FRINGE: Michael Massee New Big Bad, Lincoln Not Getting Pushed Out, Spoiler Update


Michael Massee has been tapped to play a villainous role on Fringe, a new winter premiere spoiler emerges, and the producers weigh in on why Lincoln’s a firm part of the family unit — and more.

First up, Se7en star Michael Massee has been tapped to play the new Big Bad role we told you about last week. As we know, the character is plastered in prosthetics and will “do terrible things to serve his own bent logic.”

EP J.H. Wyman provides some additional Intel. on the new fiend:

“His character promises to be one of the most memorable, guest bad guys we’ve ever had. A terrifying journey with a man pushed to the limits by intense loneliness.”

Massee will enter the fray in Episode 4.15, to be directed by Wyman and written by Wyman add Graham Roland.

Elsewhere, Wyman and fellow EP Jeff Pinkner have further teased Friday’s winter rouser, with notable quotables on the first 7 episodes, Nina and Lincoln:

On the first seven episodes of this season:

Pinkner: “The first seven episode were an opening act and were laying the track for an overture to what’s going to happen for the rest of the season. We’ve seen now what Nina is doing to Olivia and [the] shapeshifters many times. In this next episode and going beyond, A) we’ll find out who’s behind the shapeshifters – it could be Walternate and B) we’ll really start to delve in to the challenges that our characters are going to face in both universes.”

On Lincoln Lee’s integration into family unit:

Pinkner: “It will be more of the same [going forward]. There are now two of them, and he’s now part of the team. He’s not being pushed out of the team by Peter’s presence. He continues to serve a very valuable role. Operating under all of this from the beginning is [the fact] that all of these characters, who don’t belong anywhere, have all formed this family within Fringe division. And Lincoln, on their side, stated that he’s never felt like he belonged, and he’s found people he’s connected with. The show has always been a complicated, complex family drama masquerading as a science-fiction procedural show. And Lincoln’s now part of the family.”

On dimensionalizing Nina Sharp:

Pinkner: “We now understand that Nina’s relationship in this time line is very different, and suddenly, not only is she her surrogate mother figure, but she’s dosing her and doing very nefarious things. So the surprises will keep coming. That’s the safest thing to say without us giving away too much.”

Finally, a spoiler tease points towards a mole in the over there Fringe Division. According to TV Guide, this guy is said to be “a pretty nasty guy who we’ve met before.”

Source: EW | TV Guide


  1. willg says

    Wow! It seems like this last two thirds of the season is going to be a roller coaster ride. Can’t wait.

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  2. number six says

    1. Okay, let’s see if there is some progress beyond the next two episodes. They can’t just do their best for the mid-season break and back and then sleepwalk until the next hiatus.
    2. Lincoln… zzZZZzzzz.
    3. More Nina is always good. A nefarious Nina is even better.
    4. Still stuck in the alternate timeline, probably the whole season. Ugh!

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    • says

      1-3: I totally agree.
      4: I see your “Ugh!” and raise you an incredibly long Eyeroll.

      So Lincoln… There are 2 Lincoln’s on Fringe teams in THIS timeline, but what about the original Timeline from whence Peter (and the rest of us) came? There is no Lincoln to speak of on that Fringe team. He showed up briefly, but left just as fast, thankfully.

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        • JM says

          On a serious note: “More of the same” I would assume to mean that Lincoln is going to remain at the same prominence he has had so far this season, which means basically as prominent as any of the three leads: Olivia, Walter and Peter. This is obviously speculation (so feel free to disagree) but does that mean lance reddick is not gonna get anything at all this season?, jasika nicole is getting an astrid episode, and blair brown is getting a nina arc, i feel so bad for the actors who have stayed with the show for so long and only get crumbs, i know they have been supporting characters since the beginning, but why does lincoln get as much screentime as the three leads? i dont see why he needs to be in it this much, even charlie wasnt (and he was WAY better; and actually had chemistry with anna torv, albeit non romantic)

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          • WtmL says

            I understand you completely.
            Whenever Lincoln shows up on screen, I can’t focus on the story because he totally ruins it for me.
            I just can’t stand Lincoln. Boring, unnecessary character…
            I has to sound silly, but I Lincoln remains as prominent as he has been in the first seven episode I won’t watch it to the end. Impossible.

