FRINGE OPINION: Favorite Difference?


When Peter saved us all from a frankly bleak and horrible future without The Dunhamnator, he didn’t just wipe himself out of existence, he held the magnifying glass up to a timeline that would be different through his absence.

So, with five season 4 episodes under our belts, which established difference between the timelines do you find the most interesting or important SO FAR?

Here are a few examples:

  • Olivia pulling the trigger one. more. time, killing Bad Daddy.
  • Nina taking Olivia and her sister in after Mama Dunham passed away, etc.
  • Baybee Henry not existing.
  • The Fringe Team not knowing about the Observers.

That’s just the tip of the fringeberg. Feel free to share your personal opinion in the comments.


  1. Roneo says

    Olivia not being aware of her super-powers, specially the ability of crossing between universes.

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  2. KKG says

    -Olivia hasn’t met any other cortexiphan kids.
    -She ran away from the cortexiphan trials.

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  3. KKG says

    Also,some other differences:
    -Altlivia is still in relationship with Frank.
    -Alt-Charlie is married to “the bug lady”(though it could have happened anyway)

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  4. charliefan19 says

    1) The triangle between Alt-Liv, peter and Olivia never happened. YAY.
    2) Consequently, baby Henry never happened.
    3) Astrid gets to do a little more than babysit Walter. :)

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  5. Niomi Lianne says

    there are several differences that I noticed. The main ones are that both olivia and altlivia are different. Altliva risked her life to warn the other universe about walternate’s plans last season due to her expiriences with peter and having baby henry. She doesn’t have that same spark of dunhamnator anymore and I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be as willing to risk her life for the blue verse. Also, Olivia has definatly changed. She is harder because she killed her father. (probly because little olive never met little peter who had helped and comforted her when she was being abused) and because she didn’t have adult peter in her life. She is also slightly more capable of forming a social life. This was shown when she had a closer friendship with astrid and when she was able to ask lincoln out (even though it took her more than 2 years to warm up to peter). This was due to her having Nina as a mother figure when mama dunhamnator died. But that raises the question of how did nina know the dunhamns to begin with? If nina turned into nanny then she must have had a previouse connection with olivia and her family. Another thing, the reason why she ran away in this time line was either because she had shot her father, or because she had orginally ran away in the original timeline. When things got really bad during the experiments, she ran away. It was Peter who found little olive in her feild of white tulips and convinced her to come back.

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  6. Niomi Lianne says

    also, Olivia remembers the trials (probly because they weren’t able to erase her memories before she ran away)

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  7. Red Balloon says

    So, with five season 4 episodes under our belts, which established difference between the time lines do you find the most interesting or important SO FAR?

    1. Nina taking Olivia and her sister in (a lot of new possibilities here, really looking forward to know how this plays)

    2. Walter didn’t inherited Massive Dynamics (Do we know if Bell is dead now?, I can’t remember if they stated that already, but if he is, why didn’t Bell decided to give Walter MD?, Did he thought he couldn’t handle it or is Nina behind this?)

    3. The Fringe Team not knowing about the Observers (This came as a surprise for me, because I thought they could pick up ride away on that story, since it has very much to do with this time-line. I guess this way could be easier for the writers to tell their story from the very beginning, and maybe do a flashback episode for us and new fans ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    4. Olivia pulling the trigger one. more. time, killing Bad Daddy (this is just shocking, but not as interesting for me, because there is no more story to develop, I think)

    5. Baby Henry… Thank God this was dropped… it’s just awkward to think how they could resolve this matter… very stressful for me.

    6. It seems that the cortexiphan trials were less secretive, and I’m interested to know if it makes a big difference that Olivia didn’t ended them.

    7. Where is Walter’s brain? … I mean the parts that were removed from Bell, are they still hidden in people’s heads?… very intriguing, what if they can rescue them this time?

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    • lizw65 says

      For that matter, DID Bell remove parts of Walter’s brain in this timeline? We just don’t know.

      I find most intriguing the fact that Olivia’s powers were apparently never “activated” by Jones, and she is yet unaware of them–if she even has any. Perhaps Peter will be the one to activate her this time.

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      • Red Balloon says

        Oh!, I would love that!, If ones and for all, they could show us if Peter is the one who’s been activating Olivia’s powers… we’ve seen to many coincidences “Ability”, “Jacksonville” “The Last Sam Weiss” and one of my favorites “Subject 13”.

        And it’s true about Walter’s brain, maybe he is complete, but more remorseful and that’s why he is different from Walternate this time.

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      • jophan says

        I’m definitely curious about the brain surgery. We’ve seen a couple of discrepancies — Walter believing there were only 37 Cortexiphan kids is one — so it may be that there wasn’t surgery but there was some brainwashing.

        Of Roco’s suggestions, I’m most interested in the upshot of Nina as foster mother, with Observer-ignorance second.

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    • Mel Duff says

      “Olivia pulling the trigger one. more. time, killing Bad Daddy (this is just shocking, but not as interesting for me, because there is no more story to develop, I think)”…

      I disagree, as the shooting would be evidence (to me) of her first take-charge, Dunhamnator-type action. I like her best when she’s not being passive.

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      • Red Balloon says

        So true about he Dunhamnator-action, I love that about her. It’s just that I feel she was a Dunhamnator in the OT as well, even if her stepfather lived, and that makes me wonder like @Alexis said, that I would’ve wanted to witness this resolution, instead of just knowing the fact. But maybe they’ll develop something more out of this, or maybe there will be no time, I don’t know.

