Fringe Observations: 2.07 Of Human Action

Fringe Observations - 2.07 Of Human Action

Welcome to Fringe Observations: the comprehensive Clues and Eastereggs Round-up for episode 2 of season 7 โ€“ Of Human Action.

Below the jump we explore the various clues and eastereggs from the episode and try to figure out what it all means.

Hear No Evil

Of Human Actions Clones

As we speculated last week, the gargoyle from Earthling was seemingly the clue for Of Human Action. Gargoyles are said to ward off harmful thoughts and spirits – in-keeping with the mind-control theme from this episode.

Observing The Observer

Of Human Action Clues

The Observer made an early appearance in the episode – observing the cops as they sped to the roof-top hostage scene. (this one reminded me of his “No Brainer” sighting).


Of Human Action Clues

Walter gets especially close to Peter, emphasizing the color thematics which may foreshadow future loyalties. Since this episode touched on it again, proximity could also be what they were hinting at in this scene. In “Arrival” we learned that information can be passed on through proximity – closeness. That’s how Mosley extracted the location of the cylinder from Peter – due to his connection with Walter. In this episode Walter tells Olivia that “I can’t do this without Peter, he always helps me” – perhaps offering more insight into Peter’s (speculated) ability and how he is able to influence those around him.

We could also read into this that Peter’s ability is derived from something Walter did to him after his abduction. Did Walter connect himself with Peter, in ways we are yet to truly understand, so as not to lose him again? (I wouldn’t put it past him!).

Horsing Around

Of Human Action Clues

The famous Sea-Horse Glyph can be seen on the door when Tyler and his hostages enter the convenience store. This glyph was last seen on the show itself in Momentum Deferred.


Of Human Action Clues

Slusho! made yet another appearance – this time in various locations in the convenience store. “Get Your Fix! [Slusho!] You Can’t Drink Just Six”. (indeed).

Big Freeze

Of Human Action Clues

If you’ve been following the themes since season 1, you’ll probably have noticed that there are a fair few references to cold or freezing. Here’s another one – “Arctic Glacier” – which may or may not be coincidental. (I also appreciated the hot to cold ordeal that the customer went through – emphasizing the extremes of human action and consequence).

Fringe On The Brain

Of Human Action Clues

This brain seems a little too intentionally positioned to be coincidence. Maybe it will tie into the next episode?


Of Human Action Clues

Of Human Action Clues

Of Human Action participated in The Simpsons Scavenger Hunt. On several occasions we see Tyler popping his mind-control medicine from a Homer Simpson Pez Dispenser, and Renee Davies hometown was located in Springfield, the city where Simpsons takes place.


Of Human Action Clues

Did Nina’s touch unlock Walter’s clarity in a similar way to how Peter often does? Or did she just say the right things at the right time? I guess what I’m asking is, does Nina have an ability? Something to look out for in future episodes I suppose.

It’s also worth noting that she touched him with her robotic right arm. That arm has been the focus before, what with it shaking (and mysteriously getting fixed) in “Ability” and William Bell using it to hide the energy cell. Just sayin’..maybe she has the magic touch. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Of Human Action Clues

The book beside Renee Davis is “Wonders Of The World” by Valeria Manferto De Fabianis. This could be a big shout-out to the next episode, or it could be a minor reference. Assuming that it is a meaningful clue, lets see what we can make of it:

We know there are SEVEN Wonders of the Ancient World – Could “over there” have a different number of Wonders, maybe SIX or EIGHT? (the latter would be interesting). If you follow FB you’ll know that the number eight is of interest to us because it has popped up in several important places on the show.

Over here there are 7 ‘wonders’ because the ancient Greeks believed the number to represent perfection and purity. I believe Fringe are throwing us a lot of “8‘s” because of its association with infinity, which in turn could be linked to the concept of multiple realities and hence, the multiverse.

I’m also wondering whether any of these Wonders are important in the history of the show. Fringe has delved into modern technology but I get the feeling that ancient artifacts/structures/locations will also play a role in the mythology of the show.

Question: If there are 7 wonders of the world, how many Observers do you suppose there are, considering our favorite bald headed fellow is called “September”? (as per The Arrival episode description).

