Fringe Observations: 2.13 The Bishop Revival

Welcome to Fringe Observations: the comprehensive Clues and Eastereggs Round-up for episode 13 of season 2 – “The Bishop Revival”.

Below the jump we dig deep to explore the various clues and eastereggs from the episode and try to figure out what it all means.

See Right Through..

Walter tells Peter that Olivia Dunham is the girl for him:

“She’s exactly what you need. She can see right through you”

This seems like an underlying reference to Olivia’s ability to see through to the alternate reality – as was the case in 1.19 “The Road Not Taken” (above, left) – and of course, Peter himself is from the other-side.

Observing The Observer

The Observer was easy to spot this time round – strolling past the restaurant as Alfred Hoffman prepared to launch his second toxin attack.

Eye Opener

Bad Robot are quite keen on eye imagery – they’re reflective portals into the soul, or something. Which is why the world IRIS (above, right) caught my..eye. We even saw Walter open the eye of a toxin victim, which instantly reminded me of…

..the Walter/Peter eye check we mentioned in the previous episode observations. For context: Walter checked Peter’s eyes in the Pilot episode, presumably as an automatic response to Peter being from the alt-universe and the original Peter having different a eye color. (or simply to check his health).

Down the Hole We Go

Walter has a ‘lucky rabbits foot’ on his keyring (above, left) – I believe we have previously heard him say that he’s “superstitious”, so it makes sense. It’s probably worth noting that William Bell was depicted as the “White Rabbit” from the Alice tales in the season 2 promotional material (above, right), so there’s probably a connection in that as well.

Big Apple

An apple glyph can be seen on the chair in Walter’s Lab. Among other things apples are symbolic of knowledge and youth.

8 it Dice-y

Olivia’s lucky number makes an appearance with the sides of the die (3+5) adding up to 8.


From my perspective, this episode had two visual cues that invite us down various paths:

1. The skeleton (above, left) represents the skeletons in the Bishop family closet with the revival of Robert’s work. Peter even says as much in the episode.

2. The Rubix Cube (above, right) represents the multi-dimensional puzzle element of Fringe, and the interconnected pieces at play in the episode. The object of Rubix is to form a solid pattern..

The Winding Path

As revealed in the episode itself, Alfred Hoffman was around when Robert Bishop worked as a scientist for the Nazi’s. As the photo above shows, he hasn’t aged a day in what has been at least 66 years.

As I mentioned in our episode review, there would appear to be 3 main possibilities as to how he was able to achieve such a feat:

  1. Time-travel
  2. Cryonics
  3. Eternal youth

Let’s have a quick look at each one and its relation to what we know, or can surmise..

1. Time-travel. We know that it exists in the world of the show on some level. Walter built a device (Diz-Ray) which would, in theory, allow him to reach back through time to grab physician Alfred Gross (died 1936) to save Peter’s life. According to Walter he didn’t need to use the device in the end because Peter got better. Whether he’s to be believed or not is up for debate, but what we do know is that the device was used by David Robert Jones to teleport out of his German prison in episode 1.10 “Safe”.

Was Walter’s device based on Robert’s work? Did Alfred use such a device to time-travel to our present day?

2. Cryonics also exists in the show – the shape-shifters leader, Thomas Jerome Newton, had his head frozen, presumably so he could be woken once science had caught up with the alt-universe’s ambition. If that sounds familiar it’s because Walter said the same thing of the Nazi’s in TBR:

“It seems science has finally caught up with Nazi ambition”

Was Alfred put in big freeze until science caught up to revive him? If so, who defrosted him and where are they?

3. Eternal Youth. For me, this is the most intriguing because it has existed in the show (in various forms) for a long time with extreme subtlety.

Walter explicitly mentioned “eternal youth” in the episode, and I’m of the opinion that we see it hinted at again when Alfred Hoffman takes a bite out of a red apple (from the Bishop’s fridge, no less). As we’ve mentioned before, apples are, among other things, symbols of youth..

..and knowledge – as illustrated by the Biblical account of Eve taking a bite from the apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

In the alt-universe, I reckon that pears carry the same representation – hence the otherwise unnecessary focus on shape-shifter Smith chomping down on a pear in “Momentum Deferred” (2 scenes).

At any rate, over here, pears are also symbols of youth.

