Welcome to Fringe Observations: the comprehensive clues and easter eggs round-up for episode 3.20 6:02 AM EST”.

We dive deep into the mythology, symbolism and resonating factors to explore the meaning and unlock the interconnected mystery of Fringe.

I Wanna Be Like Blue-Hoo-Hoo

The thematic red and blue markers for the two universes can be seen in the foreground.

Just Encase

Brandonate wants to know when the Faraday cage around the Boom-Boom-Machine is completed. Back in “White Tulip”, Alistair Peck created a Faraday Cage around his body to help him time-travel.

While this may not have been an intentional bleed through, it does have some value given the episode’s later ‘white tulip’ callback.


I like the way the BBM is literally a projection in this shot. We’ve spoken about the way that Fringe has used projections (both subtly and overtly) to illustrate the subconscious and conscious dynamic.

Given the BBM’s subconscious relationship with Peter and the sympathetic reaction of the Over Here BBM to the Over There BBM activation, I think it’s a pretty cool image.

I Missed Blue

The blue lights return with stunning effect to switch us back and forth between universes.


Given that sheep have been extinct in the alternate universe since 2001 (“Immortality“), it’s interesting that the sheep Over Here were the first animals we saw acting strangely/being wiped out as a result of the BBM activation.

Does this tell us anything about the the BBM and the way it appropriates ‘balance’?

The Blues

The blue bowling ball knocks down all the pins but two. The reflective attributes also carry some parallel universe weight.

As do these reflections of Sam Weiss.

He B-londes To Her

Those wondering who this is – don’t worry, it also confused me when we first saw it earlier in the season. Apparently it’s Peter (AKA Joshua Jackson) when he was younger and blonder.

Penny Far Them

Another quirk of the alternate universe, where Penny Farthings are a LOT more commonplace.

Hats The Way To Keep Warm

As you might expect, our child of two worlds is wearing the color markers of both universes. Will his head think ‘Red’ and his heart lean towards ‘Blue”? I don’t know, that’s possibly digging too far.

For what it’s worth, Altlivia is also wearing a blue jacket. But she has red hair so she’s still representing. :)

Observing The Observer

Our fedora-wearing friend has his eyes on Altlivia and Baba Henry, as his avoids the water like his “Adjustment Bureau” colleagues.

From Russia With Glove

For reference, here’s another look at the Hebrew First People book..

..and the Russian text.

Hue Did This?

The sky glows from the effects of Walternate activating the BBM.

While Sam observes the implications through his special window..

..evoking memories of the Window that started it all.

Zero Re-event

The prognosis? Doesn’t look good.

I’ll Be Back Before Moon

Altlivia sings Baby Henry a variation of the nursery song “I See The Moon”. Here are the lyrics:

I see the Moon and the Moon sees me,
And the moon sees the one that I can’t see.
God Bless the Moon and God Bless me,
And God Bless the one that I can’t see.

God looked down on me from above,
And He gave you to me for me to love,
He picked you out from all the rest,
Because He knew that I’d love you the best.

Even though they’ll be far apart, they will still be under the same moon. Or a parallel one, at least. For me, it’s about the light – which you could argue comes from the same source.

There’s also love, destiny and God references to be interpreted, which make this a fitting little number to sing.

That-Snot Human?

A nice callback to the shapeshifter embryo goop.. first seen in “The Man From The Other Side”.

Go There

“The technology you want never made it out of the test phase because it breaks down the molecular cohesion of the person crossing over – the Secretary took a huge risk using it once. In some test subjects, even that proved lethal.”

The tricky Brandonate is referring to the method by which Walternate brought Peter back from the other side.

Which (if you believe him) may provide resolution to the above surveillance footage from “Northwest Passage”, when Walternate and Peter appeared to zap back to the alternate universe.
The two captures above provide a close look at the technology that Brandonate claimed Walternate used to bring Peter back to the alternate universe.

They resemble the harmonic tech that Newton and his team of shifters used to triangulate Walternate’s position and bring him over to the Blue universe (again in “The Man From The Other Side”). This we can verify because we’ve witnessed it.

We also know that later developments were made with the miniature harmonic rods that were embedded into Altlivia’s body to safely bring her back to the alternate universe (“Entrada”).

Peter The Blue

Heh, why not?

St. Elsewhere

The classic overhead shot, giving the sense that ‘Peter’ is elsewhere in these moments.

A Cross The Line.. And Back Again

The sign of the cross, bathed in blue.

Walter reminds God about the sign of forgiveness that he requested:

While this sign – the white tulip – was in fact given to Walter by time-traveller Alistair Peck, it could be argued that God works in ‘mysterious ways’.

As an aside, I was always intrigued by Peck’s posture while time-travelling.. though unconsciously referencing the symbol his actions were serving.

As Walter remonstrates with God, he edges towards the window – here his great moment of clarity hits.

It’s worth explicitly mentioning that, ultimately, Walter doesn’t ask for personal forgiveness. He says, “I know my crimes are unforgivable”, and asks for salvation for the rest of the world – which is a powerful turnaround.

