FRINGE: Noble Intentions — Wallflower


John Noble brings mythology back in his latest Cortexiphan-focused Noble Intentions video for “Wallflower“.



  1. fringefan2009 says

    I love listening to John talk…he’s so sincere and has an amazing understanding of the storyline.

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  2. ObservetteMARCH says

    He’s so charismatic and he definitely lives up to his last name. I love how much effort and thought he puts into his character. He has literally gone out and read and educated himself on Fringe science and what potential it has in todays world. So when he gives insight it’s not just about Walter or Fringe, he also thinks about the “reality” behind the science. A magnificent actor and a great man!
    That’s what I love about this show in general is that no matter how crazy or over the top the cases are, the science behind them is always explained in simplified terms so that the viewer can understand. No matter what the case may be they always make it look and sound plausible in our world, today. Science has come so far and Fringe really goes deep into the theories behind the cases on the show and one thing they do incredibly well (better then any other sci-fi show to date in my opinion) is relate these “far out” cases to todays world and make them sound plausible in our reality. As a viewer you sit there and think: “Wow, this could actually happen. This isn’t just some crazy futuristic sci-fi mumbo jumbo, this is the potential of science TODAY. In 2011 these things could happen and these theories could be possible. I really admire the effort that the team behind the science of Fringe go to, to make me really sit there and THINK. And in most cases my conclusion is: “Wow, as crazy as it is this could (in theory/potentially) HAPPEN in our world today. Or this is where we are heading with science and technology and in the very near future these things are possible. And for how little we “the general public” really know, this could be some of the things that are already going on behind these giant pharmaceutical companies and government corporations closed doors.
    For example, the season 2 episode Johari Window really made me think about all of those affected by the Chernobyl Disaster in 1986. Since Chernobyl, apart from the thousands affected dying of cancer, there are also reports of a huge government cover up regarding those born with severe birth defects. Some of the pictures obtained from the supposedly “non-existent” experimental labs show both children and adults with very similar physical abnormalities just like the people of Edina in Johari Window. Unfortunately these people aren’t as (for the lack of a better word) “lucky” to be able to live normal lives like the Edina residents were thanks to the “machine” that changes the eyes perception and makes them appear perfectly normal. As Walter says when he begs Broyles to let them be.

    WALTER: You can’t make this public, Agent Broyles. We need to let them keep their secret.
    BROYLES: Doctor Bishop, three state troopers were killed…
    WALTER: …and those responsible were brought to justice. But the rest of these people… you have no idea what will happen to them.
    BROYLES: Doctor Bishop…
    WALTER: They will have no choice but to study these people. To examine them, to test them, to humiliate them.
    BROYLES: (pausing) Doctor Bishop, did you find the machine? The one that transforms them?
    WALTER: Please, Agent Broyles. These people have been harmed enough. We simply can’t…
    BROYLES: …Doctor Bishop… I don’t think you’re understanding me. If you didn’t find the machine, there’s nothing to report.

    That’s exactly what happened to those born with abnormalities due to the Chernobyl Disaster. They ended up in labs, experimented on to this day.
    According to studies performed over the last 25 years, there have been over 500’000 deaths resulting from the disaster, most were cancer and leukemia victims. However, those still living in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia and other parts of Europe report seeing “the elephant men and children, the ones who everyone claims don’t exist”. The government was willing to admit that there was an abnormal number of children born with down syndrome since ’86 but there are rumors and several documentaries claiming the “the worst” cases are kept and studied in hidden labs and this is still happening today. Birth defects and abnormalities developed by children later in life even though 25 years have passed, the effects are still taking lives and there will most likely be victims for another 50 years to come. Some report seeing two headed babies being born, men and women with extra limbs and severe mental and physical deformities. It’s so tragic. Since the government has done everything to cover up as much as they can, we will probably never learn the full effect and the consequences The Chernobyl Disaster has left on humanity. That’s the sad truth. Fringe really reminds us that “things are not always as they seem” especially in todays world and that most of us will know only what the government wants us to know.