It seems like eternal youth is also represented in the show through the frequent appearances of the number 8 (above), as well as being Olivia’s ‘lucky number’. In this context it is interchangeable with the concept of “infinity” and the multiple reality aspect of the show..

..Also represented through the circle – a symbol without beginning or end.

The infinity symbol (above, right), or sideways “8”, also appeared on Mitchell Loeb’s van (above, middle) and in Dreamscape (above, left). Loeb worked for David Jones, helping him to teleport from his prison in Germany to a field in Little Hill. Jones and Loeb also kidnapped Olivia at the end of season 1 episode “Safe”. This eventually led to Jones to become something of an immortal:

“It does something much worse than kill you” (Walter, paraphrased)

“Your bullets go right through me..” (Jones, 1.20)

But their plan was hatched long before that…

Jones and Loeb developed a complicated strategy to lure Olivia to Germany and used Walter’s past work to get hold of the time-travel/teleportation device – “Diz-ray”. It involved implanting a parasite into Loeb – a parasite Walter noted as being perfect – too perfect. It had a signature – the hallmark of a human creator.

In TBR history repeated itself as Walter noted that Alfred’s toxin also had a signature – that of a seahorse (below, left)..

As we know, the seahorse is one of the Fringe glyphs that appear during ad-breaks (above, right).

It was Robert’s signature. He was nicknamed “The Seahorse” because he was a great swimmer.

But not everything we know about Robert adds up..

Back in the season 1 episode “Arrival”, we first get mention of Robert when Walter hides the Observers beacon in his grave to protect it from John Mosley (Rogue). Mosley forces Peter to read Walter’s mind and take him to the hiding place. Upon reaching the grave we can see that Robert was born August 21, 1912 and died December 11th, 1944.

However, in TBR, Walter tells Peter that Robert came to the States in 1943. Did he really die a year later, or did Robert, Walter or someone else falsify his date of death? We already know that Walter “fudged” the date of Robert’s arrival to the States, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.

In any event, at Robert’s grave Mosley tells Peter:

“Shame you never met him”

Which seems to imply that Mosley knew Robert Bishop personally. But if Robert died in 1944, as his grave stone suggests, Mosley would seemingly have needed to be around 65 years old to have known him..

He doesn’t look 65 to me.

Was Mosley a time-traveller, or was eternal youth bestowed upon him? Was – as I suspect – he an Observer?

Which almost brings us full-circle – tying into the Observers ability to observe time and their apparent inability to age.

Speaking of the Observers, it’s worth mentioning September, who saved Peter when Walter brought him over from the alt-universe. An action which no doubt resulted in Walter being under green, green, green, red threats from the head Observers.

End of path, for now. (to be clear: the above is logic, speculation and guess work – all of these elements might not be related at all).


Another Alice In Wonderland reference:

Peter: “Where are the books you bought from Markham?”

Artist: “The one’s with all the creepy stuff inside..the Alice In Wonderland meets the Evil Nazi Experiment?”

That’s quite a convergence – Alice In Wonderland is trippy enough without Robert’s science giving it added context. No doubt this is a metaphor. If we take AIWL to represent the show’s alternate universe concept, perhaps we have a hint as to how the elements from this episode will connect to the overarching mythology?

In The Bag

The previous episode’s pointer for TBR was the “World Tolerance Conference” logo that was on the couriers bag (above, left). We get a look at the logo in TBR as Peter holds it up to the camera (almost breaking the 4th wall), and at the conference itself (above, center).

Smoking Gun

The Bishop Revival (bottom) wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Walter holding the figurative ‘smoking gun’. A similar thematic also appeared in the season 1 episode “Unleashed” (top) after Walter slayed the hybrid beast that was about to rip Peter and Olivia to shreds. The common denominator that caused Walter to such actions – protecting his son.

Extra Bookings

Here are the books Markham recomments to Olivia:

  • What Color’s You Parachute – A guide to discovering personal goals and interests explains how to apply that information toward obtaining satisfying employment.
  • Do What You Are – Occupations to suit personality types.

Walter also references some of his father’s favorite authors – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Thomas Mann.

Other Clues

  • The glyphs for “The Bishop Revival” spelled FATHER, in reference to Walter’s father, Dr. Robert Bishop.
  • Alfred has a similar typewriter to the one William Bell used to write the ZFT manifest. Might be a clue. (I’ll add a screencap at somepoint).

