Fringe Observations: 2.14 Jacksonville

Welcome to Fringe Observations: the comprehensive Clues and Eastereggs Round-up for episode 14 of season 2 – “Jacksonville”.

Below the jump we dig deep into the mythology, as we explore the various clues and eastereggs from the episode and try to figure out what the heck it all means.

Arms and Legs

The sight of the Ted Pratchet’s (above, right) reminded me, somewhat, of Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man (above, left) – a multi armed and legged image of the perfect proportions of man:

Leonardo’s famous drawings of the Vitruvian proportions of a man’s body first standing inscribed in a square and then with feet and arms outspread inscribed in a circle provides an excellent early example of the way in which his studies of proportion fuse artistic and scientific objectives [..] This image provides the perfect example of Leonardo’s keen interest in proportion. In addition, this picture represents a cornerstone of Leonardo’s attempts to relate man to nature [..] He believed the workings of the human body to be an analogy for the workings of the universe.”

I’m not sure whether the producers were trying to convey this idea with the above image, but its similarity to the Vitruvian Man certainly seems to tie in with some of the broader aspects of the show, particularly the premise of design, harmony and proportion. We’ve seen it referenced through Walter’s obsession with the dimensions of his Lab, and in “Jacksonville” with his comment about God intending for nature to keep us separated from the alternate universe. Once again we have the concept of balance..

..also represented by this device.

You Can Leave Your Hat-on

Some clues that the opening scene actually took place in the alternate universe: over there they have “MANHATAN” (above, left), whereas on our side, we spell it “MANHATTAN”. Over here, coffee is not in short supply, but in the alternate universe they are suffering from something called the “Blight” – which has stopped the trees and plants from growing. Therefore luxuries like real coffee is scarce (above, right) – unless you have an aunt Mildred who has been stocking up for 10 years, or something.

Going back to the Blight for a moment: In the episode we have it pretty much confirmed that the general public in alternate universe believe that the environmental anomalies are a consequence of Global Warming. For me this is such an interesting detail. Not just because it makes me wonder what the writers are saying about our own version of Global Warming, or other anomalies (within the context of the show), but also because it ties in with what Broyles told Olivia about the media being able to make the public believe anything. In other words, the general public on the other side haven’t been told the REAL reason for the Blight/Global Warming, yet clearly, some people over there do know the truth (Bell, the shapeshifters, their programmers, etc). So it’s a game, or war, where most of the players are completely clueless. I just think that’s worthy of some thought.

Another signpost that we were in the alternate reality is the picture of the Twin Towers (above). As we first discovered during the season 1 finale, the alternate universe 9/11 attacks hit the Pentagon and the White House, and not the Twin Towers, where William Bell is currently hiding out.

The reason for these subtle differences between our world and the other side? I’d like to borrow Walter’s phrase and suggest that ‘any scientist or creator repeats his or her experiment’. Did God, or if you prefer, the Big Bang, always set our worlds on a slightly different path? I would think that this is very likely. However, we also have to take into account people like Walter, who have crossed between worlds and initiated changes. For example, the opening of The Door resulted in the kidnapping of Peter, but also seemingly caused The Blight – this caused drastic environmental changes on the other side, which no doubt led to increased famine and natural disasters, but on the flip side probably resulted in increased scientific endeavor in a bid to solve the problem. As I mentioned in our Jacksonville review, we have cause and effect – Walter’s one act may have, in part, influenced the other-side in becoming slightly ahead of us in terms of science and technology (than they otherwise would have) out of necessity.

Observing The Observer

The computer generated Observer can be seen walking past the police car as our team arrive at the scene of the Manhattan incident.

  • You can find every single Observer appearance – in and out of show – over at our Observer Files page.

Walts and All

How did Walter realise that they were standing in two buildings, one of which was from the other side? We see him analyzing the painting on the wall and realizing that it ‘wasn’t quite right’. He also sees the plans for the “New Pentagon Anix”, and finds out that our Ted Pratchet was never married – thus figuring that the wedding-band-wearing Ted he was speaking to was from elsewhere (above, right, top).

Eight No Stopping Us Now..

The number 8 makes a prominent appearance once again. We believe that “8” is Olivia’s lucky number, as well as being a reference to the “infinity” theme that is bubbling under the surface of the show (see our 2.13 observations for more on that).

The crooked “2” is also interesting – the number 2 represents DUALITY, so its unhinged formation seems to allude to the ‘unnatural’ convergence between the two realities that has just taken place with the buildings. The “0” is also worth mentioning because it’s another reference to infinity.

Jar Jar Bishop

The green/red color sequence makes an appearance in the jars. They also appear behind Peter before he and Dunham almost kiss. The red/green sequence has wider ties to hypnagogia, the Observers and Olivia’s uncle, but we’ll see how it plays out in future episodes.

Also, notice how the green and red jars balance one another out.

Height of Potential

Some encouraging continuity as the names of the other Cortexiphan kids that we met in season 1 appear with “Olive” on the height chart – Nick Lane (“Bad Dreams”) and Nancy and Susan Lewis (“The Road Not Taken”).

Nick was Olivia’s partner during the Cortexiphan trials:

“This pairing kept them from becoming frightened or feeling isolated(Walter, “Bad Dreams)

Nick is a reverse empath and Nancy and Susan had the power of pyrokinesis. Olivia, being the “strongest“, has displayed the ability to connect with, and even influence, their powers on some level. (Funny, because that’s what we also suspect Peter can do).

I guess we can expect to meet some of the other names on the wall at some point in the future. Be on the look out for a Julie H, Ken T, Tessa E, Rich N, etc.

And It Was All Yellow

Lots of yellow in Jacksonville. Linking back to Olivia’s dislike of the color from the Cortexiphan trials (inferred in “Inner Child”).

It’s good to see that the writers are paying attention to the mythology they have already laid down. From this we can also infer that the dislike of yellow survived in Olivia’s subconscious mind because her time in the Cortexiphan trials was an unhappy one. She may not remember it directly, but the COLORS, she clung on to. Which is about right, since Fringe gives the audience a lot of specific colors to influence the way we see the show (blue, green and red, red-yellow-blue, black and grey, etc). Like I keep saying, this show works on many levels and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were being some way. Only joking of course. Kinda 😉

Back to Olivia….

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

She also sees the Yellow Brick Road. Now I’ve been wondering when they’d give us this metaphor. If you’ve read the Wizard of Oz then you’ll probably know that it’s essentially a journey of discovery and a journey home:

Dorothy Gale, a 12-year-old farmgirl, longs for “a place where there isn’t any trouble”, rather than her mundane Kansas farmhouse existence. After being knocked unconscious during a tornado by a window which has come loose from its frame, she begins to dream. In her dream, Dorothy, her dog Toto, and the farmhouse are transported to the magical Land of Oz. There, the Good Witch of the North, Glinda, advises Dorothy to follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City and meet the Wizard of Oz, who can return her to Kansas. During her journey, she meets a Scarecrow, a Tin Man and a Cowardly Lion, who join her, hoping to receive what they lack themselves (a brain, a heart and courage, respectively). All of this is done while also trying to avoid the Wicked Witch of the West and her attempt to get her sister’s ruby slippers from Dorothy, who received them from Glinda.

Olivia is similar to Dorothy in that she’s searching for a way home. In doing so she follows the yellow brick road to the Emerald City (which could be used as an analogy for our alternate universe). We see Olivia return ‘home’ to Jacksonville, but I wonder whether there’s another type of ‘home’ that Olivia is unknowingly longing for? This is just a suggestion, but could Olivia be from the other side? We know that Peter is from the alternate universe, so the metaphor also applies to him. As for Walter, he’s already been established as the Cowardly Lion in “Johari Window”, yet he also seems to represent The Man Behind The Curtain – this was reinforced when he found his old spectacles (and previously when he was reacquainted with his missing brain pieces) and appeared to transform back into the Walter of old for a moment or two.

Also, if you look closely at the yellow brick road canvas above (I’ve adjusted the contrast to make it clearer), you can see a reflection of a WINDOW. This is pretty interesting because we have one ‘journey home’ metaphor overlaid with another. My interpretation is that this provocative combination represents the two routes to the “Emerald City” (aka the alternate universe) that Cortexiphan provides – the long and winding path (perception)…or the window (physical crossing). I’d also love to hear any other ideas of what the creators are trying to convey (unless of course you think a reflection is just a reflection, in which case I don’t agree, in this instance 😉 – but I’d still like to hear your views).

Tin Man

This was an interesting scene. Much like the double metaphor of the yellow brick road and the window, we have the double-whammy of Walter’s old glasses and his reflection. It’s interesting that they decided to use both items to convey Walter’s introspection.

Blue You Believe Us Now?

I’ve long campaigned that the blue lights do have meaning within the show. I think we got another good reason to believe in this episode when they once again act as a ‘bridge’ between reality and Olivia’s dream world (subconscious). As we’ve mentioned before, the blue lights could mean one or all of the following: memory, observation, convergence/collision, travel, change/alteration. For me, it’s pretty clear that in this instance they represent both observation (Olivia observing her past self/fears) and travel (she crossed over into her subconscious), with maybe a bit of memory thrown in.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the blue lights have been seen in every single dreamscape that Olivia has been on.. the Pilot.. The Dreamscape..

..and in The Transformation.

To further illustrate the significance of the blue lights in denoting an action – we, the audience, cross back from Olivia’s dream world and into her present “reality”, before the blue lights ease us back across into the dream. I don’t think there would be a need to include such a marker during so many important occasions if it didn’t carry meaning.

  • You can find all of the blue lights from season 1 and season 2 over in our Blue Lights Page (to be further updated during the Lowatus).


