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It looks like John Noble and Jasika Nicole will be flying (or perhaps teleporting?) their way to London to attend the MCM London Expo which will run May 29th to May 30th. Should be fun. Tickets cost 13 British Pounds and can be bought here. For more information, go here.

Jasika Nicole talks about the Fringe season finale (probably contains spoilers towards the end):


Here are some behind the scenes (BTS) photos for the time-looping “White Tulip” episode. IMO, the fourth photo featuring Alistair Peck is even cooler than Walter’s rainbow-making machine.


While we’re on “White Tulip” and time travel, here’s a real world (possibly false) sighting of a time traveller caught in a museum photo:

And he’s holding one of Newton’s cameras. Hmm.

Personally speaking, this one looks to be wishful thinking, but it’s an interesting read. Thanks to Shayne in Atlanta for the heads-up.

Here are a bunch of BTS photos from episode 2.18 “The Man From The Other Side”:


In the last photo above, Peter’s hand looks ready to do some damage. To Walter.

Elsewhere MSN’s Sean Axemaker describes his recent visit to the Fringe set:

I was ushered into a laboratory in the Massive Dynamics warren to talk to Lance Reddick. As Agent Broyles, he commands the FBI’s Fringe unit, and he’s just as commanding out of character, even when discussing the developments of the second season. “As the show goes on you realize how much Broyles doesn’t know,” he explains, “how much he’s got to figure things out as it’s going on himself.”

Then Nina Sharp herself swept through the lab. No, it wasn’t a case of the CEO surveying her domain. The back exit was closed due to shooting on the set next door so Blair Brown was leaving through the maze of connecting rooms and hallways. I asked Reddick about the increasingly interesting relationship between Nina and Broyles. “He trusts her in a restricted way. They’re allies, not friends, even though you find out that they are friends.” Well, based on the kiss that Nina gave him in the second season premiere, I’d say they were more than friends. Reddick just smiles and says, “There’s a lot of backstory being revealed as this season unfolds.”

More here. [via FringeWatch]

Fringe Buzz from TV Guide – Season 2 finale spoiler tidbits:


And that’s it for now. Be sure to read our next edition of Fringe Links which should be appearing Whenever O’ Clock.


  1. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    As I suspected it looks like the cast has a lot of fun working on Fringe. I’m jealous. Thanks for the pictures.

    p.s. “Walter” and “Peter” look so happy together.

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  2. Danielle says

    Jasika and John coming to London?
    The ONE week in May I don’t have exams?
    Since when did *my* luck get so good? Thanks for posting 😀

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