As always, if you have any thoughts relating to this article, or you think that we’ve missed something out, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.


    • Stefan says

      Isn’t that a (extremely) stylized seahorse?
      In the Braille system (touch script for the blind) that sign – naturally without colors – has the meaning of the letter “N”. In mathematics “n” as an indices represents the highest (or last) object/number/variable in a set or – if the set is infinite – infinty.

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  1. Karo says

    IRIS is a well-known eyewear company in Canada, so while interesting, i don’t think that was shot on purpose.

    Was it the first time that we had actual confirmation that Walter’s wife was dead? Cause to me it’s a big deal.

    Good catch with the dice! Set decorators are doing a pretty good job of showing these clues, it’s pretty fun to watch. Now if i can just talk to hair and dressing departments about Olivia’s hair and Peter’s wardrobe! Lol, kidding, that’s just the girl in me.

    Pretty nice finds as always. Your blog is a fun read.

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    • says

      Karo – I agree, it’s unlikely that the IRIS inclusion was intentional – I thought it tallied nicely with the eye-theme reference in the ealier scene. :)

      Re: Mother Bishop – Definitely a big deal. We’ve had hints that she was dead, but never a direct reference until now.

      Re: Peter’s wardrobe – To be fair to Peter, he has ditched that terri-bad jacket in the past few episodes! 😉

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      • says

        Crap! I just realised that I didn’t mention Mother Bishop in the review or FO’s – It was in my notes, but it looks like I didn’t include it in the post. Anyway, thanks for the reminder! I’ll go back and add a little note somewhere so that we have that covered.

        I blame “Dollhouse” – watching and reviewing 7 episodes in the space of two days I would not recommend to anyone.

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  2. andrewsauer says

    personally i think the reason alfred hoffman remains the same age is time travel and ill tell you why. after the episode i was glancing through the fringe comics. in one of them walter and bell use a time machine to travel back in time to nazi germany. they are captured by the nazis and walter asks to see hans froelich. who we discover is his father.(which in interesting because in the episode i thought he said his dads name in germany was bischoff or something) well he explains the situation to his pops. then froelich takes them to the lab and shows them the time machine that he was building for hitler. so if the comics are part of the fringe canon,which they are, then we can assume that hoffman worked in the lab with a functioning time machine.
    another note about the comic is when he meets hans froelich (his dad) they say the date is april 1945 a year after he died according to the gravestone.what does this mean i dont know.
    also interesting thing about the mosely bishop family connection. is at the end of The Arrival they say that mosely was from Seattle and in the next episode walter mentions something about mosely seeming familiar to him. fast forward to ssn 2: Dream Logic? and walt wants to leave seattle cause its wet and reminds him of st. claires. i dont know what it means but theres gotta be something there.
    i find it strange that both robert bishop is tied to both a time machine and john mosely, who may or may not be a rogue observer or a shifter from the alternate reality. not only that but why did walter hide the vibrating thing at his fathers gravesite. if the observers show u at important events throughout history then they prob witnessed the 1st successful successful time travel from both ends. and what does that vibrating cylinder have to do with everything? does it somehow effect time travel the observer seemed awfully interested in it and what did mosely want with it?
    one more and i swear i’m done. mosely’s gun reminded me a lot of the gun the shifter had. which ,it would seem, only people from the alt reality can use which implies mosely is from the other reality. i think the vibrating cylinder has something to do with the doorway to the other realm. i mean it was emitting a low freq wave and the device david rob jones used a similar technology to make the doorway. hopefully this makes sense i confused myself a lot writing this.

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    • says

      Since he was a double agent, maybe “Hans Froelich” was a pseudonym used while working for the Nazis and his real name was Robert Bischoff.

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    • says

      andrew – I think you put forward a good argument regarding the connections. I also agree that time-travel is a possibility in explaning Hoffman’s ‘youthful appearance’. I would, though, question the canon of the comics, particularly post-season 1.

      That said, I wouldn’t rule it out (either time-travel or the canon of the comics), though I would say that there’s just as much evidence that points to some kind of eternal youth.

      So which path do we take? I’d bet that both will come into play at some point..

