Fringe Photos: Behind The Scenes of ‘Concentrate And Ask Again’

Go behind the scenes of “Concentrate and Ask Again” with theseย Fringe BTS photos.

Head past the jump to view them all.

Fringe 3.12 “Concentrate And Ask Again” BTS Photos



  1. Flyfisherwiz says

    Love the pic of Liv pointing the gun … that’s a wicked little smile and it looks like she’s having a swell time with the staff, crew and cast! (Looks great in the LBD too!)

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  2. Jenn Hoff says

    When I saw Olivia in that little black dress I thought I was watching Chuck for a split-second! It was really fun to see the cast all dressed up, although I’m glad it’s not the norm for this type of show (I love Chuck- it’s a comedy, I love Fringe- it’s a deep, high-paced, multi-level mythology-having drama show).
    I LOVED in the episode when Olivia heard that the guard thought she was hot and she actually smiled! So not something she would normally do, but that IS a gut reaction when you hear that kind of thing! She can’t keep it in all the time. :)

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