J.H. Wyman: ‘Maybe Someday There Will Be A Fringe Wrap Up Movie’


Ahead of the Almost Human panel, J.H. Wyman reflected on Fringe finale and admitted that he’s left the door open for a movie continuation.

via TV Guide:

Though a touching swan song, Fringe fans still lamented the fact that Walter didn’t get to be part of the happy family. “I’ll make you not sad,” Wyman tells TVGuide.com. “Walter is only happy when his brain is being challenged. Walter went to the future, and how do you know he didn’t find a way back once again?”

Wyman notes that he meant for Peter’s expression when he received the “white tulip” letter from Walter to be ambiguous. Did he recognize it or not? “Maybe someday there will be a Fringe movie and I’ll explain some of the things that I want to explain, but I also wanted to let people make their own opinion. I wanted it to be as special to each person individually and let them make their own assumptions and live with it. I have a lot of story I can tell still and I love those characters so much.”

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  1. says

    Upon reflection from posting on Seriable yesterday, maybe, like the Lost motto of ” We have to go back,” the return to Fringe should end as is.

    The ending worked for me, but boy oh boy do I miss the characters.

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  2. JaniceLG says

    Agree Betty. Based on the wrap up interviews, you would have to really convince Anna to come back for a movie. However, with time, that might change. It might be easier to say Yes 5 years down the road.

    It can end where it is and I re-watch this show almost daily, so I miss it terribly.

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  3. says

    (I originally posted this on Seriable)

    I have mixed feelings on a Fringe movie. I would welcome any new Fringe footage in any form, although I would hope it does not retcon my interpretation of the characters, or the ending.

    It is a fine line for Wyman to walk since I personally am at peace with, and really loved the ending. Also I would hope it is made for TV and not cinematic release since it would likely only appeal to the Fringe fandom, and I wouldn’t want them to lose money on it.

    Now a movie showing the parallel adventures of Walter/Michael in 2167 trying to get Walter back to his reset family in the new 2015, alongside a new adventures of the reset Peter/Olivia/Etta from the ending as they realize what happened, and have to cope with the sacrifice of Walter. Throw in some Redverse, and maybe some William Bell (if possible) for posterity’s sake of course. The ending would have to somehow have; (a) either Walter getting back to 2015, or (b) P/O/E getting to come to 2167 to be with Walter.

    Just my opinion on the matter.

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  4. DeepRunner says

    Two words for Mr. J.H. Wyman: Do. It.

    Make the wrap-up film. Include these nuggets if you can:

    * How do you resolve Peter coming to the BlueVerse if the Observers were wiped out?

    * Have September explain why Henry was not the child to be born. What about him made him worthy of being erased?

    * Have the others slowly but surely get their memories back. Think of it…Walternate realizing how much damage HE had done as he escalated the war between the universes. Alt Broyles remembering helping Our Olive cross back over. Fauxlivia remembering her time with Peter.

    * In terms of Walter making his way back…I say GREAT. But don’t make it like Back to the Future or The Search for Spock. Make it Fringey enough so that the audience says, “C-O-O-L.” And then do one more Walter and Walternate scene.

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    • Matt says

      Henry had to be erased because he was the End of All Things (e.g. he brought about the destruction of both universes.) Henry’s birth gave Walternate a means to activate the machine over there, which caused Peter to get in the machine over here and destroy the Alternate Universe. Fast forward to 2026 and the Over Here universe is dying without the Alternate Universe. Since the Observers “evolved” in 2167, this type of future was completely out of the question for them. Notice that we never see any Observers in “The Day We Died” during the 2026 sequences. They took advantage of Walter’s First People plan and used the opportunity to erase Peter in the new timeline. Otherwise, the plan for the 2015 invasion would be prevented.

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      • Matt says

        Also, as for the Peter question, I suppose there’s a couple theories but no concrete proof

        Theory 1: Walter and Michael didn’t prevent the Observers from ever existing, they just gave them emotion. September and the other Observers still went back in time and everything up until the Invasion happened as is.