      I guess we’ll have plently of time to speculate during the winter Lowtus!

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  3. ScienceGeek says

    Pardon me for going “science geek” on you here, but according to a statement made by Walter, Alfred’s youth couldn’t be due to either cryonics or time travel. Let me explain: Walter remarks that the perpetrator must be over 100 years old due to the degradation in his telomeres. A telomere is a string of nucleotides on the end of each of our chromosomes. These nucleotides don’t code for anything, and are there in essence to protect us from replication error when our cells divide. The telomeres get progressively shorter each time our cells divide. So, a person in his or her 90s will have short, degraded telomeres, whereas an infant will have full, non-degraded telomeres.

    So, Walter states that Alfred’s telomeres indicate that he is over 100 years old. What this means, in essence, is that Alfred’s cells must have been dividing continuously for 100 years. For his cells to continue dividing, he had to have actually lived for those full 100 years. Had he arrived via time travel, his telomeres would look like those of a 30-40 year old. Had he been cryonically frozen, his cells would have ceased dividing for that period, and again, he would have age-appropriate telomeres.

    So what’s the alternative? Eternal youth of some sort? Even that seems weird, because I would think that prevention of telomere degradation would be integral to eternal youth.

    Of course, it’s entirely possible that the Fringe writers just thought the bit about the telomeres sounded cool and set things up nicely, and didn’t actually think to look up it’s implications, lol.

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    • says

      ScienceGeek – Thanks for bringing the science! I’ll be honest, I’m not up to speed on my telomere’s – but I agree that we shouldn’t ignore Walter’s evidence (even if he did himself, kinda). :)

      I also think that Walter’s “eternal youth” reference earlier in the episode was a useful clue (or distraction). All things considered I’m still leaning to eternal youth (or something along those lines).

      Thanks again for the info.

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  4. says

    I’ve always thought that the dates on Robert Bishop’s gravestone were 1812-1944. They have clearly blurred the second letter in the date. You can see that in the first year, the number has an indent in it, like an 8 <—, while the second year's second number is smooth, like a 9 <—.

    Though if this were true, Bishoff's science would have to have been much older than Nazi Germany, so that he could survive up to that regime. I'm assuming he would've had Walter much later in life as well.

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  5. edgesight says

    The color PURPLE – There is purple everywhere in this episode. Walter says his wedding tux was purple and “purple never goes out of style”. The dresses on wedding party were purple. The residue in the tea cup and the lady at the register wore purple. The liquid in the beaker in the Nazi’s basement was purple. At the convention, the speaker’s dress, table clothes and seat covers are all purple. Lastly, Broyles’ tie was purple. Just a theme I guess.

    Why was there a black die and a foot on the desk in the lab office? I saw it when Walter was moving the boxes of books. The die show 3, 5 and 1, but 3 and 5 are clearer….8!! Olivia was there too. This could be a clue for the next episode. Or maybe the poster for The Glimmer..Gummer Brothers on the wall by the bum’s camp.

    Who was Peter talking to on his cell phone when Walter was explaining himself to Olivia at the end?

    See the Vancouver book in Markham’s book store?

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    • says

      edgesight – I caught the tux reference and the residue, but not the others..not on a conscious level anyway – so thanks for the heads-up.

      Purple, huh? What are those creators up to giving us purple!? Eyes peeled for future color thematics!

      Re Peter: I think he was talking to Rachel. I worry about him sometimes…..

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    • edgesight says

      I’m pretty sure now that the Glimmer Brothers poster was the next episode clue. The word “Glimmer” was used and, not to spoil, brothers are two men that are alike…wink.

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  6. edgesight says

    According to the comics Levi Berger, the holocaust survivor that Walter had saved, had 15 grandchildren. There were 15 victims of the wedding attack including the old woman who was also a holocaust survivor, but there was a grandchild that was not killed because he/she was not related…15 grandchildren. As soon as I saw the holocaust references it reminded me of the comic and my first thought was that the Nazi would take out the family of the man that Walter saved.

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  7. Pedro says

    Walter makes reference to Peter’s mother being dead. Peter doesn’t respond to that statement.

    Is she really dead or does Walter simply think that she is? I can’t remember Peter referencing his mother’s death during season 1 or this season.

