FRINGE: Noble Intentions – The Day We Died

A new Noble Intentions video has hit the web. John Noble weighs in on the timeline altering Fringe Season 3 finale, with particular attention paid to two of the episode’s most outstanding scenes.

Hit the jump to check it out before it vanishes into thin air, or something.



  1. Filp says

    I don´t have words to say how much I like John Noble´s work … very good actor, one of the best out there. i just had to say …

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  2. FlashWriter says

    First off, I must say that I’m such a fan of John’s work. He can read the phone book and make it sound interesting. Further, while I’m a real believer in the old saw “If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage”, these actors have so supported the writers as to lift what they’ve written onto a whole other level. This cast has certainly done their part–more than done it–to support the show. They’ve done it with their tallent AND their time. JJ Abrams et all must be living right to have such a cast. God, I love them all.

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  3. William Bishop says

    I always like these “Noble Intentions” videos, great insights from Noble, who by the way is one of my favorite actors, I just hope they’ll continue to make these videos next season.

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