FRINGE Opinion: Did You Find The Animation ‘Wonderful’?

With Friday’s “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” featuring such an unusual aesthetic, today’s Fringe Opinion poll asks whether or not you found the animated elements as “wonderful” as Walter seemingly did? What did – or didn’t – you like about it?

Feel free to add your view to the poll tucked below the jump.

Did you enjoy the animated scenes from Fringe 3.19?

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  1. Surun Tunne says

    overall I really liked it, but the character design wasn’t that good, Olivia didn’t look like Olivia…

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  2. chrispatt86 says

    I liked it! It was something i would had never wated fore and it was fun seeing something different fore one day, could of been something better? Perhaps yes, but i have no bad words for it :)

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  3. MrBreezy4Sheezy says

    It was great to see some more visual creativity, but I would’ve liked to see something closer to an anime style. Also, as Surun said, the character animation wasn’t all that great. Still, It’s Fringe. And Fringe is great no matter what.

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  4. Sasha says

    I understand why they did it, and it added to some really cool visuals, but overall, I really dislike a lot of rotoscoping. You can tell that the artists didn’t have a whole lot of time to make this, so I understand why the characters didn’t look like their animated selves, but they could have done it better, honestly.
    I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to animation though as an animation major.

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  5. Cortexifan says

    Loved it.
    It didn’t have to be perfect imo. They were on drugs so everything should be off anyway. Olivia’s version might not have looked like but “when I looked into her eyes, I saw that it was her”. lol.

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  6. KLA says

    It was a throw back to the animation of old, which is always good to see. I do agree that the aminiatno of Olivia did not really look like her. Peter probably looked the closest to the real thing.

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  7. roneo says

    It could have been by far not the best animation work in the world, although for my not very high standards. But I enjoyed it a lot; more the design of some landscapes and buildings (and the very zeppelin) that certain human characters, but I didn´t feel myself desappointed at all.

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  8. Celticnorse says

    I loved it and oddly didn’t expect it! I hought that I had spoiled myself for the ep with all the stuff out there to watch. Guess not.

    I think the characters looked great. I don’t think they needed to look just like Noble, Nimoy et al. But they were good representations. Also the animation style wasn’t familiar to me so it all felt new.

    I agree that, of all of them, Olivia was the least like her character. While I’m not one to put meaning behind every detail of a show I think this may fit well with her mindset. We were in HER mind and HER view of everything. It seems she may not truly know herself. Thus a blurred self actualization.

    Lastly, as someone that had never watched Fringe prior to two months or so ago and has since watched all of it TWICE in that time, I’m pretty sure the toast ending was the first time we’ve ever seen Olivia eat something. I don’t think its story relevant particularly as something that sticks out to me. She popped a couple M&Ms once (with the young observer) but I think that’s it. I’ve come to think Anna Torv has some aversion to eating/chewing/devouring stuff on camera.

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  9. FlashWriter says

    For me it worked pretty well, as did the episode generally. I think the thing with me is that they stayed far enough away from “Inception” to make it a very credible effort and the animation helped with that.

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  10. seejayess says

    I didn’t like it. Even with them in an altered state:
    I found it “too choppy”.
    The mouths did NOT match the audio.
    The animated characters did NOT match their real-world counterparts.

    I hope it’s the last one they do.

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  11. Oscar says

    I really liked the idea – so, if in the poll you’d asked me only my judgement about the idea of using animations, I’d answer “yes!”.

    But the realization really disappointed me: too rough the drawing, too stiff and unnatural the movements, too many gaps in voice synchronization, too cold the computer graphic.

    My point is not that the animated characters didn’t resemble the corresponding actors: this could have happened without disturbing me, because of the LSD, or even simply because a cartoon is a cartoon, and doesn’t need to be always realistic. The problem, here, was the low quality of the animations. The characters could have been greatly unlike their flash and bones counterparts, but better drawn and better animated, with less computer and more handcraft, and more accuracy in the realization.

    However, I presume they were short on budget, so I can understand why the quality wasn’t that high – I presume they have done their best with the resources they had. But what a pity – what a lost opportunity – neverthless!

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  12. William Bishop says

    I really liked it and for several reasons: it was unexpected, it was a way to bring Nimoy back (he does bring a magic to William Bell as a character) and we can’t really know who Mr. X is, not to mention that Olivia was the only one who didn’t come out well and, hey, who doesn’t like a old cartoon sometimes?

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  13. M says

    I wish they were consistent and just animated the whole mind-trip. It felt contrived that the animation only occurred when Bell was present, as though he wasn’t available in person so they had to animate him.

