FRINGE Opinion: Are Olivia’s Inhibitions Toast?

A toast to Olivia for all she’s been through!

With the Real Olivia Dunham emerging from her maze, fresher, more confident, and with an appetite for bread products life, could we be seeing a new fearless Olivia from now on?

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Are You Convinced Olivia Will Be As 'Fearless' As It Seems?

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  1. Sean says

    I don’t think she’s gonna be totally fearless – but I think she’ll be making more steps in that direction, for sure!

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  2. Cortexifan says

    I guess define fearless. She will still be afraid but in a different way. She’s not going to be reckless, careless or selfish.
    I guess that’s what I walked away with with from LSD: Bellivia said in Stowaway that sometimes when one walks away from his fate it leads one directly to fate’s doorstep. Just as every character had to or has to accept their fate, whether they know it yet or not, I think Olivia is accepting hers. She is the gatekeeper and the strong one and she is going to fight (for lack of better word) whatever comes her way in a confident way still having other’s interest in mind. Not sure I’m making sense, sorry.

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    • CreepyGroovy says

      That makes perfect sense, and I’m in agreement with you…not fearless per se, but accepting of the gatekeeper mantle. I’m ready for her to kick ass again. Welcome back, BAMF Olivia.

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      • Tenison says

        Yeah, I think that this is the meaning of the fearless Olivia. No fear of moving on, no fear of fight and accept her fate, no hesitating in front of (some) hard decisions.

        Now we gonna se our Dunhamnator in full action!! Dunham FTW \o/

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    • FinChase says

      The word “fearless” bothers me. I consider Olivia to be very courageous, but in order to be courageous, one must be able to overcome one’s fears. Sometimes it’s fundamental ones like fear of dying or more complicated ones like taking a risk and revealing your feelings. If someone has no fear, are they actually being brave?

      I think Olivia–who has never lacked physical courage at any point–will be able to conquer her emotional fears more readily now. She’ll still feel them, but she won’t retreat into them.

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      • roneo says

        Yes, Olivia has always been courageous. Not fearless, but neither fearful. Altough a little reckless in chasing the bad guy….:)

        And I don’t know really what fears (impersonated in her stepdad) she has lost: perhaps that hardly understandable inferiority complex she seemed to have after the Boliviagate, or the one of not fulfilling unknown expectations o not be able to take care of everyone, everywhere…I don´t know.

        If this “fearless” means that Olivia will let herself be a little more happy, and will get our Dunhamnator back, I´m ok.

        But I don’t want by any means a new Olivia who has not all those things that make the very essence of the Olivia we have known since season one and we are so fond of.

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        • FinChase says

          “And I don’t know really what fears (impersonated in her stepdad) she has lost: perhaps that hardly understandable inferiority complex she seemed to have after the Boliviagate, or the one of not fulfilling unknown expectations o not be able to take care of everyone, everywhere…I don´t know.”

          I’m with you there. Excuse me, but didn’t Olivia already stand up to her stepfather when she defended her mother by shooting him when she was 9 years-old? Yes, she didn’t kill him; instead, she used just enough force to stop him. I never saw that as weakness, but rather as compassion, which I believe is one of her strengths.

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          • jophan says

            I don’t believe Olivia in season 1 would have reacted the same way as she did this year. I believe the cumulative damage of horrifying cases, having to kill the semblance of her best friend, imprisonment and mental torture in the AU and her isolation within her own mind made her susceptible to fears she had previously lived with fairly easily. (Broyles should not have let her skip the shrink visits, but that’s TV.)

            My expectation is that we will see an Olivia more like she started out but a little more serene off duty. Who knows, maybe she’ll even buy a colored shirt!

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    • says

      Olivia has just come off a Bellie/LSD Bender.
      I’ll take Olivia as now fearless and craving comfort food like toast, instead of going completely full doolally on us.

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  3. KLA says

    As long as she is no longer that post-return-finding out that Peter didn’t know her and slept with her double, wimpy, vulnerable, insecure, scared, wounded Olivia, I’ll take fearless. The early season Olivia was not my favorite. I want to see the Dunamator!!!

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  4. LBJ says

    When I saw the last scene of LSD I didn’t think it meant that Olivia had become fearless. It seemed more to me that she somehow foresaw the future and has accepted it for whatever reason.

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  5. Lívia Costa says

    I have a crazy theory.
    For me that our Olivia never said that… The voice, the pauses… that was Bellie.

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  6. number six says

    Being fearless is not a positive trait, but yes, she seemed indifferent, which could be a sign of fearlessness. Perhaps she’ll provide some comical relief, when/if Peter goes in the machine and she doesn’t care.

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  7. Paul says

    I don’t think she’s going to be fearless and I don’t think it will last forever. I’m sure things will change when she finally meets Mr. X

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  8. AnTo says

    Belly said that Olivia retreate in her fears, this will probably from the end of season 2 stuck in th dark room, bringing back the fears from childhood.

    May explain her behaviour since returning.
    Olivia will be the same Olivia , protector, worrying for others, probably sacrificing herself.
    Since Pinkner said that she needed to overcome a lot of obstacles before coming a superheroe, this will be it.
    May be she now can cross over at will, mind control the machine, see the future.

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  9. Matt says

    I mentioned this on the thread for ep 3.19, but I’ll post it here.

    One thing that I haven’t seen mentioned here or on the message boards. In the last scene Olivia is in the kitchen. The camera lingers on a bowl of green pears. The same thing that the shapeshifter (Curtis that Jack Bauer shot) ate when they were trying to find Newton. Then toast pops from a toaster, Fauxlivia’s perjorative for shapeshifters.

    I’m not sure what the significance is. It just seemed strange.

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  10. Gillian says

    Toast = Death?
    I don’t think she will be completely fearless but it will be great if she now has full control of her cortexphian powers.

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  11. Darth Kate says

    it seems the whole point of the arc was so that she could let her fears go, so i would say yes, at least mostly.

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