The freaky-eyed Olive was a nice touch, perhaps representing the distorted way in which Olivia sees herself, helping to foster her anger towards Bell and Walter. This visual reminded me of a similar ‘dream’ scene from Bad Robot’s other show – Lost (above, right).

Under Lock and Key

A red apple and a set of keys – two of the objects from Olivia’s test. In our previous set of Fringe Observations we mentioned the apple of temptation from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This seems to relate to that concept. The keys further play into the idea that some things are meant to remain hidden: Walter and Bell have broken the rules by crossing over to the alternate universe – they have taken massive bites from the apple – a fruit which also has ties to the infinity theme..

Olivia In Wonderland

We already know that Alice In Wonderland is used to help reflect some of the thematic workings of the show. In many ways, Olivia is essentially our Alice archetype, and “Wonderland” is the alternate reality and the journey between worlds. If you’ve read AIWL, you’ll know that an underlying theme in the story is Alice feeling lost and struggling with her transition from child to adulthood. This is represented, in part, through Alice’s dramatic size changes throughout the story. I’d say that Fringe used a similar concept to emphasise Olivia’s displacement as she journeyed back home to Jacksonville:

From the “tall trees” in her dreamscape which she goes out of her way to describe.

To meeting her younger, smaller, scared self.

To Olivia and Walter looking incredibly large*, as they squeezed into tiny beds and chairs, during certain scenes in the Day Center.

(*clarified sightly – 10/02/10)

To the conclusion of the chapter, where a small-looking Olivia appears to grow [back to normal size] as the camera comes up towards her – representing her maturity upon completing this particular journey.

Note: The Queen of Hearts playing card further deepens the AIWL analogy.

Seeing Is Believing

As Olivia tries to identify the alternate universe objects one last time, she picks up the scary-ass doll. You know the one. Anyway, Peter seems  to react as if to suggest that he knew that Olivia was on the verge of identifying one of the other-side objects. Now, either Walter told Peter (off-screen) what the correct objects were, Peter was just reacting because he thought Olivia had made her choice, or..Peter himself is able to see which items are from the alternate universe. The latter is a looooong shot and riddled with inconsistencies, but it’s not the first time that it’s crossed my mind that Peter was keeping a secret of his own. Just sayin’..

Outside. Looking In

The episode featured some amazing scenes that put ‘distance’ between us and the characters – be it through characters walking past doorways, or us looking in on them through closed windows and doors (some examples above). I think this was to heighten the sense of observation and to convey the ‘gap’ between realities. Either way, I liked it.

Double Vision

This is an odd one. The guy running from the hotel bumps into Olivia and drops his glasses. Olivia spends too long a time looking at the glasses for it not to mean something. She then looks back at the guy, who has either continued running or disappeared. Like I said – strange. Perhaps the idea is simply to illustrate the tremors caused by the fabric of the universe rubbing together? But if anyone has any idea, including crazy ideas, I’m open to suggestions.

Curious Question

Broyles asks Olivia: “What finally activated it?”. This is probably an innocent question from a concerned friend and boss. But the way he asked it, and the manner in which the camera lingered on his face for a second longer than it needed to, makes me think that Broyles may have a hidden agenda for asking. That’s not to say it’s necessarily a clandestine reason, I mean, just look at those eyes, they’re filled with concern, compassion and perhaps a tinge of regret (that Olivia has activated? Does he know what lies ahead for her?).

It casts my mind back to the Pilot and John Scott’s ‘dying’ words to Olivia, where he basically implies that Broyles sent her to the storage facility for a not so good reason. Personally, I’, excited that we may finally be on the road to finding out what that was all about! I knew the producers wouldn’t let us down. 😉

Red Side

In our previous observations we put quite a bit of focus on the Bishops Rubik’s cube, and said:

The Rubik’s cube represents the multi-dimensional puzzle element of Fringe, and the interconnected pieces at play in the episode. The object of [the] Rubik’s [Cube] is to form a solid pattern

It seems we may have been on the right lines because, as you can see from the screencap above, the Rubik’s Cube now has a solid red side. Red has played an important role in Olivia’s journey, occasionally used in memory (i.e. “Momentum Deferred”) on her way to finding clues. This time we glimpse the color on the Rubik’s Cube moments before she discovers that Peter is from the alternate reality. Red alert, indeed!

Glimmer Man

In our previous Fringe Observations we picked up on Walter’s reference to Olivia ‘seeing right through’ Peter – an allusion to Olivia being able to see through to the alternate universe, and Peter being from that world. Although it happened sooner than I anticipated, Olivia was able to see that Peter ‘doesn’t belong’  thanks to her ability of heightened perception.

Ironically, it was Peter himself who helped unlock this ability as the fear of falling in love with Peter (or her letting her guard down) seemed to activate it.

It does beg the question of why Olivia was able to see the alternate reality last season, without the Cortexiphan top-up. My view at the time was that it worked on emotions – in “The Road Not Taken” Olivia was very stressed out. Over the course of this season Olivia has become somewhat subdued – desensitized even, so this perhaps explains why she needed to re-find her fear in order to spark her ability back into action. It’s not quite as seamless an explanation as I would hope for, but I guess it just about works.

It’s also worth comparing the glow that Rebecca Kibner (“Momentum Deferred”) saw around Peter with the glimmer that Olivia saw. Why the difference? It’s probably more thematic than anything, plus the producers probably want to distinguish between Rebecca’s psychedelic-enhanced vision and Olivia’s Cortexiphan induced ability.

Other Clues

  • Peter is also back in grey, wearing his GREY M.I.T sweater – a throwback to the “black and grey” reference – part of the Cortexi-kid gear, first mentioned by Nick Lane.
  • Walter’s combination – “5-20-10” will surely come into play in the season finale which airs.. you guessed it – 5.20.2010.
  • Broyles mentions 147 buildings and 147 is also seen on Olivia’s monitor – the number 47 is one of the special numbers in the show and the wider Bad Robot mythology.
  • There were at least a couple of globes in the episode – representing the dual reality concept as well as providing a service to geography teachers everywhere – here are two of them.
  • There were seahorse, frog, butterfly and hand prints all over the Jacksonville Day Care Center, probably in reference to their respective glyphs.
  • Bell, as in William Bell reference.
  • The  glyphs for this episode spelled REVEAL, as in Olivia finding out that Peter is from the alternate universe.
  • Other games referenced in the episode: Connect 4 (during the Jacksonville item test) and Monopoly (Peter tells Walter that Astrid is coming round to play with him)

As always, if you have any comments on the above article, or you feel that we’ve missed anything out, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Ori says

    Oh good, so I am not the only one who thought glasses part is supposed to mean something.

    Perhaps that guy is from the other world? My guess is that when an object is about to enter another world, it create a weakening between the two dimensions that makes it easier to travel to the other world.

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    • says

      Ori – interesting suggestion. It crossed my mind, but I admit, I wasn’t convinced. I do like your reasoning though. Under this premise, are we to assume that the guy with glasses from our world, passed through to the otherside, or are there two of them on our side now?

      Like: Thumb up 0

    • Stefan says

      Shouldn’t Olivia saw him glimmer if he was from the other side?
      My theory is that the glasses and their shadow simply form a broken number 88.

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  2. edgesight says

    I believe the clue from the previous episode was the poster in the alley before the Nazi killed the bum. It said “The Glimmer Brothers”. The word “Glimmer” for now obvious reasons and the word “Brothers” referring the the current and alternate versions of the man that was merged together like siamese twins, which would be brothers. There is a red design in the middle of the poster but i couldn’t make it out. It may be a conjoined twin or something like that.

    Like: Thumb up 1

  3. Hatch says

    I really think it’s going to be revealed that Broyles chose Olivia BECAUSE of the tests on her as a child. How else do you explain how she, the very one who was the “strongest” of the Cortexiphan kids, is the one who got called in to investigate a Pattern case and ended up leading this team with Walter Bishop, the one who experimented on her? Chalk it up to “hey, it’s TV” but in this show it seems that there’s a reason for everything. John Scott’s dying comment just solidifies it. I’m surprised Olivia hasn’t asked the question herself.

    Love these “Observations,” BTW. I enjoy reading them almost as much as watching the show itself!

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  4. says

    Hatch – that makes sense, as you say, very little on this show is coincidence. I too am surprised that Olivia hasn’t raised the issue with Broyles – especially back in the early days were they were more abrasive with one another. Considering the length of her memory, I’d like to think she hasn’t forgotten about it though. Maybe she’s waiting for the right..time?

    Thanks for the kind words – I’m glad you enjoy them!

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  5. Pedro says

    When Walter put on the glass and smiled at his reflections it made me realize that he was truly an evil man at one point, and I am not so convince that he still isn’t. The fact that he drugged Astrid and other things that he’s done makes me think that he still thinks that he can do whatever he wants to people in the interest of science. He’s so lovable it is easy to forget that he experimented on children and anyone else he could get his hands on.

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    • says

      He’s so lovable it is easy to forget that he experimented on children and anyone else he could get his hands on.

      Pedro – Especially when he puts on his flat cap. I think that’s why they make him wear it – to soften those edges a little bit.

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  6. Lauren says

    Love the re-emphasis on the blue lights. They also make several appearances in Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” music video. Shall we chalk it up to the Observers being fans of mid-grade ex-boy banders?

    Like: Thumb up 0

      • LizW65 says

        I think it also has much to do with the Bad Robot guys really, really liking lens flares. They discuss this at length on the Star Trek commentary, about how they went back and inserted them into scenes that didn’t have any, just because they’re so cool looking.

