Fringe Observations – 1.20 There’s More Than One of Everything

Fringe Observations - 1.20 There's More Than One of Everything

Welcome to our Clues and Eastereggs Round-up (re-branded “Fringe Observations”) for the season 1 finale of Fringe There’s More Than One of Everything. We’re posting this now as for one reason or another we didn’t manage to get it posted back in May.

Below the fold we explore our Fringe Observations from the epic season finale and attempt to make connections that might just work-out. :)

The Observer

More than one

He definitely wasn’t hidden away this time, but for completeness, here’s the Observer sighting for this episode.

Near Miss, Miss Dunham

More than one

Speculation has been rife about the significance of Olivia’s ‘near miss’ car crash towards the end of the episode. Like many of you out there I have to agree that it wasn’t just a throw-away scene. Does this represent Olivia travelling to an alternate reality prior to her elevator ride?

13th Floor

More than one

There is no 13th floor – quite common in some buildings.


More than one

More than one

We see the blue lights (flashes/strobes) appear moments before Olivia is transported to the parallel reality. Confirmation that these indicators do mean something (although perhaps they’re not confined to inter-reality crossing). Fellow blue-light campaigners – rejoice!

The second cap shows Olivia cranking into the parallel world, the empty lift now full of rather bleak looking folks. Of particular interest to me is why none of these people noticed Olivia suddenly poping into their world. Perhaps this suggests that Olivia’s alternate version was already in the lift, in the same spot as our Olivia? But seriously, how would that work – two versions in the same space at the same time?

He Blue it, But We Love Him

More than one

More blue lights, this time from Walter’s Universe plug. Blue is a very pretty color but I think the choice is intentional, like the strobes from teleportation device.

Over There

More than one

The table in Bell’s office creates a mirrored effect – giving us two Olivia’s. Subtle, but nice.

More than one

Oh, look! It’s a Bell. As in, William Bell. Obviously intentional but I’m not sure why they used this in the scene, since we get to see Bell a few seconds later. OK, I’ll bear with them, perhaps it’s an indication of the ‘death bell tolling’ for William? More on that below.

More than one

What’s in the news in this parallel world? Well, the Obama’s are still in. The White House, and not the Twin Towers, was hit in the 9/11 attacks. JFK is still alive. Looks like many things are the same over there with slight twists. More insight into the newspaper can be found here.

More than one

There’s a gas mask and canister in Bell’s office. Is this an indication that Bell is sick? Has he crossed over one too many times? Does he not have access to the treatment he needs (ala Jones back in “Ability”)?

As always, if you have any thoughts or further observations, feel free to share them with us in the comments.

2.01 Eastereggs: Sunday Sept. 20th


  1. mlj102 says

    I don’t know if you noticed, but I realized that on the DVD there’s what appears to be an unadvertised bonus on the final disc. I believe it’s in with the Episode list for that disc (though it might be in the Features section — I can’t quite remember), below the episodes there’s one of the yellow orbs with a phi symbol on it. If you click on it you will see a slightly different version of the end scene that actually makes use of the bell on the desk. Personally, I think it would have been fun if they’d kept it in the actual episode — it’s not like it was long or anything. But at least they included it on the DVD. I was excited to find that.

    I’m still getting around to my response to the finale re-watch, but I also wanted to comment that the reflection of Olivia in the table, along with the reflection of the bell, is one of my favorite reflections of the season. I thought that was brilliant!

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  2. Joseph Cross says

    Just wanted to note that on the paper, in the bottom left corner is a “Len Bias wins MVP,” note. For those who don’t know Len Bias was a much celebrated college basketball player who overdosed before ever entering the NBA. Although it seems to me he would be too old to be recieving an MVP award in 2009.

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