FRINGE: Nothing As It Seems — Noble Intentions


John Noble reflects on “Nothing As It Seems” in this new Noble Intentions video. Catch it below.


  1. Divine says

    The one thing I do miss from this timeline is the Walter-Peter father-son dynamic which was absolutely fantastic (funny, heart-wrenching sometimes) in the previous 3 seasons. Hope we have more of those in the coming episodes.

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  2. earthbrah says

    It hasn’t been terribly overt, but we have had a decent amount of Walter-Peter father-son development. Shall we call it somewhat tangential to this season’s major arcs…?

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  3. Polivia says

    I love this man. And yes I’ll repeat this in his every interview.
    Walter’s face When Peter hugged him. Ahhh That scene!
    Where is John Noble’s Emmy? Stupid Emmy guys?????

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