FRINGE: Producers On Whether There’s Any Hope For Olivia & Peter


Fringe EPs Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman share some thoughts on Peter’s search for ‘home’ and whether there’s any hope for something called ..POlivia?

On Peter’s perception of where ‘home’ actually is in relation to the new timeline..

Pinkner: He believes very actively there is a time line, a — universe is sort of an appropriate and sort of not appropriate as a word — but he believes that there is a time line, a place that he has left where everybody remembers him. In effect, he’s in Oz trying to get back to Kansas.

On whether there’s any hope for Olivia and Peter..

Wyman: We’ve said before, a great love story has many turns in the road. A love story that’s worth watching has a lot of obstacles and half the fun is watching people overcome obstacles — at least in our opinion of what makes a really good and satisfying love story. I think that everybody understands that Peter and Olivia are kind of destined, fated.

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  1. Mr. Wizard says

    Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of our greatest strength, and our greatest weakness.

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  2. ObservetteMARCH says

    YES! I agree with the E.P’s 100%. That’s why I love Fringe. I certainly wouldn’t want a season of Peter and Olivia holding hands and frolicking through a field of daisies while Walter’s sitting on a picnic blanket eating coffee cake. That’s not my idea of Fringe. As long as they all end up where they’re supposed to be in the end, I’ll be happy. In the meantime, bring on Peter’s weird and wonderful journey back “home”. I love the suffering (and I totally suffer the pain and heartache along with them to the point where I’m crying and pulling my hair every great story needs it! The payoff is always sweeter that way. :-)

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    • Dylan says

      It would be nice if we could spend a little more time with Peter, rather than with these new versions of Olivia and Lincoln.

      For me, emotionally, Peter’s presence now is no different to when he was floating around as visions or in dreams (his ‘non-existence’ period). If we’re going to go through this journey with him, I would prefer that we get to feel the way that Peter does.

      Last season, we got to see Olivia at her most vulnerable – helpless, desperate. This season Peter is as confident as ever (perhaps a little frustrated), which is just odd.

      More scenes with the man who this storyline is supposed to be about, and less on the…whatever you call them (it just occurred to me that we need to come up with a name for these people).

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    • Jennifer says

      I TOTALLY concur 100%!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!! It is no different than real life, we all want the love of a lifetime but if it came simple & handed to us we wouldn’t want because it is always more satisfying when we have had to work at it. BRING ON THE PAIN & THE JOURNEYS!!!! As long as they do make it back to each other in a HUGE EPIC WAY!! :)

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  3. Confused Viewer says

    I don’t know, but has this show become nothing more than a “Peter/Olivia vs. Lincoln/Olivia” contest?
    I’m a bit confused. I always thought their love story was a nice side-product of Fringe…but right now, everybody (including producers) is JUST talking about their love.
    What about the Observers? What about the Beacon? What about the child-observer? What about the redverse’s problems? What about Massive Dynamic/Nina’s agenda? What about shapeshifers? What about Jones? Bell? Elisabeth?
    Does anyone else remember or is everybody just concerned with the lovers?

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        • JM says

          Unfortunately im not it was a few months back now before the 3rd episode air and it was anna torv enthusiastically endorsing a lincoln/olivia romance and seth gabel saying that lincoln and peter will get along!

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    • Dylan says

      Apparently, love is all.

      Unless of course it compels someone to smash through into another universe, setting into motion a series of events that will one day claim the lives of billions upon billions of people…

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    • Jennifer says

      No! That’s not all it has come down to & you should know coming from this show seeing that they spent 2 years (seasons) to finally bring them together & then the heartache before they were finally together. The reason they only talk about this is because a new guy has come on the team as her partner & everybody is protective of Peter & the love they had for one another that we invested all that time to see finally happen but as far as the other things mentioned above…they can’t really talk about anything right now because it isn’t until Jan. before we see the other side so they don’t want to give anything away & us as followers & fans, we KNOW they will get to the other stuff…they ALWAYS have without disappointment.

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      • Dylan says

        you kind of just, no doubt unintentionally, made a big deal about it then lol

        personally, i always had more investment in Olivia/John that Olivia/Peter. The second relationship was just so contrived, and the fact that John Scott was never once brought up – and neither was her history with that guy at the prison Jones was at, made Olivia’s apparent inexperience all the more difficult to really buy into.

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        • Dac says

          I will agree with this for the most part.

          John/Olivia seemed very organic to me. Peter/Olivia seemed forced at the end of S2. I warmed up to it during S3 a little, but overall still doesn’t give me warm fuzzies.

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  4. Lafra08 says

    First of all I like them both on screen as Polivia! but I also don´t want Peter and Olivia holding hands all the time or something like that! That being said I also think it would be better for the main storyline if they finally could get together and remain as a couple and thogether save the worlds because we know already that they are strong only when they are together and only so they can solve the problems of the worlds. If they were together we could concentrate us on the other storylines and they could have together amazing adventures by saving universes not necesserly romantic because they had each other and they would not have to find their ways to each other every time new twist in the storyline comes along, which is a little bit frustrating….! I think it was already set up in season 3 this way that Peter and Olivia are destinied to be together and that only together they are capable of saving the worlds! There is actualy IMO no need in explaing this storyarc ones again to us. We could have them some kind working on cases together as it was in season 1 only with the knowladge they are a couple, we could become from time to time a little bit insight what their life as a couple looks like but not every single episode. I would love it! So we could get to know more about Walter-Peter-Walternate relatioship, Broyles background, Astrid background, The observer mystery, the time loops, the machine, Peters time paradox mystery, having POlivia together as a driving force in the war between the two universes! I think they are not only meant to be together they are also meant to save the worlds together!!!!! It´s only my opinion!

