Fringe Movie? ‘Never Say Never’


J.H. Wyman hasn’t ruled out the possibility of one day doing a Fringe movie.

On the subject of a Fringe movie, Wyman tweeted: “Never say never.”



  1. MrBreezy4Sheezy says

    I would absolutely love a Fringe movie, on two conditions: 1.) All the original cast return (no swapping actors). And 2.) J.J.Abrams and Jeff Pinkner are on board 100% of the way.

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  2. Residents Fan says

    I would be quite interested to see a “Fringe” movie (stranger things have happened) but it
    would have to be aimed at general moviegoers as well as us fans. If the original cast are
    unable to reprise their roles for such a film, then perhaps new “Fringe” characters could be
    created for the movie.

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  3. DeepRunner says

    Three Words for Wyman:

    Just. Do. It.

    Ready for The Big Three to make The Big Comeback. And since time was reset, we can bring back The Next Three.

    Bring back Alt Lincoln and leave Purple Lincoln out of it.

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  4. Sissy says

    This would be so fantastic if it ever happens. And maybe I received a sign. Today while driving an Oldsmobile Vista Crusier the exact same color with wood trim passed me. I tried to catch up to it to see if Walter was at the wheel but that thing was flying.

    Fingers crossed for a movie someday.

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    • Sissy says

      Update. If 24 with Jack Bauer can come back, why not Fringe for a short run if a movie is impossible?

      I have to tell you when I watched 24 it was like old friends showed up at my doorstep, it was totally awesome. I hope someday that will happen with Fringe.

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  5. Matthew Markovich says

    Don’t know about a theatrical movie but a couple of TV movies would be great if the stories were top quality. I’d like to see a continuation of the series with new expanded ideas beginning right after the very last scene in the park with Etta as a little girl. New characters, Fringe Division on its own separate from the FBI. I can hope…………………

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  6. DeepRunner says

    I may be one of the very last ones standing here, but I just wanna say, as it pertains to a Fringe movie:

    * Let Olivia be Olivia. Use her cortexiphan-fueled powers create momentum for time travel to get Walter from the future. And let her be the one to rescue him from whatever trouble lies in the future. Think about it…what if the other side of Walter’s plan is fraught with peril? We assume that because all reverted to the peaceful setting in the park, that everything went well for Walter. What if it didn’t?

    * Bring back Alt Elizabeth, and have the two Walters do one more conversation. TOGETHER. One. More. Time.

    * Resolve the MAJOR, GINORMOUS plot vacuum that wrecked whatever was left of the “Zero Event”—if no Observers, no September in the lab to distract Walternate, Walter does not cross over to save Red Peter and bring him to the BlueVerse, Peter and Olivia don’t meet, and the rest of the story turns in on itself like a black hole. If not resolve it, at least show Walter (and us) what would have happened if he had NOT crossed over. As “Alias” often reminded us, everyone always has a choice. Let’s see (like the shared consciousness in Season 4’s TEOAT) the outcome if Walter had not made HIS choice.

    * Somehow, have the dialogue between Peter and September, where September explains why Peter and Henry had to be erased. What was it about Henry that was not needed/was harmful? Presumably, the Observers were only concerned with the sanctity of the timeline in the BlueVerse (until they, OK, changed it). Let us know if or why Henry was a danger to the Observers

    * Have Fauxlivia get her memories of the Blue Timeline back, too…And let her have that moment of awkwardness with Peter, Our Olivia, and Lincoln. And let Astrid, Broyles, and Nina get their memories back

    * Retcon the retcon of “the boy is important, he has to live.” September said it in Season 2, and August and December said variations of it when referencing Peter. Michael wasn’t even thought of as a plot point, so it seems, until Season 5.

    I still think Fringe was the. Best. Sci-Fi. Show. Ever. I would just like these things sewn up.

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