    Sorry for the long post, but my Peter Bishop side got the better of me and you know he loves a good conspiracy.

    What I am really trying to say is that Fringe is so much more then sci-fi. It is the kind of show we need in this day n age. Something very current and very relevant, something that really goes to the core of humanity, the consequences of our actions, the relationships we cherish and the lengths we will go to for the ones we love. It’s an emotionally charged show and I think that anyone sci-fi fan or not can enjoy it and relate to it. In one word: Genius. Fringe needs to stay and continue to wow us, amaze us, open up and challenge our minds and break and heal our hearts!

    Keep voting for FRINGE at The People’s Choice Awards, only a few days left so go HARD Fringies!!! Let’s show the world how great Fringe is and what loyal fans we are.
    Love to all my fellow Fringies xoxo

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      • ObservetteMARCH says

        No problems. Yep, I’ve been voting like crazy. I think we’ve only got till the 6th so two days to go. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

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    • Red Balloon says

      Thanks for sharing this and for sure I coincide with you, Fringe is beyond entertainment.

      As a viewer you sit there and think: “Wow, this could actually happen. This isn’t just some crazy futuristic sci-fi mumbo jumbo”

      You know how often we take little things for granted, like just 10 years ago we still used cassette tapes instead of CD’s or USB storage device?. Well, when they showed the Retro opening (circa 1985) from episode “Peter”:
      (Personal Computing, Cold Fusion, Cloning, DNA Profiling, Nanotechnology, Invisibility, Genetic, Engineering, Laser Surgery, Stealth Technology, In Vitro Fertilization, Virtual Reality)

      It really hit me that, as you said, the other openings could be happening 10 -15 years for now:

      (Suspended Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics
      Psychokinesis, Transmogrification, God
      Teleportation, Precognition, Dark Matter
      Reanimation, Nanotechnology, Genetic Engineering

      Hypnosis, ESP, Hive Mind
      Neuroscience, Cryonics, Pyrokinesis
      Clairaudience, Parallel Universe, Mutation
      Protoscience, Astral Projection, Genetic Engineering

      Wormholes, Singularity, Speciation
      Synesthesia, Transhumanism, Pandemic
      Reanimation, Neural Network, Telepathy
      Transcendence, Retrocognition, Biotechnology

      Existence, Quantum Entanglement, Philosopher’s Stone
      Psychometry, Viral Therapy, Etheral Plane
      Gravitons, Time Paradox, Psychogenisis
      Bilocation, Psychic Surgery, Transgenics

      Cellular Rejuvenation, Thought Extraction, Cryptozoology
      Neural Partitioning, Brain Porting, Temporal Plasticity
      Dual Maternity, Chaos Structure, Clonal Transplantation
      Water, Biosuspension, Hope

      It’s just C R A Z Y!… , but I hope humanity will be in tune to understand what lines are never supposed to be crossed.

      I Fringe ya! :)

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    • g33k says

      Thanks for the beautiful and thoughtful post. I agree there Fringe is amazing and there is nothing like it on the air and probably never has been. I can’t think of any other series that ever has been so amazing on so many levels.

      Only a few more days for people’s choice??? I’m going to vote way more these last few days! :-)

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      • ObservetteMARCH says

        @g33k No, Thank You for reading it and appreciating my take on things! Absolutely, we should vote vote vote. I’ve been voting like crazy for the last couple of days. I really hope Fringe wins! It more then deserves every award out there! Especially a PCA because it lets them know how much WE love the show! :-)

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    • ObservetteMARCH says

      Thank You Mike :-) That means so much to me because I am so passionate about Fringe and I feel like I’ve got so much to say. So Thank You for enjoying my loooong posts, I really appreciate your comment. xo

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  3. lafra08 says

    ObservetteMARCH this is exactly what I think too!!!! I couldn´t express this any better! It is also for me amazing that Fringe´s scifi stuff seems so real and quite possible in our world and that this show challenges my mind every time I watch it. And this combination of exploring the possibilities of future technology and beautiful human emotions, interactions, relationships is simply genius!That´s way I also don´t want Fringe to end and I don´want our beloved chracters to go!!!

