FRINGE: ‘Making Angels’ Sees Ratings Rise


Some positive news this morning after the ratings for “Making Angels” were adjusted up in the final calculations.

As per our friends at Seriable:

Better news for fans of the ratings-challenged FOX series, Fringe. After equalling a series low 1.1 rating with “Making Angels,” the final figures have bumped it up to a still low but more palatable 1.2 in the coveted 18-49 demo. That makes two 1.2 ratings on the trot, whether this will be enough to swing the season 5 negotiations in the fans favor remains to be seen — obviously the upcoming weeks will be key.

Apparently the Ratings Dragon is fuming, but there’s a long way to go.


  1. Lafra08 says

    If only we could achive this week at least 1,3 in the ratings it will be very good for season 5 negotiations!!!! This weeks episode looks very interesting so there is a chance!!! If only Nielsen box owners could watch our amazing Fringe live !!!

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  2. willg says

    By the way I also saw where fringe rose from a 1.1 to a 2.0 in live + 7 day dvr ratings. A rise of 81 %. That is from the Jan 20th episode. That should mean something. Please let there be a fifth season!

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    • James says

      Grimm’s ratings seem to be slowly but gradually falling as well.

      Whereas Fringe’s ratings are steady at 3 million viewers with the occasional increase.

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  3. Ian S. says

    This is great news! It hasn’t fallen for 3 episodes now I think, only on the uprise! Hopefully after these 3.2 million people saw ‘Making Angels’, they and more will want to watch the next one which looks equally as good if not better :) Let’s get to 1.3 or even 1.4 for the winter finale! That might just decide the fate of the show.

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  4. says

    One again: going up! :)

    What we still nééd to do, is mobilise everyone we know in school, at work and among friends, is watch Fringe LIVE.
    This is very important if we want to keep hope for a 5th season.

    So keep speading the word to watch Fringe LIVE.

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    • g33k says

      I’ve been having Friday watch parties at my place, we watch the east coast and then the west coast feed with alcohol and red vines. :-)

      Tons of fun! Totally recommend it as a way to show people how awesome Fringe is. Some people will move you for beer and pizza, how about watch TV for an hour for beer and pizza!!! haha

      Obviously I am not above bribing people. :-)

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  5. says

    When u give the viewers what they want, they will watch and some will even tune back in. Double Astrids, Observers, mythology… ’nuff said. Have more CotW/MotW episodes laden with mythos, and viewers have something to look forward to. There have been far too many forgettable episodes this season.

    I loved ‘Making Angels’, and want more character development and serialized elements from Fringe in the future. I can’t tell you how many times I have mentioned ‘Making Angels’ in conversations in the last week.

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  6. tony smith says

    They totally messed up this show. I look back at Season 2 and some Season 1 episodes. They were great. The show died with the alternate universe and Olivia/Peter romance. If they had just continued to do weekly mysteries, they would have been a solid show. Instead, they turned it into a soap opera and lost.

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