FRINGE: Noble Intentions — Subject 9


John Noble looks back on “Subject 9” in the latest Noble Intentions video.


  1. says

    this is the first season of fringe i’ve watched “as it happened”, the rest i caught up on dvd. it’s horrible having to wait so much. haha.

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    • LMH says

      Yeah. I watched season 1 in about 2 days, and caught up just as s2 was starting. That’s when I realized how hooked I was, it was torture to wait a whole week in between eps instead of a few seconds. As the show moves forward it only gets harder because the storylines are even more intense.

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    • Clark says

      I experienced the opposite, watching every broadcast, and seeing them finally on a DVD I realized how every couple of episodes was a short story. Subject 9 definitely showed us the beginings of a new story. Sadly, there hasn’t been enough Internet stuff between this episode and the new one, baseball.

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  2. Anita says

    I am amazed every time at how passionate John Noble is about his character and the show. His enthusiasm is infectious!

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  3. says

    I will never view staying in a hotel room the same way… Ever !
    I feel like I have to invest in night vision googles, or whatever they use in a crime scene investigation before I enter the room.

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  4. Clark says

    This episode really encapsulated the new timeline, a gothic world where chances to grow weren’t allowed-and everyone has a darker headspace.

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  5. JM says

    Roco dont know if you know this but episode 8 “back to where you’ve never been” has been pushed back to january 13th, such bullshit

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    • Sanj says

      Oh wow, really? Some “season” we’ve had so far…here it is November and we’ve had FOUR whole episodes. Wow. And now we’ve got more delays to look forward to? Way to show commitment there Fox.

      I notice a lack of anything here this week…are we even getting a new episode tomorrow?

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