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    • Jodie says

      Yes! I’ve wondered the same thing. If fact, at the end of “Of Human Action” when Walter is trying to get Peter to eat a crepe, he’s talking about Peter’s mother in the past tense. Peter looks away, and I thought he looked kind of guilty. Now maybe he simply doesn’t like to talk to Walter about his mother, but I wondered if he has simply let Walter think that she’s dead. Maybe he is just trying to protect her from Walter and their bad marriage?

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  8. andrewsauer says

    i was just thinking if john mosley was a rogue observer why did he need that device to read people’s thoughts? seemed like it came naturally to the other observers.
    the g,g,g,r dots on his hat are associated with the observers, but also with olivia’s uncle’s kayak. with the word ZENO and the “A”ish symbol. on the MD viral site the ZENO-transit project sounds an awful lot like teleportation. perhaps robert bishop worked on developing this technology with mosely?

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    • Frobozz says

      If he’s a rogue observer maybe he’s been “cut off” from that ability. I think he’s an Observer as well…in the “extras” of the Season 1 DVD there is a shot of him on set without his toque, and he’s bald. Of course, he has eyebrows so maybe that’s coincidence. Still, I wish we had more answers about Mosley. Another alternative is that he’s a shape-shifter, although he was pretty easy to kill and there was no sign of mercury around his corpse. Maybe he’s just a rogue “enforcer” who used to work for the Observers, like the fat man in “August.”

      There’s no way the “Too bad you never knew him” comment was coincidental. We still don’t know WHY Peter “knew” where Walter had hidden the canister.

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      • says

        I agree..rogue Observer, or part of a different faction. He could also be from a different era of Observer – explaining his ‘crude’ technology in relation to September and pals.

        Shame Olivia had to kill him.

        I think Peter knew where Walter hid the cylinder because they shared consciousness on some level (and have done for a while) – at least that’s what Walter indicated in the episode. But true, we don’t know the specifics.

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  9. Stefan says

    About the accouring of the name IRIS:
    Iris is also a Greek Goddess: “In Greek mythology, Iris (Ἴρις) is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. As the sun unites Earth and heaven, Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.” – Wikipedia
    In Art, the recuring image “rainbow” stands for peace. The name Olivia comes from Latin “oliva” (routing back to Ancient Greek ἐλαία (elaia)) which means olive – also a symbol of peace. All this might reference back to Olivia interuniversal travelling abilities.
    Also interesting: this picture shows Iris holding a baton (I hope this is the right word for it) with a (‘broken’) 8 on the top.
    Also, Iris “is represented either as a rainbow, or as a young maiden with wings on her shoulders. As a goddess, Iris is associated with communication [she always seems to be the one contacting Peter and Walter to come to a (crime) scene], messages[think about the sentence William Bell told her to ‘deliver’] , the rainbow and new endeavors[possibly refencing to here interuniversal travel but also to the Magellan reference in “What Lies Below”].” (Wikipedia again)
    I know this one seems to be far-fetched but it seems to fit again.
    Something not so far-fetched: Iris is also a color “ranging from blue-violet to violet” (wonder what Wikipedia again).
    Iris is also a sort of plant with mostly three leafs, maybe representing the three sides of Olivia: Business-Robotic, Emotionally-Friendly, Shocked-Angry.

    A little much to put in one little sign on a window, though.

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  10. Elaine says

    I caught that at the time, and my immediate thought was, “Someone fudged that date”. I didn’t charge it up to poor continuity since it was only the fourth episode of the series. Surely, the writers weren’t that short sighted. Given the remark Mosely made about it being too bad Peter never knew him (How exactly would he have known Robert Bishop?) something was up about that grave.

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  11. mlj102 says

    Roco: Nice catch on the clue from last episode! I never would have caught that one… The thing I like about the clues in the last few episodes is that they have been undeniable as the clue for next episode. I’ve felt like a lot of the clues for this season have been very vague and open to interpretation, like we can guess something was the clue, but it’s possibly not related at all. It felt like, for the most part, in Season 1, it was very clear when you’d found the clue — you didn’t feel like you had to grasp at straws to make a connection. So I’m glad they have been using more clues like that these last few episodes.