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    • Dylan says

      I would argue that the two characters aren’t destined to be together. After all, Peter wasn’t originally meant to be in our universe, Walternate was meant to have cured him over there.

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        • Dylan says

          It’s something worth looking at.

          According to the mythology of the show (prior to season 4, of course), September made a mistake in ‘Peter’ by distracting Walternate as he was about to discover the cure for Peter’s illness. The actions taken by September in that episode were done to ensure that Peter’s survival.

          Ever since then it was meant to be him and the other Observers trying to correct that mistake, and get things back to the way they were meant to go.

          If that’s the case, then Peter wasn’t supposed to be in our universe, to meet Olivia, to fall in love, etc (September’s discussion with Walter in ‘Firefly’ nicely illustrated all the consequences of Peter not being where he was supposed to be).

          So then, how destined was the relationship between these characters?

          I excluded season 4 btw because the writers have changed everything, against the previously established mythology. Apparently now, Peter was never supposed to have lived. Apparently the Observers had the capability of fixing everything all along. Apparently a machine could be sent back in time from the blue future to the blue past, creating a paradox, and yet also exist in the red universe. Multiple things now introduced that doesn’t complement anything that came before.

          Therefore, I just find it simpler to discuss seasons 1-3, where there is enough material to create an argument for Peter and Olivia’s relationship not being a thing of destiny.

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      • lafra08 says

        Dylan good point! but what if -is only my idea-the observer our september distracted Walternate from finding the cure because he knew that only 2 people who are from each opposite universe and love each other could be able to try to save both universes, September said to Walter -the boy is important he has to live than he didn’t erase Peter from existance complately because he knew allthough there is a bridge between the 2 universes the war is no over and Peter is still important and his connection to Olivia-together bounded in love they are strong and able to use their powers to save the universes -just an idea:)

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        • Dylan says

          I guess no one can know anything for sure, at least not yet.

          I originally thought that Peter having “never existed” was a way for the writers to explore the concept of destiny, and see whether or not the war would have gone forward without Peter being involved. However, they chose to have had him die as a child, and have the war still stem from that incident – so there went that possible exploration. I’m not too sure now what the point of the concept, this arc, is.

          We don’t know whether or not fate really does exist in the Fringe universe, and so it’s hard to tell whether or not the war still exists without Peter.

          I’m of the opinion that, based on September’s speech in ‘Firefly’, that there is no such thing as destiny in Fringe – that there are various possible futures all happening simultaneously, and that any one of them can occur (thank you ‘Firefly’!).

          Four seasons in, I don’t consider Fringe a game of destiny, but a game of probability.

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            • Dylan says

              yeah, but you have to take their comments with a grain of salt as they wouldn’t want to acknowledge any mistakes they’ve made in their own show (inconsistencies, forgotten plot threads, plot holes, etc).

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      • Jennifer says

        BUT Walternate didn’t cure him over there which is what set forth the whole chain reaction (if you want to call it that) that made Walter build a device to go over to the other universe & get him which in turn is why he was experimenting on children (Olivia) to find a way to take him back & in that process that is when Olivia & Peter first meet & THAT is when the connection between the two of them began & when Peter was the ONLY one that knew where she was when she ran away & the one that taught her how to use her powers, when he said to her, “what you can imagine, it will happen” and that is when she imagined that it would snow & she made it snow. Then when they finally meet up again years later after having not used her powers since then, the connection that the two of them shared when they were kids, was back immediately even though it wasn’t talked about, they just knew it. Which is also why that the only time Olivia is able to use her powers is when Peter is around her or it has to do with Peter. So, yes I would say that they are most certainly destined to be together. You can’t get more connected than that!

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        • Dylan says

          Yeah, but how can it be destiny if the entire “chain reaction” was the result of one of the Observers making a mistake, changing everything in the process?

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  5. Emily says

    Olivia seems like the kind of person who wouldn’t have the time to fit a man into her life, Lincoln seems gay, and Peter seems to be the kind of person who sleeps around — none of their relationships make sense to me.

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  6. Dac says

    I’m not concerned if they end up together in the end of not. I’m more concerned about what side or if both CAN survive.

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  7. mlj102 says

    Works for me. While I support the idea of the two of them as a couple, I don’t consider myself a “die hard” shipper. The relationship is not the most important thing in Fringe to me. However, it seems pretty clear to me that they’ve pretty much established Peter and Olivia as “the” couple of the show (every show has at least one). More than just that it has felt implied that, for whatever reason, they were meant to be together. And so at this point, if they didn’t end up together, it would feel incomplete and I don’t think the ending would feel as satisfying and happy. So it’s reassuring to see that confirmed in this statement so I don’t have to worry about some unexpected and unwelcome shift to what is one of the more prominent threads in this story (like it or not, that’s the way it is). So while I agree that there are other aspects to Fringe that are more significant than “will Peter and Olivia end up together” I still consider it a story that matters, therefore, I don’t mind getting the perspective of the producers on it.

    I always like receiving the confirmation that the story is coming across as it was intended to, and these quotes highlighted two of those instances: the matter of Peter and Olivia as a couple, and the comparison of Peter’s efforts to return home being like Dorothy trying to get back to Kansas. It’s good to know we’re on the same page!

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  8. Cleo says

    It’s good to know that Oliva and Peter will end up together but the show need’s twist’s and turns to keep us interested. I love the weird stories and the other characters. Walter is great.

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