FRINGE Producers Talk ‘Gentle Closing’, Huge Season 5 Payoff


Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman have their say on Fringe Season 4 finale — and Season 5 — in a new round of interviews.

TV Line interview quotables:

The “button” for this finale, the final moment, was one of the quieter ones the series has had to date. Is that a trade-off you made by revealing what you did in Episode 19?
Exactly. It was quiet. Whereas the seasons that came before, it was always such an accelerated, “Let’s jam you to watch next season!” thing, this was more of an emotional crescendo. Traditionally we end the seasons with chapters, and this was a gentle closing of the chapter.

But as much as may have been revealed in 19, is it safe to say we don’t have a true grasp for all that’s coming?
September [in the final scene] was referring to the Observers [coming], to the events of 419. But going forward, it’s a who, what, where, when and why, for sure. It’s also a crescendo of everything that has come before it. Season 5 is designed to be very important, a huge payoff for loyal fans. They will feel like, “Because I invested in every single episode, and I have so many questions, I want these questions answered. And I want everything to be made sense of, but taken on a journey that just can’t be stopped. I want it to end in a place where I feel like everybody kind of belongs where they are and got what they’ve earned.” There will be a sense of satisfaction for those long-term viewers that go, “Wow, I really feel good. I feel OK about what has transpired, what I have watched. But I also can imagine life after that for our main characters.” So that’s what Season 5 is — and it’s a big responsibility! [Laughs]

Along those lines, are you and Jeff pretty excited to have that final season order, to march toward the finish line you’ve always had in your head?
Oh my god…. Look, if not for you guys [in the press] and the fans, there’s no way we’d still be here — so a big thank you for that, for caring enough to recognize that we’re trying really hard here. We’re always amazed that [Fox] went forward with this, because it’s no secret the ratings were what they were. But we stuck to this point of view that we’re never going to change the storytelling based on anybody’s input. This is going to be a story we tell 100-percent from our hearts, authentically, good or bad — and if we’re fortunate enough to get where we want to go, that’s a small miracle. So when got the 13[-episode final season order] – which we knew about maybe an hour before everybody else – it was like, “Finally, I get some canvas to finish this picture.” And truthfully, I was more relieved for the fans.

I, as I know you do, think the world of John Noble. For years he’s be an outstanding ambassador for your show. But he did tell us a few weeks ago that something a little bit extra or different had been shot in case this was the series finale. I know you rebuffed that idea when I asked you about it last week, but can you then clarify what John might have been speaking about?
I think we’re talking about two different things. These guys [on our cast] are doing their best given what they know, since traditionally we’re very secretive. We had talked about a couple of ideas, Jeff and I – “Well, maybe we could take it this way, or take it another way” — but we still wanted to be true to the main idea. So there was a thought there that maybe we should do a whole different thing if we get picked up or if we don’t. We felt, ultimately, that we weren’t going to film anything that we thought would be completely different. We talked about it, and there was something shot that we used in a different context that nobody could have possibly imagined. So that’s where the confusion lies with John. We just basically said, “Know what? We found a way to cover both angles, and we’re OK with it.”

You can read more at TV Line.

TV Guide:

“They are coming!” Can we assume that the “they” is the Observers, and you’re lining up with what we saw in 2036?
J.H. Wyman: Yes.

Are you going to stay in the current timeline, or will we see some flashing forward and backward next season?
Well, let’s say that basically 2036 is extremely important to Season 5. It’s crucial, but having said that, everything that you have seen in Fringe from Season 1 all the way to 4 is really, really, really, really important to what’s going on in Season 5, and 2036 is part of that. It’s a 13-episode sprint; there’s no filler episodes. It answers some very bold questions. It culminates with a very satisfying type of crescendo that really is so important for the fans, that’s the biggest thing. That’s the only thing that’s really important is to make sure that they feel absolutely satiated.