        Theory 2: Because the plan to remove the Observers was helped in part by an Observer (September), it would be paradoxical to reset the timeline and erase the Observers all along. It would create a time loop otherwise! So, to resolve this, nature, which abhors paradoxes (as per Walter), waits to stamp out the Observers from existence until 2015. It only resets the timeline at 2015 once the plan is, in essence, completed.

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        • DeepRunner says

          Interesting theories, and they sound good. But…if I recall Walter and Peter’s exchange after Olivia was killed by Walternate, the 2026 we saw was a product of Walter bringing Peter’s consciousness forward while he was still in the Machine. Peter went back and made a different choice in the moment, creating the Bridge, ending the war, and healing both universes. So…Henry would still have survived, no? That would seem to run counter to Henry being the end of all things, at least at that moment.

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          • DeepRunner says

            And it was September who erased Peter. It was not anyone else from 2609.

            Plus, December says directly to September that if his plan works, they (the Observers) would cease to exist. Which September does not deny but does say that if the plan does not work, the Bishops (and the people of their era [OUR era]) would cease to exist. Then they discuss fate being changed. At that point, it becomes, as Wyman has said, a POV thing for different members of the audience. :)

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            • Matt says

              As for your second post, that’s very true! Which is why I tend to be partial to Theory #2 myself. Of course, September could just mean they won’t exist “in their current form.” Who knows. Damn the ambiguity of it all!

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          • Matt says

            Close but they never said that the 2026 we saw was a product of Peter’s consciousness being brought forward. The 2026 we saw was a product of Peter getting in the Machine in general. Walter hardwired the Machine to bring Peter’s mind forward in time to 2026 AFTER the fact in order to prevent it from happening again. When Peter bridged the two universes, a new timeline was created. The Observers used the timeline change to erase Peter, which in turn erased Henry as well (because how could Henry exist without Peter?) That’s why we never see Henry from Season 4 onward, because he never existed.

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        • Surun Tunne says

          Theory 2 is exactly what happened, I’m sure.

          I loved the ending and don’t really need a direct continuation in movie form but I would still like so see fringe return in one way or another in the future.

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  5. scully8 says

    I have to agree with those that are good with the ending. I’m not opposed to anything that brings back our favorite characters, however I wouldn’t want it to tarnish what was a fantastic ending.

    Janice — I also re-watch episodes most nights before I go to bed and miss the characters terribly.

    In terms of Anna Torv . . . yeah I can’t see her signing on for a movie until quite some time after the end of the series. She reminds me of Gillian Anderson at the conclusion of Xfiles. She didn’t want to do another movie, but did the second one some eight or so years later and now down for a third–time makes the heart grow fonder.

    Nice to see comments from my favorite Fringies!

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    • Page 48 says

      I think the finale of “Fringe” was one of Bad Robot’s more satisfying wind-ups. “Alias” finished in brutal fashion and “Lost” was an extremely polarizing head-scratcher. I don’t think “Fringe” needs a ‘wrap-up’ movie, but I would certainly welcome a ‘further adventures of’ movie.

      I’d love to see the franchise live on, but I won’t hold my breath. Actors tend to want to move on quickly, seemingly unable to realize what is obvious to the rest of us, that they are running away from the best work they will ever do.

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      • Roneo says

        “…they are running away from the best work they will ever do”
        Wow. Although I wish for all the cast and crew a long and successful career, the truth is that’s very possible, not because most of them aren’t extremly talented, but that kind of magical conjunction that was Fringe very, very, very seldom happens.

        It keeps puzzling me how differently from the audience inner people perceive tv shows.

        I understand that they are tired and probably with few desires right now to be involved with anything Fringe. Who knows in a time.