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  7. Stefan says

    Great Observations. Was it later this time because of the superbowl or because there was so much in there? (Just interessted)
    “Ironically, it was Peter himself who helped unlock this ability as the fear of falling in love with Peter (or her letting her guard down) seemed to activate it.” – Thanks for mentioning my theory – what an honor! By the way even more ironically is that Walter pushed Peter a little bit to that. “Do you think she will call me dad?” – I don’t think so anymore! 😉
    Can somebody tell me of which meissuring unit those numbers are? Inches maybe? Sorry I’m from Germany and we only have one system – metric.
    I also have to say that I don’t agree with you Roco on the AIWL reference of small and tall. I think it’s the other way around – the same way as in AIWL itself. Olivia and Walter are looking big in Jacksonville and Olivia looking small when in NYC. May this indicate the focus of the storytelling?
    That rubik cube has not only a completely red top but also one line completly green (right a little bit shadowy side). Looks like g,g,g,r got inverted. As my brain is running wild now – is g,g,g,r the sign for ZFT or the alternative universe and r,r,r,g the sign for non-ZFT or our universe? Help please! 😉
    Isn’t it extremly ironic that Olivia seems to be detined to be a warrior(ess), her name means peace and her abilities are triggered by fear? That’s kinda odd…
    That up-into-the-sky-shot in the forest reminded me of one of the first scenes in the Lost Pilot Episodes.
    Did anybody get that dinosaur ‘poem’? My only thought was that we had dinosaures before in Fringe – in the 5th comic.

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • says

      Great Observations. Was it later this time because of the superbowl or because there was so much in there? (Just interessted)

      Hi Stefan. There was quite a bit to go through in this episode, but the main reason for the slightly later than usual post was because I’ve been extra busy in RL over the past few days, and was unable to post it prior to today.

      I also have to say that I don’t agree with you Roco on the AIWL reference of small and tall. I think it’s the other way around – the same way as in AIWL itself. Olivia and Walter are looking big in Jacksonville and Olivia looking small when in NYC. May this indicate the focus of the storytelling?

      Ah yes, good point. I realise that I didn’t quite put that across as I would have liked. I might make an amendment to that part of the post, but basically I meant that Olivia and Walter had to become ‘smaller’ in order to fit in with the world around them – but as you mentioned, they are too big for the chairs/bed. I guess it can work both ways, although I think the general idea of displacement is still the same.

      I agree that Olivia initially looks small in NY after the hotel disappears, but I think the gradual camera close-up causes her to grow by the time the scene ends, as if to reinforce her activation/resolution.

      Thanks for the comments!

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      • Stefan says

        Well RL is always first, nothing bad about that.
        Now the whole bigger/smaller thing makes sense as you have put it. That camera shot – I rewatched the episode now – really looks a bit like she was growing. And you are right, the basic pattern is there.

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  8. Count Screwloose says

    I can’t believe the da Vinci didn’t occur to me. I’m positive it’s intentional. Excellent call.

    Nice Stravinsky cameo (portion of ‘Firebird’ playing in the lab), but I can’t see any hidden meaning in it.

    The “Our Kids Are Happy Kids” sign sent a chill through me as its placement just above a winding road reminded me of nothing so much as the famous “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign (“Work Makes Us Free”) that greeted prisoners entering the Nazi death camps at Auschwitz, Dachau and elsewhere. A Yellow Brick Road leading into a concentration camp seems a pretty apt metaphor for where the show seems to be going.

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    • says

      The “Our Kids Are Happy Kids” sign sent a chill through me as its placement just above a winding road reminded me of nothing so much as the famous “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign (“Work Makes Us Free”) that greeted prisoners entering the Nazi death camps at Auschwitz, Dachau and elsewhere.

      Count Screwloose – good point. I think that’s what they may have been going for. Thanks for sharing that!

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  9. says

    When Walter was finding his glasses, when he was going through the folders, there was a number 8 on the top of one of those, too.
    I’m starting to think Olivia is from the other side too. The little girl had different eye colours, for one thing, then there’s the whole Olive/Olivia thing. I also wouldn’t be THAT surprised if Peter could see the items somehow. Maybe not with a shimmer, but they’re technically from the world he was born in, so there might be something there?
    Sorry if any of this has been said.

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    • says

      I like the line of reasoning about Olivia/Olive coming from the other universe. The trees may be symbols — hiding place, roots, family tree? Olive and Olivia in the dream hear a roar in the dark. Cowardly lion? Or some person scolding or abusing her. Possibly connected with the abusive stepfather she later shoots?
      In Walter’s “Olive video” after the fire in her room, Bell and the assistant comment that someone else from the lab is “still missing.” If Olive could see over there at that time, why not assume she could also transport over there. She wanted the tests to stop and to get away from Bell/Walter. And we know that if she can imagine it, she can make it happen. Did Olive go over there and boost an alt Olivia to come over to our side? Walter may want Peter and Olivia together because he knows they are more compatible than they know. Also, the scene of Olivia letting her hair down in the mirror before going over to the non-date with Peter at the end of the episode evokes many images and emotions. She transformed a bit by the hair change and not wearing the strict black and gray uniform of the soldier, didn’t she. Maybe alternate universe people can’t see their own glimmer.
      Finally, I feel the guy dropping the glasses is somehow significant. Something made her absolutely stop and stare. Does it somehow tie into a memory of Walter wearing glasses? He didn’t try them on in front of her in Jacksonville.
      My other theory is that Olivia or Olive will end up being the little girl next door with flowers in her hair mentioned in “Gray Matters.”
      thanks for sparking lots of ideas and links to help over the hi-hate-us break, Roco!

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      • Anjali says

        Oh man. Now that would be such a twist. I like that idea though. Olivia being the girl next door.

        However, Bell and Walter both wanted to make Olivia a powerful weapon to fight the other side. I doubt they would choose someone from the other side to fight the other side. Am I making any sense?

        Like: Thumb up 0

      • says

        Cracking points Lola!

        Just picking up on a couple of the things you mentioned:

        1. The noises in Olivia’s dream – I’ve been meaning to go back over that to check whether there are any hidden/reversed audio clues as there sometimes are in those type of scenes. I did remember hearing “Oliiiiviia” in a similar way to how Bell said it in her “Momentum Deferred” memory.

        2. I like the idea that Olivia somehow transported Brenner (I believe that was the name) to the alternate reality. This definitely warrents more thought.


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      • mlj102 says

        Regarding your theory that Olivia was the girl with flowers in her hair:

        I can understand where that theory comes from — I had even contemplated it myself. But then I realized that Peter explains that the girl’s name was Sydney — which is completely unconnected to Olivia or Olive. It doesn’t make sense how a person can be called one name as a child, then grow up and go by a completely different name. There would certainly be no reason for her to change her name, or go by a middle name or something. And even if she had, wouldn’t she have mentioned “Hey, I used to go by Sydney when I was little, and I wore a red dress and flowers in my hair…” Besides that, they went to Peter’s old house and if Olivia had lived across the street when she was growing up, I would imagine she would remember it. Like she said, she has a very accurate memory, and it seems the only thing she doesn’t remember is being tested with Cortexiphan in Jacksonville — there would be no reason for her to forget living in Cambridge, too. So I just don’t think that theory fits — though it would certainly be a twist!

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        • FringeFan2009 says

          About the name change. I don’t know, I think it could be something a lot less complicated, such as, maybe when she was young, she couldn’t pronounce her own name. Hence, everyone called her Olive. When we first met Olivia, I think most people called her Live, and now everyone is calling her Olivia again. Granted, the reason could also be that she is from the other side, thus the reason why she has no memory of anything during this time period. The eye color thing doesn’t really cut it for me, because I have known many people that had a much lighter eye color when they were younger. When they got older, their eye color, and hair color got darker.

          “Eye color also can change with age. This happens in 10 to 15 percent of the Caucasian population (people who generally have lighter eye colors). For instance, my once very brown eyes are now hazel, a combination of brown and green. However, some hazel eyes actually get darker with age.”

          “Eye color also can change with age. This happens in 10 to 15 percent of the Caucasian population (people who generally have lighter eye colors). For instance, my once very brown eyes are now hazel, a combination of brown and green. However, some hazel eyes actually get darker with age.”

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  10. Elaine says

    Nice observations, Roco.

    I’m beginning to believe that Peter’s magic touch when it comes to Olivia (and in many ways with Walter) is a natural ability, not enhanced by any type of drugs. Whether it’s due to his being from the alternate universe, or because he’s been able to travel between worlds without any particular side effects (that we know of) he has built up a type of immunity that makes him a perfect conduit. I’m not sure what I’m saying. I guess I’ve always gotten the impression that Walter knows Peter possesses a certain ability. Something he referenced in ‘Safe’, but has never expounded on. Anyway…yeah. As far as your comment about Broyles, my sister brought up the same question about him. Does he know more about Olivia, the Cortexiphan trials, and the parallel universes than what he leads on? I believe the answer is yes, but I don’t think whatever he’s being mum about is for some clandestine reason. I think he’s in the business of having and dispensing information as needed for the benefit of his team.

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    • says

      Elaine – all good points. I think I’d prefer for Peter’s ability to be natural. There’s a nice balance about the idea of Olivia having a ‘man-made’ power and Peter having a somewhat natural ability (albeit caused, perhaps, from being taken from his original universe to ours).

      I’m really intrigued by Broyles right now. As you say, it’s unlikely that Broyles would be in the position he’s in without knowing a fair bit about this alt. reality business. I agree – he must keep a lot hidden, and Olivia’s activation would be of interest to him purely for the fact that he’s her boss, as well as other possibly hidden reasons.

      One thing we can perhaps be sure of when it comes to Broyles – he’s ‘in the business of looking after all of his agents’..

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  11. charliefan19 says

    What a relief to know I’m not the only one scratching her head about the glasses! I thought it was waaay too long a shot for the glasses NOT to mean something, but I don’t get it.