Because Olivia did technically die in the finale, does this mean that was the moment September had envisioned? And, will she always heal rapidly and now never die?
At the end of every season, we close a chapter, and you’ve heard us say that before, but this chapter being closed is a gentle closing for a reason.  We wanted to allow the characters to be in the emotions that they fought for and deserved and allow them to experience a little bit of peace and understand where they are.
Jeff Pinkner: Part of the answer to your question is yes, Olivia healed because of all the cortexiphan. At the end of Season 4, as Walter said on the screen, because of the wildly activated cortexiphan in her body, this experiment to heal her brain tissue would work.  Because that’s not constantly the case, because that’s just a fleeting condition, absolutely, she could be killed.
Wyman: They don’t know if anything is over.  So they’ve been given that warning. I think that it’s best to have the audience not know either and be with them in that trepidation of going forward, going, “Well, maybe.” That’s more like real life, isn’t it?

Especially because the Man X who was supposed to kill her — as we saw in last season’s trippy animation episode — wasn’t very obvious.
Basically, when Walter was going through the Nanites. From that episode when she was in William’s head, she said, “I know that’s the man who’s going to kill me.” She had a feeling that when she was in William Bell’s head, that there was a man and it manifested itself as a character in William Bell’s head in the comic that they’re experiencing and it had that emblem on it.

Then, ultimately, in this episode, you saw in the in the Nanites they had the emblem on it. When Walter recognized that that was William Bell’s creation by that mark, because that was the mark that William used to mark things with. So really, in a sense, it was William Bell who killed Olivia. You could argue, saying when she came out of William Bell’s head, she said, “That’s the man who’s going to kill me,” it was actually William Bell.

Now that Olivia is pregnant, will she worry about putting herself in the line of fire, or will Peter be worrying about her?
You’ll probably understand that a lot more when you see Season 5, without spoiling stuff. That’s not something that’s going to be examined in the way you just laid it out. But keep in mind that in Fringe, when we say, “There’s going to be a love triangle,” it’s a weird show, so you can have a love triangle with two people, like two Olivias in the love triangle. So we can do some pretty freaky things, but it’s not going to be big issue.

You can read more at TV Guide.

Michael Cerveris teases September’s finale role and Season 5 Trajectory

LA Times:

How soon do you need to get back to writing Season 5?

Wyman: Fast. We’re just so lucky to get the chance to tell the next chapter. Everyone from the crew to the actors, just everyone who works on the show, are blown away that No. 1: We’re still here. It’s no secret the show has had some struggles with ratings. But the love we’ve seen for “Fringe” from Fox and Warner Brothers, but more from the fans and the media. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. We’re also blown away that we get to finish the story in a way that it deserves and that the fans will appreciate. For lack of a better way to say it, it’s one time where the good guys won. The fans of science fiction and the critical darlings that don’t get the highest ratings, they have shows they love that never saw the light of day, or if they got a little more time, they would have had a chance. This is one of the times where the network stuck with the show, and it needs to be applauded. We’re just amazed and pleased and incredibly grateful.

Each time the show supposedly got closer to getting canceled, you got more daring and inventive.

Wyman: We can honestly say we never changed the story based on any information other than our own personal taste. That’s a bit of a victory. There were times we were unsure. For example, when we went to the other side. We were taking characters everyone had grown to love, and we said “hold that now while we go over here to a whole new version of the characters.” Would people even go for that? Is it not some form of suicide? Common knowledge would probably say yes, but we went to the creative place to make the decision. We know we cannot do these characters justice unless we actually do go over there. Fully go over there. Commit. We found the alternate characters very compelling and necessary to get some of the thematic things we were trying to say out. That was our criteria. For every single decision-making process, we asked, what do we feel? What’s the right thing to do? That’s definitely something we’re both very proud of. Some people may have liked some of the story turns we came up with, some may not, but the truth is they were ours. They were never dictated by “you guys are getting canceled!” The network was very transparent with us. And fair. First we moved to Thursdays and then to Fridays, but they always told us why. Telling us what their strategy was and what they expected from us. Every time we moved, someone said we were getting canceled, and we were like, “But wait, we were supposed to get canceled two years ago. Weren’t we?” But we held on. And it was our journey.

