wyman can actually see from the viewpoint of both the fan and the hardcore fan and also to take a realistic approach to fan reactions. They seem to want us to feel slightly off, just like Peter.

    It’s good to see that they, as fairly high ups in showbiz, also view the TV rating system as obsolete. Maybe more people with influence will start bringing it up as an issue that needs to be fixed.

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  3. M says

    It’s difficult in my opinion for a show to stay fresh after four or five seasons. There are a few special exceptions and I hope Fringe turns out to bet one of them, but if it’s going to take seven seasons to bring this thing to its natural conclusion, I’m a bit worried. However, I really like that they’re starting to treat each season finale like a series finale so we don’t have to depend on three more renewals for a satisfying ending. When that doesn’t happen (Firefly, John Doe) it really really sucks.

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  4. Alaina says

    This makes me nervous. I love them and they have not let me down thus far, BUT they also stated that they thought the season finale of season 3 could have worked as a series finale and would have been satisfying to the fans. I for one would have been seriously pissed off if that had been the end. That would have seriously sucked as an ending!!!

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    • Ben says

      I can see what you mean, despite my loving that episode all over. But endings are hard in general. That’s one of the downsides of doing a serialized show.

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  5. bdp says

    I love that Peter actually acknowledges being away from Walter and Olivia is being separated from his “family”…it’s nice to see that what he once called their “odd little family unit” is what he now outwardly considers his legitimate family. I mean we all knew it but it’s still sweet to hear.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8

  6. Mike says

    “The most important thing is the following: We’re not changing our plan, nor have we ever. We know where we’re going every season.”

    I like it that they are sticking to their guns.

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  7. FringeCharacter says

    Still avoiding spoilers and previews, I am counting the hours ’til tonight’s episode. In addition to watching live, all THREE DVR’s are set to record.

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