Shine Down

Earlier, Altlivia asked for the light to shine down on her and the one she loves. Resulting in the above scene carrying additional context.

Other Observations

  • There was quite a bit of lightening in the previous episode, so I thought it was somewhat interesting that Brandonate wants the BBM encased in lead because “they’re standing under a giant lightening rod.”
  • “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”. Walternate quotes Oppenheimer and says that he and Brandonate may suffer similar consequences for their actions. Walter was less willing to see himself as an Oppenheimer-esque figure in “Peter“.
  • There were several biblical references in this one, including the appearance of flying locusts – the 8th plague of Egypt.
  • “My worst fears realized”. Coming off the back of an episode where Olivia had to confront her ‘worst fears’, I think it makes Walter’s comment even more significant – depending on your philosophical view of the parallel universe.
  • Lincolnate: “It seems like a million years ago”. Maybe it was, Linc. Maybe it was.
  • Sam Weiss lived in apartment 35. 3+5 = 8. The padlock on his mythology cupboard also had an 8 on it. “8” is Olivia’s lucky number – as per the clues delivered throughout the series.
  • The glyph code for this episode was AGENT.

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  1. says

    Another great post, thanks Roco! Lots of good stuff here :)

    I wonder if I am the only one who everytime he sees a picture of Brandonate cannot wait for that guy to get ‘cold cocked’ for all his missdeads, especially to the Olivias. I hope Peter does it right in the finale just for good measure.

    You know with all the different methods for traveling to the alternate universe, such as the red cannisters in this episode, I wonder why they have never brought up the method that Olivia or Nina favored with the Massive Dynamic elevators? Nina just used it a few episodes ago to pick up the book by the first people that was in Bell’s safe. At least it looked to me like the same method that Olivia used to first meet Bell.

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    • TenisonJr says

      In fact, I don’t think that the elevators are some kind of way to travel through universes.

      In Olivia’s case, she were having glimpses of the other universe just an episode before. Later, when that car with the shapeshifter almost killed her she crossed over definitely (maybe with her ability triggered by the adrenalina of the moment and with a little Bell’s help). Then, I think Bell kept her in some kind of… momentum (I don’t know which word use even in portuguese, how could I say what I really want in english?? Oh, the languages boundaries), freezed her in the second the car hit her, maybe between the universes, but at the same time led her to the AU. Finally, the scene we see in the elevator could just be a little interference.

      Or maybe it was a producing fail.

      But the scene of Nina going to Bell’s room and safe? No, it wasn’t a travel between universes. She just went to his old stuf room in Over Here’s MD.

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  2. Owl says

    I was surprised to see the picture of young (blond) Peter…wasn’t he always too sick to go out of the house, to meet other kids? That was one of the things that Elizabeth was lamenting, after he died, that he didn’t know anyone but them and Nina and Bellie. That no one got to know him either. The picture looks younger than the age he supposedly died. A soccer team is a far cry from not knowing any other kids, and constantly sick. Wonder what’s up with that? And am I crazy, or did they never explain what exactly happened with Carla Warren and the fire? Did I miss it? If they haven’t explained it, I hope they do. Maybe it’s not relevant, but as a catalyst for Walter’s institutionalization, I keep feeling like there is more to the story.

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    • Peanut says

      Yes, that is what Roco was talking about. The child in that photo actually had to be DeadBluePeter, not RedPeter or Peternate, which makes it a bit creepy that Peter is keeping that photo in his bedroom. On top of that, you are correct that he would have been too sickly to have been playing soccer at the age depicted.

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  3. Jenn says

    Ok, I had a blast just reading those headlines! You’re very clever. :)
    I can’t believe I didn’t see the guy on that penny farthing! That’s awesome.
    It seems they did make a mistake with the soccer picture- vs- health thing, but I for one loved seeing a picture of Josh as a kid anyway!

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  4. says

    Roco, I noticed in the background of the “Penny Far them” scene that people were practicing Tai Chi. We also see in the background in Nina’s office a Bonsai tree. I thought these were subtle clues to achieving harmony and inner peace. Tending a Bonsai tree is supposed to improve inner peace through contemplation while Tai Chi is a literal exercise for health and longevity for peace of mind.

    As things hurtle towards imbalance for Fringe I thought it was interesting to see an effort to retain balance and harmony still existing in the background.

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  5. Red Balloon says

    Thanks Roco for the great work you’ve been doing.

    I’m a new fan of your site because your reviews helped me to understand the storytelling much better, and also you make me laugh so much.

    So maybe I’m too late to write this, but since I’m watching Fringe all over again, I noticed that the Newton’s cradle can be seen also in the office of Red Bishop when little Olive gives him the drawing book thinking he was Blue Bishop(3.15 Subject 13).

    Although it’s a common item to place in any office, I thought that the one Sam Weiss showed up in this episode was too well hidden, and maybe it’s the same that belonged to Walternate in 1985.

    I apologize for my rough writing, it’s not my native language.

    Nice to be part of the devoted fanbase that FRINGE has all over the world.

    Take care!

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