Fringe Predict: The First Word Is The Deepest

Welcome to Fringe Predict – the fun game were you are tasked with predicting certain events from the next episode of Fringe.

This is a challenge which tests your powers of foresight. Can you see ‘it’ like Dunham? Do you have what it takes to land 5 Cortexi-points?

To join in, head past the jump for this week’s question, before leaving your guess in the comments. Then, tune into Fringe tonight to see if your skills have indeed percolated.

Congrats to those who correctly predicted that “Bellivia” would have the last word in last week’s “Os” episode. Help yourselves to 5 Cortexipoints from the Cortexipot.

Today’s Fringe Predict question for episode 3.17 “Stowaway” is:

Which character (conscious being) will utter the first line, word, or murmur in tonight’s episode?

Here’s some context:

  • Walter puffed the first words in “Os”.
  • “Subject 13″ saw Elizabeth..break the ice, so to speak.
  • “6B” had some dude called Chris get us underway.

If you fancy taking part, simply leave your prediction in the comments before the start of tonight’s episode. For a bonus 2 points answer us this: will Peter and Olivia kiss while she’s in a ‘Belled-up’ state (in “Stowaway”), or will they bell-atedly make up for it another time?


  1. Karo says

    Walter, explaining the soul magnet stuff to the others in the lab, while Bellivia is lying in that chair.

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  2. TracyMae says

    Walter I guess…Although I thought it would be Peter…but that’s not one of the choices.

    I really really really hope he doesn’t try to kiss her/him.

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      • fringeobsessed says

        I totally agree. A pissed off Peter will utter tonight’s first words.
        As far as a P/O kiss while she’s posessed? Hmm. I think Peter will only give her a little one on the head or cheek(in tonight’s episode or the next one). I think the fact that she’s posessed by a male will spook Peter.

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  3. says

    hopefully, they’ll pick up where they left off… so I go for peter.

    and no, i don’t think they will kiss- i mean peter’s been weird sometimes but that’s too weird even for peter 😉

    so excited to see what bellivia will reveal… only a couple of hours!

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    • real1 says

      Actually it’s 4:50 hours !!!

      Roco do you mean how the ep will open or previously in Fringe ?

      previously in Fringe : She wasn’t me how you could not see that !

      ep will open : Peter : who is the hell are you ?

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    • says

      That is my guess too! First word: Astrid for the wild card guess

      NO! They absolutely will not kiss while Bell is still conscious in Olivia. I have a feeling that William would not fancy a snog with Peter. Also, I’d guess that someone is going to ask a question regarding Peter and Olivia’s “intimacy” in the episode. You watch, there will be some silly joke/reference to it :-)

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  4. totallyaddicted05 says

    I think that they will pick up where they left of and Peter will have a few questions for Bellivia. SO…. Peter.

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  5. g33k says

    if they start the same way they started Entrada (basically repeating the end of the last episode at the beginning of this one) then I think they’ll start off with Peter in the middle of his shapeshifter explanation from last episode and then show Olivia being possessed again and continue the scene from there.

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  6. Pam says

    I think it will be Peter – storming into Walter’s lab asking what is going on – even if that is not the context, I think it will be Peter speaking the first word in some way.

    And, no, Peter and Bellivia will NOT kiss while Bell is around…..

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  7. CH says

    I think either peter or walter. And i’m no go on p/o kissing, and i hope belly “leaves” soon, i mean i’m all for having him back but i want Olivia back more!!!!

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  8. mlj102 says

    Well, I feel like I have a lot to make up for since I was wrong last week, but after reading all of the guesses, I’m afraid I’m setting myself up to be wrong again. My first impression is that the first word will come from a guest character… do I need to be more specific than that since I don’t know who all the guest characters are? If so, I’ll go with the blonde woman, since that’s the only one I know of. Knowing my luck, it will be Peter, but I’m going to stick with the guest character on this one.

    As for the bonus question, I’m going to go with no kiss. There’s no way. That said, I’m bound to get at least two Cortexi-points from this week, right? If I can’t even get that one right, I’m afraid there will be no hope for me whatsoever!

    (P.S. I know I’m cutting this close on the timing since Fringe should be beginning right about now, but where I’m at it doesn’t start for another hour, so it can still count, right?)

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  9. B says

    episode 16 looks they are hiring cheaper writers. hack dialog and story line.

    a bell!? rofl

    very disappointing. looks like it’s going to get cancelled.

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