You can read more at LA Times


  1. JM says

    ” Season 5 is designed to be very important, a huge payoff for loyal fans. They will feel like, “Because I invested in every single episode, and I have so many questions, I want these questions answered. And I want everything to be made sense of, but taken on a journey that just can’t be stopped. I want it to end in a place where I feel like everybody kind of belongs where they are and got what they’ve earned.”

    That sticks in my throat…..

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 10

      • JM says

        I’d rather not elaborate. Trying with great difficulty to put season 4 behind me so i can be excited about season 5.

        Like: Thumb up 2

        • Underseer says

          Yeah, I can relate.

          The second half of season 4 improved enormously over the utterly terrible first half.

          But, now that it’s over, I have to say that effectively the first three seasons are still meaningless. They never happened, just like when a whole season of Dallas was written off as a dream.

          Olivia is not really our Olivia, she’s another version with her memories overwritten perhaps courtesy of cortexifan. Almost an impostor then, despite Wyman’s spin-doctoring. Nor are Walter, Astrid, Broyles, Nina and their alternates the characters we invested in. Effectively, they season 3’s finale was The Day They Died.

          This has had the effect of alienating one from the series to some extent. The emotional anchors so painstakingly built over three seasons have been uprooted and discarded. Those amazing ‘holy sh!t’ moments in Subject 13, Peter, White Tulip etc – they’ve been squandered and evaporated.

          It would have been much better if Peter had returned to his own timeline. But the alienation is permanent now.

          But too late now, it’s like or lump I’m afraid :(

          Still the best sci-fi show out there, despite the stumbles. I’ll be holding my breath that they don’t stumble again in season 5.

          Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9

          • TFT says

            I agree partly, especially after rewatching all these great scenes between Peter and Walter in seasons 1-3 but you do realise that there only is one timeline and one version of these characters, right?

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            • Underseer says

              Yes, but the timeline has been altered. So from our (and Peter’s) perspective, there are two versions of the characters in both universes – the original and the new timeline versions. That’s what I mean.

              Olivia in the new timeline is not our version of the character. None of the events in seasons 1 to 3 actually happened to her. Or to anyone but Peter. Thus as I said, she’s a different version of Olivia with, technically, false memories.

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          • JaniceG says

            @Underseer I couldn’t agree more. Very well said. At the same time, I’m like @rae where I can forgive much of the inconsistencies with storylines.

            But I really fell in love with the S1-S3 characters, their relationships, and much of the mythology and stories. I feel like S4 characters (and relationships) are just a empty shell of what they used to be. I really like the Olivia character from S1-S3. She was tough, smart, emotional, driven, but never week or unsure or scared. S4 Olivia is just so different even with her memories coming back.

            I appreciate the risk with S4 (reset essentially), but the payoff wasn’t there. It’s alienated some loyal fans and confused so many with which universe/timeline, etc. (although I don’t think intentionally) . I actually have written to Joel Wyman as such. I think both showrunners actually appreciate the feedback from fans, even if it’s not all positive.

            I’m glad there is a S5, but my expectations are much lower than before S4.

            Just my 2 cents. Peace out!

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            • Alt Chris says

              JaniceG, this is my NUMBER ONE problem with the show. All other issues are minor in comparison. The alienation I feel with the season 4 characters because they are all strangers to me (except Peter & sorta Olivia). I hate the idea that S1-3 never happened and those characters are gone and forgotten. I implore Joel & Jeff to address this in season 5 and encourage everyone I talk to, to do the same. But to hear that you have written to Joel expressing this very issue fills me with hope! I would be very interested to hear what he had to say (if anything). I love this show and I still believe it can end as one of the greatest shows ever, but not without addressing this problem.

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              • JaniceG says

                @Alt Chris, I just heard a line from Chris Carter about X-Files that really hit home with Fringe. X-Files was all about 1 thing: Scully loved Mulder and Mulder loved Scully. It was about the relationship, that’s it. I feel the same here, but witth P/O, then W/P and to an extent W/O and W/A. Unfortunatly S4 makes is so that we can’t have S1-S3 characters. Maybe S5 will bring back similar relationships (but better) based on S4 characters. Honestly, I think Anna Torv was brilliant in S1-S3. I almost found her acting unwatchable in comparison. Compare a scene like Marionette to the kitchen scene in Pt 1 of BNW. Didn’t like Anna’s voice tone and almost feableness to it. That upsets me because I think she’s playing the character how they wanted it.