    I’ve always thought Broyles is hiding something…and I’ve been waiting since season 1 for a little more light to be shed on his relationship with Nina. Nina was apparently hanging out with Walter (from the preview for 4/1 ep “Peter”) way back then so maybe she has told Broyles about Peter, the drugs trials – whatever she may know from being around Walter. (???)

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  12. mlj102 says

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting the observations for this episode, and you didn’t disappoint. You found lots of great observations — you point out connections that I hadn’t even considered.

    Globes: I like that you pointed out the globes in this episode — as you can imagine, I was thrilled to see those in the episode. The reflections in this episode were also great ones!

    Yellow Brick Road/Window: Nice observation. I think it’s even more significant given that the glyph code a few episodes back was “WINDOW”. So, essentially you’re saying that you believe it could be showing two ways to get to the other side: through Cortexiphan or through the window/door. I essentially agree with that interpretation, though rather than seeing it as showing two methods to get to the other side, I viewed it more as an analogy, showing that the window to the other side is the yellow brick road. But I guess that’s essentially the same thing…

    Yellow: I also noticed that there was quite a lot of yellow in this episode, and I think you analyzed the significance really well. However, I thought it was interesting that the Cortexiphan itself wasn’t actually yellow like we were led to believe it was from what Olivia said during Inner Child. Of course it’s no big deal — there was never any direct reference that it was yellow. It just kind of surprised me since it had been implied that it was. However… Walter never actually confirmed that the medication he was giving her was in fact Cortexiphan… So perhaps that wasn’t actually Cortexiphan that he gave her, but something else meant to trigger the Cortexiphan she’d been given as a kid. How’s that for a completely out there sort of theory? I doubt that’s the case, though. There would be no reason for Walter to be deceptive like that in this case.

    Looking in: I like how you connected these instances together. I had noticed the unique way of filming, but hadn’t put them together to come up with any meaning behind it. Another instance you could include is when Olivia was going to go see Peter and we first saw her approaching silhouette behind the wall. I had thought that was an interesting effect and I think it goes along with what you mentioned here. It could also refer to the way the characters are almost becoming isolated, closed off from one another due to the events that are taking place and are about to take place.

    Broyles: I agree that Broyles’ question seemed a bit suspicious. The relationship between Olivia and Broyles has changed a lot since they first met in the Pilot. And Broyles himself has changed quite a bit. I remember early on feeling like he knew more than he let on and I wasn’t sure if he was a good guy or not. While I’m pretty positive now that he is a good guy and he does care about them, I still wonder if he has some other agenda other than just supervising the team. His question here made it seem like he knew more about Olivia and the Cortexiphan than what he would have known from Olivia’s reports. I think there’s more to him than what’s on the surface…

    Glasses man: I would put this incidence in the same category of the “near miss car crash” from the Season 1 finale: it was just a brief instant and they didn’t do anything to explain it in the episode, and it could easily be dismissed as nothing; but at the same time, it was as if they focused on it a little bit too much for it to simply be a coincidence. Sure, it could just be intended to show how chaotic things were as people were evacuating the building, and showing how bad the tremors were getting, indicating how it was going to happen any second. But I got the feeling that that man was important somehow. Perhaps he was a shapeshifter — one of the people working for Newton who was there to observe what was going on?

    Seeing the other side: You bring up the question of how Olivia was able to see the other side in “The Road Not Taken” when she wasn’t necessarily scared or doing anything to cause the Cortexiphan to work on her. Personally, I see that and what was happening in this episode as two very separate things. In this episode, Olivia was trying to access an ability which was clearly a direct result of her being treated with Cortexiphan. And that ability was to see objects from the other side. But in “The Road Not Taken” she wasn’t just seeing which items didn’t belong; she was actually glimpsing the other side. What happened in that episode was never exactly explained and so it may not have even been linked to Cortexiphan (though I do believe that her being treated with Cortexiphan is what made it possible for it to happen). When Olivia asks Walter if the Cortexiphan could be what was causing her to see the visions of the other side, he says he doesn’t know. So those visions could have been prompted by something else entirely.

    Glyphs: I find it interesting that, technically, each one of the 8 glyphs was shown in this episode in some form or another. As you pointed out, the frog, seahorse, butterfly, hand, and flower were on the outside wall of the Daycare Center. There were also a lot of butterflies, frogs, and flowers inside the room of objects, as well as the apples on the desk and leaves on the wall (though they weren’t the same shape as the glyph, I still think they count if the five-fingered hand print on the wall counts). As for the smoke, that one’s a hard one to depict or include, but there was smoke/fog in Olivia’s dream…

    Speaking of Olivia’s Cortexiphan Dream, am I the only one who thought there might be some deeper meaning behind it? Walter specifically mentioned that the “obstacle” she would encounter would be unique to her. So that makes me think that what happened in her dream could be symbolic in some way, representing something personal about her. I’ve spent some time trying to come up with various theories for some of the elements of her dream (the fact that it took place in a forest, the voice that called her name on two separate occasions, the unseen threat, Olive, etc.) and I am curious if anyone else thinks there may be something more substantial in that whole scene…

    Eyes: I also noticed there were several close ups on Olivia’s eyes during this episode, as well as the way Walter closed Pratchett’s eyes after he died, and young Olive’s scary eyes at the end of Olivia’s dream. Given how much eyes have been significant in other episodes, I thought this was yet one more instance where eyes were a big focus.

    Alice in Wonderland: Next to the creepy doll, there was a stuffed bunny — I thought this might be another reference to the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, who many people compare to William Bell.

    Dinosaurs: As someone else pointed out, there were a lot of dinosaurs in the room of objects. As far-fetched as it might seem, my first thought when I saw the dinosaurs was of the time when Peter joked that when he was little, he wanted to be a brontosaurus when he grew up. So, clearly he liked dinosaurs as a little kid. It made me wonder if Walter took Peter with him when he went to Jacksonville to test the Cortexiphan. It’s unlikely, but that’s what I thought about, and it would be an interesting twist if original Peter had been there at that time…

    House of Cards: I liked all the cards that were in the room of objects. It made me think of when Olivia explained to Peter how she’d learned to count cards as a kid — maybe this is where that all started? Also, I thought it was significant that a few of the cards were arranged so as to form a small House of Cards. A House of Cards can be used to represent something that’s built on a shaky foundation or that will easily collapse if one element is removed. I compare this to the structure of the relationships between the members of Fringe Division. Essentially, their whole relationship is built on a shaky foundation. And if any one of the members is removed, their “House of Cards” is going to collapse. And given how things are starting to unfold, it appears more and more likely that that collapse is inevitable and will happen soon.

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    • says

      Excellent points as usual mlj!

      Just a quick thing – I too was surprised that Cortexiphan wasn’t yellow. Although I had come to the conclusion that it was administered in pill form during the trials – making an analogy between Olivia’s M&M munching in “Inner Child” and Cortexiphan (although, granted, that’s pure speculation). So perhaps it was yellow in pill form? I guess we might have to wait a while to find out.

      BTW, you’re right – Walter doesn’t confirm that the drugs are Cortexiphan, but Peter does (I assume Walter told him), he nods his head slightly when Olivia asks “is that Cortexiphan?”.


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      • MRG says

        Maybe this is me being too “medical”, but does it strike anyone else as strange that Walter just had a bag of this experimental medcation lying around in this daycare in Jacksonville for 26 years? Moreover, the medication was still good? One would think these things have an expiration date or something….

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      • MRG says

        One other thing that I just remembered, does anyone have any ideas on why it was such a big deal on which arm the medication was infused in? It was wierd to me when Walter sighed with relief (“I guess it was the right arm”)when Olivia began having her dream. I wonder what would have happened if the cortexiphan had gone in the other arm instead. :)

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        • mlj102 says

          Both things you mention here were things I had wondered, too. As soon as Olivia asked “Is that Cortexiphan?” I thought “How in the world did they find some Cortexiphan?” It seems a bit of a stretch to expect they just had some in storage… Maybe it was easy to synthesize, so Walter just made up a new batch?

          I also thought it was strange that it was important which arm it was hooked up to. I’m certainly no doctor, but I figure that, no matter what arm it goes in, it will still spread through the body, up to the brain, etc. in the same general way. So why is it important which arm? Maybe it has something to do with recreating the experiments exactly the way they had been done in the past, so the IV needed to go in the same arm it had been when the experiment had first been done?

          Of course, that would ruin Roco’s theory that it had been administered in a pill form. I hadn’t even considered that, but now that you mention it, it does make sense given the context of her conversation in that episode. Hmm… maybe my crazy theory that it wasn’t actually Cortexiphan isn’t as crazy as I thought… :)

          (By the way, I did notice that Peter nodded his head but, given that he was out with Olivia as Walter got things ready, I figure he really didn’t know any better than she did, and he could just have assumed that the medicine he was hooking her up to was the medicine they both figured she would be getting…)

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          • MRG says

            Well, as a doctor, I can say it doesn’t matter what arm the medicine goes in, provided of course the anatomy is all normal….(and let the speculation begin!!!! lol). Funny, I never got the sense Coretexiphan was necessarily a pill, although after reading Roco’s explanation I can see how that connection could be made. Not to mention a daily Pill would be an easier way to dose medication over a long period.

            I didn’t make too much of Peter nodding his head at Olivia. I just took it as he was trying to reassure her, since with Walter he had the panicked “I-hope-you-know-wtf-you’re-doing-here” look. :)

            Why do you think they had to go all the way back to Jacksonville if Walter could synthesize the formula? Is it more of Walter’s memory enhancement using familiar surroundings thing, or because of the other toys and stuff? He seemed to have at least some of his files in Boston, since he watching Olivia’s tape there too.

