FRINGE: Noble Intentions — One Night In October


John Noble gives us his Noble Intentions for One Night In October. [Updated with hi-res].



  1. says

    It was a great episode, Fringe to the core.
    I would like to see Walter more depicted as the reálly mad scientist, more fanatic, more berzerk and more disturbed.
    It was an excellent episode.

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    • FlashWriter says

      Agreed. It was a quality episode (following an equally good episode) and it looks like the additions made to the writing staff seem to be paying off. Of course, being an Olivia fan, I’m interested in B-Olivia also and their differences. Olivia almost seems split in two now, with the pain of the “hole in her life” palpable in every scene. Then there’s B-Olivia: brash, kind of a smart-ass, almost trashy (but not quite) in the way she walks and holds herself. Anna Torv is doing what I didn’t think was possible, outdo what she did last season. There’s Walter, teetering on the brink of madness. Barely able to function. Brilliant none-the-less. John Noble still sets the bar for not only this series, but for television in general.


      Thank you for listening…

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      • Kung says

        Quote:”My only question: WHY IN HELL AREN’T THEY SELLING THE EPISODES ON ITUNES?????”

        …I would like to know that too!!! WHY??

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      • J.P. says

        I think FOX said that they haven’t worked out any contracts with iTunes this year regarding Fringe. Such a shame, though!

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        • tess says

          OMG you’re kidding?! I am willing to buy Fringe on iTunes cause I feel guilty as a fan because I can’t make the Friday Night rating!

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