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                • JaniceG says

                  Oh, and another thing. Oddly, Joel will inevitable answer tweets like the ones I’ve written. Sometimes it will be days, but he pretty good about popping in for a couple hours. I would suggest you tweet him. It’s hard with 140 characters, but he does read them. Funny, I’m surprised that there weren’t more critical tweets afte the show. I read though 100s of tweets to Joel, nothing too critical.

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    • Briar says

      I really, really don’t want them to rewrite seasons 1-3 so that they can pretend the Seasons 4 nd 5 have anything to do with the blue and red universes we saw. I can just live with the amber universe if I tell myself it is a separate timeline in the blue one, but doesn’t change what I saw in seasons 1-3. But if that isn’t the case, if everything is now going to be wrenched into the Nazi-Observer-alien invasion story line we are going to be served up in season 5, I shall feel not rewarded but betrayed.

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    • NeverSayNever says

      Just popped into my head, but do we know that that kid is an Observer? If he is, I think he is September. The connection between him and Olivia helping him and him returning the favor. Also, the look between the kid and September while driving away in the car. They do time travel, so I guess it could be possible. Just a thought.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9

    • dendu says

      That kid in 2036 is a fully grown up Observer. Hmm… =) I think his story will be told! :))

      Like: Thumb up 3

      • Surun Tunne says

        It has not been said that this kid really was an observer but I think it’s pretty obvious that he was because of his abilities and, like NeverSayNever said, the way he and september looked at each other.

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    • M says

      He’s bald and pale because of a lack of oxygen, just like the polluted future the Observers come from. That’s the conclusion I’ve drawn.

      Like: Thumb up 6

    • Briar says

      I hope we don’t. If it turns out he is now the super-evil leader of the super-evil Observers, he’ll be a travesty of the lovely character who so intrigued us back then. Even if he turns out to be September, the Observers have been so rewritten from their original nature it will feel like a big let-down. I’d rather some doors be left open, please.

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  2. Samuel says

    Well, fingers crossed they don’t ruin the final season…
    If they do, Wyman and Pinkner might be tracked down to the ends of the earth and be slaughtered by raging Fringe fans LOL

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  3. Rick Terry says

    I think the whole Man X answer was a cop out. He kept saying Olivia was in William’s head but it was the other way around right? She was hiding in her own sub conscious, not Bell’s. I think they get all these cool ideas and start them not being able to figure out how to pay them off. I really hope the buckle down and watch their show this summer as they create season 5, because sometimes I wonder if they have forgotten what they were doing. I have watched each episode only twice, some maybe thrice, but I can tell when they forget a plot thread. You’d think they would remember what they wrote.

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 14

    • Underseer says

      “You’d think they would remember what they wrote.”

      I think the problem is that over time the plots get so convoluted that they end up with no clue how to tie up the spaghetti junction of loose ends they create. So a bit of b-s baffles brains comes into play when pressed on them.

      Like: Thumb up 5

    • willg says

      I hear what you are saying Rick but I thought it was kind of clever. I always suspected Man X was never going to be an actual person dressed in a white shirt with an X on it asking directions to Olivia’s house to kill her. I always thought it would be something more existential or symbolic than that and it was. I thought that she made that connection in her head and created metaphor for what she knew inherently (being one with Bell’s consciousness) would be her quick and temporary downfall. I had no problem with it really. I agree with Underseer as well in regards to that plot details. I mean they have over 88 scripts of information plus whatever else they use to keep things straight. It would be damn near impossible to keep everything in order. I know they are not going to answer every loose plot thread. I am good with that though as long as season five kicks ass.

      Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 16

      • Rae says

        I couldn’t have said it better myself Willg!

        At the end of the day, I’m one of the rare few who simply love this show for what it is, and doesn’t care about the pristine, always articulately on par program that it isn’t. No show in the history of television hasn’t had a few continuity errors. X-files being my main case it point. Still though, I didn’t have a problem with the small pot holes in the plot, as long as it was still the show I loved, and at the end, I could appreciate it as such.

        Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 16

        • MISSNETT says

          Rae, I guess I’m one of the rare few too. I love this show for what it is. Yes there have been some holes and some “really” moments but I take them and go on. No show is perfect! I do give them credit for creating characters and themes that have impacted me like no other show has.

          Like: Thumb up 1

      • Rick Terry says

        I’m not saying what they did on the show was actually a cop out. I think it was pretty cool, but the way they are explaining it and trying to fit it into the idea of an actual man X is the cop out. They should just take a page out of “Darlton’s” book and refuse to explain themselves.

        Like: Thumb up 2

    • fringefan001 says

      agree 100%

      its almost making me give up Fringe. if 5th wasnt the last season, I think I just might.

      Like: Thumb up 4

  4. M says

    Joel: “This is going to be a story we tell 100-percent from our hearts.”
    Camera zooms in on Sprint phone.
    Astrid: “That’s how people buy things, now”

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  5. Rae says

    I pray to God the love triangle is Peter, Olivia, and either Older Etta or a younger one, and by love they mean the ‘familial’ kind. Please God, no more breaking them up…they deserve to just…*not* be parted anymore.

    Like: Thumb up 5

    • Surun Tunne says

      I think he was just reffering to the love triangle from season 3, to explain how many different angles they have to design/resolve a storyline.

      I really don’t think there will be another love triangle in season 5

      Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 15

      • Scott42444 says

        Agreed. He didn’t seem to be foreshadowing. Rather, using the traditional idea of a “love triangle”, and showing that they were able to put a twist on it in the past on Fringe.

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  6. Cody says

    Walter: Excuse me Miss, is that lemon Jello?
    Nurse: These are urine samples.
    Walter: Well in that case, no thank you. I’m more peckish than thirsty.

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 12

  7. sort it out fox ffs says

    some big wtf moment still has to happen to encase the crew and belly in amber…(possibly olivia is missing from the amber because she is giving birth or just preggers).
    i feel we might get some kind of lost-esque time line shifting that shows the love triangle between olivia peter and henrietta.
    olivia and henrietta’s relationship in the present and peter and henrietta’s relationship in 2036.

    Belly played it all to cool..the gun left out for walter to shoot olivia in the head. “very clever Walter” the tone of which seems to suggest to me that… walter had played into Bells hand. Remember in ALL possible futures olivia had to die. and considering Belly has some rather deep knowledge of the observers i.e. how to trap and or kill them…maybe even create them?…(we know he has a god complex albeit a shared/borrowed one with full brained walter). …….

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 10

  8. sort it out fox ffs says

    …….the whole Ark and Olivia & Peter Adam & EVE comparison by Bell to me suggests a grand scheme. we know bell can vanish into thin air with a ring of his bell. but whats to say he cant vanish out of time, and into another the observers view time differently… what if Belly has viewed this all from start to finish already. in the same way an observer can. If he can use their technology against them and better it whats to say he cant catch one and view the world in the way the do.
    I find it funny how as soon as belly disappears an army of observers are coming from the future, and september ALONE appears to forwarn walter of an incoming invasion.

    the whole time traveling bell…reminds me of the nazi bell/die gloche (look it up) which some believe hitler may have used to travel back in time to create an alternative universe where the NAZI’s won there fore ruling the world. just a thought…or six.

    Like: Thumb up 4

    • 134sc says

      I wrote something similar in the episode comments, so I think you may be on to something regarding Bell. When Peter shows up, Bell knew exactly who he was and did not seemed shocked at all. However, Bell had previously told Walter that Peter died twice, so Bell knows Peter is “dead”. How did he recognize Peter? Well RDJ could have told him, but I think there is more to it then that. I think Bell knows way more then he is letting on; including Peter coming back and the timeline shift. Not to mention he knew how to trap an observer. I hope his extended knowledge is a plot point for season 5.