Picture Perfect

Of Human Action Clues

This famous train painting in the Bishop abode is the New York Central System by Leslie Ragan (larger view). Perhaps I’m reaching too far on this one, but in my opinion trains infer stations which remind me of time and transportation. I guess that would mean time-travel? Maybe this is the next episode clue?

It’s also worth noting the date Ragan produced this painting – 1946, which is the year that Walter Bishop was born. (could time-travel explain how Robert Bishop died before Walter was born? Although, granted, we are yet to establish exactly who Robert is in the Bishop family).

Clone-descent Behaviour

Of Human Action Clues

The Tyler clones are part of the Penrose-Carson Experiments, a project involving the work of Massive Dynamic employee, Dr. James Carson (the father of Tyler 03), and a scientist from season 2 (The Same Old Story) – Claus Penrose.

Penrose was working with Massive Dynamic to create clones, however his experiment was flawed because the clones aged too quickly causing them to die within minutes of leaving the womb, unless treated with pituitary glands (which slowed down the aging process).

Penrose Clue and Claus Penrose

His arrival to the show was foreshadowed in the previous episode (Pilot) by a ‘next episode clue’ featuring a Pen and a Rose (Pen-Rose).

Christopher Penrose Clones

Like Dr. Carson, Penrose took one of the clones under his wing – Christopher, who ultimately died of old age. However, Massive Dynamic had plenty of Christopher clones harvesting back in their hush-hush chambers (above).

Of Human Action Clues

The same could be said for the Tyler’s (above). It’s possible that Dr. Carson was working with Penrose on the cloning experiments, or that Carson took over his research after Penrose escaped in episode 1.02. Of course, Penrose could still be ‘in play’, actively working for Massive Dynamic on both the Christopher and Tyler experiments.

One thing is for sure, Massive Dynamic are working on clones (soldiers) for a reason. Perhaps they’re our equivalent of the shapeshifting soldiers? (because we’d really stand a chance with Tyler on our front line ๐Ÿ˜› ). I find it interesting that Bell has gone from nurturing child saviours (Olive, Nick Lane et al) to growing clones and the like. Perhaps the war couldn’t wait..

Other Clues

  • Walter and Peter’s Tinker model from Earthling might also have been a clue for Of Human Action. In Tyler 03’s Developmental file we see a photo with a Tinker model. This might be coincidental though.
  • The Glyphs for Of Human Action spelled ARRIVE. If you’ve seen the trailer for the next episode you’ll probably know what this might refer to.
  • I almost forgot this one, which could be a real-world symbol or it might be an easteregg.

As always, if you have any comments on the above, or any observations that we’ve missed, feel free to let us know in the comments.


  1. says

    I’m not sure if you notice in the previous episode – Earthling, you would find brain scans, which can be seen in the laptop of the nurse (?) in the hospital. It appeared twice.

    I would have thought that is the next episode clue, as it involve “mind control”. I also wonder what is the significant of that brain display.

    Also, the shot of Walter in the simulation room looks like the shot of the “mystery man”. Half of Walt’s face is on the dark.

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  2. says

    Iโ€™m not sure if you notice in the previous episode โ€“ Earthling, you would find brain scans, which can be seen in the laptop of the nurse (?) in the hospital. It appeared twice.

    I would have thought that is the next episode clue, as it involve โ€œmind controlโ€. I also wonder what is the significant of that brain display.

    That’s a good shout. Thanks for the heads-up!

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  3. says

    It’s interesting that with all of this advanced technology, two worlds can only communicate with each other using outdated means, like with typewriters and that Hatch-esque (where Desmond had to type in the numbers) computer system.

    Reminds me of Battlestar Galactica, where the technology could be used against them, so they operated their ship without a network.

    Anyway. ๐Ÿ˜›

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  4. says

    BTW, Roco… I’m actually surprised you don’t have any theory on the scene where Walter’s face is shining when Peter got the car crash.

    Also, the car crash scene seems to be a reminder to us that at some point of Peter’s childhood a car crash incident had happened.

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    • says

      I agree. Might see a scene similar to this in a future episode. Perhaps a flashback to the night the Observer saved them from the lake.

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  5. Dr. Bishop says

    That gargoyle has NOTHING to do with this week’s episode. You read way too much into things man…not to mention you could use a proofreader. Just because gargoyles supposedly ward off evil spirits or whatever doesn’t really provide a solid link of any kind to the subject matter of this episode. The section on wonders is also quite hilarious….