            Other random musings not necessarily directly related to this subtopic…
            I keep thinking that maybe Peter was one of the first test subjects, and maybe that’s why he was so sick as a child in the first place. I don’t know, it raises to many questions about the way the whole AU works. I also find it odd that Peter seems to recall Walter as being the absentee father (seemingly both before and definitely after his death), always too busy to spend time with the family…. yet to hear Walter tell it he was a veritable Ward Cleaver, remembering every detail of Peter’s childhood. I just can’t seem to reconcile the two.

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            • mlj102 says

              MRG, it seems you and I think a lot alike! Essentially everything you have mentioned here matches up with thoughts/theories I have had previously, as well. It’s fun to see your take on things and how you interpret certain elements of the show.

              Regarding why Walter insisted on going back to Jacksonville, I imagine it was for the reasons you mentioned — that that’s where it happened the first time, he needed to be there to help stir the memories in his head, and that’s where they had objects from the other side so she could test and see if it was working. Also, I get the feeling Walter’s just very particular about how he does things. At the beginning of the series, he insisted that he needed to use his lab — he couldn’t get a new lab — it had to be his old lab, the same one he’d used all those years before. I imagine it’s something the same here. He could, as Peter pointed out, do whatever needed to be done in Boston, but for whatever reason, he needed it to be the original place where the experiments had been done.

              You make a good point about how Peter always seems to view Walter as having been absent from his life, but Walter is always mentioning things that Peter did or liked, suggesting that he was rather involved in his life. I think it could be due to the fact that Peter remembers things after he came to this side — at which time, perhaps Walter did distance himself from Peter because of what he’d done. That would explain why he grew up so angry and bitter towards Walter. And Walter, on the other hand, seems stuck remembering “his” Peter — the little boy before he died. As much as he loves Peter2 and has tried to use him to replace his son, I think he hasn’t quite been able to fully substitute Peter2 for his son — he knows that it’s not really “his” son, and he misses the Peter who died. So he has very fond memories of Peter as a little boy, prior to his death and his replacement. That would explain how Walter has so many memories of Peter, because it would have been during a time when he was involved in his life. Did that make any sense at all? It feels like one of those times when I know what I’m trying to say, but I’m not sure if I’m saying it right.

              I have also wondered if Peter died as a result of some sort of experiment Walter performed on him. I don’t know if those experiments were necessarily connected to Cortexiphan, or something completely different, but it doesn’t seem too far fetched to expect that Walter — a man obsessed with his science and testing new theories — might have used Peter as a test subject at one time. And that testing had a negative result and caused Peter to get sick and ultimately die. It just never sat right with me when Walter explained to Peter how he’d been sick as a boy. He said that the doctors didn’t know what it was — that the CLOSEST thing they could compare it to was Hepea — a rare disease in and of itself. How would a young child manage to get infected with such a rare disease, where they weren’t even positive that’s what it was to begin with? It would make sense if the explanation was actually that the illness was caused by Walter’s experimenting. And, that would also explain why Walter was so overcome with grief after Peter’s death. Certainly parents grieve their children who die, but for the most part, they are ultimately able to move on with life. Yet Walter was obsessed with finding a way to save Peter. Could his grief have been magnified by the fact that he felt guilty because he knew he was responsible for Peter’s death?

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              • MRG says

                mlj, thanks! I am new to Fringe, just started watching it a few weeks ago actually and ended up getting caught up in two weeks! I found this blog and Rocco- its really well done! Thanks! I don’t usually post on blogs and such, but I couldn’t resist here. :)

                Anyway…mlj, I totally understand what you are saying about Peter 1 and Peter 2 and Walter distancing himself from Peter 2 because of guilt. The only thing that puts a monkeywrench in that theory is how totally affectionate Walter is now towards him. I guess that too can be explained by 1) Walter was so lonely after going to St. Claire’s he is just happy to see him, and 2) since the brain/memory loss, perhaps Walter is more like the Walter before Peter 2 than after Peter2.

                Did that make sense? lol.

                And glad to know someone else thinks Walter may have tested on Peter too. The guilt that he caused Peter’s death would explain why he felt it necessary to do something as radical with such far reaching quantum effects like opening a portal to another world. Unless of course, the whole portal to the other world was an unexpected “side effect” of trying to build a time travelling device…. *sigh* why does it seem that theories only seem to beget more theories?

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                • mlj102 says

                  “I am new to Fringe, just started watching it a few weeks ago actually and ended up getting caught up in two weeks! I found this blog and Rocco- its really well done! Thanks! I don’t usually post on blogs and such, but I couldn’t resist here.”

                  I didn’t discover Fringe until the Season 1 finale. If I had been smart, I would have gradually watched the Season during the summer break in order to make the time pass easier. But, no. I think I watched the whole season in about two weeks. Then I had to endure the long three months before Season 2. That was awful! During the summer is when I found this site. I think it’s great and I love sharing my ideas and seeing what other people have to say. Like you, I typically don’t post on blogs or forums, but as I read the posts and comments of others, I found I had a lot I wanted to add, so I eventually gave in and started commenting. And here I am. :)

                  “The only thing that puts a monkeywrench in that theory is how totally affectionate Walter is now towards him.”

                  That’s a good point. But I think it can be explained in that sometimes Walter is able to convince himself that Peter is his actual son. And, more than that, especially given how their relationship has grown this season, I think Walter has developed a love for him as if he was his real son. In many ways, he can overlook the knowledge that this Peter isn’t his Peter. And that makes him happy, and that’s why he can’t lose him again. Certainly, he does genuinely love this Peter. But there are still those moments — times when he remembers something about his Peter, or when he was standing at his son’s grave — when you can see that he is still heartbroken and that he misses “his” Peter. And no matter how much he loves this Peter, no matter how close this Peter may seem to be “his” Peter, he can’t fully replace him.

                  “why does it seem that theories only seem to beget more theories?”

                  Ha, ha! I know what you mean. However, I tend to think along the same lines as what Walter said in “Unearthed” when he was theorizing and the Priest claimed what he said was “absurd” and Walter responded, “Perhaps it is. Please allow me a moment to entertain my fantasies. They often lead to a truth.” I think that’s the same with theories. They may sometimes seem absurd, and they often lead to even more theories and questions… but eventually all those theories and questions can lead to a truth.

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                • says

                  MRG – Glad you found us, it’s been good to read your thoughts!

                  “*sigh* why does it seem that theories only seem to beget more theories?”

                  Ah, that’s half the fun :)

                  Interesting point about the time-travel device – I definitely get the feeling that there’s a lot more to that than Walter has been able to share up to now.

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      • FringeFan2009 says

        I wonder if what Walter gave her was Cortexiphan at all. It would be amazing that there was a drug out there without an expiration date. It could have been something completely different, induced a hallucination of some sort, but in the end was more of a placebo? She already had the ability, and she’s probably too old for it to work again. I think that it was just something to kick start what was already there. She needed a solution and Walter gave her one.

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  13. says

    hey men! have u seen that the first name on the wall of the daycare (Lloyd b.) is in the credited cast of the next episode?
    see for that.
    cya, guys

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  14. Inter-Dimensional Dave says

    I too was fascinated by Walter looking at his be-spectacled reflection. At first he looked amused, perhaps whimsical at his former self. Then less so as the reflection seemed to remind that there is or once was a Walter on the other side. This show oftens deals with themes of perception. Maybe that is how the eyeglasses are tied in. Also, and lastly, Alice not only had her adventures in Wonderland but also Through the Looking Glass. The symbology of which we cannot ignore.

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  15. says

    Hi Roco, love your weekly observations, just letting you know it is featured on my site.
    Great thoughts on the link towards Wizard of Oz and Alice and Wonderland. Amazing stuff!

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  16. Elaine says


    Dinosaurs: As someone else pointed out, there were a lot of dinosaurs in the room of objects. As far-fetched as it might seem, my first thought when I saw the dinosaurs was of the time when Peter joked that when he was little, he wanted to be a brontosaurus when he grew up. So, clearly he liked dinosaurs as a little kid. It made me wonder if Walter took Peter with him when he went to Jacksonville to test the Cortexiphan. It’s unlikely, but that’s what I thought about, and it would be an interesting twist if original Peter had been there at that time…


    I watched ‘Ghost Network’ this morning, and this time around that line from Peter stood out due to the dinosaurs that were on the walls of Olivia’s old day care. The Cortexiphan trials “supposedly” ended in ’83, and this world Peter died in ’85, but what if Walter, whom we know did some experimentating on alt/verse Peter as a child took him to Jacksonville to see if he had any capabilities, primarily interacting with kids who had been tested with Cortexiphan?

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    • says

      I think that’s possible Elaine. I can’t imagine Walter not pushing his son – either of them – to find out what they were capable of. What better way than to have him interact with like minds, as you suggest..

      Speaking of the Cortexiphan trials, I find it hard to believe that Bishop and Bell would just abandon them completely, especially after they yielded results. Wasn’t there another trial in Ohio? I wouldn’t be surprised if Belly as currently running updated Cortexiphan trials in the alt. universe as we speak 😛

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      • mlj102 says

        I’m quite curious about the Ohio experiments. Every one of the Cortexiphan kids we’ve met so far came from the Jacksonville experiments. So what happened with the Ohio kids?

        You bring up an interesting point, Roco. Nina claimed that Bell abandoned his research on Cortexiphan in 1983… but how much can we really trust what Nina says? Her claim is made even more doubtful, considering that Nina told Olivia that Bell’s experiments were also unsuccessful. But we know for a fact that they were in reality very successful.