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      • says

        There is a rumour/gossip going around that the lovely Anna Torv has been seen sporting a “baby bump,” from a report dated July 22nd 2013.
        I will wait to see pictures myself, but if so, great news for Anna.
        Did any Fringies from Australia hear this news ?

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        • David says

          The website spreading these gossips is a SCAM. It’s been around for several month and it republishes the gossips about Anna Torv every few days and every time they’re all the same. If they were true, Anna Torv must be got engaged, broke up with her boyfriend and got pregnant more than 20 times in the last three month. Apparently this website uses this technique of publishing false rumors about celebrities just to escalate it’s search engines.

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    • Residents Fan says

      Remember how they got the cast of “Star Trek:TOS” for Futurama’s
      “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” and ST:TNG to appear on
      Family Guy’s “No All Dogs Go to Heaven”?

      Maybe there’ll be a special episode of something
      like “American Dad!” or “Archer” which could have the
      “Fringe” cast guest-star 😉 …

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  6. Sissy says

    “Wrap-Up Movie”??? For me it was wrapped up. I would love to see a continuation movie or any kind of Fringe creation. Here’s hoping.

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  7. ex-Fingonaut says

    I would still like to see the ending of Season 3 as it was originally scripted (when it was thought to be the last season). Movie? Sure!

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  8. Spike says

    It’s a difficult one.

    A movie is always a big budget thing and fringe despite being perhaps one of the best sci fi adventures ever conceived, Is still a niche show it’s far to complex for the majority to digest easily.

    Now with a movie are the niche audience enough for it to become an economically viable film with out compromising pretty much everything that makes fringe special?

    Certainly if Mr Wyman does decide to make a film I do hope he will not muck about with any of the resolutions that healed the paradox. The fringe team went through hell sorting all that out!.

    I am undecided if Walter should ever return back to the present but I do think there is good scope to explore the world Walter ended up in with Michael. But as fringe is essentially about one family trying to stay together despite all odds it would still be fitting. Fringe fate/reality would disagree and probably have another fit on a quantum level! (Karma or maybe just Walters belief in his need to suffer for his crimes perhaps wouldn’t allow his return) and he has made a vow to look after the prodigal son of September

    In my mind what work best would be a new problem that arises in Walters new time a problem
    that starts in the new present that can only be sorted out by Walter communicating with the fringe
    team via sub-space or some invention walter-esque Perhaps a latent link with peter in the past

    Also I defiantly think the fringe present should be set around the same time as almost human around 2040. 25 years on from when we last saw them. Yes you would need to watch all of fringe to really grasp it but it would still be a most enjoyable stand alone film…

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  9. says

    FRINGE?; heck yeah!…it’s obvious the story should continue because it’s really not over…not like that!.
    It’s not logical to me, when you have the “Observers” basically invaded everything through out the series on so many levels;yet no single sign of our abilities was shown on any level. We run around chasing stuff (which help explain stuff) emotional?..not just emotional stuff; that’s should be baby stuff to us; of course, the Observer’s analysis says EMOTION is our weakness but what about our abilities we never thought we have beyond the Observers wildest imagination.These abilities we have are more superior than their advanced so-called technology,yet only few have access and know how to use them; so much so,the Observers realized their apparent invasion is actually reversed psychology on themselves. We are in control and not them and we are doing it without bloodshed. There have to be a balance in terms of the invasion mentality between the two universes…..the door swings both ways! :-)
    ‘wrap-up’ movie is not really a must have instead spend that budget continuing the series,raising the bar another notch. Now, Walter,Peter,Olivia,Etta and Broyles must remain.No need to have to really convince Anna to come back; they will all love to come back after a second thought. They all acted excellently; it’s time we start making series like this with a positive purpose that we are advanced living creatures too….we just don’t know it. We don’t invade others but when you make to our side it’s not as simple as 123…
    As for Mr. for Mr. J.H. Wyman: Don’t Do. It(Movie)!,FRINGE CONTINUE with a whole new level of twist..

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  10. says

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