Fringe Producers Reveal “7 Insights”

Fringe producers Alex Kurtzman, Jeff Pinkner and Roberto Orci tease us with “7 insights” into Fringe and show us a glimpse of what’s coming up in the next episode.

It’s a fantastic watch but contains possible hints that some readers might consider spoilery, so continue at your own discretion.

Watch below:


  1. Ashley says

    Just began watching the ‘Jacksonville’ episode, and maybe it’s the maticulous side of my nature, but I’m a little disappointed that the mispelling of an american city, perhaps one of the most famous cities in the world, was missed by all.

    That’s like spelling London with an ‘A’

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    • mlj102 says


      I’m not sure why you posted this here, but whatever.

      They spelled Manhattan with only one “T” on purpose, as a way of indicating that what we were seeing was actually in the other reality. If you finish watching the opening scene, you’ll realize that there were many hints that the events were taking place over there. It was no mistake — just a clue for those paying attention. Neat, huh?

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  2. matt says

    i really love fringe. the imagination is out of control but I think in episode 19 20 etc when the world is on the blink of evaporating i think the main characters should be convienved in being more in panaic mode. e.g olivia it should be more agressivly sincer but i do understand it is hard to force this onto the main characters as it would be taking a step out of the comfort zone for them. also i agree that the army should be baracading as the world would go havaic like 28 days later and other movies like that. i understand with budgets but only a sugestion to get your viewers up. please email to confirm that the producers did get this. i love fringe keep up the everlasting imagination.

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  3. Robert says

    Hi there,
    I’ve just watched episode 7 of season 1 and I am really unsatisfied…
    When do you producers in America will start to use actually native speakers for using authentical foreign languages….I didn’t get the name of the German guy in the “Bundestag”…but he is not a native the most of the “germans” in that episode….so their usage of the german language sounds like…I don’t really know…like they’re actually from another country and learned German in school, but never used it in reallife…I can tell, I am German…like you propably can tell from my insufficient usage of the English language…
    I always watch movies in it’s original language, so it’s quit annoying to hear any of those “german” parts of movies…PLEASE…DO BETTER IN THE FUTURE. Take “real” Germans, there should be some hundreds of thousand in America…
    Best Regards

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