        But then, that would bring up the question of why. From everything that’s been said about Cortexiphan and the experiments, they were done with the sole purpose of being able to prepare the children for the future conflict with the other side. So they worked for a few years developing this drug and administering it to children… what reason would he have to continue to give it to children beyond a certain point?

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  17. Zee says

    I’m really glad that you brought up the possibility that Olivia may also be from the alt universe. It had never occurred to me before, but when she said in this episode something to the effect of “I have a freakishly good memory, but I don’t remember any of this” after leaving the Jacksonville daycare center, I immediately wondered if she was from the other side like Peter. I admit it doesn’t fit with the fact that she has an ability to see things from the other side, and the memory loss could simply be a side-effect of her cortexiphan treatments or even something intentional done to her and the other children by Bishop & Bell after the experiments. But since they devoted a whole scene to her expressing dismay at the memory loss with Peter, I couldn’t help but wonder.

    I love the references to AIWL and Oz that you picked out. So, we’ve seen references to the man behind the curtain, cowardly lion, tin man (searching for pieces of brain), and dorothy (searching for home/memory/childhood). What about the scarecrow, searching for his heart? Peter?

    Finally, I was really struck by the diagonal light flares in one of the opening scenes when the team is first observing the mixed up building from the street. There were so many of them I almost felt like it was over-the-top, like a joke or a shout out from the producers: “We know you’ve noticed, fans, so here are a bunch of them for you as a big hello!”

    Thanks for stimulating discussion! I’ve been looking forward to your observations each week!

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    • Zee says

      I should say that the reason Olivia’s memory loss of the Jacksonville events in her childhood rang a bell with me, is that Peter often seems to not be able to remember things that Walter brings up from his childhood. Sometimes he explicitly says he doesn’t remember, and other times he just has a kind of bemused look on his face when Walter talks about his childhood. I’ve always assumed that those instances occurred before Peter was brought over.

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    • mlj102 says

      While I can understand why some believe that Olivia may be from the alternate reality, I really don’t think that’s the case. Among other things, I agree with those who claim that having one main character from the other reality is a great development, but having two from the other reality is a bit lame and certainly has less of an impact. I just doubt that they would reuse that same story for the two main characters. Besides, if Olivia can see things from the other reality, among other abilities, she was clearly treated with Cortexiphan — she just doesn’t remember that taking place.

      I believe it’s a simple matter where it was a traumatic moment of her childhood and, consequently, she blocked it out of her memory. It’s not unreasonable to expect that to happen to her after how frightened she was by the whole thing. And, as Nick Lane mentioned in Bad Dreams, it seems they were expected to forget. I imagine they focused on it in that scene to show, a) that Olivia typically has a very good memory, and b) the way it was affecting her to return to Jacksonville. It was clearly very unsettling to her, and even more so since she was unable to even remember being there, even though there were plenty of things showing that she had been there.

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      • LizW65 says

        It would also make sense that the children were given something to make them forget–after all, if they started blabbing to their parents about what was really happening in “day care”, Social Services would have descended en masse and shut the place down, there would have been arrests, lawsuits, etc.

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      • says

        mlj – while I do hold out for a more ‘fantastical’ (if you will) explanation for Olivia’s blocked out childhood/Cortexiphan memories, I agree that it could well be that it was her (natural) way of dealing with the trauma..the fear.

        That said, I do wonder what this says about Olivia, that as a child she had such inner strengh and a seemingly natural ability to protect herself (and others). It reminds me of something Walter said back in the day about the Cortexiphan children being “predisposed”. What was Olive’s predisposition, I wonder? What was it about her that allowed Cortexiphan to make her ‘more than she was’? Was it this natural ability to shield, and where did that come from at such a young age?

        Thinking about all of this reminds me that although she was made this way by Cortexiphan, essentially, the root of her ability is hers.

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        • mlj102 says

          I think this is an idea that we will see come up more in the future. We know that Olivia seems to have reacted to the Cortexiphan better than the other kids — she was the first to recognize objects from the other side, she was the strongest, she was the one chosen to be the guardian. But why? What made her react better than the others? Reading your thoughts on the subject reminded me of something one of the producers said in the Jacksonville Secrets video: “Olivia is someone who puts off her own life and emotional life in order to be a protector for the world. Which, quite possibly, is a consequence of having been treated with the Cortexiphan as a kid. Or, because she was that kind of person already, it’s why Cortexiphan worked with her.” It’s an interesting concept and I hope they will reveal more on that in the future.

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    • Jodie says

      I think that Olivia wasn’t supposed to remember what Walter and Bell had done to her. I think that the whole swing-set scene was done to remind us that both Peter and Olivia have had their childhood stolen by Walter. Just like Peter, Olivia now realizes that she has pieces of her memory gone. And just like Peter, it’s because of Walter. I really liked the swing-set scene: I felt it was very disturbing when both of them were on the swings and Walter comes out of the school and just stares at them. Neither one of them knows that he’s there. Walter was very much “the man behind the curtain.”

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      • says

        I think that Olivia wasn’t supposed to remember what Walter and Bell had done to her.

        Good point. This brings us back to Nick Lane and why he was ‘unable’ to forget..

        Were they all supposed to forget as well as Olivia did, or was she more adept for an underlying reason? And what about the “Number 2” scar Lane had on his head..

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        • LizW65 says

          The alternate-world Charlie whom Olivia glimpsed briefly last season (I don’t recall the exact ep. offhand, but he referenced the city of Boston being in “lockdown”) also had a similar-shaped scar. No idea what it all means…

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    • says

      Zee – I agree. While Olivia’s memory issues can be explained by her closed nature and/or the Cortexiphan trials, I have this nagging feeling that there’s something even bigger at play. It’s hard to substantiate at the moment, but like you suggest, the possibility is there.

      The opening light flares were craazy! They used a similar effect in a previous episode – I think it may have been “Of Human Action”. I agree that it could be a little ‘nod-nod-wink-wink’ from the producers. 😉

      Thanks for your thoughts!

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  18. yvaine says

    Hey, Roco! You hardly miss anything! Wow. 😉

    Re: Broyles — I agree with all of you guys who say Broyles knows a lot more than he’s letting on. It almost seems to me that he was waiting for Olivia to be activated; after all, she is his “General” or primary “Warrior” in the inter-dimensional war. He probably has more mysterious plans written out and hidden in his once-in-a-blue-moon-shown office. 😛

    Re: The activation — Walter pretty much said that it’s fear that activated it, which still ties into your “emotions-based trigger” theory going back to The Road Not Taken. The question is why it was only momentary back then, and lingering now, and why then, it was a different aspect of her ability. (Also, why didn’t she see Peter glimmer just after the almost-kiss, when she admitted she was scared?)

    I just recalled this Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled Where No One Has Gone Before, where the mysterious alien called The Traveler was able to manipulate time and space, and whenever he did, he glimmered.

    I miss our Roundtables! :)

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    • Stefan says

      Regarding the activation:
      When she was standing on the roof of the building, she had to concentrate to see the nearly disappearing building – maybe in that moment she changed her mind and became “willing”.

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      • says

        @ Stefan: Yeah, similar to the light box test in “Ability”, perhaps?

        It could be argued that Olivia’s perceptive abilities last season, particularly “Bad Dreams” and “The Road Not Taken”, were in part stimulated because people she had a connection with were in trouble – namely, Nick Lane and Nancy Lewis.

        @yvaine: It does seem as though he’s been waiting for something. Plus, Olivia is like family to him – which gives me confidence that whatever he knows, he’s keeping secret from Olivia for good reasons. Although as we’ve seen with Walter, secrets and good intentions don’t always yield positive results!

        The Roundtables were great – maybe we get get them going again in the future. 😉

        Always good to have your thoughts yvaine!

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      • yvaine says

        Hrmmm. You make a good point there, Stefan. Taking Roco’s observations in addition to that, I guess we can say it’s possible there is more than one trigger?

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  19. Count Screwloose says

    One last thing if it wasn’t mentioned: there was a wirewalker figure on Pratchet’s desk moving from side to side. It’s obviously a reference to balance, but look closer – the pole it’s using for balance is basically a semi-circle with a small ball on either end. It’s the symbol on Newton’s head. It specifically means “balance.”

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  20. Gillian says

    On the table in the day care centre is a No. 8 playing card.
    Some of the cards are also stack up which got me thinking of house of cards which will come crushing down on Walter when his secret is revealed to Peter.

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  21. Xochitl says

    Excelent review as always Rocco, what would I do without your reviews?

    Apart from the compiments I just don’t understand why you see that
    scene between Olivia and Peter cliche, I wasn’t even expecting it!
    really, it caught me completely off guard, I didn’t thinkg the writers would give us P/O fans that,
    that soon, for once I didn’t want it to happen, but it was coming, I know. I tried to a find a more
    deeper meaning for that conversation between them in “What lies below”, I felt it, Peter has been
    trying to confort Olivia since day one and at that precise moment in that office with that anguish
    in Olivia’s face it was the obvious choice, but I only saw it like a nanosencond before.

    I fell like it has been building for some episodes now and not sudden and out of character, and it
    clarify some things for me; from the moment I watched “A new day in the old town”, with Peter
    getting drunk, getting involved, staying willingly I tried to find a reason for the character to do that,
    I thought my solution was too simple, he loves her, the moment he thought she was gone he knew, I know it sounds
    corny and to shippy but that gave me another side to see of Peter Bishop,
    but still, I didn’t want this to happen now, I think the writers did it because the inevitable revelation is
    coming and the deeper they are in a relationship; friendship or romantic relationship, the worst it’s gonna be,
    I think they are pointing to that, make it as bad a situation as they can. Their relationship has inevitably
    changed now, Olivia knows the truth and they know they can have more (he wore a sweater for their non date and
    she check herself on the mirror and let her hair down) this is going to happen, now or in two seasons. So, a question,
    does anybody knows which episode is Diane Kruguer in?

