FRINGE: Noble Intentions — And Those We’ve Left Behind


John Noble offers his views on the Walter/Peter relationship in this Noble Intentions video for “And Those We’ve Left Behind”.


  1. says

    Who would have thought that Peter sacrificing himself for the greater good would have such repercussions. How can one act of selflessness create such unexpected results, and significant consequences.

    I hope that the show take us one step closer to a resolution before the break.

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  2. Jennifer says

    Oh I can’t wait! What an awesome show! But what I don’t seem to understand is some of the fans that have been pleased with Fringe & their ability to take us places we would have never thought to go but since these actors are so awesome at doing it, they have made us completely believe this, why some people don’t continue to have the faith that in time, all will be revealed & we will again not go away unsatisfied. That is one of the best parts about this show is they don’t just give the story line up quickly, they take us through the realistic journey unlike 99% of shows that give it away immediately & then you no longer are captivated & then it becomes just another predictable show.

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