FRINGE Prequel Novels: The Zodiac Paradox, The Burning Man — Details & Pre-Ordering


Fringe will continue in a series of prequel novels.

Written by Christa Faust, the prequels each center around one of our three main heroes — Olivia, Walter and Peter. The first prequel, called The Zodiac Paradox, focuses on Walter’s early days with William Bell and Nina Sharp in 1974. The second, The Burning Man, revolves around Olivia as a teenager in 1995. The third currently untitled book will follow Peter during his shady pre-Fringe Division dealings in 2008.

The first two books are available now on Amazon pre-order with the first book having a May 7 release and the second arriving July 16, 2013. Check out the temporary cover art and official prequel descriptions below:

Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox [PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE]


Critically acclaimed Fringe explores new cases with endless impossibilities. Set in Boston, the FBI’s Fringe Division started when Special Agent Olivia Dunham enlisted institutionalized “fringe” scientist Walter Bishop and his globe-trotting, jack-of-all-trades son, Peter, to help in investigations that defy all human logic – and the laws of nature. The first in an all-new series of tie-in novels!

Fringe – The Burning Man [PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE]


 The critically acclaimed Fringe television series explores the dramatic and grotesque as impossible crimes are investigated by the government’s shadowy Fringe Division, established when Special Agent Olivia Dunham enlisted institutionalized “fringe” scientist Walter Bishop and his globe-trotting son, Peter, to help in investigations that defy all human logic – and the laws of nature.

Author Christa Faust (Choke Hold, Supernatural) is working hand-in-hand with the television writers to create new adventures uncovering the secrets of the series. The first novel revealed how Walter Bishop and William Bell discovered the drug Cortexiphan–and the alternate universe! Book two will explore how Olivia Dunham first was subjected to Cortexiphan experiments, with catastrophic results.

Faust has been given unprecedented access to stories that have not been told on-screen, but weave directly into the series canon, much as Joss Whedon’s Buffy graphic novels continue that series’ official storyline.

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  1. marie says

    I join everybody to say that it was a magnificent final for a magnificent series. However I do not agree with those who says that this end leaves place(square) with a possible continuation(suite). What continuation(suite) is possible? Walter returns of future? Possible, but later?

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    • purplenurple says

      I believe that look in Peter’s eyes in the final shot shows that he remember’s what happened. Just like Michael, who can remember all the timelines, Peter is an anomaly. If you look at that final shot again, there’s a sudden look of determination in his eyes, I like to think he’s already decided he’s getting Walter back no matter what it takes, even if he has to rip a hole through time and tear the universe asunder.. like father like son.

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  2. JJOday says

    I hope after this, they come out with a book that takes place from September’s point of view for the series and 3 follow up novels to the show! (Like what IS this new timeline, what’s up with Walter, are there actually new Observers etc) I want more conclusion! MOAR!

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    • purplenurple says

      There’s already a book about to be released called September’s Notebook. You should check it out.

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  3. Ian S. says

    I can’t wait for these! They’re the official story too, the author was given the plot from the creators of Fringe. It’s legit!

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  4. nati says

    uh nice! cortexiphan! they could also explore what happened when walter went to the future, like how did he found the scientists and showed them michael. they could put this in comics like the one of peter and the machine.

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    • JJOday says

      I can see it now. A trilogy of comics about our 3 main cast members.

      Peter and the Machine (already exists)

      Olivia and the Child (About Etta and between season 4-5 and why Etta is important)

      Walter and the Boy (Walter in the future. Also, have John Mosley somehow be involved)

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  5. FringePhile says

    Pre-ordered! Awesome! Although it would be cool if they make a novel from Etta’s point of view. And of course about the bishop family post-2015.

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  6. SissySiri says

    I will be buying them. I am very happy that the creators of Fringe are having a hand in this, that way the stories will not go astray.

    Awesome! :-)

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  7. Amanda McDaniel says

    Personally, I would like to see episodes/books be written on the changes made by Walter’s big sacrifice at the end of Season 5. I wonder who he would send back to distract Walternate from discovering the cure for Peter so that Walter would still decide to cross over to save Peter? Also, would Walter send back altered Observer types (much like the boy “Michael”) to help guide the decisions of the key players.

    I could imagine that these new type of empathic “Observers” could steer Walternate, Walter, William Bell, Peter’s mom, Peter and Olivia to make differing decisions.

    It is pretty much known (based upon the fact that Walter, Astrid and Ella went back in time to plant the machine) that the events that occurred between 2008-2015 had already occurred previously. Aparently these events continue to be repeated until they “get it right” so the reset of the time-line, courtesy of Walter and Michael, should help to readjust time and right wrongs. Maybe Walternate is given a new perspective on Walter’s crossing over, maybe Bell decides that he is not a “God” and will never fund ZFT or try and create a new universe, maybe Peter’s mom won’t commit suicide.

    All-in-all, there are a lot of interesting scenarios that were spoken about, without having corresponding episodes written and acted out during the series, that would be interesting to navigate within the context of a novel.

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