FRINGE PREDICT: Will Olivia Stick Or Twist?

Today’s Fringe Predict is a simple one, but one that has been coming for some time: Will Olivia Trust Sam Weiss?

With just over a day before “The Last Sam Weiss” – an episode that could tell us whether Olivia will stick to her guns or risk it all on Sam’s alluring word-play – head past the jump to get your vote in, and then come back and gloat if you got it right.

Fringe Predict: Will Olivia Trust Sam?

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  1. Walternate says

    I actually don’t think Liv REALLY trusts anyone outside Walter, Broyles, Astrid, and Peter. I think she will run with Sam for a while, but as usual, she will start asking questions.

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  2. charliefan19 says

    She trusted William Bell, and and has always told Nina more than I thought she should. So, I vote yes. But let it be known…I trust Sam Weiss. lol :)

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  3. James Bevan says

    I think she will attempt to trust him, but she’s already dubious of his motives, especially after her conversation with Nina and the Apartment Owner.

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  4. Karo says

    Trying to see this from Olivia’s point of view.

    He did help her twice in the past (getting over her injuries and Charlie’s death), so basically, she has no reasons not to trust him.

    She’s not aware of this whole “don’t trust Sam Weiss” business going on in the “real world” (i.e. producers hints, anagrams, etc.)

    As a character, i think she will trust him.

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  5. FlashWriter says

    She’ll trust him as long as she feels that he’s giving her the straight word. If she detects even a glimmer of a problem she’ll pull up and he’ll either convince her he’s telling her the truth or our Liv will take whatever action she feels protects our side. Besides, I think she likes him. I myself think he’s on our side (and, yes, I like him too!) :)

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  6. kris says

    She will do anythng for Peter. She is a true defender willin to giv her life n a min to save anothr

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  7. Christine lee says

    I voted for Yes, because so far Sam Weiss do nothing that harm or tell a lie for our universe or anybody and as we all know he did help Olivia twice in the past, there is no reason for Olivia or us not to believe Sam.

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  8. Cerulean says

    Could it possibly be “Don’t trust Sam Weiss” BECAUSE he doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does? Maybe we shouldn’t trust him because he’ll make a mistake or mix-up some of the info he supposedly knows.
    …We’re gonna die, aren’t we?

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  9. Bischof says

    Olivia didn’t know there was an anagram in the season 2 finale. She doesn’t have that piece of info about Sam Weiss, simply. She will trust him because she doesn’t know enough about the machine (and that’s because William Bell wasted his two episodes without explaining a bit!)

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  10. CreepyGroovy says

    Of course she will.* As Aspirin noted, Olivia is a great judge of character, and Sam is absolutely shaded as one of the good guys.

    *Fingers crossed that I don’t have to eat my words.

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  11. FringeCharacter says

    I believe based on the past relationship of Sam and Olivia, she will trust him. He predicted her path of recovery and helped her through a difficult time.

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  12. Dannyboy says

    Olivia will trust Sam. Sam is Olivia’s son. Kind of Terminator meets Star Wars kind of thing. When the worlds collide there will be a new race of people, “The first People” —again. Sam will Write another version of the book and it will start again. This will all be confirmed when Olivia anounces her sons name.

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  13. says

    How cool is it that we don’t know if she will or won’t…..this is just another example of how compelling every detail of this fantastic show is!

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  14. Francisca says

    Hello There.
    I totally do respect your new thoughts on FRINGE PREDICT: Will Olivia Dunham Trust Sam Weiss?
    and also will be back again…
    Thank you…

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