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    • says

      That gargoyle has NOTHING to do with this weekโ€™s episode

      What’s that? Opinion you say? ๐Ÿ˜›

      You read way too much into things man

      That’s the whole point of Fringe Observations! To be honest though, I’m happy with our track record.

      Just because gargoyles supposedly ward off evil spirits or whatever doesnโ€™t really provide a solid link of any kind to the subject matter of this episode.

      Let me guess, you’re new at this?

      The section on wonders is also quite hilariousโ€ฆ.

      Dude, live a little. It’s speculation. Just like science, the pursuit of clue-cracking carries great risk. Being a doctor you should know that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  6. FringeFanatic says

    Under ‘Clone-descent Behaviour’,there’s a mistake:”The Same Old Story” is in season 1,not season 2.

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  7. merlin says

    hearnoevil-ok, observing the observer -the head observer that we allready met freelance observing, proximity – eh, horsing around – the sign says no exit how do you get out of the gas station, mmmmmm slusho, the big freeze – cake and beer?, fringe on the brain – walter knows more than he’s letting on he might be a bad apple, los simpsones, touch – the nina conspiracy, wonders – it would be coooler if the glyphs message was wonders tooo, picture perfect – wtf is robert bishop? (thanks rocos), tylers=clones, i fucking hate clones – is peter a clone?

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  8. Lena says

    I can’t help but think that maybe Walter and Nina has a past together, but I guess Walter would remember it in that case.

    In an episode, I can’t remember which one, Nina says she’s been working for Massive Dynamic for 16 years. Does that mean it was founded 16 years ago? Walter was taken to St. Claire’s 17 years ago. I wonder why Bell created the company so soon after Walter went out of the picture.

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    • Pedro says

      My gut feeling (I have nothing to base this on) is that Walter didn’t kill his lab assistant.

      Much like POW’s are “re-educated” I believe he was made to think he killed her when in reality (this reality) it either wasn’t his fault or he had nothing to do with it at all.

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    • Lena says

      I took a look around and realized that Nina said that she and Walter used to be very close. So they had a past after all. I’m just wondering what kind of past.

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  9. LZ says

    There is an instance of the green-red color sequence during the scene where Peter and Tyler are driving at night (before they get pulled over by the cop).

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  10. Pedro says

    I am glad to see that they manage to wrap up each case in a nice 42-minute bow.

    This episode was okay. It flowed better, but again, what’s going on with the other main parts of this story? I would give this one a 7 out of 10.

    I hope they make reference to the main story line soon. I agree that Olivia has seemed to forget about the fact that MD transported her to another universe. Not to mention that setting up that meeting caused her to get into a traumatic car accident.

    I expect Walter to forget things, but not the others. No one has mentioned that Charlie was killed even though everyone seemed to like him? BS

    I liked that the main storyline was at least tickled this week. Maybe we can get more next week.

    I had a couple of IT guys at my office tell me that they had switched from Fringe to “V” because of the stand alone stuff. That sucks because DVD sells after the fact doesn’t keep a show on the air.

    One last comment. I thought the Homer Simpson reference would have been cool if it would have been more subtle, but they way that they did it was off the Cheesy-Charts as far as I am concerned.

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  11. Vinz says

    Thanks for your posts! I really love reading them after watching the episode!

    In ep 7 I noticed something and I came here to read what was it about but you didn’t write anything about it so it may be nothing but I was wondering what does it mean…

    In the scene at the strip club with peter and the kid.. They are eating and Peter is cutting a meat with a knife.. And then suddenly the knife disappears.. Why and what does it mean?

    Thanks!! :)

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    • says

      Hey Vinz.

      Peter was hoping to gain an advantage on Tyler, who had him hostage. It was slight of hand (we know that he’s good at ‘magic’ – the coin trick, cards, etc), so he tried to conceal the knife – premumably with a view to using it against Tyler should he need to. If you watch closely you can see the moment that he ‘hides it’. Unluckily for Peter, Tyler realised that the knife had gone missing.

      Hope that helps!

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  12. Anna says

    That last picture you referenced that “could be a real-world thing”, is in fact a real world thing. It stands for hazardous waste.

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