    There is something else that is bothering me, Olivia made a comment that she can’t remember anything about the
    trial, but she was 3, and that weird connection that Peter and Olivia have, I’m going to sound completely crazy
    here, but I think Olivia somehow helped Walter to bring Peter to this side (I told you, crazy), she is the
    gifted child, she cannot remember anything but it seems like Peter and Olivia were connected by WAlter at some
    point during the experiments, I have no evidence for this, it just something that came to me from a wallpaper,
    one with Walter and Peter and some birds flying, on the left side of the pic there is something that reminded me
    to Olivia’s hair and the effect they usually use on her hair for posters, I know, too crazy.

    Regarding Olivia’s abiities, I do think they come from fear like Walter suggested, the first time olivia has her
    super hearing it’s not so long after she tells Charlie in the hospital that she is scared, then in the conversation
    in “Momentum deferred” she is like not scared anymore and her abilities dissapeared, but again, it also has to do
    with Peter.

    Finally, I huge dobut I have in my mind, what happened first, Walter loosing his mind or Bell removing
    parts of his brain? I analyzed this a lot during Grey matters and I
    was even surprised that nobody mentioned, Bell performed the surgery on
    Walter years after he took Peter from the other side, but why was Walter
    there in the first place? I know the story says because of the accident
    at the lab and that Walter was declared unfit for trial, but is that
    true? Rocco has mentioned before that he thinks there is more to that
    accident that meets the eye, my point is, and pardon the rambling, Did
    Bell and WAlter somehow planned him to go to Saint Claire’s because
    Bell will need eventually to remove some pieces from Walter’s brain and
    he will be safer there or this is just a conincidence? it seems too much
    of a coincidence to me, if someone can explain this to me it would be wonderful.

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    • says

      [[I’m going to sound completely crazy
      here, but I think Olivia somehow helped Walter to bring Peter to this side … something that came to me from a wallpaper,
      one with Walter and Peter and some birds flying, on the left side of the pic there is something that reminded me
      to Olivia’s hair and the effect they usually use on her hair for posters, I know, too crazy]]
      Yes! so glad someone else saw that long blond hair in the corner of the wallpaper photo! That’s where I get some of my theory of Olivia being the girl Peter remembers as the girl next door with flowers in her hair. Thanks for joining me in craziness!

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    • MRG says

      I agree with you both… I don’t usually necessarily condone the getting together of the male and female leads, or I find the sexual tension created artifical. However, the chemistry between Olivia and Peter is so natural, it feels wrong when they try and fight it. I like the idea that Olivia helped bring Peter over somehow, although there is conjecture on other posts that the only reason they were creating soldiers in the first place was they already knew about the impending war which would occur BECAUSE they brought Peter over….. I don’t know. There seems to be a lot unknown about the timeline and how many times they went over before bringing Peter back. When describing the car, walter says “it was hardly the first time” leading some to believe Peter was the first time. But I don’t know, most scientists I know don’t practice the first time with humans. :) Small inanimate objects, then large inanimate objects, then animals, then humans. would walter really risk hurting Peter with an unknown portal jump?

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    • says

      Xochitl – Glad you enjoyed the observations!

      Re: the Olivia/Peter thing. Your points are valid, I just thought the timing was a bit off given what we’ve seen in previous episodes. Now, it’s only a kiss (or a ‘nearly kiss), but considering what we know about them, I just wish there was a bit more development before it happened. I also wonder whether Olivia would have crumbled quite like that? Although to be fair, she did something similar in “Bad Dreams” – a scene that a think worked a lot better, but that’s just my opinion. 😛

      That said, I like the point you make about the writers bringing them closer because it’s going to make it worse for them. I can definitely see how that would work, and I appreciate them setting these wheels in motion for future episodes/seasons.

      I agree with your Olivia speculation – after watching this episode it suddenly dawned on me that it’s very likely that Olivia, in some way, helped Walter to bring Peter over to this side. The fact that the Cortexiphan trials pre-date original Peter’s death give us the potential for beautiful symmetry, with Olivia affecting Walter’s life as much as he influenced hers.

      Regarding the Lab accident – like you, I suspect there’s a lot more to this than meets the eye. For me, the most useful piece of information from Bellie being the one who removed Walter’s memories, is the fact that Walter appeared willing, which would suggest that he may even have went in to St. Claire’s of his own accord. I can’t wait to find out more backstory on this!

      Anyway, good to have your thoughts Xochitl – thanks for sharing!

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  22. Frobozz says

    JJ Abrams and his lens flares/flashes…Just watched Abrams’ “Star Trek” and, especially towards the end of the movie, there were a HELL of a lot of those blue flashes going on (to the point where it was getting positively distracting). And if there was ever a movie that is an alternate universe, Abrams’ “Star Trek” is certainly it.

    I still don’t get what the shape-shifters are up to. Why deliberately collide realities? The result is a mess and certain death for everyone involved. And the “Door”…what was Newton doing at the building? In the April preview we clearly see young Walter using the door to go to the other side. Is Newton opening building-sized “doors” (and why, if so)? Clearly such an act is not helping his side any given the 100% casualty rate.

    Why did Walter discount the Empire State building? Simply because it’s too big or…is it not there on the “other side?”

    And finally…this “door”…how does it differ from the late, great David Robert Jones’ door? He must have been using Bell’s technology to do it. So why don’t the shape-shifters use it as well? Why troll Walter’s brain pieces for it when the technology obviously exists in Massive Dynamic’s hands?

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  23. Quohnpoa says

    Walter had explained that when transporting objects from one universe to the other, something of the same mass must have been sent back. If this holds true, then when Peter and William Bell were transported from one side to the other (at this point, it is obvious that Peter is from the other side), then who took their place? And also, when Olivia went to the other side to talk to Bell, was someone sent back?

    The Pattern seems to be lacking in the latest Fringe episodes. I wonder if it’ll be mentioned again.

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    • yvaine says

      I think in Peter’s case, Walter transported Dead!From Here!Peter to the other side and took From There!Peter back here, so that’s a fair exchange. I think. 😀 Walter probably didn’t stay there long enough for the universes to seek balance, so it’s possible there was no exchange needed. William is the real riddle since he’s been there a while, and we don’t know what’s up with From There!William.

      Also, could there be a significance for William hiding out at the Over There!WTC knowing that the building does not exist here anymore? Maybe he’s harder to track that way? Could there be a connection between that and why we’ve never come across From There!William yet?

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      • says

        Also, could there be a significance for William hiding out at the Over There!WTC knowing that the building does not exist here anymore?

        That’s an interesting idea! Although I presume the universe would seek balance via transporting another building of similar mass. Still, an interesting idea nonetheless.

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  24. merlin says

    trying to get to the bottom is getting difficult, this is a good sign. o and by the by, i dont know where the spear came from but im taking it.

    Double Vision (lyrics)

    Feeling down ‘n’ dirty, feeling kinda mean
    I’ve been from one to another extreme
    This time I had a good time, ain’t got time to wait
    I wanna stick around ’till I can’t see straight

    Fill my eyes with that double vision
    No disguise for that double vision
    Ooh, when it gets through to me, it’s always new to me
    My double vision gets the best of me

    Never do more than I, I really need
    My mind is racing, but my body’s in the lead
    Tonight’s the night, I’m gonna push it to the limit
    I live all of my years in a single minute

    Fill my eyes with that double vision
    No disguise for that double vision
    Ooh, when it gets through to me, it’s always new to me
    My double vision always seems to get the best of me, the best of me, yeah-eah eah-eah-hey

    Ooh-ooh (oooh) ooh-ooh, double vision
    (Oooh) I need double vision
    (Oooh, double vision) it takes me out of my head, takin’ me out of my head
    (Oooh, double vision) I get my double vision, woa-oah
    (Oooh, double vision) seeing double double, double vision
    (Oooh, double vision) oh-oh my my double vision
    (Oooh, double vision) double vision, yeah-ah-ah eah-eah eah-eah ah
    (Oooh, double vision) I get double vision, oooh

    How, how?

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  25. MRG says

    Here’s a thought….after reading through the posts it appears most of us are working on the assumption that Walter opened the portal between the two worlds to get Peter.

    But upon re-watching ability, I was intrigued by this passage Walter read from the ZFT with more of the transcript taken from one of Rocco’s old posts:
    “The unknown truth is that the means to crossover have already been
    discovered — by beings much like us, but whose history is slightly ahead of our own.

    These beings are not of our world as such, and as such should be treated as enemies. Were it possible to but this is not possible because they..”

    Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling this refers to the Observers? that also puts the whole “we fix the mistakes of our own doing” statement in a whole new light. Maybe this is all been said before, so sorry if its a repeat, and I don’t know if it really changes anything except that maybe Walter isn’t quite the bad guy we make him out to be. thoughts?

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  26. says

    I actually think Olivia can’t remember her time at the “Daycare Center” in Jacksonville because her mind blocked it out. I think that she unconsciously considered her time there as a “trama”. Olivia says that normally her memory is excellent, but yet she forgot this. I can testify to that in my real life. I have a memory that is excellent, but I don’t remember anything before I was 8, and before then, flashes of things. I have a fraternal twin sister, and her memory is no where near mine. But, we went through a tradegy when we were about 6. She remembers, but I don’t. Because of my not remembering, I grew up with nothing about that, so it doesn’t bother me. But my sister remembers, and she has had some difficulty because of that. [Just so you know, the tragedy affected us, but it was not directed at us.]