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    • ObservetteMARCH says

      lafra08 So true. Isn’t it just the best show? Honestly I have seen so many shows over the years and I really give everything a chance. But Fringe is just so special. It’s current, it’s got action, romance, comedy and even a touch of horror. The dialogue and character interaction and development is perfectly executed. The cast is the best we’ve had in a show for a while and John Noble is the best actor currently on TV and Walter is one of the best TV characters of all time.
      It’s an intelligent show and the suspense factor is beyond what my words can express. It’s sharp, smart suspense that goes way beyond a simple “who done it?” or “what happens next?”. It literally sends my brain into an overdrive of satisfaction and intrigue. I mean those amazing WTF moments (think s1,s2&s3 finales) where your whole body just gets goose bumps and your jaw drops and you literally can’t speak for a good couple of minutes. Or the heart breaking moments where the tears just start to flow (think white tulip or the emotional Peter/Walter moments). Then the sweet YES!!! moments like Olivia telling Peter: “I want what you want.” then taking him upstairs. I mean I could go on and on…..I just think that this show is pure genius and it has the power to get anyone hooked. Sci-fi fan or not, I haven’t met 1 intelligent person who watched this show and didn’t like it.
      I just hope that the show runners get the chance to tell the story in it’s entirety without having to compromise time or big budget cuts.

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      • ObservetteMARCH says

        I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. The potential is definitely huge and I think episode 8 will be epic!

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  4. lafra08 says

    ObservetteMARCH all what you said about Fringe is so beautiful and you are so right!!!!!!!!!! I´m so happy to find someone here, who thinks exactly what I think about our favourite show! As you said Fringe is a an inteligent special show! The show has the most adorable cute amazing and talented cast and genius writers and producers! And such kind of show happens not every day -it is a real gift to the audiens when you can get invested in a show on a this level, when you really love and care about the characters and their stories!!! That´s way Fringes beautiful story deserves to be told at least within 5-6 seasons!!!!!!!!!!
    The promos for ep.4.08 look amazing and the producers said lately -great Polivia stuff coming up:) so I can´t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • ObservetteMARCH says

      @lafra08 Thank you for our kind words, it means so much to me to connect with the fans that love the show as much as I do. I agree with you 100%.

      “the producers said lately -great Polivia stuff coming up:) so I can´t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

      AWESOME!!! Didn’t hear that. My heart’s been aching over the current Polivia situation, but I know that it’s a necessary part of the story for the writers to tell, especially since the huge s3 finale and Peter being erased. That’s why I don’t understand those who complain about this new Peterless timeline. It was so necessary for us to see what a sad place our characters world is without Peter. It was supposed to be and feel our characters are missing “something”, that spot that Peter filled in their hearts is empty and of course they are different in a negative way. What did some of these negative people expect? A Peterless reality where Walter and Olivia are happy and complete?? This part of the story was essential to show what an effect Peter has had on our characters and how “alone” and damaged they are without him. I’m sure that season 4 will be great and full of Fringe goodness. The first 7 episodes had to tell the story that they did, life without Peter is extremely different for everyone and of course it wasn’t going to be different in a good way. Now we will slowly start getting our answers and discover what this amber timeline really is. I’m really excited and the only thing I haven’t enjoyed about season 4 is that the baseball bumped episode 8 to next year. I’ve gotten over it though ’cause once Fringe comes back we won’t have to wait 2 months before episode 9. That’s a relief as I’m sure episode 8 will end with a cliffhanger.

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    • Red Balloon says

      Liz, The last one I’ve read is the one after the episode And Those We’ve Left Behind. I’ve already posted the link but is awaiting moderation.

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