            Nina Sharp is the opposite. Whenever she shows up on screen it’s instantly interessting and compelling.

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          • Scully8 says

            Yeah, I just don’t get Lincoln’s position in the story. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I agree that his character (both) rather boring; and I’ve truly tried to accept him–I guess I’ll have to. :) In any event, I’m really looking forward to the next group of episodes.

            I also like how Peter is being protrayed this season. He is borderline cocky which gives him an edge that elevates his presence on the team.

            I also like the dynamic that seems to be taking shape between he and Olivia, although I could just be reading in to it.

            Peter seems to be less reacting to her emotional state (her needs are not driving his existence in this timeline) and being her sounding board, but more of an equal or even leading things. I believe this new dynamic can lead to a romantic relationship from less of a ‘because I need you’ on Olivia’s part and more ‘I think your hot and strong–less to do with because we are thrown together’.

            With that said, her relationship with Lincoln may be more of a place-holder or eventually really close friend (i.e., Charlie/ Bolivia-AltLincoln). Of course this could all be wishful thinking on my part. )

            I’m so looking forward to this next series of episode. FRINGE rocks and I will continue to watch, even with Lincoln in the mix–albeit, cringing the whole time he’s in the scene. :)

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            • jophan says

              I’m on the other side. I don’t mind Lincoln (except the stupid bit of spoiling the proposal in “Immortality”) and every time Nina shows up I roll my eyes. Part of the problem is that she gets some clunky dialog, part is that she doesn’t seem to do anything. Yeah, yeah, she knows things (she won’t share), believes that ethics are irrelevant and funds questionable research.

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  3. says

    My first impression of who is a pretty nasty guy over there = Brandonate.
    A dastardly villain indeed, with ties to Walternate.

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    • Ben says

      Yeah, the cuddly Brandon of our universe and Brandonate are probably the most disparate doubles, not counting that professor who’s a serial killer Over There. Good way to go.

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  4. Scully8 says

    I must say that the thought of Lincoln playing such a prominent role is disheartening, but I guess we just have to live with it. Look, as long as Peter is featured more and they don’t continue to be dimissive of the Astrid character, I be okay.

    On the Polivia front — to say I’m disappointed is an understatement; however if the two develop a relationship in this new timeline could be interesting. I guess my biggest problem is hooking Olivia up with Lincoln — his character is so damn boring in both universes. I never found his character very compelling and understood how bad-ass Bolivia wouldn’t feel him in a romantic way. With that said, I do see how a relationship with this Olivia is feesible because she’s so fragile . . . It’s going to be hard seeing Olivia making goo goo eyes at Lincoln, but I’ll have to figure out a way to deal with it. :)

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    • says

      I completely agree with you. Lincoln with Olivia..ugh…it’s so wrong in so many ways, I don’t even know where to begin. You what’s really weird? In this season so far, there are so many parallels between Peter and Olivia that I see even more how compatible they are with each other. Lincoln served his purpose in the beginning of the season and I don’t know what more he can do as the season progresses.

      Although I’m not too big of a fan of the Lincoln and Olivia pairing in the alternative universe, they are at least more compatible than AmberOlivia and Lincoln.

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      • Scully8 says

        I would agree . . . but soley as friends.

        Also, Altlincoln has the potential to being a bit petty. Remember in the ‘Bloodline’ episode where he went back to Olivia to tell her that Frank planned on proposing to her; and I believe Frank asked him not to. Just all kind of wrong.

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  5. JM says

    Michael Massee is great! 😛 i cant believe Ira Gaines is coming to FRINGE, gonna be great!

    Im glad that Nina is finally getting something to do, and that she will be evilish again. A more prominent Lincoln will increase our ratings, so clearly this is the right call!

