Fringe Links: Season 3 Behind The Scenes, Hidden Content, More

First, the bad news. After slaying the Lowatus Dragon in an epic battle of endurance last month, our fire-breathing nemesis has risen once more to inflict terror on the Fringeverse. Yes folks, after this Thursday’s episode of Fringe, the Lowatus will be reborn – this time in the guise of the NLCS Baseball. How long will it last you say? It could take up to four weeks to put the beast down, with episode 3.05 possibly airing November 11th. Ouch-y.

In better news, Fox are at least showing ‘encore’ episodes of Fringe on Saturday nights – see the promo here.

In even better news, today’s Fringe Links takes you behind the scenes of Fringe, with pictoral look at some of the props and people from the first three episodes of the season. We also engage in some code-cracking to unlock hidden Fringe content, listen to a quick audio bite from Joshua Jackson, and share a recap from our friends at

Fringe Season 3 BTS Photos – “Olivia”, “The Box”, “The Plateau”


Our friends at recap last week’s “The Plateau” episode:

“The Plateau,” Fringe‘s third episode of Season 3, was the second so far this season that highlighted the alternate universe (producers will be bouncing back and forth between universes with each episode). It was also the first episode of this season to move the alternate universe (let’s call it the Red Universe, after the color scheme of the title sequences that comes with these episodes) into case-of-the-week territory. If there were questions of whether Fringe would go 100 percent mythology this season, they were squashed last night with a very entertaining episode focusing on a creepy guy who would absolutely destroy Bobby Fischer in a game of chess.

You can read the entire review here.

Joshua Jackson talks to Fox All Access about the importance of the father/son dynamic on Fringeshort audio clip here. Thanks to Dave for the heads-up.

A new section called “Typewritten Messages” has been activated over at the Sprint Fringe site. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to enter the glyph code for “The Plateau” episode.

Once you’ve entered the code (“Breach”), you’ll unlock the hidden content titled “They’re Awake. Get sleeper Intel from the Other Side” – which is a short video of a typewritten message:

“Sleeper Cells Are Activated”

You can check engage in your mission here. Feel free to let us know if you find anything intwisting.

Thanks to Shayne in ATL for the heads-up.

Update: Here’s the embedded video:



  1. PL says

    Why does the image of the “daysdoom machine” has the word “Help” in red, written in backwords? In the promo image in which Joshua Jackson is picking up the glyph pics, it was speculated that those where the letters H E L P… Is there some kind of connection?

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    • LizW65 says

      I believe that’s actually the typeface ball from the IBM Selectric word processor.

      When I first clicked on this thread, I thought, “Oh great, a scene with Peter AND Lincoln Lee!” but I think it’s just a couple of actors hanging out behind the scenes.

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  2. says

    Olivia will send a message to ‘over here’? She needs help? Or: will we see Sam Weiss in episode 4, and do we get dream sequences viewed from a sleeper’s point of view?

    Exciting stuff! :)

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