FRINGE Producers Discuss Peter’s Novation & Nina’s Future


Fringe EPs Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman offer their thoughts on Peter’s “Novation” return and why Nanny Nina will get her due.

On finding a balance with Peter being back, yet not quite being back..

JP: We are very, very, very mindful of not purposefully or even unintentionally frustrating the audience. We also know that…look, we love Peter. We love the relationship. We crafted that relationship. We didn’t pull Peter out of the relationship  because a) we didn’t enjoy it or b) we didn’t see where it could go forward. We’re as frustrated as everyone. We’re writing this show constantly — and by we, I mean all of us — and we’re making the show from the point of view of fans who want to see our characters be happy. But in order to earn that, we need to go through patches where they aren’t happy. Otherwise, there’s no sunshine without rain, you know? Sometimes it gets boring living in Southern California weather — you take the sun for granted, as crazy as that sounds. That’s why spring is so much more meaningful on the east coast than it is on the west coast because there’s actually a change and rebirth.

So for all of those feelings to have the appropriate degree of satisfaction [for Peter’s return], you need to go through some rough places first.

On Nina and her role going forward..

JW: We figured that Nina is a fascinating character to us and always deserves her due. And having so many cast members, you have to make sure you treat each one with the respect that they deserve. You don’t want to just throw out things and go, “Oh, by the way, this is Nina.” We want to make sure that this season is going to be the season where we really feature her, because Blair [Brown (Nina)] is such a tremendous actress, and we’re so lucky to have her. To give her stuff that will stretch her, to give her something so she is more than just the cloak and dagger head of Massive Dynamic is such a pleasure for us to write.

You can read more at Give Me My Remote. (some spoilers at link).

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  1. Red Balloon says

    As John Noble said in a WB interview last month… he feels that Blair Brown is a hidden treasure berried for Fringe… so I hope they get it out already!

    She’s as amazing as an actress can be….large screen, small screen, and of course live on the stage with no less than 5 Emmys I believe…

    Like: Thumb up 2

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