FRINGE OPINION: Do You Want Peter To Go ‘Home’?


Home is where the heart is for Peter Bishop..

As it stands, Peter wants out of dodge and Olivia hopes he doesn’t let the door hit him on the way out, but would YOU like to see Peter go ‘home’?

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Want Peter to go back to the 'original' timeline?

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  1. shidey17 says

    I just want the characters we know back….whether that’s Peter and Olivia together or not…I at least want them to know each other!

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  2. Pwnsauce says

    Not until we figure out ‘what went wrong’ and how Peter was able to cross between timelines. I want answers to why things are the way they are.

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  3. RKron says

    A bit of both.

    Things I like better in this timeline:
    -Olivia and Nina’s relationship
    -Altlivia and Frank’s non-existent breakup (and Lincoln still chasing Altlivia)
    -No baby drama
    -Astrid out in the field
    -Lincoln just being Lincoln
    -Old characters returning

    Things I don’t like as much in this timeline:
    -No Gene (I think?)
    -Walter and Olivia’s relationship with Peter (could improve)
    -No knowledge of Observers and maybe some other characters

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      • Niomi Lianne says

        i am definatly the minority here but i really liked the henry story line. it made altivia more human and we finaly saw the simalarities between her and ourlivia

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    • Dylan says

      If we had to suffer through some of those things, we deserve a decent payoff for them. It’s worse for us to go through such things only to have them dropped.

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      • scully8 says

        I agree. However, maybe I want this because I don’t understand the whole erasure from the OT situation. I get that our characters would be different without Peter in their lives, but doesn that constitute a new universe, or creat a ‘home’ for Peter to return to? Maybe someone can help me to understand . . . please. :-)

        If I understand correctly, Peter was merely erased from ‘our’ timeline; it’s not as if he’s in some other universe. If that’s the case, then he is home, but one in which no one knew him (other than Nina and Walter as a boy). Are we to believe the that old timeline does still exist? I’m just not sure.

        Also, it hit me the other day. What if when December said “they must not know the boy grew into a man,” that he was talking about someone or a group of people other than Walter, Olivia . . . If this other entity knew he existed as a man, then it would put the NT characters in jeapordy. Just a thought . . . I really don’t understand the whole NT vs. new universe.

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    • NinFringie says

      I don’t believe that what we’re seeing now is another universe, but instead the revised version of the blueverse. As September stated in episode 1 of this season, “the timeline has been rewritten”. So agree that Peter’s already home, only he refuses to believe that he is – which is a totally understandable and rational conclusion on his part.

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  4. charliefan19 says

    I like this timeline, but the last episode was the first time I felt that we were looking at a third Olivia, a third Lincoln, a third Walter. I don’t miss the baby drama and Peter/Liv/Alt-Liv annoyances. (NOT a shipper!!) I love Lincoln in this version, and I want to see more of him. I love how there is a door between the universes and a semi-grudging kind of truce (though there is most likely malicious stuff going on with Walternate, since we haven’t seen him yet!)

    I actually don’t care about the Nina/Olivia closeness. I think one of the reasons Nina is so awesome is because no one really knows her and what she’s up to. To me, Olivia being so close to her makes Nina seems less mysterious and awesome. But that’s just me:)

    I guess I picked “a bit of both” because Joshua Jackson’s sad faces get to me, but I like this timeline and story quite a bit. :)

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    • Niomi Lianne says

      i agree with you on the nina thing. never really cared about that storyline since it was introduced. also, it makes olvia seem more … i dont know how to put this but maybe a bit more normal and more protected since she had another mother figure after her mom died and she didnt go through the system.

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  5. FernwoodGirl says

    While I want to learn more about this world, I want the old relationships back….well +Lincoln. What can I say, I want my cake and a fork to eat it with too.

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  6. Ben says

    I’m not sure “home”, the way Peter imagines it, still exists. It seems like the amber universe isn’t so much a “where” as a “how and when.” It’s a result of the red and blue universes being linked, which was and remains necessary. So really, he may just have to work to make this world more the way he wants it to be, and generally make the best of things.

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    • Pierce says

      Much like Elizabeth suggested when she was trying to convince him as a boy he wasn’t from another universe. I like that idea of this timeline being a how and when rather than a where. The question of how Peter was able to bleed through to this when is still in question. How his abscence effected this timeline, however, has and is being explored. So…at this point, I don’t know if I necessarily want Peter to poof him self out of existence again in his efforts to get “home”. I’d like to see how a world he imagines along with Olivia’s help.

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  7. YourPirque says

    A bit of both…

    We know how the original timeline is going to turn out…that was seen in TDWD.

    Part of the consequence of Peter coming to this new timeline is that timeline can never be.

    As much as I’d love to go back to the old timeline, I don’t think it’s going to happen…

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  8. Con says

    I’m perfectly happy sticking with this timeline, where Alt-Broyles is alive, where Nick Lane is alive, and so on. I just hope Walter, Olivia, and the others start to remember Peter soon so those old relationships we know and love can continue to pay off.

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    • tednix says

      I don’t think that Walter, Olivia, etc will remember Peter. It’s more that they will form the relationships/friendships that they made in the first timeline with subtle differences. We are already seeing it with Olivia’s comment, “I hope you find your way back to the other Olivia.”

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  9. Koftroy says

    It breaks my heart to see Olivia and Peter apart, as they were so close…it is corny but they did not work as well without the other. I like how Peter has dreams from their married future and she plays the role for him, that he did for her when she was on the other side. But the problem for me is that, and I think Peter said it to Walter, that this is the price he paid for letting Walter bring him back to the present. Remember they did not know what it would be?