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    • alexis says

      I don’t like it that Olivia killed her stepfather. I always wanted to see him come back for her and Olivia kick his a$$! It’s a shame they never dealt with that “seed” (like they like to say) that they planted because it was a perfect story for a MOTW episode.

      baby Henry doesn’t exist… thank God! Never liked that storyline and in retrospect I still think it was useless and could have been avoided. Altlivia could have extracted Peter’s blood when she dosed him or even Walternate when Peter crossed over.

      as for Walter’s brain, that’s a very good point. I mean, there are still SO many things that we don’t know about the past in this timeline. We don’t know how the trials went or what the relationship was like between Bell and Walter.

      I’m not sure about the team not knowing about the observers, though. On the one hand, it’s a new potential story. On the other hand, it was such a relevant issue that it feels very strange that they’ve not heard about them. And I really enjoyed their interactions. We’ll see how that turns out, I guess.

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      • Red Balloon says

        Thanks Alexis, I find myself in that position too, I always thought that birthday letter she received every year was a good plot to follow, and maybe an opportunity to know something more about her parents.

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      • scully8 says

        Although the Oberservers showed up a lot in the OT and visible to our OT team; I believe it was because September interfered with Peter being cured. This mistake seemed to hasten the pace of the ‘end’ of the world, meaning the Oberservers were showing up more frequently. The Observers were always around, but only at IMPORTANT moments in history–years even centuries between visits. Just a thought . . .

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  8. Geoff says

    I kind of want baby Henry back. I mean, what’s the point of that storyline if you just snuff out the baby? What’s the point of making Altlivia’s feeling complicated towards both universes? No offense to the people here, but any sort of romantic complication is considered “soap opera.” I would expect they will revisit those things even if it doesn’t become a full-blown love-triangle.

    But I said it before, and I’ll say it again. The alternative timeline has them driving Nissans instead of Fords.

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    • Red Balloon says

      Lol!, the Nissans instead of Fords, I noticed that too…

      If they bring back the baby Henry story, I just hope it can be a very significant one… like that guy who dropped his glasses in Jacksonville when he bumped with Olivia, you know, maybe being a time-traveling old Henry ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • Rick Terry says

      It’s because Ford decided they weren’t gonna pay for ad space (AKA product placement) on Fringe this year. Nissan would I guess. That or Peterless-ness caused Henry Ford to never invent the automobile… Ehhh…No!

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    • Owl says

      I liked the Baby Henry story only in that we got to know AltLivia more on a human level, and her mother, and spend time with the Alt-staff. Alter Walter creeped me out big time though!

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  9. Clark says

    I think by the end of this season we’ll get funny as he’ll season 2 Walter. I love Comedy-Walter. Also I think there is some interesting Observer stuff about to happen, as well as “Season 1” villain fun. I’m really enjoying all the Season 1 stuff, those DVDs coming in useful now.

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    • T says

      I agree with this. I find it most interesting that in the OTL Walter was comforted by and confided in Astrid. Now in this NTL Walter is comforted by and confides in Olivia. Olivia is the motherly figure in the NTL. I remember one instance in particular (can’t remember te episode name) where Walter was upset, Astrid tried to calm him down but couldn’t, then Olivia calmed him down. Interesting switch up.

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  10. hal says

    you know i just realized..if Nina is all nanny-like to Olivia in this timeline why didnt Olivia end up joining MD like Nina wanted in the beginning?

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  11. Chey says

    I would have thought that by Olivia killing her step father she would have been a bit different, not this cold and distant olivia.

    I wonder if Ella exists in this time line?

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    • Chey says

      I just thought of my abouve post and thought, killing him would not take away the cruelty that she suffered and what she witnessed her family suffer. She may still be closed in and the death of her mother may have just drawn her deeper inside herself. She might not need to be there for her sister like she was in the blueverse that we knew for three years.

      I still do like Olivia taking a lead in asking a coworker for a lunch or coffee instead of her being the wallflower. She may still be cold because she is the only one there to protect Walter but from a psycological point of view it makes sense that she would be untrusting of Peter.

      I hope that Peter can bring out some of the trust she built up over the last three years.

      I also would like to know a little more about why the Redverse and Blueverse Olivia’s are so vastly different. Why did this Redverse Olivia ask Blueverse Olivia what happened to her stepfather.

      Another thing with the reaction of the stepfather being shot… it sounded like Olivia lied. I realize these are actors but I got the sense that it was shame and she wanted to say she shot him rather then a sense of she really did kill the abusive jerk.

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  12. Drenami says

    Maybe I am the only one, but when Astrid asked about the observer, the look on Broyles’ face made me think that perhaps HE knew something and had just not shared.

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    • T says

      I thought the same thing. Clearly Astrid and Olivia had never heard of the Observers but I don’t know about Broyles. It wouldn’t be suprising given that in the OTL Broyles kept things from Olivia.

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  13. fringefan2009 says

    Olivia killing her stepfather and her relationship with Nina Sharp (this could get very interesting depending on how the writers proceed)

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  14. YourPirque says

    This is not a plot-related difference, but the cinematography is completely darker this season…it’s darker, much more shadowed. You could say that this is this timeline, but if we ever see the original OT and OH again, I bet it will look the same.

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  15. says

    The biggest difference I found was that AltBroyles is alive. But how come? If there’s no Peter and if Olivia is not aware of her powers, why and how did she cross over?! The most common reason I found on the web is that she was kidnapped instead of crossing over there willingly. But then again, if she or anyone else does not know of her powers, why would she be kidnapped?

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    • Red Balloon says

      Apparently she was kidnapped because Altivia needed replace her to steal the part of the BBM Walternate needed. In 4.01 NHNT, both Olivias discussed this matter Olivia: โ€œComing from the person who kidnapped me and stole my life.โ€ So this event did happened after all, but not the crossing over.

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