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    • AR says

      Agreed completely! I would have been fine with it had the whole dream/mind trip been animated but it really annoyed me that it only started when William Bell turned up making it bloody obvious that he just didn’t want to appear in person.

      I didn’t really like the look of the animation either. They should have gone with a 2D anime style…

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  14. Still Real1 ! says

    Mostly yes , because how they can bring back Bell while the actor retired? , it was brilliant idea and serve the story , cuz it’s in Olivia’s mind .

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  15. Frenchie says

    I really liked the animated landscape. The buildings and world had a comic-y feel that I enjoyed. Bell’s and Walter’s animations were OK. Olivia’s and Peter’s didn’t emote at all, so a lot of dialogue was lost. And I really hated it when they showed them running.

    All in all, it was okay. 50/50 at least.

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  16. starg8fans says

    I voted ‘other’. I liked it at first, but IMO it went on for too long. Just a couple of scenes would have been plenty. They could have done anything in the zeppelin like this, and explained it with the fact that this was the one Olivia drew back in Jacksonville. But apart from the fact that they had to find a way to portray Leonard Nimoy, it made no sense why all the scenes with him were animated but not the rest.

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  17. Walternate says

    It was interesting. Definitely a bold move. I kind of didn’t like it at first because I wanted to see Leonard Nimoy in the flesh, but it quickly grew on me.

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  18. TRapp says

    All I have to say is ZOMBIE DOCTORS!!!!!!!
    no reason for them but so worth putting them in

    Lets do more “a scanner fringely” eps

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  19. JS says

    I said ‘mostly no.’

    There were bits I liked – the zeppelin being one of them – but overall felt that the animation slowed the action sequences and dulled the emotional scenes (e.g. – between Bell and Walter). I really tried to keep an open mind, but in the end, the animation sequences felt too long. I almost wanted Bell to just be the cartoon character (or caricature!) of himself, and leave the rest live action; that would have made more sense to me.

    And maybe I was looking forward to a labyrinth-type exploration (up is down, down is up) through Olivia’s mind. I wanted to feel a little 2001: Space Odyssey. haha I know, time, time, time…there’s only so much you can put into one episode within the constraints of television.

    Still…. :-\

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  20. says

    Mostly. Because I like animation.
    Acting with animation is normally over the top and wild.
    Animation for a show where acting is so low-key most of the time, tends to make the action boring for some.
    Does that make sense?

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  21. Ben says

    Very definitely a change of pace. And I thought most of the characters looked great and were very expressive. The one exception, sadly, was adult Olivia. Something about her features was just off.

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  22. Jenn says

    I am SHOCKED that people liked it! I have seriously never had a complaint about Fringe before. I even was on board for the musical episode. But this was really bad! It was weird. And if you’re going to do animation… shouldn’t you do it well? The characters mouths didn’t even move in sync with their words. I don’t know, I’m a diehard Fringe fan, but I am definitely pretending this episode never happened.

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  23. mlj102 says

    For the most part, I liked it. I’m no expert on animation, so as an average viewer in those regards, I felt like they did a really good job with it. I had no real complaints about the actual quality of it. The characters resembled the actors enough to understand who was who, and that was enough for me. I felt like they did a very good job with making the animated characters actions and expressions match the characters. This was particularly true with Peter. There were several moments where I felt like the animation Peter was doing exactly what real Peter would do, with regards to movement, expressions, etc. And the scenes worked very well. I thought they did a great job with the landscapes and the views and angles they used.

    My problem with the animation was that it was too long and it wasn’t explained. I liked the animation, but it felt like it lasted a couple of scenes too long. I would have liked it if it ended after Peter walked into the house and it had returned to the real characters, rather than switching back to the animation. I also thought it would have been really neat if Leonard Nimoy had made a brief appearance there at the very end. I think that would have enhanced that “climactic” ending for me.

    It bugged me that they never explained why they were all suddenly animated. It made no sense why it flashed in and out of the animation. I’m sure people like Observer1 will quickly point out that they were on LSD, but in my opinion, that’s not a valid reason. What caused the change from real to animation? Why the inconsistency? What was the meaning behind that? Significance? Explanation? The idea of it merely being a side effect of the LSD seems pretty lame. If they had only thrown out some small line from Walter or Bell, or even Olivia at the end, to explain why they were animated, it would have made me much more open to the idea. As it is, it feels just a bit out of place and contrived with the way it played out.

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  24. Mentat52 says

    Just didn’t like the animation. I suppose they didn’t have the budget or the time to really work up a consistent dreamscapey subconsciously flowing type of inner world, but the cartoons weren’t a good substitute. Sorry. I love fringe, but this just didn’t do it for me.

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