FRINGE: Noble Intentions — Alone In the World


John Noble looks back at the most recent instalment of Fringe with noble intent. Find out what he has to say about “Alone In The World”.



    • Observette MARCH says

      I know, he has such an amazing presence on screen and so much charisma. I really don’t get why he hasn’t won an Emmy. It makes me so angry because he is so deserving of recognition for his work on Fringe. I never thought that my favourite character of all time would end up being a mad scientist in his sixties. But here we are: Noble did it! I love Walter Bishop more then any character (TV series or movie) that I’ve ever seen. He is just pure gold! Fox networks greatest asset for sure and that is exactly why they should give this amazing show all the seasons it needs to wrap up the magical story that is Fringe. Screw the ratings I say, I wish that when it came to Fringe they just don’t pay attention to the ratings. In my opinion Fringe has got the most well developed characters on television, I can’t help but love them all with all my heart. They’re all brilliant and as I’ve said before Walter is that PERFECT cherry on top. VIVA FRINGE!

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  1. Rick Terry says

    So just guessing here, but if Walter came up and Peter was dead, then I guess my theory is feasible that perhaps September did to dead Peter what he did to Dead Bobby from Firefly. Meaning he did die, but then September being timeless as he is went back to a point in time before Peter’s death, and took him out of time to keep him somewhere to grow into a man, undetected. IDK I guess we’ll eventually find out.

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