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9

    • number six says

      It will increase ratings alright! I’m so happy they took tips from the Tumblr crowd and saw how necessary the character is for Fringe. There was a hole in the show for the first 3 seasons that only this wonderful character could fill. I would be forever grateful if they continued that trend of following their advice and gave us Linvia in both universes (squee!) and made him a cortexiphan subject with superpowers. And O2, don’t forget O2, please!

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      • WtmL says

        lol those exotic shippers are just hilarious.
        They are almost as ridiculous as their fellow Supernatural shippers …

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  6. Sofia says

    I do hate Lincoln. I doubt that this terrible new villain will cause me more disgust that Lincoln Lee.

    He is part of the family? This is not an organic relationship like Walter/Olivia/Peter, it’s forced. Why they don’t get it? OMG, I can’t believe they are pretending that he has a lot of chemistry with everyone!

    I’m sorry if you are his fan, I respect you but I have the right to don’t like him, too

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    • JM says

      If your referring to my comment, it was intended as sarcastic LOL, please do not confuse me for a lincoln fan!

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      • Sofia says

        No, I’m saying it to someone who could be his fan, eventually. I know how much you looooooooooooove Lincoln lol

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  7. Lafra08 says

    Hmm… I do not dislike Lincoln that much but STILL it is impossible for me to see him as a part of a family so quickly and as well as Olivias Love-interest – there is absolutely No chemistry between Olivia or now Amberlivia and AmberLinc!!! The producers said that every Love-relationship must be earned on Fringe in order to be important true Love -Peter and Olivia are working on their relationship for 3 years now haveing undeniable incredible chemistry and overcome obstacles no other TV-couple have ever managed to – so how this so called Amberlivia- Amberlinc love relationship could be earned withhin 7 eps.of seaon 4…………….?????? That being said I don´t think this is really going to happen – Peter belongs with Olivia always, in every timeline and every Universe:)

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    • Sanj says

      I wonder why the man everyone loves to hate (Sanford) hasn’t appeared in the “rebooted” universe yet? I hated him so much…he played the role so well!

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  8. Schwakamole says

    I’m just going to speak out for all the Lincoln fans out there. Yes, amazing as it may seem, not everybody hates Lincoln and his new role on the show. I find him an engaging person who is warm and quirky. And I am very curious as to his past which was only hinted at when we first met him in the other universe. He somehow knows Cortixiphan kid Nick so it’s possible he was experimented on as a kid as well or at least is connected to it. He is drawn to Olivia in both universes even if the interest is not returned which makes me sympathetic towards him. And even though you think he has dominated every scene, I feel like they have balanced his appearances out through the season so far.

    I respect that others may not like him, but the show is still good even if you don’t like one of the characters. I just wanted to be a voice in favor of Lincoln so that this blog isn’t completely dominated by the hatred towards him.

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    • Scully8 says

      Thank you for speaking up. Although I am in the ‘not of fan of Lincoln’ camp, he deserves to be represented.

      Also, you bring up some valid points — I am interested in how Altlincoln knew Nick Lane. With that said, I will try hard to keep an open mind and appreciate his character for what it is . . . he is a sweetie after all. :)

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    • Sofia says

      How Altlincoln knew Nick Lane, is just another hole in the amount of holes in the story, until now and we don’t need blue/amber version of him to answer this question. There’re others questions about Fringe that make me so more curious about.

      I respect your love for the character, you’re right about to express what you think because a discussion with only one side is flat and boring.

      Let me explain, this is not gratuitous hate, ok? Don’t get me wront. My absolute disgust towards Lincoln Lee from our side has a lot of reasons. I was thirsty to see Peter after he came back and yes, he had screen time only in one episode, the last was ridiculous, Peter giving glasses to Lincoln, so pathetic. Every relationship in this family unit was very hard to earn, they suffered and fought and deserved it. Lincoln has a couple of scenes with Walter, always uncomfortable and awkward and he is in the family?