      Just a thought, but maybe Bell was creating a 3rd universe to prevent the observers from taking over. Myabe he thought he was “saving” mankind. But September, whom has a soft spot for Olivia, Walter and Peter, knew that for them to survive…the observer invation had to occur. Enter Etta and her abilities; with this in mind, it makes some sense that September told Peter that he had the chance to make things right.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8

      • williamreturns says

        “Just a thought, but maybe Bell was creating a 3rd universe to prevent the observers from taking over. Myabe he thought he was “saving” mankind. But September, whom has a soft spot for Olivia, Walter and Peter, knew that for them to survive…the observer invation had to occur. Enter Etta and her abilities; with this in mind, it makes some sense that September told Peter that he had the chance to make things right.”

        ^love this!

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  9. fringefan001 says

    that “man x” explanation they gave is total and utter bulls**t. there was ZERO implication and ZERO exposition of ANY of it within the show.

    its a total copout and f**k them for it. even LOST didnt pull THAT out of its a**!!!!

    Like: Thumb up 3

      • fringefan001 says

        they didn’t put ANY! whatsoever!

        its just really bad writing and a total a$$-pull!!!

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    • Underseer says

      I agree with you – to a certain extent. The writers are relying on far too much on us, the audience, to infer offstage explanations for plot elements.

      There’s a huge difference between not spoon-feeding your audience and simply being lazy about tying up loose ends and spin-doctoring afterwards to the press. I do get the distinct impression that certain things in Fringe were introduced just to keep us watching, for the ‘cool factor’, with little to no thought how the jigsaw would fit together.

      The truth is that the finale was anticlimactic. And it’s not just me saying that – Wyman is saying that! “Gentle closing of the chapter” is code for: an anticlimax! Everything has been leading up to this moment, you would expect a spectacular conflagration in Olivia’s powers. Epic confrontation between villain and heroine!

      But instead she’s just a near-passive participant, generating a universe-ending force – offstage. I expected to see the kind of direct and spectacular manifestation we saw in Subject 13, with Olive summoning arcane energies.

      Cosmic lightning leaping from her eyes and shattering the universe as she rages at the sneering and triumphant master manipulator – Bell – before Walter is forced to give her lead poisoning.

      A little like Stephen Donaldson’s Thomas Covenant – a man possessed of great power that can cast down an apocalyptic villain – but Covenant’s power itself can also trigger the apocalypse. The villain almost succeeds in manipulating him into doing just that. The idea that great power is a double edged sword, picked up then frustratingly dropped, unexplored, in Fringe.

      I have to say with Wyman a-bonging at the helm, I’m nervous for season 5.

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  10. Janenutshell says

    I thought season three was bad….until season 4 happened, which tells me that there is still hope that this season might seem better after season five.

    Like: Thumb up 4

    • Scott42444 says

      I was hoping that Bell would say something like this before h vanished. Something like, “Well, I tried to take away their opportunity to take over, but I guess we will have to fight them” or something. But, he didn’t. The writers had an opportunity to give Bell that sort of line but didn’t. Nimoy also played it as angry and disappointed. He did not seem all-knowing.

      That being said, I ALSO feel that Bell is “in on the joke”, so to speak in regards to the reset timeline. His awareness of the Observers seems very informed (creating a “faster gun”, and the “stasis runes” being two kinda of silly examples). I don,t feel like this is a different Olivia, either. I almost feel like the Observers were able to kind of create an illusion for everyone in the universe that Olivia was able to see through, not that she is really an alternate Olivia who has rewritten memories. I believe that Bell was able to see past the illusion as well.

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  11. LastManInSpace says

    I’m clinging to my theory that in the end it’s somehow going to loop back to season 1, given that the hand Walter lopped off of Belly in Letters of Transit was the hand in the jar in Walter’s car in the second episode of the season 1

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    • NeverSayNever says

      Nice one! Totally forgot about that. Guess I’m gonna have to rewatch all 4 seasons before next fall.