    I read these posts yesterday. Since another person has mentioned the use of “blue lights” were very present in “Star Trek”, I definitely know that’s where he got the idea. Now, he might use “blue lights” in “Fringe” for a different meaning (basically a “dream state”) but he picked up the trick in shooting “Star Trek”.

    Also, the red and green lights first showed up on the hat of one of the “army”. That is also a direct homage to “Star Trek”, where in “The Next Generation” and “Voyager”, they wear small metal circles for their rank. Now, Abrams made the red and green lights so they go beyond “Star Trek’.

    Also, the girl’s name mentioned by Peter, “Sydney”, was a reference to the character “Sydney Bristow”, the character played in “Alias” by Jennifer Garner. “Alias” was the first show J.J. Abrams created.

    Plus, I really fear J.J. Abrams wanting a “set date” for “Fringe” to end. That’s what he said about “Lost”, and it went in so many different ways that I stopped watching it, and I understood “The Matrix Trilogy”. Now, the show has officially “jumped the shark”. Even something that you wouldn’t think could go wrong, “Alias”, did go wrong. I stopped watching during the 3rd season, and couldn’t go back for the 4th year.

    I hope that “Fringe”, because it’s on the Fox Network, puts limits on what they will allow Abrams to do.

    I noted the references to the “Wizard of Oz”. I think it’s safe to say that Olivia represents “Dorothy” and her need to understand, to “go home” as it were. Peter is always saying, “Wait, don’t,” but Olivia always says, “Yes.” Walter, I think, is the “man behind the curtain”…hmm…more likely William Bell is “the man behind the curtain” and Walter is “the Cowardly Lion” who will eventually meet William Bell and find out why he took part of his brain. Wait, that would make Walter the “scarecrow”…”if i only had a brain.”

    Also, there is the reference to “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”. Those arcetypes appear in other sci-fi films, whether movie or TV. In “The Matrix”, for example they use both when “Thomas Anderson” is going on his journey to discover what the matrix really is. Take the red pill. Morpheus tells Anderson to take the red pill and we’ll see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Earlier in the movie, Trinity types on his computer, “Follow the white rabbit”. I have a cool screen saver that imitates the scene where “Anderson” wakes up to see messages typed out on his screen. Then when they take “Thomas Anderson” into the room, Cypher tells him, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Meaning he’s about to go on a journey to find out who he is.

    The sci-fi TV show “Farscape” actually titled one of their episodes “Through the Looking Glass”.

    So, a lot of these things have been used before, but J.J. Abrams uses them in a different way, so it’s just as fun– and why I like sci-fi better than any other types of books, films, or TV shows.

    By the way, “Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief” comes out tomorrow. it’s an adaptation of a series of children’s books that I read simply because my son brought them home from school. I thought the writing style wasn’t great but he more than made up for it in using the Greek gods in modern times. So, if you’re wondering about whether you should take your kids, I say, “Yes. Take them to see it,b/c it’ll be worth your money, including the adult ticket price.

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    • edgesight says

      Maybe Olivia was swapped for the alternate universe Olivia after the daycare “incident”. The alternate Olivia may have grown up differently which is the current one. There is obviously an Olivia in the alternate universe as seen in the episode “The Road Not Taken” when she asked Alternate Charlie about the charred twins and he talked to her as if she’d been there the whole time. Peter always says things that allude to him not remembering things the way Walter describes them such as toys and food he liked as a kid before he was swapped. I like the comment about the G.I.Joe toy having the scar on the other side of his face than he had remembered it in the episode “Inner Child”, so subtle but noticable. I think this is the first time we’ve seen Olivia interact with anything from her past and it’s approached in the same context.

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  27. Anna says

    Little Olive’s freaky eyes remind me of David Jones’ eyes at the season 1 final. I would love to hear theories about what the connection there could be because right now I have no theories of my own.

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    • says

      Anna – Interesting, I forgot about Jones’ eyes in relation to Olive’s. I’m not sure there’s a direct connection (except that both were on their way to becoming ‘extraordinary’), but it could be worth speculating. We know that eyes are a thematic element that Bad Robot like to use.

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  28. BehnOod says

    Hi i always enjoy your observation
    but just one thing :
    i always translate your observation to farsi for this
    but u usually use difficult words that iranian and me of course cant understand what you are trying to say
    i ask you to use simple words that we can translate easily or diffrent ways to connect us with your ideas i mean diffrent form of saying
    because your observation and theoris are wonder and best and iranians are realy curios to khnow them

    tanx again

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    • says

      BehnOod – glad you enjoy the observations and thanks for the feedback.

      I’m always trying to find better ways of presenting the information and my ideas, so I’ll bear your feedback in mind. Remember, you can always post in the comments or send us an email if you need any clarification.

      Thanks again.

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  29. LMH says

    Could be a complete coincidence (but again this is Fringe) that one of the names on the wall at the daycare captured in the screencap is “Tessa,” the name of Peter’s ex-girlfriend from Boston who begs him to leave in order to avoid his enemies. Hmmmm…. Begs the question as to why they had that scene (in “The Dreamscape”) and introduced her at all, beyond just to offer a little glimpse into Peter’s past and current troubles.

    I also really love the idea of Peter having a special ability/effect on others (and electronics), of which there are numerous hints starting very early in season one. One of my favorites is Walter’s: “I thought you had a way with women?” leaving me to think that maybe there’s a reason (beyond the obvious) why Peter has had so many girlfriends ; ) I find that quite amusing.

    Anyway, of course all of Peter’s instances of calming people down especially Walter and Olivia stand out, and his possible triggering of Liv’s ability in “Ability” when the lights go out on Jones’ bomb as soon as Peter walks back into the room. We know Peter is important (according to the Observers), and I think there is more there than merely his triggering of Liv’s powers of AU observation. I agree that it is highly likely that Peter (#2 or both) figure prominently in the testing endeavors of Walter and Bell…and thinking about all this just makes me crave April 1st even more.

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    • says

      LMH: nice catch, Tessa could very well = Peter’s Tess. She didn’t seem all that special to me 😛 , but it’s definitely one to keep in our memory banks.

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      • says

        Thinking about this again, it’s probably unlikely to be Peter’s Tess as her last name is Amaral (the Tess on the Day Center wall has a last name beginning with E). Still a great shout though!

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  30. TomC says

    Great observations post again. Dont think anything was missed.

    Great spot with the Yellow Brick Road, its little bit like that that are missed when watching that can mean sooooo much. Im glad your just as confused about the glasses as I am. It seemed to make a big point about them but nothing really came from it. My only thoughts on that were, was it someone from the other reality or could it have been Newton or possibly even Alter-Jones (probably not).

    One other thing i wondered about was Olivia un-tying her hair at the end. She’s had her hair tied up for most (if not all) of the season and at the same time she’s not really been her usual self and has seemed to take bit of a back seat in the Fringe teams escapades. Maybe this was a signal of her going back to her normal (season 1) self and accepting how important she is in the protection of our world??

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    • says

      Tom – Re: Olivia, I think it’s a bit of that. I also think she suddenly remembered what it’s like to feel “human” again. It’s as if she felt secure enough to just live the moment and chillax with Peter. Even though the moment didn’t last for very long!

      It was probably the happiest I’ve seen her since that opening scene with John Scott (or perhaps the scene prior to Scott getting blown up at the storage facility).

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  31. LMH says

    On Wizard of Oz & the “Tin Man”:

    Don’t know if I missed it in reading the comments related to Oz and Alice connections, but another reference to Oz was in “Fracture” as the name of the experimental military project in Iraq that turned people into bombs was called “Project Tin Man.”

    I LOVE the Oz connections being made, especially the questions as to the man behind the curtain and what that might mean…is there an overall orchestration going on here, intense manipulation by a kind of magician (oooh science=magic quote Johari Window?), and if so, who is he/she/they? Is someone pulling more strings than we’d like to think? Bell’s character makes him quite a suspect in terms of manipulation. Are our people being played like cheap pianos? I would feel terrible for Olivia if it’s revealed that she’s been a pawn for Bell = (
    Anyway, this is just my rambling, I don’t have any evidence beyond the writers/producers’ little winks as to Bell’s possibly nefarious purposes, and Walter’s insights into his character (but oh how they tease).
    Of course, Walter could also be considered a man behind the curtain since he is responsible for the breach between worlds.

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  32. N says

    I know i’m kinda late to this game, ha ha, but forgive me I just watched this episode. So with all the Wizard of Oz references in this episode i thought I would throw in mine, too. There are similarities between Olivia picking out the “other side” objects in the room with another Oz reference, mainly one of the later Oz books turned into the movie Return to Oz (one of my favorites!). Dorothy goes back to Oz, which coincidentally is a barren wasteland (the blight?), and there is a scene in which she must pick out objects in a room that characters from Oz were transformed into.

    Just another interesting Oz parallel!

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  33. Chris says

    Well I think your wizard of oz theory / analysis, has been confirmed after tonight’s episode. I think they through “If I only had a brain” into the soundtrack just for you.

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  34. David Hutchinson says

    After all the comments, I am quite surprised that perhaps I saw something everybody else missed. My opinion is that there were two next episode clues in the previous episode(The Bishop Revival). I thought the “Glimmer Brothers” sign on the wall might very well have something to do with it, but missed it because on my
    tv all I could make out was “The something starting with g Brothers” However, there is another clue…… the killers lab was a wooden box with a Nazi eagle symbol on it. It so reminded me of the box the Nazi’s packed the Ark in in Raiders of the lost Ark. Now remember the dialogue in “Jacksonville”: Peter to Brandon:”Walter believes the two universes have to be in balance and that a building of the same mass….. Brandon:Like in Raiders of the Lost Ark the sand and the statue. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The two clues to the two main
    plot points. The building being taken and the glimmer she saw around Peter.

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