      Olivia, in this new timeline, with Astrid and Broyles could have handle all the cases, maybe even working more with Altlivia and Altlincon and AltCharlie. We didn’t need Lincoln Lee in this side, only for Olivia play the role of partner. And don’t get me started with the romantic thing between the two of them.

      My problem is the focus. Without Lincoln Lee and all the dynamics invested to bring him to the team, maybe they would be working more on the bridge, and the beginning of this season could be more interesting, in my opinion. They didn’t develop Lincoln Lee to the point of be enjoyable to watch one whole scene with him, in my opinion, and yes, the screen time will be less for Peter, Walter, Astrid, Broyles because of him.

      But I’m glad that there are people enjoying what is happening, I really am, because it’s terrible to lose the faith in something that you love so much. But, no matter what, I’ll be with Fringe until the end.

      And I wanna say that I have nothing against the actor Seth Gabel, he seems to be an amazing person and I do appreciate him.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9

  9. Tabularasa says

    I remember Michael Massee from the first season of 24, and he plays a very good bad guy.

    I’m excited for the next batch of episodes and I believe they will be pushing the story forward. I have no illusions about this season, we’re gonna be in this new timeline thingy probably till the end of the season. Glad there’s more interesting things going on with Nina (she was really shafted in season 3) and Lincoln’s here to stay. Eh, I guess this is good because I know he’s got a lot of fans, but I could do without him.

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  10. Lindsey says

    It’s so funny for me to comprehend the Lincoln Lee fan/anti-fan camps. On this site, almost everyone seems to dislike him. Elsewhere on the Internet he’s hugely popular. I’d say of the people I follow on Tumblr, Lincoln outweighs Peter as a favorite by a landslide. It’s just interesting to see the separation.

    I personally love Lincoln. That the show can bring in a new family member without losing the Walter/Olivia/Peter/Astrid dynamic is impressive, but most of all NECESSARY for a show that seeks sustainability. It freshens things up and examines different ends of the family spectrum without “ruining” anything. Four straight seasons of 4-way interactions would be too… stiff? I think Lincoln injects something without standing it the way. And it’s nice to see Olivia interact with a male who isn’t Peter (or John). It speaks wonders about who she is that she can be attracted, or at least intrigued, by three very different men. I also like Lincoln as the audience proxy to this new universe this season.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8

    • Sofia says

      I’m always on Tumblr, and I see a lot of people that doesn’t like him and they like even least the relationship Lincoln/Olivia (blueverse/amberverse). But the Red!Lincoln is very loved. I think that depends of who you follow, opinions…

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    • Natasha says

      To be honest the excessive Lincoln!hate here makes me laugh. I adore him but it’s hilarious to watch people here spew total vitriol at him.

      ITA with you on what he brings to the team and I’m glad there was a S4 if only because he became a part of the team.

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9

  11. Sofia says

    I remember this blog on tumblr that hates Lincoln Lee, but whom loves him will appreciate it too, it’s hilarious:
    and Rocco, especially. lol

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  12. Natasha says

    Yessss. SO happy that Lincoln’s not going to be sidelined with Peter returning, although I never thought he would be anyway. But it’s nice to get confirmation.

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  13. bonnie scotland says

    NOT a fan girl, but what made me watch Fringe was Walter/Peter and a unique TV relationship. It made Fringe a cut above the rest, a cross generational love story that wasn’t about sex. Noble and Jackson more than delivered on this, and yet the story line was sabotaged by some really dreadful production decisions to reboot to an incredibly dull, flat and boring universe with a possibly laughable love story. Frankly if this is how Olivia and Walter are gonna be, Peter could do us ALL a service and shoot them now.
    As for Lincoln, I don’t hate him- but I don’t get why such a boring character is more prominent than characters we’ve invested in like Broyles, Astrid and Nina. Why do we need another pretty white boy as a major character- we already have one thanks. The strength of Fringe was the characters, sadly no-one in this universe has any except for Peter. I may just give u after being totally Fringe obsessed for 3 years. these producers are rubbish!

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