    You pretty much pointed out everything I managed to find in this episode, but there was one other thing. I noticed that Hoffman’s house, where he had his lab, was essentially a glass house. I thought they may have done that intentionally, though it may simply be because it looked neat. But it made me think of that saying that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, which essentially means you should be careful of who you judge and when you choose to get in arguments, when you’re just as vulnerable if that person chooses to “throw stones” back at you. It kind of represented what happened in this episode: Hoffman chose to “throw stones” by using Robert Bishop’s work, and targeting Walter and, consequently, Walter responded by “throwing stones back” and killed Hoffman with his own toxin.

    Like: Thumb up 0

    • says

      mlj – I agree. I think many of the earlier clues were so vague because the writers weren’t sure which episodes would air where (especially some of the stand-alones) – so they either made the clues ‘universal’, or doubled up on them. That’s my theory anyway :)

      I LOVE your connection on Hoffman’s house resembling a greenhouse and the metaphorical ‘those in glass houses…’ phrase. It’s almost too perfect – if the writers didn’t have that intention, then they should have.

      In my review I think I mentioned that Walter and Astrid took the “high ground” – while that may be true with regards to their general worldview, by murdering Hoffman, Walter definitely didn’t live up to the subtext of his words – he threw stones from his glass house. And love him as I do, I think the cracks are begining to appear. Much like Olivia in “Grey Matters”, it’s funny how one act can make a character on this show even more rounded.

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  12. Techman9 says

    Whats with all the german stuff?

    ZFT was in german, David robert jones was german, Olivia Speaks german, and now with TBR Robert Bishop is german, and it was very german-centric. I can’t help thinking that germany must figure someway in the mythology of the story.

    Like: Thumb up 0

        • Stefan says

          I don’t really wonder about that. Germany is one of the scientifically more thriving cuntries in the world – and has been for centuries (Leibniz, Einstein, Heisenberg and so on).

          But the centering of one country seems to be a part of every J.J. Abrams-show. In Alias we had Italy, in Lost we have Korea and east asian culture (even Lost is a pretty international show) – it may be Germany – or the German speaking world – in Fringe.

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    • says

      Techman – I agree, the connections are building up.

      I should mention, though, Jones is English. The tea is a dead giveaway 😛 But then again, who doesn’t like tea?

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  13. merlin says

    eternal youth; the frogs can sleep through ice and winter; a sect of scientists stole the info and left the old zft only to rejoin the zft with secret identities 70 years later.

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  14. Acme says

    I’m suprised Peter didn’t ask why the toxin that was designed to kill Walter, didn’t affect him at all (like the family in the beginning of the epi.)

    Like: Thumb up 0

      • says

        Yeah, that was a bit confusing. In the end I convinced myself that the reason the toxin didn’t affect Peter was because Hoffman *somehow* used it in relation to Walter’s sweater. Although that doesn’t make much sense (unless he tweaked the toxin to trigger an allergic reaction, of sorts, as soon as Walter touched it).

        In fact it makes even less sense because there was a pot of toxin brewing which was surely designed to target any Bishop’s.

        But as you mentioned, it works better the other way – serving as yet another clue (is it a clue anymore?) that Peter isn’t Walter’s blood relative.

        Perhaps Walter explained it away off-screen through science-babble?

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        • MRG says

          I wondered about that too…the explanation I came up with is if the toxin was directed specifically at walter’s DNA obtained from hair or skin from his sweaters, it wouldn’t be an exact match for Peter’s DNA. Remember, offspring get half their DNA from their mother and half from their father. so maybe it either would not have affected Peter at all, or it would have taken a higer dose/prolonged exposure as compared to Walter.

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  15. MRG says

    I thought about that too. My explanation is that perhaps a hair or skin cell from the sweater was used to specifically target Walter’s DNA. Remember, offspring get only half their DNA from their father and half from their mother. So maybe it would have taken a larger or more prlonged dose off the toxin to affect Peter as compared to Walter.

    Besides, if the AU versions of Peter/Walter/everyone else really do represent not different people, but just a different version of us as we would have been on the alternate chosen path, then the DNA should be the same. It stands to reason if Peter in this and that world look the same, then genetically they are the same. Which makes me wonder if Walter did something to this world Peter to make him so sick as a child. After all, how could he experiment on all these other children but not his own?

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  16. nieniqe says

    When you mention Robert’s books above, it’s Thomas Mann, and not Joseph, you’ve even linked it correctly 😉

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