    I think the other timeline is done, but Olivia remembers him as he is in her dreams, so they will be together again here. Plus even if he gets in that machine he will just end up in another timeline…..he can’t go back. I also do not get why Olivia has no powers if she went through the same trials?

    Also, even worse? The war is still on as shown by the cylons, oh I mean new shape shifters.

    What I really want ? Sexy Alt-Lincoln back and getting together w/Alt-Liv….I miss that that team! Plus Charlie’s new show got cancelled (I think) and Frank is in Strikeback on Cinemax (which rocks btw) which just got renewed and filming.

    But I know we have a lot of epis to go……

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  10. Anita says

    I was mostly indifferent about it all until that dream sequence at the beginning of the episode and I realized how much I miss OUR Olivia. Almost as much as Peter does! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  11. says

    The answer is simple: let the writers tell their story.
    We, the audience, can hope for certain things, but then it wouldn’t be Fringe anymore.
    Let Peter (and all other characters) do their thing and let the story called ‘Fringe’ be told. Just trust the writing staff, that’s all i have to say.

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  12. Clark says

    Interesting, I thought everyone would hate the new reality, but it seems people would want a bit of both. I personally like the mystery that is forming. When our observer almost pushed the button, but stopped to see something, some threat so overwhelming he left the paradox alone my fringie senses started tingling. There is something out there so bad only our epic hero Peter can handle it, so whatever distress we deal with, something profoundly awesome is gonna pop up.

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  13. says

    I don’t want him to just go home and the characters there wouldn’t know what was happening the past few episodes. I would like him to stay here a while longer to reconnect with Walter and Olivia. When they start to care for him, I want the timelines to merge.

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  14. hal says

    I want him to go back.. but not until this story is finished properly. IE: Everyone KNOWS he will go back. Just like everyone KNEW he would come back to the show after he disappeared.. it’s just a matter of time and letting the story develop. If he went back now it would make the whole new time seem all pointless probably

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  15. Kรถnig says

    I know that it is selfish but I miss Walter. For me he has made so much progress since he went out of St. Clair. He has learned how to be almost functional, he made his peace with Peter and was mending things with Olivia and the whole “I-did-experiments-on-little-kids”.

    That being said I trust the writers. So far they seemed to know what are they doing and why so I think that this whole universe-timeline mess will lead us to a good place.

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  16. lizw65 says

    I think the only dramatically satisfying outcome to this story arc is a bit of both–let Peter stay where he is, and have the other characters recover at least some memory of their past with him. Otherwise, it renders either Seasons 1-3 or this season so far moot, and the showrunners have been adamant that they don’t intend to do that.

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  17. Sanj says

    It’s too early to say much about anything. The whole “rebooted universe/rebooted show” thing is starting to grate on me, but the latest developments have finally started moving things forward again, and that’s all thanks to Peter being back.

    I thought last year that the “Olivia trapped on the other side” thing had gone on way too long so hopefully they won’t fall into the same trap this season.

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  18. number six says

    Of course, I want him to go home. I don’t think it will be soon or easy and I don’t know, whether home means another place/timeline or the current characters remembering the past 3 seasons. What I know is that if these new humorless cold characters are all we’ve got left after the reboot and they are here to stay, hate doesn’t even begin to describe what I’ll feel for making me waste my time watching the first 3 seasons.

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    • scully8 says

      It’s funny that people think these characters are cold. I actually find Olivia to be much warmer — granted Walter isn’t as much fun, but he still delivers some entertaining lines, i.e., ‘. . . a babboon knows that . . . ” Broyles is Broyles and Astrid is pretty much the same; and although she is allowed to leave the lab, she’s pretty much been relegated to the sidelines to give Seth more screen time (in my opinion).

      As a shipper, my main concern is really about the P/O relationship and the presence of Lincoln. With that said, I’m really interested and excited to see where the story is going. I totally trust the writers.

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  19. Dac says

    Yes, I’d like for him to go back home. While I’m enjoying this ride and I find the differences interesting, I want the characters we know and love back. Especially IF this is the last season, though I’m holding out for one more!

    There are however, things I like and dislike about both timelines. I actually like BlueLinc as apart of the team and Liv and Walters relationship. And I’m sooo not in any rush to bring baby Henry back into the mix.

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  20. Lalla says

    When Peter said he needed to go home because that was not his place I felt a bit disappointed. That’s probably because I couldn’t (and still can’t) understand how that could be possible. I’m totally against the possibility of changing the events of the last season finale and that’s the only way I see to solve Peter’s little problem. I refuse the idea that there is somewhere a timeline that is just waiting for his return. It doesn’t make sense to me.

    In turth I can understand the frustration of the people who are missing the old characters. But I can’t say I feel the same. I like this storyline and I find it incredibly interesting. But that’s probably because I really love Peter’s character and this new situation is a true adventure for him. That’s what I’m really excited about. Plus, all these characters have something new to say… I’m not ready to go back to the old “music” so soon.

    My hope is that in the end the two timelines/situations/unvierses will be merged together in a way that only our amazing writers can figure out. ๐Ÿ˜›

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  21. says

    The thing is…Walter is so different here…he is broken, heart and soul, broken; and it is because he lost Peter, both of them. No “White Tulip” for this Walter, and I don’t see that there ever could be.

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  22. Dylan says

    I would like for us to immediately return to the original timeline just so I can see a resolution to the last three seasons, instead of what I consider to be time wasted on…whatever this is.

    *sigh* end the third season on Walter and Walternate…get a different Walter and no Walternate at all. So very, very disappointing.

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