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  12. Loren says

    I just have a big question.
    If there are 13 episodes left for Season 5 and a big finale coming up, is there a possibility that the final episode will air on the Friday Dec.21, 2012? We all know there has been a big hype about the Mayan Calendar and how the end of the world as we know it is coming…Has anyone thought about the parallelism the series has with this upcoming “event”?
    Just a random thought…

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  13. charliefan19 says

    Season 4 was my least favorite to date. My Walter, Astrid, Nina, Broyles and kinda Olivia that I fell in love with during season 1 were gone. And they didn’t come back!!!!!!! :( The only good thing that disappeared is the train wreck that was the Peter/Olivia/Faulivia triangle and the resulting Henry. Now we have Henrietta. Yay. I really didn’t want to watch Anna Torv laboring on TV again. The first time was quite painful enough to watch.

    All in all , s4 was a letdown. I’m glad the writers acknowledge that this was a quiet finale, because it was, thanks to “Letters of Transit.” (which was probably my favorite episode this year.) But the “emotional crescendo” was lackluster for me…I couldn’t dig Liv’s emotions because I knew what she would say. Sigh.

    Most disappointing line of the season for me: “She IS your Olivia.” Made me feel like half of the season had been for nothing.

    You owe us big in season 5, Fringe. I never want to see Noah’s ark or William Bell again. Or weird creepy mutated animals. It just wasn’t the same…. :(((

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  14. mandrean says

    I would really love for them to tie up Inner Child. I rewatched recently and when they find the child, the CIA guy says “We found ANOTHER one”. Where are the others? Is this child an observer or September?

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but have they ever discussed who Olivia’s REAL father is? Is he dead? Maybe it’s not important, but I could also see that being some sort of big reveal.

    So many things they could do, but I really really hope it is a satisfying season for those of us that have watched every episode from the beginning and LOVE this show and our Fringe team. Bring on Season 5!

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    • Underseer says

      “…who Olivia’s REAL father is? Is he dead?”

      No indeedy, he is not… and this is how is all went down, promise…

      As Olivia teeters over a gaping chasm in Cloud City, clinging with agony to the stump of her severed hand, William Bell closes his light sabre and offers a black-gloved hand to her. He speaks:

      “No Olive, I am your father” (cue Imperial March theme tune, dun-dun-dun-dun de dun!!) “Join me, and together we will rule the galaxy, at least until the end of season 5”

      “NOOOOO!!!” wails Olivia and filled with despair, throws herself into the abyss.

      Just then, Peter and Walter pull up in the Millennium Falcon just in time to catch our Liv. They fly to Tatooine and stop at a great little deli that Walter knows where they make great rhubarb pie. It’s all good and everyone chills.

      The End.

      Eat your heart out, Wyman! See, I, too, can hit the bong and write an episode! 😉

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  15. FringeAgentAmanda says

    Wyman didn’t really say there was going to be a love triangle right?? RIGHT? No more love triangles! (x-files didn’t need no love triangles, unless you consider little green men tough competition…)

    Considering Fauxlivia was from the red universe and Peter is from the red universe then baby nugget Henry was technically a “normal” red universe procreation. Our Olivia and Peter’s baby nugget is actually going to be an inter-universe baby! 😀 Wait, how is this even possible?

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  16. DeepRunner says

    The real interesting thing about Olivia’s pregnancy, as I noted on another page here, was how Wyman talked about her hesitation and how we would see the reason for it in Season 5. When he and Pinkner start talking about love triangles when answering a question about Peter and Olivia and the pregnancy, although they say it won’t be a big issue, to even say it raises ALL KINDS OF QUESTIONS.

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  17. Brian says

    I know exactly how this played out. Fringe was going to get cancelled when they wrote the series ending finale where they stop bell from creating a new universe.
    Then they found out they’re getting a season 5. Oops….we have to come up with a story for next year….let’s go to the future!! And let’s give them a hint of it right now.

    Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the season finale, but it seems very obvious what happened.

    Anyone agree?

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    • SissySiri says

      Agree 100%. It makes me feel more confident that they are inclined to give us a happy ending . . . . .when all is said and done.

      A good ending, not tragic also keeps other possibilities open.

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    • shidey17 says

      I agree. I remember them saying that 19 was kind of like the trial episode for what their ideas for the next season were like.

      Also, John Noble said they shot two endings and the EPs said that wasn’t true. I think they probably just planned not to show that last scene between Walter and September if the show did get cancelled. But thankfully it didn’t. :)

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